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by Lyka Bloom


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Written by Lyka Bloom

Emily readied herself in her room, eager to try the new dress Miss Cade had supplied her. The wardrobe in her room was filled with undeniably girly things, but Emily was being rewarded for her acceptance. While Emily herself felt no reason to celebrate something as simple as understanding who she was, she couldn't deny the sexual thrill of that admission, and she was excited to see the dress, which she had promised not to unwrap until this moment.

She gasped when she saw it, an overreaction to anyone but Emily, who held the plain-looking black dress up before her to admire it. She looked inside the gift box, where she saw a few other accessories that had come along with the dress. These she ignored for now, consumed as she was by the dress itself. It had a high neckline and long sleeves, with puffs at the shoulders. The skirt fell to just above her knees when she pressed it flat against herself. Satisfied, she rummaged through the box for the black hose that came along with it, along with a few items in white.

Excited to the point of her hands shaking, Emily removed the simple but elegant white nightie Cade provided her and paused to look at herself in the tall-standing mirror in the corner of the room. Thanks to the series of shots Cade gave her, Emily was beginning to assume more naturally feminine characteristics. Her hair was growing out more, now almost to the tops of her shoulders, and she wore it back in a short ponytail. Her face was smoother, both in the texture of her skin and the rounding of her chin and cheeks. That had been thanks to the surgeries she'd undergone following the accident, when she'd been a boy and not a sissy. She hated thinking of that time, when she hadn't been under the protection of Mistress Cade. How had she ever managed?

She ignored these thoughts and followed her own eyes down to her chest, which was blossoming with her own breasts, and not just the breastforms that Cade had originally given her. They were barely enough to fill her A-cup bra, but there were hers – her own flesh – and that thought made her sissyclit stir inside the cage Cade had affixed to her.

Emily had grown quite accustomed to the cage by now, and after being ordered to only pee sitting down, she found that the process and cleanup was quite good. Besides, as Miss Cade had instructed, sissies do not stand up to relieve themselves, only boys and men did that. And Emily knew one thing above all – she was a sissy.

After admiring the growing curve of her backside, too, Emily hurried into the attached bathroom to clean herself. She no longer had to shave her legs every day, the hair growing back being finer and much slower to return. Still, she liked the feeling of her legs as smooth as possible, and she gave her legs a cursory examination and shaved where needed. Her hair was blown dry out of the shower, and she brushed it out to let it flow free on her head before applying a bobby pin or two to keep the length out of her eyes.

No expert at applying makeup yet, Emily had to content herself with a simple application of blush to highlight her cheeks, some cursory eyeliner and a pale shade of pink lipstick. She fell into a near-meditative state as she intertwined locks of hair to form a braid on the left side of her hair, eyes flitting between her fingers working to form the braid and the girlish face looking back at her in the mirror. She blinked and the pretty young girl in the mirror blinked, too. It was difficult to believe that the girl was the same. Whatever she had been before, she adored being Miss Cade's sissy more than anything she had ever done.

She padded in bare feet to the bedroom, the hardwood floors cool under her footsteps, and opened her underwear drawer to slip into a pair of pink satin panties, careful to tuck her caged sissyclit into the underwear to hide as much of the bulge as possible. Her sissyclit was an embarrassment to her sometimes, and it was the thing that kept her from being a real woman like Miss Cade. If she couldn't serve as a real woman, she would happily serve as Mistress's sissy. It rarely grew hard anymore, and when it did it was softer than she remembered. Miss Cade said it was a result of the shots, and that a sissyclit was mostly for decoration, anyway.

Clasping her small-cupped bra and spinning it around her torso, she settled the bra in place. She turned in the mirror, examining her profile as she cupped the proud swells on her chest. Small, but decidedly feminine. And they ached sometimes, which Mistress said meant they were growing. She hoped so. To have a figure like Nicole's...


Speak of the devil, Nicole was bending her body into the room, holding onto the door frame. She was already dressed, a blue sleeveless dress and black hose, her blonde hair pulled back in pigtails on each side. The lacework around the upper and lower hems of the dress gave it a more youthful air, and Nicole's bouncing pigtails only added to the effect. Paired with the hose and chunky-heeled black patent shoes, she looked like a girl whose mother had dressed her, and Emily supposed that was true to some degree. Miss Cade chose their outfits each day.

"Almost," Emily replied. Just need to put my dress on.

She hurried to the bed where the dress had been carefully arranged on top. She unzipped the back of it and stepped into the dress, tugging it down until it settled on her growing hips and rested on her shoulders. She turned her back to Nicole and made a fumbling motion with the zipper.

"I'll get it," Nicole said, bounding into the room with her typically energetic fashion. She had a gorgeous smile, and her darker skin tone and cheery manner made Emily think of the old posters of California girls leaning on surfboards she remembered from her time before becoming Emily. The memory brought both distaste at her useless male-ness and the happy thought of Nicole in a bikini. She had filled out far more than Emily, and the newest addition to cade's household was guilty of sneaking more than one look at Nicole as they went about their duties.

Emily sat at the edge of the bed and rolled the black hose up her legs in a fashion she learned from Nicole, but had quickly mastered. The hardest part, she found, was getting the thighs to nestle correctly between her legs and over her curvier rear. Once that was done, she eased her feet into the high-heeled mary janes that complimented the dress so well. She had spent her first two days at Nicole's side in bare feet, or with stockings only. When Miss Cade brought in her first set of heels, Emily had been apprehensive, but she now adored her appearance when she wore them. They thinned her legs, and sore muscles aside, made her feel intensely feminine.


Miss Cade was calling.

"One minute, please, Miss Cade!" Nicole called back.

Emily didn't have the courage to delay Miss Cade, but Nicole was her first and had been in the extravagant home far longer. If Nicole asked nicely, Miss Cade generally accommodated her. It was just another reason Emily looked up to the more expert and confident sissy.

"Look at this," Emily said giddily, keeping her voice too low to drift out the door and drift down the gran stairs to the first floor where their Mistress awaited. She began plucking the accessories from the box, wrapping one around her waist, fixing another to her collar. When she was done, she spread her arms for Nicole to see.

The effect was that of a chambermaid, the dark dress, heels and hose punctuated by the white frilled apron tied around Emily's waist and the white bow collar at her neck.

"You look like you're ready to do all the chores today!" Nicole laughed, taking Emily by the hand and tugging her toward the open bedroom door.

"You like it?" Emily laughed with her, stumbling at first in her heels and then chasing after Nicole, the two of them running through the upper hall toward the stairs.

Cade watched them from the main foyer below, charting the path of her two sissies as the joyfully raced one another. She had to suppress the smile as they rushed down the steps and stopped suddenly before her, the two of them bending low in a curtsey in near-synchronization.

"Good morning, Miss Cade," they said together.

"Good morning, girls. Sleep well?"

"Yes, Miss Cade," Nicole answered quickly. "Thank you for my new dress. How did you sleep?"

"Very well, thank you. And you, Emily?"

"Yes, Miss Cade." In honesty, her bed was larger and more comfortable than any she'd had before. Lying in the bed was like being hugged by the comforters and sheets. She had never slept so well as she had in the days following her acceptance of her new role. "Thank you for my dress," she added, running her hands over the apron.

"You like it?" Cade asked.

"Yes, Miss Cade. It's hard to explain how it makes me feel..."

"Servile is the word, Emily," Cade said. "How we dress affects how we are perceived, even by ourselves. You are dressed as a maid, and so are expected to be submissive and meticulous."

Emily's sissyclit stirred. "Yes, Miss Cade."

The utterance of the phrase 'Yes, Miss Cade' had become something of a mantra. Every time she said it, Emily felt a little more of her independence fluttering away, slipping into the pocket of the elegant Mistress. And, thanks to the conditioning cade had instilled in her, that notion only furthered Emily's arousal and weakness.

"I've left a list of chores on the dining room table. You and Nichole may divide it how you like. I expect it to be complete by the end of the day. Go on."

"Yes, Miss Cade," the girls said in near-unison again, bowing into a curtsey before they turned and made their way through the halls to the dining room.

It took Emily a few days to feel comfortable navigating the house. The bottom floor was a labyrinth of small rooms and passages that darted off in unexpected ways. Nichole told Emily that Miss Cade had the house built herself. If Emily understood Miss Cade's psychology at all, she supposed it might be a reflection of Cade's mind – sprawling and full, but perfectly sensible if you thought as she did.

The list of chores awaiting them was simple, mostly laundry and the usual dusting and cleaning, and Nichole suggested they divide it right down the middle in the sake of fairness. Emily agreed and they promised each other to meet again at lunch, both to prepare for Miss Cade and to spend a little time together. Nichole was, in many ways, a role model, and Emily felt her attraction to Nichole tempered by her respect.

The bottom half of the list Emily had taken was a series of room names, which meant general tidying and dusting. In her new maids' uniform, the tasks took on a more erotic air. Something about performing the tasks under Miss Cade's instruction, dressed in a manner no one would mistake for anything other than a servant... She had to turn her thoughts away from herself just to focus on the work at hand. Her sissyclit was straining inside the cage in a painful manner, and she hoped that the burning ache of her member bent by the steel chastity device would quickly dispel it. She wondered how Nichole dealt with it, and resolved to ask the more experienced sissy later.

Emily had done two rooms, one of them labeled "The Trophy Room," despite the fact that it was merely a wall of pictures of girls like Emily, usually with Miss Cade's arm on their shoulder. The only other décor was a high-backed chair, a blanket draped over the side, and an end table. Emily imagined Miss Cade sitting in the room, having a cup of tea and reflecting on her former girls. Emily wondered what had become of them, if they were no longer part of her home.

Before lunch, Emily's next task was the library, a room at the far end of the building that comprised two floors. It had one of the ladders that wheeled around the edges to allow retrieving books from the high shelves. A fireplace was built into one wall, around which were several chairs on an old, but comfortable-looking rug. Emily loved the smell of the room, somewhat musky but the idea of the contained knowledge in the room made her feel humble.

She began at one wall, at the very top of the shelving, and worked her way down methodically, watching as the duster she used kicked up particulates that danced in the late morning sunlight. After each slow descent, Emily would move the ladder a couple of feet, then climb and repeat the dusting anew. She was so consumed by her task, and the noting of the titles on the spines of the books, that she did not hear anyone enter, starting and nearly losing her grip on the ladder when Miss Cade's voice came from behind her.

"Enjoying yourself, sweetie?"

Emily descended the ladder quickly and turned to face her Mistress, dipping into a curtsey. "Yes, Miss Cade. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in."

"I was just admiring you at work. You seem to have taken to your uniform."

"Yes, Miss Cade," Emily said. She wondered if her Mistress knew how deeply it had affected her.

"Go on, then. Don't let me distract you."

"Yes, Miss Cade."

Emily turned and raised her duster, continuing at the ground level. She felt her Mistress's eyes on her like a real weight, and vacillated between anxiousness and intense desire. Her sissyclit was again threatening to press against her cage and ache.

Her breath grew shallow as she heard Miss Cade's heels tap on the floor, drawing closer. And then hands were on Emily's shoulders, sampling the texture of her dress.

"My sissy," Miss Cade whispered, near to Emily's ear.

"Yes," Emily agreed, sagging under the elegant woman's touch. "Yours."

Emily froze in place as Miss Cade's hands slipped down her back and followed the curve of the submissive' s ass, then lower to raise Emily's skirt slightly, Miss Cade's fingers playing along the stockings, down and the up the backs of Emily's thighs, a sensual exploration of her ever-changing body.

Miss Cade spun her around, then pressed gently to lower Emily to her knees.

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