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Seducing my Ex-Boyfriend’s New Boyfriend

by Sky Boss

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Seducing my Ex’s New Boyfriend

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Seducing my ex's new boyfriend

“Seriously? Are we really doing more shots?” Sandra looked at me like I was crazy.

I just looked back at her with raised eyebrows and eyes opened wide. “Honey.” I added quite a lot of sass as I shook my head. “We're doing these shots, or we accept that we're getting old and boring.”

“No!” She squeaked. “I'm only twenty eight! I'm not old yet!”

“Exactly honey! We are NOT old and we are not boring... yet...”

“Wait, how old are you Ian? Thirty two?” Julia chimed in with a grin on her face.

I shot her a deathly side stare and held her in my gaze until she started laughing. “I… darling...” I continued dramatically “am twenty-nine forever.” then I took my gaze off of Julia and moved it back to Sandra. “Tequila or Jaeger?” I mellowed my tone quickly for the final question, I had made my point.

Both of my girlfriends shot each other a knowing look and nodded in agreement. “Tequila.” Rang the consensus, which was swiftly followed by Julia declaring “Thank god I don't have any plans tomorrow.”

The place was heaving with the excited, sweaty Friday night of a London gay club. The feeling was kind of like being a sardine crushed in a tin can. The mass of bodies all around us flowed and bobbed, moving in all directions in response to the Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney and other quintessential gay sounds that the DJ chose to spin. Not that they did much spinning these days.

Sandra and Julia had been instrumental in bringing me back from 'the abyss'. This was only our second such night out since Alan had dumped me. I didn't know where I'd have been without them. Things had gotten pretty dark, when Alan tore up our future, betrayed my trust and threw everything away for some little twink he met on holiday.

Ok, I have to remember to breathe here, that's all in the past.

Sorry, I got distracted! Where was I? The music… we were dancing to something by Nicki Minaj, the girls were going for it. There was a real energy in the club and I was definitely getting some sexy side glances off of a lot of really hot guys. The three of us went outside when it was time to have a smoke, it's hard to tell how many we smoked, my memory of that portion of the evening is hazy.

Back inside the club, whilst we were bopping around like a bunch of sassy queens, I saw Alan through the crowd. That was when I lay eyes on Tony for the first time, the little brat that I'd been dumped for. From a distance, Alan wasn't looking that great, maybe I had a new perspective, more likely it was the lighting. He just didn't look that handsome any more. As for Tony, wow, what a weird face he had. I mean, he was definitely well built and young, but his face was so wonky and what was up with his hair? Did people still do side mohawks?!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like a drunken altered reality, as if the tequila had opened up a portal to this unpleasant place I didn't want to be visiting. I didn't know how long it had been, but I knew I needed to be away from Alan and Tony.

“I need to get out of here.” I said with an urgent flap of my hands to Sandra.

Sandra spotted Alan through the crowd, she said something to Julia and both of them nodded at me supportively and we left. We got our coats and were out of the club with near-military precision. Outside the club, Julia took a look at her watch and nodded knowingly when she saw the time.

“So.” Julia began. “I am not ashamed to say that now is a good time to get a bedtime snack ladies.”

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