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Daddy’s Sleeping Beauty

6 Book Bundle

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Table of Contents

Daddy’s Spurting, Squirting Cum Princess

Sharing My Daughter on Game Day

Daddy Spikes Her Drink and Uses all Her Virgin Holes

Clit Diddling on the Plane

Banging My Pregnant Daughter

Backseat Shenanigans

Daddy’s Spurting, Squirting Cum Princess

Don’t ask how, but I’ve just found out my daughter squirts. And since this has always been a HUGE kink of mine, I’ll just wait until my precious Katy falls asleep. And then I’ll sneak in her room and make her spurt her cum all over the place. I’ll probably be doing some squirting myself, in several of her tight little holes.

So, apparently my daughter squirts.

I overheard her talking on the phone with one of her friends, her voice high and giggly as she described the way fluid gushed out of her while her boyfriend fucked her. I should have been pissed, right? Even though she was eighteen and “of age,” I still should not have been okay with my daughter having sex. But instead of getting mad, my cock strained against my jeans as I pressed my ear against the door, listening to the conversation.

“Fuck,” I muttered under my breath as I heard every little detail.

I’d always had a fantasy of making a girl squirt. There’s something so fucking erotic about having that effect on pussy. And my wife—who didn’t even let me go down on her—didn’t have very intense orgasms at all, much less squirt. Oh, believe me, I had tried. Many times. But she was either never in the mood, or too tired, or just wanted to read herself to sleep.

Fine. Whatever. Up till now, I had been faithful. But can you really blame a man for wanting to get laid every once in a while? I needed to stick my dick in something warm and wet, whatever form that took.

But right now, listening to my daughter Katy describe her sex life in painstaking detail, well, it got me hard and horny as hell. And I became instantly determined to fuck my daughter and sample some of that juicy pussy.

I knew it would only happen if she were unconscious. I mean let’s get real. She wouldn’t spread her legs for her old man. Katy wasn’t a sick bastard like her daddy. But she was a hard sleeper. Like, really hard. Always had been. In fact, she slept so hard, her mother would have to rustle her for ten minutes or so to wake her up.

We used to joke that she would sleep through a nuclear war. And now, it would work in my favor. I made the decision right then and there that tonight, I would sneak in her bedroom and fuck her till she squirted all over those pretty, clean bedsheets.

I was already in bed, reading a magazine, when Katy’s mom crawled under the sheets and switched off her lamp.

“Goodnight, I guess,” I said as she tugged the sheets up high.

“Oh, right. Goodnight, honey. See you in the morning.” She cast her head over her shoulder, barely acknowledging my existence, but I didn’t care tonight. As soon as she was asleep, I was getting up and getting laid.

I ended up turning off my bedside lamp and using my phone to watch porn for a while. I didn’t want to go into Katy’s room too early. So I kicked my sheets off and stroked myself slowly for an hour or so, give or take.

Once I heard the soft snores next to me, I got up, slipped out of my pajama pants—leaving my boxers on, just in case—and made my way down the hall to Katy’s room.

Thank goodness she still had a night light. Even at eighteen, Katy was still a lightweight when it came to sleeping in the dark. And now, I would get the added bonus of being able to see all her beautiful curves.

She was sleeping under a single sheet, so I slowly peeled it down, being ultra careful, even though I knew she probably wouldn’t wake up.

Once the sheet was all the way below her feet, I drank in her body. She was wearing a yellow nightgown, and it was bunched up along her waist. I wondered if I could push it up higher, catching a glimpse of those pert titties?

I decided to go all in, grabbing the hem and gently raising it until the swell of her breasts were revealed to me. Her nipples were tiny, pink, and so delicious looking that I came close to sucking on them right there on the spot. But I decided that removing her lace panties was a more pressing matter.

My cock grew in my boxers, and I couldn’t wait to get them off. But first, I wanted my daughter naked. I lightly pinched the waist of her panties and started shimmying them down over her hips. Once they were over her feet, I let them fall to the floor and took in the sight of her pussy.

Oh god. My daughter shaved. I ran my fingers over her labia, enjoying the sensation of her soft, supple skin on my rugged hands. And then I almost panicked.

What if my rough skin was too rough, and it woke her up? I glanced around the room, looking for some lotion. I spotted a small, pink bottle with flowers on it, so I opened it up, rubbing a small amount on my fingertips to make them nice and soft. They wouldn’t be as soft as Katy’s pussy, but hopefully it would do the trick.

I walked back to her, stroking myself as I took her in. Her angelic face looked so peaceful as she slept that a part of me wanted to wreck her right there, shove my cock down that throat until she gagged on my cum. But then I wouldn’t have the joy of watching her squirt while she sleeps.

I ran my fingers along the head of my cock, smearing around the pre-cum that had seeped out, and I placed my other hand between Katy’s legs, feeling the warmth radiate out. Time to dive in, I thought.

I tenderly placed two fingers on each of her ankles and slowly lifted them, spreading her legs as wide as I needed them to be so I could nestle between them. I then crawled along the mattress and laid down with my face mere inches from her wet pussy. It glistened in the glow of the night light, and I licked my lips, anxious to taste my daughter’s nectar.

I hadn’t done this in so long, and now, I could lick and suck and fuck all I wanted without having to fight about it or beg for it or negotiate on it like it was some kind of fucking peace treaty.

Placing my fingers on each side of her lips, I shot a quick look up at Katy. Her eyes were still closed, and she hadn’t moved an inch. So I spread her pussy apart and studied her clit. It was so petite, I couldn’t help but smile as I felt my cock twitch underneath me.

I brushed my tongue along the surface, and felt it bump. Oh my god, that was so sexy. I did it again and again, rolling my tongue along the surface, over the hood, and underneath the swell of her pearl, feeling it grow in response to my touch.

I heard Katy pull in a soft breath, and I paused for a moment until I was sure she was still asleep. I glanced at her chest and noticed her nipples had hardened, so I reached up with one hand and played with it, rolling it between my fingers and imagining what it would feel like in my mouth. I groaned at the thought, and playfully flicked her clit again.

I pulled her button into my mouth, suckling it lightly and feeling it grow beyond my lips. I darted my tongue downward, snaking it inside her hole and tasting the salty sweetness of her juicy pussy. Fuck, she was so wet, I couldn’t wait to slide my cock inside. But for now, I wanted to finger fuck her and make her squirt.

I slid one finger inside her snatch, then two, the tightness of her walls squeezing my finger. Holy shit, if it was that tight on my finger, I could only imagine how it would feel gripping my thick meat.

I moaned deep and grazed my tongue over her clit as I worked her pussy. Twisting and turning my fingers as I dove in and out, I could feel how wet and swollen she was. I had to look at her face again, and naturally take in her tits along the way. Both of her boobs were pointed to the ceiling from being drawn up tight with hard nipples.

My cock swelled against the mattress, and my erection became painful, so I rolled over slightly, giving my meat some room to breathe while fingering my daughter.

I swirled my tongue over her hot little button and curled my fingers up inside her pussy, feeling the thick ridge of her G-spot. Massaging it as fast as I could, I noticed that Katy’s hips started to vibrate, so I sucked on her clit some more, thinking that maybe she was close to cumming in her sleep.

She started letting out little gasps of breath, and I was sure that she would wake up and freak out. But my cock was leaking so much, and my tongue and fingers were so fucking happy right then that I put those fears aside.

I didn’t care if she woke up, I guess. If she told her mother or had me arrested, then it would totally be worth it.

I slowed my fingers down and milked her G-spot slow and hard, rolling my tongue along her hot little clit, back and forth, up and down, side to side, watching her start to rock her pelvis ever so slightly. When I heard her let out a gasp, warm fluid streamed out of her pussy and hit me right on the nose.

I groaned, working her cunt and licking her snatch as a river of slick fluid gushed out for several more seconds. Her hips bucked slightly as small amounts of fluid continued to dribble out of her, and I lapped up as much as I could before it soaked the mattress beneath her. My cock twitched angrily as I let out a groan.

“Fuck yes, baby,” I whispered before planting feather light kisses around her labia. “Now, it’s Daddy’s turn.”

I sat up and stroked my cock while sitting there between her legs and staring at the wet spot beneath her cute little ass. Then I reached up to drag the palm of my hand over her nipples, just so I could feel them kiss my flesh as they puckered.

I then lifted her thighs, opening up her pussy even more, and guided the head of my dick into her tight, wet hole. Katy’s head rolled to the side and I held my breath. Fuck, it was so hot feeling her pussy juice splash against my face and tasting her sweet nectar. I could only imagine what it would feel like coating my cock.

I pushed in further and decided to play with her clit some more. I loved watching it pulsate and bump around, and as I dipped my dick further in her snatch, I could feel her muscles clamping down on my shaft. Damn, my daughter was way more fun than I ever would have imagined. The way her body responded to my touch and my dick was fucking amazing.

Why had I waited so long to fuck my daughter?

I leaned forward a little and let some spit dangle from my lips. A long, thin string hung right above her button, and when it finally landed there, I saw her clit bounce a tiny bit. I smiled, thinking that my daughter was kind of like my own personal sleeping sex slut.

It seemed as though she really wanted it, the way her cunt was soaking wet, and how she had squirted while being totally unconscious.

It got me wondering how she would respond if she were awake. Would she be sluttier and more responsive? Or was being asleep allowing her body to respond totally honest, the way it was intended? Nah … if she were awake, she would more than likely be self-conscious and put up a struggle, kind of like her mother. I decided that sleep fucking was definitely the way to go.

I nudged my cock in deeper and thrust my hips back and forth. Her little titties rocked up and down as I fucked her, those sexy nipples puckering up again, making them look like cherries on top of two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

I placed my hands on either side of her body and leaned down, flicking the top of her cherries with my tongue. They tightened and shriveled as I sucked them gently, switching from one side to the other as I moved my cock in and out of her in long strokes.

Her cunt was deliciously tight on my dick, making it feel like I was fucking a suction cup. I could feel my balls tighten and shrink, getting ready to shoot my jizz all over that unprotected cervix. I wasn’t worried about getting my daughter pregnant. If she got knocked up, she would think her boyfriend was the father, and he’d be none the wiser.

What I didn’t want to do, however, was shoot my load and go soft before watching her pussy squirt again. So I sat up and grabbed her hips, angling them up so I could hit her special “O” zone with the head of my dick.

I began plowing in and out of her, using man’s intuition to hit that G-spot. And when I caught her thighs and ass trembling again, I knew it was about to happen. My cock turned to steel, and I fought with everything in me to keep from shooting my load.

“That’s it, baby,” I grumbled. “Shoot your special sauce on Daddy’s meat.”

Katy panted slightly, but her eyes were still closed. I looked down at her pussy and it started clamoring as her fluid spurted out again, covering my cock with her shiny, slick cum. She must have shot five or six jets out, the last one with such force that it landed on my thighs and dripped down.

Her tight walls were milking my cock with such force that I couldn’t hold back. I shot out a load that was so voluminous, it started seeping out while I was still pumping my meat in and out of her cunt. Her body trembled one last time as one more river of cum spurted out, carrying with it a ribbon of white.

I slid out of her, my cock only partially soft, and drove three fingers in her pussy, milking it for all it was worth. I curled my fingers up and worked them, hoping to see more juice squirt out. I loved watching her tits bounce lightly as I fucked her with my hand, and it ended up making me hard again.

Well, fuck. I couldn’t go back to bed with a hard-on. And the thought of waiting until tomorrow night to fuck my little daughter Katy was not bringing a smile to my face. That’s when I had an idea.

I wondered if my daughter would squirt if I fucked her in the ass?

Mmm, the mental image shot my dick up lightning fast. I gently scooted off the mattress and walked to the edge of the bed, slowly rolling Katy onto her side and leaving just enough room for me to join her.

I laid down next to her and pushed her leg over so it was out of the way. I reached between her ass cheeks and nudged my finger up against her puckered hole.

Fuck … now that would make for some seriously tight fucking. Damn, her mother never would allow me to enter the back door, so to speak, so if I could pull this off without waking up my sleeping princess, then I would have it made. I would be the luckiest bastard on the planet.

I grabbed onto my cock and slid it through her wet slit, coating it in that slicky wet cum of hers, then I tipped it up and poked her asshole.

It was tight, alright, and I wasn’t sure I would fit inside without loosening her up. I coated my finger with her juice, and slipped it inside her rose.

Katy let out a sigh, so I lay still for a moment, feeling her ass clench hard around my knuckle. When she got quiet again, I pumped my finger in and out, then decided to stick two up there, stretch her out a bit.

With the second finger, I went slower, but once I slid past the second knuckle, her ass sucked me in like a vacuum. I worked in and out of her, feeling my cock stiffen hard as steel. I wanted her ass muscle to be squeezing my dick, not my fingers.

I spread my fingers apart, stretching her anus a little more, then decided to go for it. I pulled them out then nudged the head of my cock inside her tight little ass before it closed shut on me.

Katy let out a squeak, but I pushed in further, pretty much losing my self-control at that point. I could feel the pre-cum leaking from my cock hole, and I found it hard to believe that my daughter could work me up to two orgasms. Then again, she was my hot sleeping beauty. And it was so nice to be able to do what I wanted without anyone giving me a hard time.

The only thing hard about this was my cock. And perhaps Katy’s clit. Let me check.

Sure enough, my daughter’s little pearl was starting to swell, so I rubbed it vigorously while plunging my dick deep in her asshole. I tried not to be too rough on her, but it was fucking difficult as hell.

Her pussy was so lubricated, I wanted to grab onto it and never let go. I rubbed all four of my fingers through her wet slit, vibrating them back and forth along her hooded nub as I plunged balls deep in her tight ass. The tight ring of her muscle banded around my cock with such force that I shot another load in her ass, right about the time that her pussy quaked on my hand, and yet another stream of fluid spurted out.

This time, I applied firm pressure against her clit while rubbing her, scooping my hand down low enough to catch some baby-girl spunk. Katy let out soft huffs with each squirt of her fluid, and when her pussy gave a final pulsating throb, I felt my flaccid cock pop out of her bottom. I lifted my hand to my mouth, sucking my daughter’s pussy juice off each finger before getting off her bed.

Best. Sex. Ever.

But, beneath her sexy bottom was a giant wet spot. And I knew I couldn’t let it stay like that all night. Not in good conscience. So I rolled my daughter over and removed one corner of the sheets, then rolled her the other way, grabbing the opposite edge and pulling them off without waking her up.

I managed to replace them with fresh, dry ones that luckily were the exact same color. I’d have to wash the cum sheets before going back to bed, but it was a small price to pay for being able to fuck my daughter.

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