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Chantal Vs. The College Thugs

“Hey Chantal, you up?”

I texted my girlfriend before I left the house for the morning. It was Friday, and I was looking forward to the time we'd be spending this weekend. Though we typically had a pretty boring routine of Netflix, eating something good and cuddling... it was still incredibly pleasant.

“Yeah, I'll be over in a second and we can walk to school?” Came the reply.

I smiled to myself and sat down at the breakfast table, eating an extra muffin while I waited for my cute girlfriend to come and accompany me to school. I was a little bit older than her, a grad-student in a university of mostly undergrads... and my schedule was flexible enough that I could wait for her before heading to school.

“Hey, I'm here!” I heard her knocking on the door to my place.

“Coming, coming!” I called to her, quickly putting on my shoes and opening the door.

“I wasn't keeping you waiting was I?” She asked me shyly. She was always so damn polite.

“Never.” I said, smiling to her. I gave her a peck on the cheek as a hello... she looked fantastic today. Wearing a cute skirt that went a little bit past her knee and an even cuter blouse that hugged her form. She was quite pretty—a slim body with everything pretty proportionate. She was definitely a lot more attractive than me... I was like your typical grubby grad student. Sometimes I wondered how I ever managed to get a catch like her.

“So what do you wanna do this weekend Alex?” Chantal asked me as we walked towards our college.

“The usual?” I asked her.

“Well I don't know, don't you feel like we've been getting into the same routine for awhile? It'd be nice to maybe change things up a little bit.” She said.

“Hmm, what were you thinking?” I inquired.

“I'm not even sure.” She said. “Just something different. I guess we can kind of see what happens.”

“Yeah.” I said, reaching out and holding her hand as we walked down the neat sidewalk towards the college. I thought about what else we might do... I considered going out for dinner and a movie, but realized that was basically the same thing that we usually did, only more expensive.

“Do you feel like drinking?” I asked her.

“Drinking? Alex, never knew you to be a big partier.” she said, smiling to me. It was true, I definitely wasn't exactly the party type, though I definitely enjoyed the occasional drink here and there. I was usually fond of drinking nights not for their effect on me, but for their effect on Chantal... she definitely had a tendency to loosen up a little more when she had a bit of alcohol in her.

“I don't know, you said you wanted something different.” I said to her.

“Well, I guess I'd be down for a drink or two. It'd be nice to spend some time together and just chat.” she said.

“Yeah, a lot better than just zoning out to Narcos.” I said to her.

“Hey, I like Narcos!” She teased me.

“You know what I mean.” I said. “But the problem is we don't really know of any parties going on tonight...” My voice trailed off as I remembered that we didn't exactly have many friends who were into partying or going out and drinking.

“We can just go out for a drink, just us.” Chantal said.

“I'd rather go out... experience a bit of college life, you know?” I said to her “Besides, the pubs around here are all pretty depressing.”

“Good point.” My girlfriend said to me, as we reached the campus and started walking past the old stone buildings, towards where she had her first class.

I wondered about potential places we could go, when I noticed a student on one of the street corners handing out fliers. He was dressed in a yellow jacket, and I noticed there were Greek letters on the back. A frat! A frat party would definitely be a lot of fun, and it was exactly the kind of environment where I could see Chantal having a few drinks. My girlfriend was usually super conservative and shy, so it was nice to see her let loose a little bit. Plus I always had a fantasy about seeing her with a couple of frat boys... something that I had never told her, because I was pretty sure it would have freaked her out to hear.

“Kappa Phi party tonight! We're opening up the new house!” The student in the jacket was saying, while handing out fliers with the address. “Kegger!” He exclaimed, handing out a flier to a student who seemed particularly excited about the party.

“Hey, I'll take one of those.” I said as we approached the guy, reaching my hand out for a flier.

“Hope to see you there.” he said, handing me a flier and then eyeing Chantal, looking her up and down from her slender legs to her perky little breasts. “Hope to see you Both there.” he added.

Thanks.” I said flatly, walking past him.

Well, this could be fun...” Chantal said, almost apprehensively.

I think so.” I said to her. “It'll at least be different from our regular weekend thing... besides if we don't like it we can always go home and cuddle. Not exactly the worst plan B.”

You're right.” Chantal said, squeezing my hand a bit. I smiled, I was definitely excited for tonight—the only times my girlfriend had been remotely kinky with me was after a few drinks, and it seemed like this evening would be an opportunity.

We'll just get ready after class and then we can head over together?” I asked her as we reached the location of her first class.

Sounds good.” She said, before leaning in to give me a peck on the cheek. “Have a good day Mr. Alex.” She added, smiling at me before breaking the hand-hold and walking away.

I watched as she walked towards her class, admiring her body—she had a cute little bubble butt that I absolutely adored, and beautiful legs. I definitely was a lucky guy—even her curly hair looked amazing from behind.

My day went relatively quickly. I had a bunch of work to do, including marking and catching up with my supervisor (life of a grad student)... it kept me busy and kept the timing going pretty quickly. I took a brief break during my lunch break to text my girlfriend.

Me: Hey how's your day going miss?”

Chantal: Pretty good, I'm actually looking forward to tonight. Sounds like there are a bunch of people who'll be going to the party tonight.

Me: Yeah It should be a good one. Plus you're always a lot of fun when you drink ;)

Chantal: Aha, no argument from me there. I just find it a lot easier to open up I guess?

Me: Yeah I'm a big fan.

Chantal: You have the invite right? Do you know where the new house is? I wonder if its very far, like should I be dressing to take into account a big walk?

I glanced at the invite that the guy had given me, and noticed that there wasn't actually a set address. It just mentioned the neighbourhood... nothing else.

Me: Actually there isn't an address, just the name of the neighbourhood Probably to keep the party out of the eye of people that they don't want attending.

There had been a lot of police called to parties at our university lately—the city seemed to be trying to crack down on underage drinking.

Chantal: So we're just going to be wandering around aimlessly?

Me; Nah don't worry I'll ask somebody where it is. Worst case scenario we just show up in the neighbourhood and figure it out from there. It's a party at a frat house... I'm sure it'll be pretty obvious.

Chantal: You're right... eeep I'm excited! What do you think I should wear?
Me: I have some ideas ;)

Chantal: C'mon we'll be in public, focus! I'll wear something underneath for you for later ;)

Me; I'm sure anything you wear will look amazing.

Chantal: You're too sweet. Anyways my next class is about to start so I gotta run... I'll catch you later this afternoon handsome xx

I sighted and put away my phone, quickly finishing up the rest of my lunch and going back to concentrating on my work. I realized I'd need to finish up a little sooner than I'd hoped, since I needed to find somebody who knew where this new frat house was. I glanced at my calendar and groaned as I realized I also had a tutorial to TA today... another hour of my day gone. On the plus side, there was a good chance that one of my students might know about the party.

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