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The Vacation

I had barely slept the previous night. The little sleep I did have, I had extremely vivid dreams... of my wife Katy and everything that had happened so far at the resort. In my dreams she was being fucked by the huge hung resort-workers. Their big black cocks worked her mercilessly—and all my dreams ended in the same way, with them breeding her.

After each vision, I'd awake with a start, cold sweat on my forehead and my heart pounding. Every time I'd look over at my beautiful wife Katy, who was sleeping soundly behind me... probably having some of the best sleep of her life after being sexually exhausted earlier in the day.

We had gone to see Charles, the resort owner, for her second challenge... and I had watched as he pummelled my wife right in front of me. You see, this resort was different from our typical vacations. Through some chance encounters Katy and I ended up in a series of challenges.. and if we completed just one more challenge, then we'd be fully initiated into the resort and get free vacations there for life.

It was certainly an enticing offer, especially for my wife, who immediately took a liking to the resort workers and some of the twisted challenges that she had to go through. Myself... I was still getting used to it. Seeing my wife taken by men that were bigger than me in every way was still new to me. I was also still getting used to it, though to my shame I found it extremely hot. There was something about seeing my wife get overloaded with more pleasure than I could ever give her which was undeniably erotic.

Also, Charles had taken things to a new level by insisting I service him along with my wife, and it was definitely hot to fluff a man who then bred my wife. Though it wasn't something that I was ready to admit to Katy yet. It was emasculating enough to see her do the things that she did, and I wasn't sure how she'd take my admission that I actually enjoyed the humiliation.

I stared at my wife as she slept. Her beautiful red hair fell gently on her face, and I could see her curves shaped by the thin blanket she had on. I wondered what exactly our last challenge was, and though I was hopeful about the free vacations for life, I knew it would come at a cost and I wasn't exactly sure what would become of our marriage after that...

Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep!

I opened my eyes groggily as the alarm went. I guess I had drifted off to sleep. I looked over at Katy, whose big blue eyes were open and staring into mine. She gave me a big grin.

Rise and shine!” She said, stretching out her arms.

Morning.” I said to her, the sleep still evident in my voice. “How was your rest?”

I slept like a baby. Wow, I sure was worn out after yesterday.” She gave me a wink and definitely sounded way too peppy for someone who was up this early in the morning.

Oh yeah?” I asked her absentmindedly, rolling over and climbing out of bed, not quite feeling 100% rested yet.

Um, Charles was absolutely AMAZING! Fuck that cock was huge... I really can't wait for the last challenge. I think we're going to be getting those free vacations for life!” I watched as my wife climbed out of bed. She was completely naked, and as she walked towards the bathroom I couldn't help but notice the two red marks on her ass cheeks—still present from the day before.

Here's to hoping.” I said meekly, still struggling with the impending reality that we might be spending a whole lot more time in the resort.

I waited for my wife to get ready, flipping on the TV and looking for one of the channels to distract me from the thoughts of my wife being black-bred by the resort workers. As I listened to the BBC report about a story I didn't really care about, the phone started to ring.

I stared at it for a second, almost dreading picking it up. I figured it'd be something about the last challenge, and I felt the butterflies in my stomach (now familiar) as I anticipated what the challenge, might be, and who might be on the other side of the phone.

Yes?” I picked up the receiver after a few rings and held it to my ear.

Yes I have a message for Katy.” The woman on the other end of the phone said.

What's that? I can give her the message.” I said. “It's Jason, we're sharing the room.” I added, hoping it would add a little bit of authority to my voice... I had been feeling exceptionally powerless in the last few days and wanted some sort of outlet to feel like I wasn't a totally emasculating guy.

Well Jason, the third challenge is today.” The female voice said, the smile clearly evident in her tone. I felt a lump in my throat begin to form as the call hung in a silence, I was waiting for her to say something else.

And?” I asked, almost impatiently. I realized the lack of a good sleep had also put me slightly on edge.

There will be a function this afternoon, both of your attendance is required. This will be your third and final challenge, following which you will be given a decision regarding your eligibility for membership.” The voice said matter of factly.

Thanks for the information, where should we go?” I asked her.

Villa #4, at 2pm, we are looking forward to seeing you there.” She hung up.

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