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Family Clients

By M.C. Sonny

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I wish I didn’t have this feeling, pushing its judgmental weight on top of my shoulders every time I sit and think of ways to make it a reality, never realizing the moment it would actual happen.

There wasn’t much going on in my life anymore, ever since my husband decided to get a packet of cigarettes about eight years ago, leaving me with nothing but my son and a mountain of debt.

Unfortunately, school was my Achilles heel, failing in every class in every subject, so that didn’t help my overall problem. To top it off, the business around my neighborhood looked down on me for being a single parent with no job.

It wasn’t their problem or their business, but being pinned like a pariah had a negative impact on my ego.

Instead of feeling blue and depressed, I jumped on the only career I knew I could manage easily and with zero effort, which was escorting.

It didn’t start overnight; I had to dig in and pull out any courage I might have before undergoing this new lifestyle.

It would have been torture if it wasn’t for Crystal getting my feet wet in this new stage of my life. The way she opens my mind to new experiences and forbidden pleasures exceeds anything I might have achieved on my own.

“What do you have today?” Crystal asks of me while preparing my morning continental breakfast,

“The usual I guess, couple of out of towners” I sip on my cup, feeling rather good about myself,

“Did you get a chance to speak with Damon this morning?” She's asking about my son’s sudden interest to disappear out of site,

“He disappeared again on me.”

My son developed a strange affection for my sister since she started living with us. It started when her panties suddenly vanished from her wardrobe, one by one until she had no underwear to use. She had to get accustomed to wearing nothing underneath for some time.

Technically, she’s always been a skank, but even she had limits to what she could allow. And the house was only occupied by us three, and since I don’t care for someone else’s panties, the list of culprits becomes rather slim.

What she didn’t realize is that Damon has become a rather stunning, handsome young man. He looked very much like his father, which was a turn off in itself, but his nineteen years have bestowed on him many gifts that few of his friends would kill to have.

It didn’t help that his aunt looked like a local whore, wearing tight jeans and tank tops for a woman in her late thirties, not even young girls would dare wear such scandalous attires.

“Well I’m off, I promise I’ll talk with him when I come back” I put my cup down and get a bag from a corner,

“Wait, I got a new lead for you” she hands me a piece of paper with an address,

“Who’s this for?” She knew I don’t like surprises,

“A new client, someone very interested in your services” she smiles before turning around to clean the dishes,

It’s not like she poses as my pimp or anything, but sometimes it felt like she wanted to keep me in this line of work. It doesn’t bother me after doing it for some time, but she should take care of my interest a bit better, or at least that’s what I think.

“Fine, I’ll leave this one for the end” I confirm so she stops insisting,

“Perfect, I’ll tell him” her smile was genuinely big, not sure what to make out of that,

“I’ll see you tonight” I take one last look in the mirror before heading for the door,

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” she teases me before I leave the house.

As I make my way to my first appointment, I can’t help thinking just how things got to this point. I admit that the money was good, and I didn’t mind doing the legwork, but is this something I want to keep doing for the next ten years?

How can I explain this to my son, that his mother is the local escort?

I put such sensitive thoughts in the back of my head as I reach my first client. He’s a very interesting fellow, married with a kid on the way, but didn’t get what he wanted in the bedroom, or so he says.

“Right on time,” he says, opening the door of his front entrance,

“Do I ever make you wait?” I smile at him as I enter his place.

This particular client had a private one bedroom apartment, something simple for our encounters. The area was desolate so that we could be loud, and no one would ever notice our kinky activities.

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