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Jane’s Farewell / Return

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2017 Joe Brewster

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 1

Jane sat with her mature yoga-fit body solemnly perched on the edge of a copier machine. She planted one foot on the shoulder of her kneeling admirer as the earnest young man nestled between her toned slim thighs, nuzzled his face into her trimmed gray pubes, and ably performed oral sex on her.

Jane’s retirement party carried on just outside the storage room in which she’d sequestered herself and her oral lover. The official company send-off could go on without her for all she cared. Jane favored attending this more intimate send-off.

Ryan, the capable young rep who’d been her ally since she brought him on board 3 years ago, was now in the midst of honoring his much-older female boss with a personal farewell gesture of heartfelt oral sex. The thoughtful young man went down on Jane eagerly, with both zeal and devotion, striving hard to use all the skill he possessed and every lick in his bag of tricks to create the most brilliant orgasm Jane ever felt. His parting gift would be a stunning climax the likes of which she’d hopefully never forget.

Jane could always count on Ryan as having her best interests at heart. Up to now he’d never hinted those interests might contain erotic shadings.

Through thick and thin, against the grumbling sentiment of his entitled coworkers, he’d backed every one of Jane’s managerial decisions. Ryan had been chastely loyal to Jane in the work place. Much the same way as Daisy, Jane’s faithful retriever (whom she’d adopted after losing her husband 8 years ago) had been loyal to Jane as her solitary household companion.

Ryan faithfully stood with Jane through the disgruntled white-collar skirmishes and, similarly, provided moral support in her fight against the back-channel antics of her office rival, Lexley Holt.

Lexley, a recent Harvard business grad, was close to the same age as 24-year-old Ryan. Therefore seeming a more likely ally of his. Jane, in fact, was 10 years past being twice his age. Yet, if the truth be told, Ryan couldn’t stand Lexley. Lexley’s thoughts were consumed with cutting costs and increasing profits to the detriment of the long-term fiscal health of their customers. She had no empathy for people.

Ironically, in celebrating their few small victories over Lexley, Jane and Ryan had never shared any physical show of affection beyond kudos-giving smiles and a comradely tentative fist bump. Now that Lexley had secured total victory over Jane, by forcing her to take a buyout and early retirement, Jane and Ryan were at last addressing their deeply held sexual feelings.

As the sensual charge of mounting pleasure hummed viscerally within the abdominal warmth of her flat lower belly, Jane cursed her principled business stance against freely partaking of sexual favors from her subordinates. She could have had this shy lean-bodied young man as her devoted sexual minion for the past 3 years now. Ugh…but it did make this ultimate hook-up that much more deliciously satisfying.

As far as Jane was concerned her party had been a farce. Jane delivered a mandatory thank-you speech then the event was promptly commandeered by Lexley’s faction. They celebrated the new direction the data-obsessed Lexley promised would lead to greater profits for them all. It became Lexley’s party, not Jane’s. That was typical. Over the course of time Lexley had usurped every bit of Jane’s power and authority and now, as a parting shot, she pilfered Jane’s going away party as well.

Jane was just about to make her exit except she hadn’t yet seen Ryan. She wanted to say goodbye. She needed to tell her youthful colleague how dearly she treasured his commitment over the years.

Chapter 2

Shyness hampered Ryan from approaching Jane in this public setting. He balked at the prospect of letting his deeply felt emotions get the better of him here. He knew he’d never be able to say all the things he wanted to say to Jane either in public or in private. To that end he placed his tender thoughts on paper inside of a bon voyage themed Hallmark™ card.

Jane sought him out as he stood at the periphery of the celebration. She walked Ryan over to a farther wall in a quiet corner space. Jane was then handed the envelope with the card that contained everything she needed to know.

Jane saw the hopeful anxiety written on Ryan’s face as she silently read his words. Words that matched her sentiments almost exactly, concluding with the three little words: “I love you.”

Jane gazed deeply into the adoring face of her gallant young champion, seeking to divine if he meant those words quite literally. Deep in her heart Jane felt confident that he did. She knew she needed to reach out and release his anxious mind in some tangible way. She yearned with the need to offer this soul-baring young man the freedom to express his heartfelt amorous devotion explicitly, exquisitely, and passionately.

With wanting eyes she lured him into seclusion behind a key-coded door that only she and a few others had access to. Jane, with slow deliberation, softly caressed Ryan’s face in the palms of both her hands and gently held it as she pressed her lips to his, tenderly lingering a brief moment, before hungrily unleashing her greedy tongue inside the warmth of his wet welcoming mouth.

The young man’s passion bloomed throughout his nicely muscled body as his penis quickly grew rigid. Jane bound herself to him in passionate embrace as Ryan’s thick stiffness quickly pulsed to a cock-throbbing climax. Thereby, soiling his khakis.

Jane ceased her soul-searing kiss and, to avoid fouling her skirt on his semen-soaked slacks, stepped away from her starry-eyed lad.

She leaned back against the copier and removed her left shoe, a spike heel stiletto pump.

Ryan’s sturdy shoulder would be put to use as a footrest for her bare thigh-high stocking foot. All the better to work herself against his thrusting, flickering tongue, as she teetered on the edge of the copy machine.

Jane waited on Ryan to kneel.

He knelt with incredulous pride that Jane had accepted him as a sexual partner worthy of going down on her. Jane gazed down to see his youthful face peering up at her from amidst her thighs, his eyes welling with grateful tears.

She rode his face to a shimmering wet climax.

It was a stunning farewell.

Chapter 3

Soon after Jane left it became clear Lexley’s radical new vision for the company was a total disaster. She called Ryan to her office.

“I should fire you,” she told him, bluntly.

Ryan couldn’t believe it. He actually wouldn’t have minded getting fired but it made no sense. He was the only reason the office was holding together at all. Lexley would have been completely lost without him.

“Fire me?” he asked, confused. “Why?

“Committing sexual acts in the workplace is frowned upon,” she stated, “for your information.”

Ryan had no idea what she meant.

“It just so happens I’ve been in contact with Jane, your old former boss,” Lexley said, without being redundant.

“Really?” asked Ryan, curiously. “What has that got to do with anything?”

“Let me tell you, you pervert,” Lexley said, nastily. “That ancient hag, who you seem so smitten with, couldn’t fucking resist bragging about how she seduced a young guy like you into going down on her,” she clarified. “That’s got everything to do with you committing sexual acts in the workplace. If you need it spelled out for you.”

Ryan was crushed.

It hurt him to think that Jane could so cruelly brag about Ryan eating her out. That made it sound so trite, like he was her little bitch office slut, or something. And yet what Lexley told him had to be true, he certainly hadn’t breathed a word of it to anyone. So how would she know? Jane must have ratted him out.

“It’s a well known fact,” Lexley explained, “among older skanks who cater to that entire “Grannies I’d Like To Fuck” sort of thing, that Jane is a top slut predatory cougar. She’s a power mower into serial conquests. She clear-cuts young hardbody cocksmiths with a GILF fetish one right after another and moves on to new deviant sexual timber all the time.”

“That is not true,” Ryan asserted. “We spent three entire years working together and she never once touched me.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Lexley said. “She kept her conquests to her sexual social circle of older skanks, after office hours, they’d gather together and compare notes. In fact, you were an oddball choice for her. She prefers banging confident young studs that are hung so well that they tightly fill her sloppy old worn-out vagina. She seldom seduces naïve young rug munchers like you, and even then, never at work. She waited until her very last day here before she leveraged your silly fixation with her into something overtly sexual. She played your silly sycophantic ass into getting her antique cunt licked. The way she set you up was perfection itself. I admire the fucking hell out of her for that.”

Ryan saw in a flash that Lexley was right.

Of his own accord he would have never even worked up the nerve to present Jane with the going-away card he’d lovingly inscribed to her. He’d have left it on her desk for her to find as she packed her stuff. If Jane hadn’t come looking for him he’d have never had the gumption to personally hand it to her.

She‘s the one that lured him into seclusion. She’s the one that started making out with him. She’s the one that so sexily took off her sky-high stiletto-heeled pump with striptease move and induced him into going down on her. He eagerly complied with eating her out, just like she wanted, so eagerly in fact, that, at the time, it seemed like it was all his doing. It was everything he’d ever dreamed of. Yet, thinking about it in hindsight, he had followed Jane’s craftily laid plan every step of the way. She had cunningly played her little-bitch office slut down to his very last lick. Jane had bagged Ryan for use as nothing more than a pathetic little tool to achieve her triumphant sordid orgasm. In the end he was just another cougar conquest. Why else hadn’t she contacted him in the days since she’d left?

“There, there,” Lexley murmured, “don’t look so sad. I’m not going to fire you. I recognize remorse when I see it. It’s written all over your face. You feel like a total slut. Jane obviously manipulated you into humiliating yourself for her. Well, live and learn, that’s what I always say.”

Lexley paused a silent moment to let Ryan absorb the full horror of feelings Jane’s betrayal incited in side him. And to gloat over him, too, a little bit.

“Going down on your female Boss when she’s old enough to be your grandmother is never likely to turn out well, I’m afraid,” she stated, mockingly sympathetic. “So it goes.”

Chapter 4

Lexley stood and walked slowly to where Ryan sat in his chair and gently she stroked his hair. “Are you ready to wise up and join the grownup world?”

“What do you mean?” he quietly asked, his voice subdued.

“Well, to start with,” she said, “we need to cure you of the childish idealism your cougar wench seemingly infected you with. I’m the Boss of you now and you need to go along with the agenda that I lay out.”

“Yes, of course,” Ryan said, dejectedly. His mind was mired in a foggy haze of tramatic emotion. He was ready to totally go along with everything in Lexley’s sinister program; he was so disillusioned by Jane’s obvious betrayal.

Lexley stood close to Ryan and mussed his hair in mock affection. She placed her palm to one side of his head and tenderly pulled him toward her body so that his cheek rested firmly on the fabric of her skirt on the side of her hip.

Lexley paused, curious to observe whether Ryan would remain docile in her caress or pull away in protest as she stated, “Now that we’re both on the same page you’ll be going down on me like you did for Jane. And I mean whenever I want you to; no hesitation, and no questions asked.”

Ryan hadn’t flinched.

Lexley continued, still pressing Ryan’s cheek to her tightly-skirted hip, “You’ve already gone down on one boss, thereby violating company policy, so you may as well go down on me. At least I’m practically your own age and I can guarantee you there’ll be no romantic idealism involved. I’ll teach you a lesson about respecting my authority whether you like it or not. You’ll be pleasing me with your oral prowess for no other reason than it makes me happy to watch you debasing yourself, and everything you hold dear, while you eat my pussy. We both know how much you hate my guts and everything I stand for, but you’ll kneel for me, because I own you. All the while you’re going down on me you’ll be reminded of the precious moments you spent kneeling for your lovely Jane. The utter devotion you felt going down on her will transform into the utter humiliation of going down on me and I’ll be loving every minute of it.”

Ryan actually put his hands around Lexley’s hips and gave her a tender hug, signaling his surrender.

Lexley had it wrong. The joy he’d felt as he ate Jane’s pussy had immediately vanished. What he’d felt for Jane at the time was nothing more than a corrupted false memory, a memory that disintegrated retroactively and spiraled into the purest form of humiliation he could ever hope to endure.

Eating pussy for Lexley would be more of the same. He’d relive that humiliation over and over again as a reminder to never again make himself so vulnerable. Love is a fool’s game. He wouldn’t get fooled again, ever.

Lexley understood her quarry was a totally vanquished robotic shell of himself. Her conquest was complete and it made her wet.

“Look at me,” she commanded.

Ryan peeked upward so demurely that Lexley felt her chest swell with prideful contempt.

“Have you got anything to say for yourself, bitch?” she asked.

All he could say was, “May I go down on you right now?”

Lexley, in answer to the question, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Ryan carefully collected her skirt, like the good little bitch that he is, and neatly folded it over the back of a chair while Lexley took her seat in her executive chair and waited the bitch to kneel in front of her. She sat in her chair skirtless, without panties, wearing just her heels and thigh-high stockings from her waist down. After pausing for a respectful silence to pass, thereby registering his total submissive consent, Ryan went down on Lexley. Reveling in her dominion over him as the aromatic scent of her musky wetness launched his downward leap into the unmitigated abyss of self-degradation.

Chapter 5

For almost 6 months Ryan gave Lexley every kind of head she desired. With total focus, and total respect, Ryan went down on Lexley whenever and wherever and however she so desired him to.

She kept her demands to a random schedule. Thus bypassing the deadening robotic effect a habitual routine always brings. Her haphazard demands kept Ryan’s shame at a constant pitch: fresh and acutely cringe-worthy. He burned with brisk humiliation with each new debasement as he ate her pussy anew, under her sneering gaze. He meant to extinguish the sweet sexual impulse he’d experienced going down on Jane by incinerating his sentimental vulnerability in a white-hot forge of self-loathing lust as he gave Lexley the best head she’d ever gotten, from any lover she’d ever known. No matter what their gender.

The fact that Jane’s image hauntingly flashed in his mind at the oddest intervals ruined his self-exile to the sexual dark-side. He strove to harden his heart against romantic feelings he’d had for Jane, but he couldn’t. He still had a soft spot for her.

So, ultimately, he decided to quit working for Lexley and he quit the company for good.

Not long after, on the day that marked Jane’s 6-month departure from work, she appeared at Ryan’s door in the afternoon.

“What do you want?” he asked, sullenly, unkempt in his tattered housecoat.

You,” she answered.

Ryan turned away, letting the door swing shut as he shuffled back to bed.

Jane pushed through the door before it closed and followed behind.

Ryan shirked off his robe and climbed back into bed and dove under the covers where he been hiding 24/7 since he quit. And Jane did, too, after taking time to strip out of her clothes, she snuggled in beside him.

“I don’t want you here,” he told her.

“Your cock begs to differ,” Jane averred, as she fondled his tool. “It’s as stiff a brass flag pole, and, lucky for me, nearly as huge.”

Jane mounted him as he lay on his back. She fucked Ryan from on top, straddling his body on all fours, until she collapsed on top of him, both of them spent from the depth of their orgasms.

“Now’s a fine time to show up,” Ryan said, resentfully. “I’ve been Lexley’s oral sex bitch for all the time you’ve been gone. You probably want nothing more to do with me, now that you know that.”

“That’s quite a surprise,” Jane said. “Knowing how much you despise her. I suppose you were just being respectful of her position as your Boss. I’d have let you go down on me years ago if I’d known how much you loved eating ‘Boss Pussy’. So if that’s the reason you ate her out, because of some kind of LadyBoss fetish, I don’t mind.”

“Well, I mind,” Ryan replied. “And, I’ll have you know, I’m not, per se, into eating ‘Boss Pussy’ as you call it. I went down on you because I’ve been in love with you for ages. I just didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid. The thought of never seeing you again scared me out of my fearful stupidity. The thought of you leaving, without knowing how I felt about you, finally motivated me into action.

“As for going down on Lexley: I’d have never agreed to such a thing if you hadn’t acted the way you did. Why did you tell her about us?”

“Tell her what?” Jane asked.

“About me going down on you,” Ryan said. “That’s what.”

Jane denied it.

“Then how did she know?”

“Well, for one thing, everyone saw us go into the storage room together,” Jane said. “And when we came out we were both smiling from ear to ear, you smelled like you fell in a vat of tuna fish and bananas, the front of your shirt was soaked with my juice, and to top it off my torn panties were sticking out of your back pocket. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that you went down on me.”

“Why did you wait until now to hook up with me?”

“I had to,” Jane revealed.

As part of her separation contract from the firm Jane had to sign a non-competition agreement binding for a period of six months. Jane could not launch her own start-up company, nor contact any employee regarding joining her venture, for six months after leaving her position.

Jane had every intention of recruiting Ryan for her start-up, but she couldn’t risk telling him about it or contacting him or she’d lose her severance and pension fund money.

Lexley had played Ryan for a total fool.

Jane said, “She probably wanted to ruin things between the two of us so we wouldn’t team up together in a competing venture. As usual, she was wrong.”

Jane and Ryan ended up celebrating by spending the day in bed together.

When Ryan went down on Jane she conceded, “Lexley’s a much better mentor than I ever would have thought. She instilled in you a gift for eating pussy like something you read about. In kinky novels, I mean. I should thank her.”

“Thank yourself,” Ryan told her. “I couldn’t help thinking of you the entire time I went down on her. That's what made me so good. Now lay back and let me lick your ‘Boss Pussy’ a little longer.”

“Oh my god, you are a total little bitch, aren’t you?”

The End

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