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Hiking Hi-Jinx

By D. Spencer

Copyright 2017 D. Spencer

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Martin pulled off the freeway and drove towards the gas station, chuckling as he looked at the dash.

“What's so funny?” Leanne asked as she unbuckled.

“The gas mileage on this car is amazing. I mean, we already know that from driving around town for the past six months, but now it's really obvious. I'm guessing that we could have gone another two hours before stopping, but I need to get out and stretch my legs.”

“That's fine with me, I need to use the restroom again,” his wife replied with annoyance. “After I got pregnant with little Marty, I swear my bladder shrunk to the size of a walnut. I was hoping it would go back to normal, but he's five months old already and it seems like I still have to go every half hour.”

They walked into the convenience store to get water and snacks, then Martin went outside to fill the tank while his wife went to the restroom in the back of the small store. He saw a map on the pump for travelers like him, smiling as he looked closer at the local attractions. Leanne came out when he was putting away the hose, but he didn't say anything to her until they were leaving the parking lot.

“Where are we going so soon? I thought you said you wanted to stretch your legs.”

Martin nodded his head, then pointed to a sign by the side of the road. “We've got plenty of time, and I saw that this park was just down the road, so I thought a little hike would do us good.”

“Sure, why not? We have about three hours of driving left, but five hours until we can check in to the hotel. I wouldn't mind a walk, it's beautiful out here.”

Martin parked the car five minutes later, then jogged around to the passenger side while Leanne was untangling her feet from the plastic bags on the floor. He went to one knee as his wife turned to get out, pressing against her leg, and she canted her head and giggled as she finished facing him.

“Babe, what on earth are you doing?”

“Nothing yet,” Martin whispered, then ran his hands up her thighs, stopping when the bottom of her dress covered his wrists. “It looks pretty deserted out here, it's a nice sunny day, and your dress is kind of short. I thought maybe we could...”

“Oh you'd better stop right there, mister. There are other cars here, so there has to be other people on the trails. I really don't want to get caught, you know how I am about that.”

Martin sighed, his shoulders slumping briefly in resignation. He smiled a moment later, leaning in further towards his wife. He slid her dress up high enough to expose her panties, moving one finger between her thighs to rest on her hidden pussy. His other hand reached for her breast as he pressed his lips to hers.

Leanne haltingly returned his kiss, then she smiled and closed her eyes as she enjoyed her husband's touch. He could feel the heat building between her legs, and after ten seconds of massaging her clit he pulled away and stood up, making a show of adjusting his hardness in his shorts before he picked up a bag of supplies they had just purchased.

“You're right, maybe we shouldn't be doing this in the parking lot,” Martin whispered, holding out his hand. “Come on, let's take a little stroll and see what this hiking trail is like.”

“Oh that's just mean,” Leanne growled, but her pursed lips couldn't hold back the smile after a moment.

They walked to the large sign at the trailhead and stopped to look at the layout, and both of them pointed at the trail that branched off to the left.

“I would like to do the other one,” Martin said once they headed down the wide path. “It looks like it's longer and more challenging, but I don't want us to get all worn out only a few hours into our vacation weekend.”

“Thanks for that,” Leanne said with a whispered curse, “with me being so far out of shape from being bedridden the last few months of the pregnancy, I haven't really caught back up yet. A quick easy walk is perfect, and I think I saw that there are benches and picnic tables at the clearing up ahead.”

Martin groaned, cursed, then nodded his head. “Alright, I guess we can use a table. I was hoping to sit on the ground so I could take some peeks up your skirt or down your top. We can make do with a table though.”

Leanne stopped in her tracks, crossing her arms as she scowled at her husband. “Martin Samuel, what has gotten in to you this afternoon? We already talked about how there are other people out here too, and you know very well that I would be mortified if someone came by and saw us.”

“Why don't you ever believe me? Yeah, I think you're beautiful and sexy because I'm your husband, but I'm also a normal red-blooded horny man, so I'm more than a little biased when I say it. And on that topic, I didn't tell you before, but in that little store we were in, I saw every man in there checking you out. All four of them, from the dorky teenager to the old dude at the register. Oh, and when you bent over at the counter to get a candy bar, the veins in old man's neck and head were throbbing as he stared at your boobs.”

“What?” Leanne unconsciously pulled up on the dress' neckline as she looked around. “You seriously stood there and did nothing when another man was taking advantage of my position to look down my dress?”

Martin laughed and stepped forward, giving his wife a hug. “Babe, if I interfered with the view of your cleavage every time you gave away a free peek, I wouldn't have the time to go to work.”

“But Martin, he was gawking at me, and… Wait a second. Every time? Are you implying that I'm doing this on purpose or something? Why didn't you say something before?”

“I don't know exactly why you do it, but it's easy to do since you wear so many low-cut loose tops. Gravity happens, and trust me, I love the views I get from you. After as long as we've been together, I no longer really care if other guys can catch a peek because it's not like you're naked or flirting on purpose. Besides, I get to see everything later, and the teasing peeks I get all day keep me wanting more. I think it's amazing to be married to such a hot babe that so many men lust over.”

Leanne huffed and turned to the side, walking towards the clearing. Martin sighed, then smiled as he followed his wife. “This angle is great too, babe. Could you do me a favor and pull up your skirt so I can have a better view?”

He didn't expect an answer, and he held back a chuckle as he sped up until he was three steps behind Leanne. He smiled as he watched her ass sway back and forth, and his eyes traced the faint outline of her panty line as her cheeks flexed.

Martin stopped by her side and put the bag on the table, pulling out their food and water before leaning on the table and putting his arms around her waist. He pulled her close and kissed her on the neck, then lowered his hands to rest against the top of her ass.

“I'm sorry, OK? I know you're self conscious because you don't look exactly like you did before you got pregnant. What I have been trying to tell you is that you're still a sexy woman, and it's not just my opinion because I see guys checking you out all the time. The last time was fifteen minutes ago, with the guys' ages ranging about fifty years between them, and they all stared.”

“Is that why you were trying to be frisky by the car? Were those guys staring getting you turned on or something?”

“That's part of it maybe,” Martin said as he raised one hand to her breast. “At the moment, I thought you might have been doing a preview of a flash for that old guy like you used to do at parties. I don't know why that thought popped into my head, but I thought maybe you were wanting some good sex while we're on our trip and you wanted to get turned on doing that like you did before.”

“That was over five years ago, Martin. And plus, it wasn't that many times when I flashed anybody.”

“The last time, if I remember right, was at a friend's pool party, and you spent ten minutes topless because you lost a bet with your girlfriends. I still remember how good the sex was that night, and that's when you told me you had a bit of an exhibition fantasy, so it turned you on like crazy. So what do you say? Want to relive a little bit of that today?”

Leanne smiled and leaned forward to reach past Martin for her water bottle, and over her shoulder Martin saw a man exiting the stand of trees and walking on the path towards them. After she took a sip, she sighed and rested a hand on his chest.“I've got the feeling you won't quit pestering me about this until I let you do some perverted thing to me.” When his smile didn't change, she rolled her eyes. “OK fine, I'll let you try one thing, but it can't be for very long.”

Martin unhooked her bra, then gave her a wide toothy smile as he pulled down on the shoulder straps of the bra and her dress at the same time. He moved fast enough to display her nipples before Leanne's hands pushed her bra back into place.

“What are you doing? I wasn't expecting you to strip me.”

“No, not that. My 'one thing to try' is for you to spend our lunch without any of your undergarments. No panties, and no bra, and for at least as long as we're here at this table. There are bonus points for lasting until we get back to the car though, and a double bonus for staying like that while we drive. So if you don't mind, please let me get this taken care of so you can put your dress back on. Well, if you insist on wearing it, that is. I'd much rather look at you naked, but wearing just a thin sundress is close enough for right now.”

Leanne's knees trembled and her eyes closed, but after a moment she let her hands fall to her sides. Martin slid her dress down, pausing once to kiss both of her nipples, then again to gather the sides of her panties into his hands as well. With one last motion, he pushed all three garments to his wife's feet, looking up at her face to see her reaction to her first experience of full nudity outdoors.

She was breathing heavily through her mouth, her eyes and fists still closed tightly. Martin took the opportunity to look past her naked body to see the man standing on the trail ten paces away from the table. Using hand motions, he instructed the man to stay quiet and move behind a specific tree, then slid his hands up Leanne's thighs. Giving the stranger two thumbs up, and a nod of his head, Martin smiled widely as he stood and swatted his wife's ass.

As soon as the man was mostly hidden behind the tree, Martin nodded with satisfaction that he could hardly see the man through the brush. Confident that Leanne wouldn't see the man, he held his wife's shoulders and gently pushed her body.

“Take two small steps back,” Martin whispered, then grinned when she shuffled with a quiet moan. “Come on babe, you got this. I need to move you off of your clothes so you aren't still technically wearing your panties on your toes. Don't worry, I'll put your dress back on for you. Wait, actually, you should move again. Turn around so you're facing away from me, then a tiny step back until you feel the table.”

He held her shoulders to help turn her, making sure that when the front of her body was facing the stranger, he moved Leanne a little slower to give the stranger a good view. Leanne took a deep breath as she leaned on the table, her hands gripping it as she cursed.

“Are you OK babe?”

Leanne nodded her head, then shook it. “Kind of?” She whispered, then took a deep breath. “I'm embarrassed as hell to be standing out here totally bare-ass naked, but at the same time I'm seriously turned on.”

“Do tell,” Martin said with a wide smile. He stepped up to her and stroked her breasts, then leaned down to suck on each nipple for several seconds. “It sounds like you need a little distraction from being shy. Here, put your right foot up on the bench seat so you can balance better.”

Martin knelt down and moved her leg to the side, fighting against her half hearted attempt to keep her legs closed. As he pointed her knee towards the nearest tree, he straddled the bench behind her leg. He pulled her hand free of the table's edge and moved it back, then pressed on her shoulder.

“Lean back a little, will you? Mainly for balance of course, but also so I can enjoy this sight better. Holy shit you look amazing right now.”

As her torso angled back, Martin stood up again and traced his fingers over every square inch of her body. He mentally cheered when Leanne arched her chest forward, combined with a quiet moan. He kissed his way from her knee to her breast, sucking on her nipple while his finger danced all around her pussy without touching it.

“Please baby, you should stop.”


“Getting... Close...” Leanne said with a panted whisper. “Not outside, I can't, not here.”

With an evil smile, Martin pressed his finger against her clit as she spoke. Leanne's body twitched, and Martin cursed happily under his breath as he watched her bouncing breasts.

“Damn that was hot. I need to see that again.”

Martin dropped to one knee between her feet and leaned forward, sucking her clit between his lips, and he watched his wife writhing as she tried to hold back her keening moan of pleasure. Martin brought his hand to his chin, then pressed forward to sink two fingers into her pussy.

'Holy shit she's turned on,' Martin thought as he moved his fingers and tongue, 'my fingers haven't gone in this easily for years, and she's ready to cum in less than five minutes of playtime and ten seconds of oral. We've got to do this more often.'

He watched his wife's body as he pleasured her, knowing exactly when to change pace and angles. It seemed like only another minute had gone by when he saw Leanne's response change. She let out a squeal and fell to her back, her hands shooting down to grab his head. Martin held on as she bucked under him, her hips thrusting up into his face.

Martin stopped breathing when her thighs squeezed, and her whole body locked in place for several seconds. With one last shudder, Leanne moaned as her muscles gave out. Her arms and legs slumped as she relaxed, and several long moments passed before she made another sound.

“That was intense,” Leanne whispered, lifting her hands to wipe the sweat from her face. “At first I thought I'd die of embarrassment if I climaxed out here like this, but when you didn't stop, that's all I wanted to do. I don't think I've cum so hard in ages, and to make it worse, I still want sex. I mean, I really want to be dressed because now it feels awkward to be naked, but I can't wait to properly screw you. Like in the bed of our hotel room, not in public.”

Martin's mind was racing with possibilities, but as he cleaned off his face with his shirt, he knew the right thing to do would be to not push Leanne to fast. He stood between her limp thighs and reached for her hands. As he pulled her to a sitting position, they both looked down to see the rigid lump in his shorts come to within an inch of her engorged nether lips.

“I want more too, but I'll get your dress for you. Stay right there, and… Oh wait, one more thing first.”

“Oh no, now what?”

“Stop it,” Martin chuckled, putting his arms around her shoulders and pulling her close. “I wanted a hug from my sexy naked wife. Is that too much to ask?”

Leanne laughed and squeezed him, nestling her head against his chest. “Nope, it's perfect. I love you, even if you are all kinds of mean to me in such wonderfully dirty ways.”

Martin stroked her bare back, and with his chin resting on top of her head he looked towards the brush that the stranger had been hiding behind. He thought he saw the man but wasn't sure, so he lifted his hand with one finger pointing straight up to ask him to wait. Pulling back from Leanne, he gave her a kiss before taking a step back to pick up her dress. He shook it out and balled it up in his hands as he stood in front of his wife.

“Can you lift your arms over your head for me?”

Leanne rolled her eyes and giggled. She looked around to make sure they were still alone, then put her forearms across the top of her head and moved her shoulders back and forth. Martin smiled at the way her full breasts swayed, then sighed as he rested his hands on Leanne's thighs.

“Damn I love that look too, and I'm begging for you to feel free to do that any time. Goodbye girls, I'll miss you, please come back out soon to say hello again.”

He lowered his head to give each breast two quick kisses, then stood up straight and arranged the garment in his hands. Martin slid the dress over her body and let it gather around her hips, then held up the shoulder straps by his fingers.

“If you insist that you want to cover up, then here you go. I'd rather enjoy the sight of your bare body while we have a snack and enjoy the weather, but that's up to you. Keep in mind how much it turns you on to show off your body though.”

“Nice try mister, but no. Well, not right now at least, I already told you I felt awkward.”

Martin helped his wife pull her dress up, but stopped her when she tried to stand.

“Stay like that. You can pull the skirt down around your legs, but part of the fun for you going without panties under your dress is to feel the wind on your pussy. Keep your foot on the bench and see if it turns you on to be so close to showing off. I'm sure liking the thought of it.”

Leanne rolled her eyes again, but she stopped fidgeting and instead reached for her bottle of water. The couple sat in silence for a few minutes as they ate, then Martin stood in front of her as he finished his drink. He ran his fingernails along the inside of his wife's thigh, smiling as the look on her face changed from annoyance to arousal.

“You're evil, mister,” Leanne whispered as she arched her back and leaned on her hands.

“I'm trying to convince you of something that I know to be the truth, baby. To help with that, when we get to the hotel, we're getting you a new swimsuit for this weekend. I don't care if you throw it away when we leave, but most of the time that we're outside of the room, I want it to be the only thing you're wearing. I mean, every time it's appropriate, that is. Considering how much time we planned to spend in the pool, hot tub, and sauna, you might get pretty used to it, even more so if you want to spend any time tanning by the pool.”

“Come on, you know I don't like bikinis. You've seen my fat and stretch marks, it's not pretty. I don't want to subject people to that sight this weekend.”

Martin had been expecting this response, and he tried to hold back a smile as he replied. “In that case, I'm sure you won't mind if I get an unbiased opinion from someone else.”

“That sounds kind of weird babe.”

“OK, then you can choose a person or three to be a judge yourself. I'm pretty sure we can trust strangers to be honest with us about what they think of you.”

Leanne shuddered when Martin's fingers reached her pussy, and she glared at him as she spread her thighs wider. “Maybe. Ask me again after we get there and I can think straight.”

Martin waited until his wife closed her eyes, then he used one hand to take off his belt and open the fly and button of his shorts. With a slow measured press against her body, he slid into his wife's pussy, and they both moaned as his rigid shaft filled her. He hoped she was sufficiently distracted, so Martin reached behind her and threaded his belt through the picnic table's loose boards, then wrapped the belt's end around her wrists and tied the leather in a knot.

Leanne's eyes jerked open to see Martin's smiling face, and he continued to thrust in and out of her in a slow and steady rhythm. While coming back to an upright position, Martin pulled on the shoulder straps of her sun dress, and in seconds her breasts were again fully exposed.

“What if I told you I would find somebody right now?”

“Huh?” Leanne shook her head as she tried to focus on the topic change. “Somebody for what?”

He stroked her breasts, then held her nipples in his fingertips as he stopped moving to look into her eyes. “Somebody to give us impartial opinion on how your body looks.”

Leanne leaned her head back, looking in all directions to make sure they were alone, then lifted her other foot to the table's surface to give her husband better access to her pussy. “Like we'd be having sex with a body inspector watching us? Right. Hmmm, that feels good, do that nice and slow.” She was quiet for a moment, Leanne's only sounds being her quiet moans of pleasure before she whispered back to Martin. “Fuck it, why not? If you can find a guy within one minute, then sure, let him inspect me however the hell he wants to.”

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