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Holiday Special


Broken Arrow

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My deepest thanks to all the perverts, twisted souls, and mad people who love silly, sensual, and twisted stories. Without you, I'd have no readers and without readers, there'd be no reason to write. This is for all the perverts and the mad-minded.


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, places, things, or events (real or imagined) is completely in your own head and not intentional on the part of the author. Do not expect real life to work the way life in this novel works. That would be a silly expectation.

Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Summary: Joe is spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend's family. Katie's sisters, Stephanie and Samantha both help Joe relax.

Blowjobs, sex, anal, and turkey dinner! It's all just part of Thanksgiving in a world where fucking your girlfriend's relatives is a normal part of dating!

Stephanie, the older sister has no problem getting down on her knees and sucking Joe's cock.

It's Samantha's first year at the adult dinner, she just turned eighteen, and she wants to make a good impression on her big sister's boyfriend!

Does Joe have any attention left for Katie, his girlfriend, after her sisters help him relax?

Find out!


Joe tried not to fidget while he sat on the couch. He'd been dating Katie for about two years and she'd finally invited him to spend a holiday with her family. It would be just him, her two younger sisters, and her mother. He smoothed out his shirt and looked around at the cozy living room. A small flat screen TV hung from the wall, with a tiny faux-wood shelf under it which held a DVD player and a few DVDs. From the kitchen, he heard the sounds of the four women cooking, talking, and laughing.

"Hey, you doing alright out here?" Stephanie asked, poking her head out from the kitchen and smiling at him.

Stephanie was Katie's older sister, just a couple years older than Katie. Joe could see how they could be mistaken for twins from a little bit of a distance.

"Ye-Yeah. I'm fine," he said and wondered if his smile looked as wiggly as it felt.

She brushed back a lock of her auburn hair, the same shade as his girlfriend's, and pouted a little. "You don't look okay. You just need to relax, that's all!"

"Ah, no... I'm fine. Really. I just get a little nervous in new places. You know? Here I am, meeting Katie's family, hoping I make a good impression, trying not to knock anything off the coffee table," he said, reaching up and pushing the sweat on his brow back into his hair.

Stephanie sauntered over to him and knelt between the couch and the coffee table. He leaned forward a little and looked into her eyes, his attention momentarily straying to the tongue licking her lips, then to her soft, round breasts, the pale skin of her cleavage glistening with a little sweat from the heat in the kitchen.

She reached up, one hand on his belt and the other on his zipper, and smiled at the shape of his cock growing harder and larger in his pants.

"Like I said, you just need to relax," she said, pulling his zipper down and reaching in to pull his stiff, thick cock free. "I know just the thing that'll help you loosen up."

She smiled, dipped her head, and he felt the first rush of her tongue flick the tip of his cock, then twirl around the head, before she slid her lips over it and lowered her head until his entire cock disappeared down her throat.

He leaned his head back on the couch and placed on hand on top of her head, stroking her thick hair and letting the sensations of her tongue under his cock, her throat pulsating around it, and her gentle moans move through him.

He looked over to the kitchen door and saw his girlfriend, Katie, leaning against the frame with one hand over her heart and smiling at them.

"I was wondering if you guys were going to get along, but it looks like Steph loves you to pieces," she said, then turned and went back into the kitchen.

Stephanie pulled her mouth from his cock, a thin trail of saliva still connecting his cock to her lower lip, then dove down and began lapping at his balls. Joe gripped the couch cushion with one hand and a handful of Stephanie's hair with the other, drawing out a deep moan from her.

He pulled her face back up the length of his cock and she dragged her tongue along the underside the entire way. When she reached the tip, she flicked her tongue under the head of his cock, then let him shove her down. She gagged and struggled a little, but soon adjusted to the thrusts of his cock and the pull of his hands, guiding her to deep throat him as rough and fast as possible.

A petite blonde bounced out into the living room, dressed in little more than a sports bra and a pair of pink underwear. Her hair was cropped short, which made her look like a forest nymph.

"H- Hi Samantha," he managed to say as she hopped on the couch next to him.

She leaned in close, pressed one hand against his chest, and the other on his neck, drawing him towards her. Soon, her hot, little mouth was nibbling, sucking, and licking at his outstretched neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and let her fingers trace patterns on his chest and twirl the little bit of hair he had there.

He brought his free hand up, wrapped his arm around the blonde nymphette's body and pulled her close. Her petite breasts pressed into his side sending a shiver up his spine. His other hand gripped a handful of Stephanie's thick hair even tighter and began rapidly moving her up and down his cock, driving the tip deep into her throat with each stroke by thrusting his hips towards her lips while bringing her head down on his cock.

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