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Internet Sex With My Daughter


Timothy Spears


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The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously

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Hey Adrian, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Can’t wait to hear from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never knew it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on, so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, it was on the same forum site I look at porn on. She was in the public section, so I assumed she was not a member, so I checked her history and seen she had been trying to look at pictures men had posted of their dicks but couldn’t see them. Since she turned 18, I had been noticing how much she had grown up over the last few months and had found myself watching her through the windows as she changed and was in the bathroom, always leaving me with a stiff dick to take care of.

Only two weeks ago I found some naked pictures of her on her phone where she had been sending them to her friends, both male and female so I was extremely curious. She was a knockout for her age, she was almost 5 feet tall with blonde hair and firm C cup tits, an almost white bush but her ass was her best feature. Her ass was one of those nice round butts, it always got people’s attention. Seeing her interest made me want to see how far she would go so I decided to set up a new account and email to invite her to the site. Now the email was sent, and it was all up to her.

I continued to watch Adrian for any chance to see her naked, occasionally checking her computer to see if she had been back on the site. After almost a week I checked her computer after she left for school and seen where she had joined the forum and was still logged in, I got an instant erection when I read her screen name “daddyzdream”. After checking her history, I seen she had not had any posts yet, so I checked her profile and seen she used her real name but changed it. While looking over her profile I noticed she had an album started, when I opened it I found the pictures from her phone and a few new ones, but none had her face in them. Under the interest title she had put older men, this really made my dick swell. Sitting at her computer looking around her room I saw her pajamas from the night before in a pile by her bed with a pair of black cotton panties on top of the pile. I don’t know why but I picked the panties up and held them up, but they were inside out. The crotch was still damp from being against her young pussy so held them to my nose, they smelled so sweet. With her panties in my hand I lowered my shorts with the other and hung her panties from my stiff dick, the damp crotch against my dick. As I wrapped my dick with her soft panties I started stroking it, before I realized it I had shot a stream of cum in her panties looking at her pictures on the screen. I wiped the rest of my cum off with her panties and threw them back with her pajamas and put her computer back where I found it. I pulled my shorts across my limping dick and got dressed for work. All day I couldn’t wait to check the forum to see if she had pm’d me yet and to see what she had been looking at.

As I returned home from work Adrian called asking if she could go home with a friend after school. I told her she could, knowing it would be a while before she got home I thought I would work on my new profile. I wanted to be sure she got to see my dick, so I added a nice picture of my stiff dick as my avatar, requested some friends. I wanted my profile to look appealing to her. With the details done, I started some supper for her when she got home and waited for her to call telling me she was on her way home. After she called I thought I would check my account, she was one my visitors but had not left any messages. Just the thought of knowing she had seen a picture of my dick turned me on, I couldn’t wait to show her more. I turned the monitor off and waited for her to arrive. Immediately after eating she rushed to take a shower, which gave me an opportunity to sneak a peek at her beautiful body as she undressed in the bathroom. After her shower she said she was tired and was going to bed, not staying up watching tv as normal. Shortly after I turned my computer back on to find her on the forum, still no response from her. As I browsed around the forum I noticed I had 1 new message.

“Hi there, thank you for inviting me to the forum. I have to ask who you are and how you know me, is that you in your picture?

“Thank you for your response. I’m not going to tell you my name, you are friends with my daughter. I saw a picture of you on her phone and thought if you like to take pictures of yourself this is a good place to show them off. I really like the ones on your album, I would love to see more. Yes, that is me in my picture, do you like it?”

“I feel weird that you are my friend’s dad, have I ever met you? I like your picture, do you have more? I will try to add some more later, I like to show off my body.”

“No, we have never met. I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful body, I bet the boys really have fun with you. Do you have a boyfriend to help you take pictures or do you take them yourself?

“I don’t have a boyfriend, the boys at my school are too immature. I am interested in older guys for some reason, I think they would take better care of me. I have a friend that we take pictures of each other, some of them can get pretty dirty I don’t know if I should show them or not. I will take some of myself tonight if you would like to see them.”

“You can show your dirty ones too, I want to see them. I would love to see what you are wearing now, I’ll be waiting.”

By now I had my shorts around my ankles stroking the stiff one I had. I had to go across the house to see if I could hear anything in her room. I eased up to her door and listened when I saw her light come on and shine under the door. With my ear to the door I could hear the drawers open and close in her dresser, then I heard the camera shutter. It shuttered about ten times and stopped. I couldn’t believe my daughter was on the other side of the door taking pictures of herself to show a man on the internet. I knew she was flirty, but this goes past my expectations. I slowly walked away from her door back to my computer where I dropped my shorts and clicked the refresh button, to see if I had any messages, not yet. I decided to check her album, while I was checking it I got a new message. It was her.

“Give me 5 mins I’ll have them in my album.”

I sat in front of my computer stroking my throbbing dick thinking about what my daughter was doing in her room right then, knowing she was doing it for me. I couldn’t help but wonder how far this was going to go, will she want more of me and what she thought about my dick. I think my dick is a big one compared to the pictures on the forum, it is 9 ¼ inches long and a little more than 2 inches thick I have measured it. I really wanted to know things about her she wouldn’t tell me and just how dirty she was. I clicked on the tab that had her profile on it, when I did it showed I had a friend request. She had sent it to me, I accepted it and clicked on her album. She had added 9 new pictures, so I clicked the first one, my heart about stopped. There was my beautiful little girl on her knees on her bed with her ass in the air wearing a white lace thong, I still couldn’t see her face. The next one was similar, but she had pulled the thong down leaving it stretched across her butt cheeks still hiding her pussy. The next ones continued the removal of her panties until she was showing her slick shaved slit. I clicked the sixth picture to find her on her bed with her legs spread turning her head still not showing her face. The next two show the progression of her hand going between her legs until the last one showed her with a finger between her smooth lips. She never showed her face in them. I clicked through them again admiring her beautiful body amazed at what she had done. I noticed a new message so clicked the tab with my profile and opened it.

“So, what do you think? I hope you liked them, if you did I can take some more. I enjoyed taking them, it’s a real rush knowing my dad is in the other room. Is that the only picture of your dick you have I would like to see more of it, it’s bigger than any I have seen in person.”

“I loved them, you have one of the best asses I have ever seen. I would love to see more but I don’t want you to get caught by your dad. I have more pictures of myself, what would you like to see? Thank you for the compliment but how many have you seen to compare it to?”

“I think my butt is big, but everyone seems to like it. I won’t get caught, my dad is probably in his room watching porn, what kind do want I have some old ones on my computer or I can take some new ones. Do you have any more of it hard or in your underwear, I have only seen a few, mostly my dad’s and his friends when they’re over here and a couple boys at school that I gave blowjobs to. I like the older ones better, but I rarely get to see them hard, mostly when they’re peeing or changing clothes but none of them are as big as yours.”

“I like the self pics taken in a mirror, but I look forward to seeing any of them, I will email you some if that’s ok. You can email me any time you want, you have my address. Does your dad know you look at his and his friend’s dicks? When do you see his, I want to know incase my daughter is looking at mine. LOL. I can’t wait to see more of your sexy panties.”

“I know his friends have caught me looking at theirs and I think sometimes they do it on purpose. I really like it when I run around the house barely dressed and I can see them getting a hardon in their pants, some of them try to hide it and some are proud of it. Daddy sleeps naked, so I go in his room and look at his while he is asleep, I have peeped through the bathroom window and watched him jack off before he showers. He would kill me if he knew that. I bet your daughter has seen yours too, all the girls at school talk about seeing their daddy’s dicks. I don’t have any mirror pics I will take some now though. I am really enjoying showing you my pictures, I hope you are too. Feel free to email those to me.”

Curious if she was serious about taking the mirror pics I went into the kitchen and pretended to be getting something to drink, I knew she would have to go to her bathroom to take them. I was standing at the refrigerator when I saw her stick her head out her door. Seeing me she stepped back in her room and quickly came back out wearing a long shirt and went into the bathroom. I could see her trying to hide her camera behind her back as she closed the door. After hearing her lock the door, I knew she was taking more pictures. I turned off the lights and stood in the kitchen rubbing my stiff dick waiting for her to go to her bedroom. I guess she thought I was gone, she opened the door and threw her shirt into her room and walked to her room. I watched her naked body as she went to her room carrying her camera in one hand and I could see something blue in the other. After she locked her door I went back to my computer and gathered a few pictures of myself to send her being careful not to send any that I had already posted on the forum or any that you could see my face. I sent two of me limp hanging in front of me, three of me hard and two of me in my underwear that I had cum in. After I hit send I couldn’t believe what I had just done, what if she recognized something in the background from our house. My heart pounded as I waited on her email, looking through the house to see if she was coming.

“I really liked the ones of you hard but the ones of you cumming in your underwear really made me horny, I’m going to have to finish myself now. Hope you enjoy the pictures, I’ll try to send some more tomorrow.”

I opened the first picture, she was standing in her bathroom facing the mirror wearing only a pair of blue panties. The second one was similar except she was cupping her breast in her hand. The third she had her back to the mirror showing her butt in the blue lace boy shorts. The next was a side shot still wearing her panties, it really showed her curves it was my favorite. I stroked my swollen cock as I clicked the next pictures, the next ones she was naked from both front and back. When I clicked the last one I couldn’t help but to shoot my load, she was standing facing the mirror with her legs spread. Her finger was pulling up on her hood that hung over the blue silk panties that her pussy consumed half of. As I was squeezing the rest of my cum out I got a message.

“I hope you enjoyed my pics, I enjoyed yours. I need to go I have school tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you again, I hope I can trust you. Sweet Dreams!”

“Yes, I love your pics, the last one was more than I could handle. You can trust me. Talk to you later.”

As I was about to close my window I received a new message.

“Just wanted to give you one more tonight, hope you like it.”

I opened the picture to see my daughter sitting in her bathroom, legs spread with her hairbrush shoved in her with just the end barely hanging out of her slick pussy. I knew right then I had to go get the hairbrush and check it out. I waited until I saw her light turn off and went to her bathroom, the brush was laying on the sink. I closed the door and picked up the brush, the handle still wet with her juices. While holding it to my nose taking in the scent of a horny virgin I knew I had to taste it. Holding it from the bristle side I took it in my mouth, the taste of her surprised me. It tasted nothing like the women I have had lately, so sweet I could only imagine how it would taste to run my tongue across her virgin hole. After sucking all her juices from the brush, I laid it back on the sink and returned to my room. With my dick throbbing I sat at the computer looking at the last picture stroking it. I clicked through the pictures she had sent me still amazed at how sexy she was, it didn’t take long until I was ready to explode. I shot my second load into the towel I had by the chair. After closing my screen, I laid on my bed, drained from the excitement I fell right to sleep.

I woke the next morning still on top of the sheets to the sound of Adrian getting ready for school, noticing I was still naked from the night before I grabbed my underwear and slid them over my morning wood and went to check on her. As I rounded the corner I saw her pulling her shorts across her beautiful ass, I stepped back and watched as she pulled them tight and buttoned them and tugged at her zipper. “Good morning honey.” I said. “Morning daddy, you finally woke up. I tried to wake you when I got up, but you didn’t move.” she answered. The thought of her coming in my room and seeing me sleeping naked just encouraged my limping dick to resume the upright position. I watched her thinking about the things she had done the night before and how she still acted and looked so innocent. She looked at her clock and said, “I better go, I don’t want to miss my class.” She walked toward me in a rush, I bent down and gave her our normal kiss goodbye. This time felt so different, like I was kissing a woman. I’m sure it was because of the thoughts I had going through my mind. I watched her butt in the tan shorts as she opened the door and went outside. I was going to be late for work if I didn’t hurry so I grabbed a quick shower and went to work.

My mind raced all day wondering if I should continue what I had started. I knew no one would ever find out but what if she figured out it was me, what would she do? Should I influence her to find interest in me then let her figure it out? What if she was interested in me, could I go through with it? With all possibilities going through my mind I decided I would not contact her again unless she contacted me first. It seemed like forever before the day was over. On my way home she called to remind me I had to pick her up from cheerleading practice at 7:00. I told her I would be there. Knowing I had some time before I picked her up I got on the forum, I had 2 new messages. Both messages were from her, I knew she had one there on her phone from school. I opened the first one. Then the second.

“Hey, just wanted to let u know I had fun last night. Can’t wait to talk again. Bye.”

“Sent u an email hope u like it”

I quickly opened my email to find one new email. When I opened it, there was only a picture, so I clicked it, my dick instantly got hard as I saw Adrian on the bathroom counter legs spread pulling her white cotton panties to one side showing her slick cunt, her shorts hanging from her shoe of one leg. The picture was clearly taken by someone else. I looked closer and could see that is was Ellen, a cheerleader friend of hers that had been over to our house many times before. Ellen is a year older than her and a little skinnier than Adrian but very attractive with her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My dick throbbed as I thought about the two girls doing that while they were at school.

I stroked my dick through my pants as checked her profile, she still hadn’t made any posts but had a few visitors to her profile. Looking at the clock it was 6:15 so I turned the monitor off and took care of a few chores before I left to pick her up. I hadn’t been sitting there long when she came running up to my window “Daddy can Ellen stay with me tonight? Her mom and dad are out of town and she don’t want to stay with her aunt. Please!” she asked bouncing up and down at the door. She stays over a lot, so I knew her parents wouldn’t care. “If she calls her aunt and lets me talk to her and its ok with her.” I answered.

She dropped her bag and ran to friend with her cheerleading skirt bouncing just enough to show the matching blue panties. Shortly she returned with Ellen, both bouncing with joy as they hung from my window. I handed her my phone to call her aunt. After speaking to her aunt, we agreed she could stay. The girls threw their bags in the bed and climbed up in the truck, Ellen at the window and Adrian beside me. I watched as the seatbelts pulled their skirts up as they fastened them, noticing Adrian had taken off her blue panties by the white cotton between her legs.

As Ellen wiggled around trying to fasten hers her skirt kept rising. I kept looking trying to see her panties, with one good twist I got the view I was waiting on. To my surprise I saw a panty less mound with a small patch of hair between her legs. Forcing myself to turn my head before I got caught I faced the windshield as we pulled away. “Are you girls hungry?” I asked.

After little debate we decided to eat at a small diner by the house. I followed the girls in the diner as they took their seats on the swivel stools at the bar, flipping their skirts up before sitting so they would hang around the cushion. “OOH this seat is cold” said Ellen as she sat her bare pussy on the cold vinyl. I heard Adrian whisper “If you had panties on it wouldn’t be cold.” “If you hadn’t throwed them in the floor I would have some.” answered Ellen with a cute grin. I pretended I didn’t hear them, but I couldn’t quit thinking about it. The girls spun on the stools and giggled between themselves as we ate, occasionally including me in the conversation.

When they were done they hopped up and told me they would be in the truck. As I walked to the cashier I noticed some moisture on Ellen’s stool from her hot young slit against the cool vinyl. I paid the check and made my way to the truck.

When we got home the girls rushed to Adrian’s room shutting the door behind them. Curious if they were up to what I hoped they were I went straight to the computer where her profile was already pulled up and watched as the online now light lit up and a new message was sent.

“Hey, do you want to talk tonight? I want to take more pics if you want to see them. Let me know.”

It was obvious that she had let Ellen in on her playing but how far would they take it. I wanted to wait to reply so I walked toward her room, thought I would see how she would act with the chance of being caught. I knocked on her door, I heard so shuffling before she opened it. Ellen was sitting at the computer which was turned off, they were both still in their skirts and tops. Adrian quickly took a seat on her bed sliding a pair of white panties under her as she sat down. As I looked around her room I saw her camera was still on laying on her bed beside her. “You know you need to take a shower, Ellen you can take one too. Do you have any clean clothes or are you going to wear some of Adrian’s?” I asked. “I’ll just wear some of hers.” she answered. “We’ll take showers after we finish our homework.” said Adrian. I told her that was fine, I would be in my room if they needed anything pulling the door shut behind me as I left. I got me a drink and went back to my computer, I had a new message waiting.

“I took some new pics tonight, I put some in my album. If you like them I will email you some more.”

I clicked the window of her profile and chose her album, it had two new pictures I it. The first one was her from the front in her uniform still not showing her face, the next was from the back with her skirt pulled up resting on top of her cheeks, bent over just enough to see the bottom of her pussy and her hands on her hips. I stared at the picture thinking how beautiful she was, how she was enjoying this. I felt like my little girl was exposing her curiosity right in front of my eyes, I knew girls did it, but I didn’t know how far she would go.

“I loved the pictures! Who is taking them for you, your daddy. Ha Ha, just kidding, although I’m sure he is aware of how beautiful you are since he is lucky enough to see you every day. I think my daughter knows I like looking at her, she seems to tease me in her underwear and leaves her door open a lot when changing clothes, but I don’t mind. She sees me in my underwear all the time. Do you ever do your daddy that way, if so I would like to hear about it.”

“LOL. I have a friend over tonight, would you like to see her too? I have never teased my daddy, it could be fun, but I know he saw some pics of me naked on my phone once because I caught him looking at them, but I didn’t say anything I was afraid I was in trouble. He walks around in his underwear all the time. I can tell when he gets hard sometimes when he’s around me. It used to bother me but now I understand I guess. He looks at girls on his computer a lot. I have seen it on before. I will email you more pics, I hope they keep you hard for a while. I have to take a shower, but you can talk to my friend while I’m gone if you want to.”

“I can’t wait to see them, don’t forget one of your friend. Have fun in the shower. Don’t be teasing your daddy!”

I was sitting at my computer when she came into my room to the shower, still wearing her uniform carrying a small wad of clothes in one hand and a towel in the other. Standing in front of me she laid the towel on my desk and held up a t-shirt. “See our new shirts coach gave us today!” she said modeling the shirt with her college name and cheerleading under it. I noticed there was no other clothes with her towel. “Nice.” I answered as I looked it over as she pulled it against her chest. She grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom. I turned back to my computer opening my email to one new message from her.

“Adrian is gone but you can talk to me if you want!”

“I would love to talk to you, thank you for helping her with the pictures I really enjoy them.”

“They are only gonna get better! I’m taking some of me while she is gone but she will have to send them to you. I’m older than her, taller but my ass is not as big, but I know you will like me.”

“I can’t wait to see you, I bet you are beautiful. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend, how experienced are you? What do you like about sex or are you a virgin like Adrian?”

“I do not have a boyfriend; all the boys are stupid! I guess I’m a virgin, I only let them put it in my butt, does that mean I’m still a virgin. I really like girls better than boys that’s why I like Adrian so much.”

“Yeah, you’re still a virgin, how many guys have you let put it in your butt? Do you and Adrian have sex?

“Not many, just the guys on the football team but two and my neighbor. Oh yeah me and her have fun all the time but we don’t tell anybody. Maybe she will show you some pics of us.”

“I bet your young ass feels great but why won’t you let them put it in your pussy?”

“Me and Adrian promised each other we wouldn’t until our next birthday, our birthdays are together, so we figured we would celebrate together, I can’t wait.”

I heard the shower cut off, so I clicked on some music and waited for Adrian to come out, remembering she had no clothes besides the shirt. My chest pounded as I waited for her wondering if she was going to take the advice of the mystery man and tease her daddy. I heard the door open as she walked behind me and stopped leaning on my chair behind me. “What ya doing?” “Just listening to some music.” I answered. I knew she would try to see what sites I was on so when I minimized them I left the one I wanted her to see up, it was a teen site and you could tell by the name. I could feel her wadded up uniform in her arm against my shoulder as she slid over to the side of my chair. Knowing this may be my only opportunity to see her in the shirt I spun the chair around facing her with her standing only a couple feet from me. After a quick glance in her eyes I lowered my sights on the shirt, still wet from her shower the shirt clung tightly to the firm B cup tits. As my eyes fell from the bottom of her shirt I had a clear view of her freshly shaved mound over two pink lips. Dying to see more and with her not showing any sign of embarrassment I asked her what it had on the back. “Just my name.” she said as she spun around and stopped. The shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her ass, so it laid piled on the top of her cheeks showing me the perfect ass I had seen in the pictures. Turning back around she says, “Ellen is going to take a shower in a minute if that’s ok, she got her shirt today to, so she will sleep in it.” I told her that’s was fine and watched her turn and walk away with her perfect young ass exposed. Wondering how obvious my hardon was I looked down to see my stiff cock pushing at the soft cotton shorts, I knew she had to see it. I opened my browser and clicked my email to find two new messages from Adrian. The first was from Ellen.

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