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Tell me something; when you already know that your dark desire is going to get you killed, do you run away and pray for the best, or double down and enjoy your ride into hell?

In my case, my desire didn’t so much haunt me, as he did actively yank me towards him and burn anything that got between us, and yet, somehow, I could feel myself getting wet, every time he crossed my mind.

“Can’t wait to have you home,” read Carter’s text, which had come less than an hour after he’d burned down my house.

“Ms. Jones?” Donovan asked, driving us away in a car he’d stolen, while Everett and I sat in the backseat. “Should I take us out of the city? If we get out of San Muerte now, we’ll have a decent head start. He’ll never find us.”

I sat in silence for a long time, not wanting to answer him. Everett seemed to think that I was considering it, wanting to cut my losses and run, but Donovan knew better. He could see the flame burning in my eyes, before I let out a peep.

“We’re going back to the warehouse. Don’t try to-”

“I wasn’t,” he said, turning the car around and heading for the docks.

“Why are we going back there?” asked Everett. “Do you really think Carter is going to let you rebuild? If we don’t leave now, we’re all dead.”

“I don’t need to rebuild. My empire is still there. I just need to seize it.”

“Well, I’m getting out of here.”

Donovan sped the car up, just before Everett could bail out.

“Carter will have men waiting for you, back home,” I told him. “You’re the only one outside of his sphere of influence that can produce product, so he’ll come for you, eventually.”

Everett backed down, his eyes falling to the floor. “Fuck…”

As soon as Donovan pulled up to the warehouse, I climbed out of the car and strode in like I owned the place, which I still did, as far as I was concerned.

Some of the guards, still wearing their blue and black armor, with faceless helmets, didn’t even move when they saw me, but several looked around in confusion, wondering what the hell to do.

Finally, one managed to grow enough balls to stop me and ask, “Ms. Jones, why are you here?”

“Because this is my territory,” I told him, without flinching.

I could read his shock and confusion, even from behind the mask.

“Congratulations!” I told the men gathering around me. “You’ve all just qualified for a raise. Everyone here is getting double pay.”

A couple of them clapped, but the man in front of me still didn’t budge.

“Carter will-”

“Is more money not enough to win you over?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to complain, but-”

“It seems like your friends are pretty excited.” I gestured towards the men high-fiving over their newfound wealth. Even some of the more hesitant ones were coming around. “If you decide to go running to Carter, you won’t just be ruining this opportunity for yourself; you’ll be taking money away from all the men working for me, all along the coast. They’ll be getting the same offer within the hour, and all those professional killers might be a little angry with you, if you run back to daddy and tattle on us.”

It took another moment, but he finally fell in line, just like the others.

“This is a great opportunity. Be happy,” I said, as I ran my hand across his chest plate and headed to my office.

Everett and Donovan followed me inside, and shut the door.

“Let’s talk business,” I said, not wanting to waste any time. “Before all of this happened, I was already working on a list of things we would need, in order to be independent from Carter. Obviously, current events will make things much harder, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.”

“What do we need?” Donovan asked me, without hesitation.

“Three things. First will be a way to launder money, preferably something tax free.”

“I might have an idea for that. What’s the next one?”

“We need to find a lab where Everett can start making product, again.”

“That won’t be too hard. I can start scouting some viable locations. After that?”

“The last major thing is distribution, both domestic and overseas. Hopefully we can bully the Chauffeur and some of her cohorts to fully defect, but the latter will be much harder. We’ll need someone with boats, and a lot of experience avoiding the coast guard. Do you know anyone?”

“Actually, I was involved in something like this, a few years ago, but all my contacts are based off the African coast,” he said. “I can at least get us a head start on the last two, while you worry about finding a place to launder the cash.”

“You said you had an idea, right?”

“Yeah, but you’re not going to like it.” Donovan took his phone out of his pocket, and pulled up a live stream of a Sunday morning sermon.


“Churches are tax free and the IRS actively avoids looking into their finances.”

“Absolutely not.”

We are so blessed,” said the reverend, beginning his bombastic speech. “Thank the lord that we can come here, today, and praise his holy name, Amen.”

“We already have a foot in the door.”

“Fuck you,” I told him.

“You can be mad at me for bringing it up, but we’re on a severe time crunch and this is our best option.”

I sighed, looking down at the screen, as I realized that he might be right.

Welcome to the American New Life Broadcast, where you can come to hear the words of God, his son, his holy ghost and, of course, the words of me, Reverend Sugar Jones. Let us begin.”

Chapter 1

“You can say that I’m crazy, if you’d like.”

“You’re fucking crazy,” I told Donovan, as I sat in the backseat of the limo. It was the second one we had stolen from Pacific Elite. “Do you know how long it’s been, since I’ve talked to my husband?”

“Does it matter? Marriages don’t expire.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Bailey, I’ve already started everything else on your list. If you can find a better option, go for it, but this is the best one I can see.”

“Fuck you.”

Donovan didn’t say anything more. He knew I didn’t have any good arguments against him. I just didn’t want to see Sugar again. That man was a big fat reminder of the person I used to be, and I can’t even describe just how much I hate that person.

I was suddenly broken from my stubborn sulking, when Donovan pulled the limo over, somewhere on the northern coast of San Muerte.

“Where are we?”

“Somewhere I go to relax.”

Donovan climbed out of the limo, and, for the first time ever, he didn’t get my door for me. I’m embarrassed to say how long I waited there, before finally getting out, all on my own.

He was sitting just a few yards from the water’s edge, on a wooden picnic table that was so dilapidated, I thought it would break at any moment. It was almost haunting, seeing him sit there, alone, on the rotting wood structure jutting out of the sand.

After the incident, I had seen his attitude change, just as mine had. Carter had hurt us both and it didn’t seem like our relationship would be returning to normal, any time soon.

“How’s your leg?” I asked Donovan.

“It’s fine. It was just a flesh wound, through and through.”

“You sure took it like a champ.”

“Well, it’s not the first time I’ve been shot.”

I paused for a second, thinking over that little tidbit of information. “Are we ever going to talk about what you used to do, before we met?”


I wanted to ask more, but I knew him well enough to know when he was done talking.

“It’s beautiful, out here.”

“I know.”

“Do you come here a lot?”

“Just when I’m stressed.”

That was the first time I’d ever pictured Donovan being affected by anything, and to be honest, it was a bit of a revelation.

“I can’t imagine you being stressed. You always seem so solid.”


“Yeah, like…” I struggled to find the words. “You’ve always been this strong and unchanging force. You’re my rock.”

“And you’re the crazy and impulsive woman, who constantly drags me into insane situations,” he said, completely serious. “And I love you for it.”

I leaned in and kissed him, softly, as the waves continued to crash around us.

“If I hadn’t met Carter and started all of this, do you think we still would have slept together?”

“Probably not,” he said, as flatly as always. “But I also wouldn’t have gotten shot.”

“Point taken.”

I put a hand on his thigh, but he suddenly jerked away.

“Sorry,” I said, having felt the bandage under his skin, as soon as my fingers touched him.

“It’s fine. It’s just a little sensitive.”

“Did you ever go to the hospital?”

“I can’t. They have to report gunshot wounds to the police.”

“Well, maybe we can find someone-”

“Let me worry about it,” he said, after shutting me up with a quick peck on the lips. “I’m supposed to be the paranoid one, remember?”

I chuckled and snuggled closer into his chest. As I did, Donovan put his arm around my shoulders, shielding me from the cold ocean spray.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said, suddenly turning somber. “I might need to go away for a while, to finish my projects.”

“Ok. It’s not like I can’t drive out to see you.”

“That probably wouldn’t be a good idea.”

I pulled away from him, suddenly realizing what he was saying. “You want to get away from me?”

“... In a sense.”


He waited for a long while, leaving the two of us sitting in silence until he finally managed to blurt out, “Because you’re going to get me killed.”

I stifled the urge to slap him, when I remembered the bullet that had passed through his leg.

“Bailey, I love you. Please don’t doubt that.”

“Then why do you need to get away from me? How am I not supposed to doubt you? Are you even going to miss me?”

“I’ll miss you like crazy,” he said, with conviction. “But the part of me that’s going to miss you is the part of me that misses Liberia.”

I looked down at the ground, suddenly feeling painfully sober and wishing I had a glass of wine.

“I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I know, but there really isn’t anything more upsetting then having someone call you the human equivalent of a third world country.”

“I’m sorry.”

I hugged him, nuzzling against him and enjoying the feeling of his rough skin passing against mine. “I’ll be ok. You should do what you need to do.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop saying that.” I climbed off the table and pulled him with me. “Well, if you’re heading out soon, then we should make our last few days together count, right?”

“I’m not going to be that far and you can always call.”

“Yeah, but you won’t be fucking me. That’s the only part of you that I care about,” I told him, smiling to cover the pain.

I don’t think he believed it for a second, but he played along, laughing as we headed back to the limo.

“What do you want to do?” he asked me.

“Well, since we’re not together, we should go somewhere totally unromantic and sexless, like a cemetery, or a vegan restaurant, or that creamery on Vine St. The one we used to drive past all the time, but never went in.”

“That’s not even a little romantic?”

“Of course not,” I told him. “It’s completely casual. Just a couple of drug lords going out for ice cream.”

Donovan burst out laughing, unable to contain it. “You’re crazy.”

“In the best way.”

Fifteen minutes later, the two of us were at the parlor, surrounded by soccer moms and teenagers.

“I feel a little out of place.”

“So, do I,” I said. “Do you think anyone here has ever bought from us?”


“Just look around.” I pointed to a very tense looking woman, wrangling six screaming ten year olds. “She looks like she needs a boost to get through the day.”

We both laughed. “Half of these business men walking past, the ones in the fancy suits, have probably bought our product.”

“And their wives.”

“You think so?”

“I spent a lot of time with other bored housewives. Trust me. I know them.”

Donovan smiled as he went back to eating his rocky road, happy to discuss our cocaine empire while sitting in an ice cream parlor. However, his tone soon turned somber, once again.

“You know that I love you, right?”

“Yeah,” I told him.

“I just think we’ll turn self-destructive, if we stay together. You always push me to-”

“I know. I’m pushy and crazy. I get it.”

“No, I don’t mean...… Well, you are, but I love that about you. It’s just that I eventually want a quiet life. That’s why I came back here and took an easy job as a driver.”

“And a spy.”

“I never actually told Sugar anything you did. I just-…”

I stood up from my seat, determined not to let him finish. “Do you want to go somewhere else?”


“How about the park?” I said, as he followed me out the door. “Or we could buy a car, just to roll it off a cliff. Or maybe buy a boat and go fishing. Or-”



“I’m still leaving.”

I suddenly lost my ability to speak, as another wave of anxiety hit me.

“I was planning on heading out, tomorrow morning.”

“That soon?”

“Well, we want to get the business up and running as soon as possible, right?” he asked me. “Plus, we both know that the longer I stay, the more likely you are to talk me out of it.”

I smiled, sadistically. “Maybe just another week?”

“Nice try.”

The two of us climbed into the limo, both having so much to say, but not enough nerve to say it.

“Hey, I took you to my secret place,” Donovan said, breaking the silence. “How about we go to yours. Is there somewhere you go, when you’re stressed? We can spend all day there.”


“Of course.”

“Then pull over.”

He did as I said, bringing the limo to a stop in the first empty spot he could find, right on the edge of the road.

“What is this place?” Donovan asked, looking out the windshield.

“It’s not out there. It’s back here.”

I tugged at his jacket, forcing him to awkwardly climb through the open partition and fall on top of me.

“What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to take you up on your offer.”

He looked around. “I don’t get it.”

“I never need to go anywhere, when I’m sad or lonely,” I said, wrapping my arms around him. “I just need a particular someone.”

Donovan smiled down at me and kissed me with more passion than he ever had, as his hand caressed my cheek.

“Have I ever told you that you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever met?”

I blushed, feeling both flattered and the need to make a confession to him. “Have I ever told you, that my life won’t ever be complete without you?”

As his eyes turned sullen, I realized my poor choice of words.

“I’m sorry,” he said, yet again.

“Don’t be. You should put yourself first,” I told him. “But tonight, you’re still mine.”

I pulled his gentle hand from my cheek, guiding it down to a more sensual place. I let out a tender cry, as his fingertips ran over my breast, giving me hopeless arousal, even with my dress’s fabric dividing us.

However, my cocktail dress gave little protection to my cunt, which was already beginning to drench the floor beneath me. The lonely lips of my pussy ached for his touch and begged to be spread open by something rough, long and thick.

Donovan didn’t need any more guidance. One of his hands willingly found its way between my legs, teasing the bare skin of my inner thigh.

His lips traveled further and further south, soon reaching the neckline of my dress, and despite what a cool and collected person Donovan was, I still saw his mouth start to water as he looked at my breasts, especially once my firm nipples began to poke through the material.

“Are you turned on, baby?” I sweetly asked, though I already knew the answer.

His mouth opened, as if he was about to say something, before a different idea crossed his mind.

Donovan didn’t bother answering my question. Instead, in a casual fashion, he unzipped his pants and simply let his thick cock lay across my stomach, fully erect and with precum dripping from its head.

“Is that you’re way of saying yes?”

“It’s my way of saying, shut up and take off your clothes.”

I sat there for a moment, completely stunned, but soon gladly followed his instructions.

Donovan did the same, taking off his jacket and shirt, and showing me that his chest had grown wet with the sweat that now glistened on his chest.

However, as he tried to take off his pants, he suddenly collapsed to the floor and cried out in pain.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” he said, obviously lying.

“Is it the bullet wound?”

He nodded.

I helped him lay down, flat on his back, and waited for the pain to subside. It was a bit strange, considering that we were both still naked, but I think that, more than anything, keeping one hand on my ass helped take his mind off the pain.

“Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, a lot,” he told me, giving my left cheek a hard squeeze.

“I can see that, you pervert.”

“Sorry, what was that? I’m delirious with pain, and have no idea what I’m doing.”

As he continued to feign misery, I failed to notice one of his fingers creeping along my backside, until it suddenly found its way inside my unstretched butthole.

“Oh, fuck,” I called out. “Do you try this with all of your girls?”

“Only if I know they’re into it. I’ve seen those two pronged dildos you leave lying around the car.”

As he spoke his last word, he pushed once again, fully embedding his finger inside me.

Before I could even cry out, Donovan had latched his mouth onto my breast, tugging on my nipple and roughly teasing it with his teeth.

All at once, I felt my entire body shake and a scream of pour ecstasy pour out of my mouth.

Unfortunately, Donovan had felt it, too, and as soon as he did I saw a smug grin consume his entire face.

“Did you just cum?”

“You caught me off guard,” I said, defensively. “It was a small one. I’ve had subwoofers make me cum harder than that.”

“You just came from a finger in your butt.”

“Shut up. You were touching me other places, too.”

“Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do now,” he said, still being a smug prick. “I’ll just have to fuck you in the ass.”

“You wish.”

“Hey, I’m not happy about it either, but I’ll be pounding you in the butt, for your benefit. You know, since you love it so much-”

He finally stopped talking, when my thumb pressed down on his wound.

“That hurt!”

“Well, I assumed you would like it, when I put a finger in that hole. After that through and through, you’ve got two new ones for me to try out.”

“If I can still pound your ass, it might be worth it.”

“You’re really lucky you’re cute,” I whispered to him, leaning down into his ear, after my legs straddled him.

Donovan’s hands moved up my stomach, as my entrance gently pressed against his cock.

I moaned in pleasure as I lowered myself onto him, feeling his thick head stretching me out. He slid inside my pussy with no resistance, aside from my natural tightness.

“I love you,” I heard Donovan say, just as I reached his base.

“I know you do,” I said, still terrified of seeing him leave.

However, I was also determined to enjoy our last night together, and the feeling of being penetrated by his full length, was too much to resist.

I started moving up and down, while his hands came up to my breasts. As I picked up speed, he grasped me harder and harder, twisting my nipples to the point where the pleasure and pain were just about equal.

I cried out, as the feeling of fucking him started to drive me towards my second orgasm. Donovan’s response was to grab my hips and force himself even deeper inside of me, and I could even feel him lifting his hips to push inside me, despite the pain in his leg.

“Fuck, you’re so thick it almost hurts to have you inside me.”

“No, you’re so tight it almost hurts to be inside you.”

“Are you almost there?”

“I will be, soon.”


I could feel myself building up, closer and closer and closer to an earth-shattering orgasm.

“I’m getting closer,” he told me. “Do you want it inside you?”

“Of course,” I told him, just holding myself back from the edge. “Oh, fuck. I can’t hold it.”

“I’m right behind you.”

“No, you’re there,” I told him, using one finger to exact sweet revenge.

“Fuck!” Donovan called out, pouring his cum inside my waiting cunt.

The warm and satisfying feeling of taking his cum amplified the orgasm I was already about to have, and I drenched his lap, just as he had done to my insides.

There was an odd moment of calm afterwards, where the two of us just sat there, looking at each other. However, this time I was the one wearing the smug grin.

“We will never mention this, again.”

“Maybe. We’ll see how I feel.”

I curled up next to him, not even caring about how stained and sticky the floor of the car was going to be, or that he was leaving.

When his arms were wrapped around me, I knew that I was ok. Nothing outside of that mattered.

“Seriously though, we’re never talking about that, again.”

“Seriously though, I’m not making any promises.”

“I hate you.”

I smiled and laid my head down on his chest. “I love you, too.”

Chapter 2

It had been a long time since I’d stepped foot in a church. That might seem strange, for a woman who was married to a reverend, but if you knew him, you would understand.

Pictures of him were plastered all over the seating room, outside his office, and they hadn’t been any less common as his secretary, a young and busty redhead, had guided me through the halls of his extravagant mega-church.

“Sugar will be so happy, when he finds out that you’re here, Ms. Jones. He talks about you all the time.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course!” she said, her oversized tits bouncing with glee. They were barely covered by the shirt she had chosen to wear to her job, which, I want to remind you again, was at a church.

“What exactly does my husband say about me?”

“He mostly just rants and raves about your charity work. I don’t know if they have television in South America, but he’s been telling us all about your mission to spread the gospel, down in Borneo, as well as leading prayers for your safety.”

I took a seat in the least uncomfortable chair I could find, and watched the bimbo wander off, into Sugar’s office. In the same moment, I also noticed a man sitting in the lobby, but he certainly hadn’t noticed me. He was far too busy staring at the secretary’s ass bounce up and down, in a pencil skirt that was two sizes too small.

It was only once she had left the room that the man looked up and realized that there was another person around.

“The least you could do is pay the girl, after the eye-banging you just gave her.”

He looked at me, completely in shock, but didn’t have time to actually respond, because as soon as Sugar burst into the room, every eye had to be on him.

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