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All I Want: An Action Figure

12 Days of Krismas 2017 - Book 1

by Kris P. Kreme

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All I Want: An Action Figure

12 Days of Krismas 2017 - Book 1

by Kris P. Kreme

It's time to answer the question of the season, what do you want? All I Want is a new series exploring a world where a new yearly comet has established all new traditions.

Wishing on the Santa Star as it's called may seem a harmless bit of holiday whimsy, but what if those wishes come true in spectacularly twisted ways?

Anna has been called to the Miller home to watch after Tommy as his parents are away at a dinner. Tommy is no child, just an eighteen year old like her, but one with a unique social disorder.

He's always been special, but has wishing on the Santa Star made Tommy special in all new perverse ways, ways the cute Anna can't escape from?

All I Want… An Action Figure

by Kris P. Kreme

The evening sky over the lake was both cloudless and moonless, further enhancing the spectacle that had become the talk of town lately. Although that wasn’t entirely true, Anna thought, walking up the long winding drive from where she’d parked her car. The truth was a lot grander. The Santa Star had become the talk of the country this year.

Everyone was fascinated by it, all her friends in school obsessing over how to get the best selfies with it for their senior yearbook appearances. It was a cosmic carnival everyone wanted to visually ride on for popularity and memories. But in truth, it was just a comet.

Anna felt the evening chill, realizing that maybe she should have asked an extra fifteen minutes to change and just bring what she was wearing to change into before leaving the Miller house. She’d always been there for them, there for Tommy. Tonight was no different, and luckily her boyfriend Justin understood.

The Millers had a tendency to call last minute for a sitter, though with a child her age who definitely didn’t need a sitter, tonight was understandable.

The Santa Star had been named by the scientists who first discovered it on such a close path to Earth. It was the first comet ever from a rarely even heard of galaxy, entering ours and establishing what looked to be a new orbit around the sun. It was fascinating for more reasons than Anna remembered reading about, but she knew as most did where the name came from.

For twenty-five days every December, at least for the foreseeable future, the Santa Star would be visible in the night sky, white gleaming trails streamed behind it. Parents had already taken to telling children that the Santa Star was in fact Santa making his magical trip around the globe, even if technically the Santa Star was only really visible to about half of the globe.

It lit up the night sky almost as much as crescent moon, and really was a somewhat magical looking sight to see, particularly as Anna walked down the lonely stone drive to the Miller home.

They’d always had a lot of money, nothing to frown at as a babysitter. Unfortunately Tommy wasn’t a baby, and the sitting was more like watching after him when his parents needed to be away.

“Heeeeey, there you are, Anna,” Ned Miller said, closing the trunk lid as his wife Sarah turned from the passenger side of their expensive sedan.

Anna waved. “Hi, sorry, walking up the drive in heels isn’t as easy once the sun has gone down.”

“Don’t you just look fetching in that?” Sarah said, walking up and smiling as the two parents stood at the back of their car.

“Too fetching for sitting, I really hope we didn’t ruin some fancy plans you had, Anna,” Ned said.

Anna shook her head, long silky light brown hair swaying against the teal blue of her fitted top. “Oh no, it’s okay, Justin said we can hit the party a little late tonight, won’t be a problem.”

The one thing Anna never worried about with the Millers was them thinking poorly of her, or making her uncomfortable. Ned Miller was a cool guy, not some pervert, and on nights like this she was especially thankful for that. With the chill in the air and her rush to get over here after they’d called, Anna had left a coat at home. The matching teal skirt she had on was just as fitted and above the knee, the top exposing an inch or so of midriff, which was chilling to say the least once the sun was gone.

“Well, it’s just so great of you to come on short notice tonight, Anna,” Sarah was saying. “I’m afraid Tommy has been just a bit more difficult lately, and you know how we worry about him.”

Anna nodded. Tommy Miller was definitely a handful, though he’d almost become like a friend to Anna over the past few years. He’d always been the quiet kid in school, alone, awkward since he rode the bus even as a senior. It wasn’t that Tommy was slow, or disabled in any fundamental way.

He was just different, and Anna liked to believe that being different didn’t make anyone less worthy of her time or her kindness. Maybe that was why he seemed to respond so much better when she was around.

“Is it the kids again?” Anna asked.

Ned frowned, nodded, then forced a smile as he looked over at his wife. “Kids being kids I guess, I know he’s the oldest on the bus, but they really are cruel sometimes with making fun of him.”

Anna nodded as Sarah spoke up. “Anyway, he’s inside waiting. He calmed down a lot after we told him you were coming by for a few hours. If it wasn’t for this important company dinner, we’d never have bothered you tonight.”

“It’s no bother,” Anna said, looking up at the Santa Star. “I mean how could it bother anyone to get such a beautiful view of the night sky, this month especially?”

They both looked up, nodded, and Ned walked around to the drive side of the car. “That is true, just thanks, Anna. You’re a real doll for doing this.”

Anna nodded. “I try my best, and I’m sure Tommy will be fine.”

Sarah walked over about to get in the car, Ned having closed his door behind him. She thought, then turned and held a more serious gaze. “Just keep an eye on Tommy and his toys. He’s been… well… I guess he’s been angry a lot lately. Seems to be taking the frustrations out on his toys.”

Anna nodded, pushed her length of hair back and smiled reassuringly. She then watched the Millers drive off down the winding stone drive towards the property gate where she had parked her own car.

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