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Written by: Jack Ryder

Smashwords Edition

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I knew it was a mistake when I agreed to keep an eye on my brother’s renegade step while he and his wife took a 2 week fall vacation. Kylie has been a promiscuous little slut as long as I remember which pretty much stretches all the way back to when Robert married Kylie’s mother Grace five years ago.

It was during the wedding reception that Kylie first exposed her tits to me and then dared me to show her the boner she created in my pants. “You know that you want to show me your filthy nasty dick,” Kylie had goaded me. “Maybe you’d even like to stick it in my pussy,” she had tempted me while she spread her legs to expose her pussy to me as well since she wasn’t wearing panties at the wedding.

THAT was five years ago when she was barely past puberty. Now that she is of legal age, there seems to be no boundaries to her promiscuous sexuality. Kylie seems to revel in being caught with a boys hand up her skirt or with his face between her tits. Kylie seems to delight in exposing as much of her body to me as she can get away with…even when her parents are at home.

And now, with the vacation plan arranged to last through the rest October, I fear that Kylie will have nothing holding her back to try any nasty sexual thing she may dream up. I could feel a knot growing in my stomach as I arrived at my brother’s gated condo half way up the canyon from Pineview Dam.


Kylie smiled broadly when she heard Jake’s Hummer pull into the driveway just outside. “Hurry up, baby…make that thing cum all over my tits,” Kylie instructed the young high schoolboy she’d brought home. Although the boy was not all that cute, he had a big dick and he loved to jack it off whenever Kylie asked him too.

“Make a good mess for me and I’ll suck you off after dinner,” she told Timmy. “OH FUCK YES….FUCK YES…FUCK YES,” Timmy cried out while his dick ejaculated three huge wads of semen all over Kylie’s upturned 36CC breasts just as Jake came in the front door. “Uncle, Jake…I didn’t expect you so soon,” Kylie faked a gasp while she used her hand to smear the semen all over her tits. “I’m sorry you had to see this,” she added while she dropped her hand so Jake could clearly see both tits and the huge mess of semen all over them.

Kylie smiled wickedly when she glanced down and saw the huge bulge in Jake’s 501 jeans. Kylie could feel her pussy filling with moisture as she imagined having that big hard cock stuffed in her pussy.

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