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A Christmas Surprise

by Anissa Palleson

Copyright 2017 by Anissa Palleson. All rights reserved.


Start of A Christmas Surprise

About Anissa Palleson

I couldn’t see any sign of a house or any other building when Nathan pulled off onto a dirt road, but I figured he knew where we were going. After all, we were heading to his parents' place.

But that wasn't where he stopped. Pulling instead into a small clearing beside a rocky stream, which was screened in on all sides by tall trees. He killed the engine and reached for me with a wicked grin. “Come here, baby.”

I hesitated. “Your parents are expecting us by dinner. Aren't they?”

“We have time. That’s nearly an hour from now and we’re maybe fifteen minutes away from their place. Besides, you seem a little jumpy, so I thought we should stop and do something that will help you relax.”

I knew exactly what he was referring to, but I wasn't so sure it would help. Not for long, anyway. And I didn't think it was so out of place for me to be nervous, since I was going to be meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time. We had been dating for four years, since our freshman year in college, and this felt like a major step, even though he hadn't actually said that it was one.

Without waiting for an answer, he removed his seatbelt and leaned over to kiss my neck. The jerk. He knew very well that was my weakness and I moaned as my pussy readied itself for him. “Do you have something?”


“No?” My eyes flew open and I stared at him, shocked. We had always used condoms for protection because during the brief time that I’d tried to be on the pill, I’d gotten so sick all the time that having sex was out of the question, which had pretty much defeated the purpose for taking it. “Why not?”

“My parents are both nosy and old-fashioned about sex before marriage. They’re pretty much guaranteed to give me hell if they find a used condom while we’re staying with them.”

He’d mentioned that before, but I hadn’t given it much thought in that way. “Then we can’t.”

“Come on, Tara? Pretty please?”

I was tempted. We always fucked several times a day, whenever we could sneak the time between classes and other activities and having been nearly a full twenty-four hours since I’d been able to feel him inside me meant that I was definitely craving his cock in the worst way.

But one of us had to be sensible. And since neither of us would be graduating for another semester, not to mention the need to find jobs after that, this definitely was not the right time to even think about getting my pregnant.

Or even taking the slightest risk of a pregnancy. “No.”


“That doesn’t mean there isn’t something else we could do.” Now I removed my seatbelt and leaned over to undo the fly on his jeans before pulling his magnificent cock through the opening on his boxers.

I pressed a kiss to the thick head, feeling the bead of his cum against my tongue and he jumped.

But he twined his fingers in my hair, keeping me from bending further to take him between my lips. “You know I know I love it when you do that. But I’d really rather be inside you right now.”

“It’s too dangerous. Let me suck you off instead.”

“That’s not as fun for you.”

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