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A Futa Demon in the Coed Dorms

by Aleia Thorn

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2017 Aleia Thorn

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

A Futa Demon in the Coed Dorms


Clamping down hard on the pleasantly large cock inside her, Alexis ground her hips and rode her fading orgasm as long as she could. It had been a good one—easy, quick and satisfying—the way they often were early in the morning.

She released her grip on Pete's shoulder with a barely audible purr. Her teeth would have left marks, but she didn't think she'd broken skin—she couldn't taste blood. He'd no doubt wear them as a badge of prowess, proof of his skill even if he'd had to do little but lie on his back and not ejaculate. Speaking of which... she gave the wriggling finger in her asshole a quick squeeze. He'd slipped it into her without being told. The boy was a quick study. But he hadn't quite mastered knowing when to take it back out.

As Pete's hand vacated her tingling bottom, Alexis slid down his hard, athletic body and took him in her mouth. A couple quick bobs of her head and it was done. He'd probably have rather cum across her tits or onto her face, but she didn't feel like the mess. Swallowing his salty load, Alexis slid back up next to him and turned so he could hug her from behind. Pete liked to cuddle, afterwards. It was kind of annoying, but cute enough that she'd give him a couple minutes.

Enough light was creeping through and under the curtains that she could make out the details of the room. Across in the other bed, Darby was lying rigidly on her back. Her eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. Oops. Alexis grinned guiltily. They must not have been as quiet as she'd thought. She'd have to beg forgiveness for that later—she'd promised her roommate they wouldn't have sex while she was in the room again. Alexis had meant it too. She'd just been inexplicably horny when she woke with the dawn and couldn't resist straddling the sleeping hunk beside her.

Hmmm... there was something awkward about the way Darby was lying. The girl's cheeks seemed flushed. Had she been masturbating? She had, hadn't she? She'd been touching herself listening to them fuck! Alexis smiled. There'd been no need for that. The cute little brunette knew she had a standing invitation to join them in bed anytime she wanted to. Alexis had mostly made the offer to see how red the shy virgin would blush, but she'd been serious enough. She doubted Pete would complain either. Darby had gone a truly satisfying shade of crimson—possibly her best color yet, Alexis had been keeping track. Teasing her roommate had been entertaining her since the very first day when Darby had knocked on the door and timidly asked if she could come in. The question had been ridiculous—it was her room too, but it had been such a Darby thing to do.

OK, enough dozing! Alexis wriggled out of her lover's embrace and leaped out of bed. She rose up on tiptoes and stretched her arms high above her diminutive frame, her back arching to display her disproportionately large and perky bosom. The tiny silver crucifix she wore on a chain around her neck, slipped into her expansive cleavage. Darby closed her eyes, but Alexis could sense Pete craning his neck for a better look. Hmmm... was lover the right word? It seemed so old fashioned. Boyfriend? He might use that one, but Alexis shied away from it. Fuck buddy was better... seemed a little casual though...

Shrugging, she tugged on the jeans Pete had enthusiastically torn off her last night. Without panties, the rough denim chafed a little, but she wasn't going far. But she certainly wasn't going outside her wards without protection, not even just on a quick trip down the hall to the showers. Nestled in her pockets—she always bought men's pants for the storage space—were the reassuring bulk of her switchblade and a little smoky bottle. Neither might be of much use in a real confrontation, but they could buy her time, time to get back to the relative safety of the room. But then, she wasn't really expecting trouble to come calling. If it was looking for her, it hadn't found her yet. Still, it was always best to be prepared. She didn't want to end up like her mother.

"I'm going for a shower," she announced, grabbing a towel and a bottle of shampoo from her closet.

Pete grunted and rolled over, already falling back asleep. Alexis grimaced—Darby was going to love that. Still, he'd have to get up soon—his first class started early. Her roommate gave her a strained smile, but said nothing.

"Sorry!" Alexis mouthed, wrapping the towel around her shoulder. Darby gave her a look. The shy brunette had been a surprisingly good sport about Alexis bringing boys back to their room, but this might have gone a step too far. "I'll make it up to you," she mouthed silently as she slipped from the room.

At this time in the morning the dorm was quiet, seemingly deserted. Most of the residents would still be asleep. Those with early classes might be getting up soon, but no one else was yet walking halls.

Good. Alexis liked it quiet. The rush and bustle of crowds made her uneasy. It was too hard to keep an eye on everyone. Anyone might get close without being spotted. Anyone who was anything.

Still, she could hear the sound of falling water as she turned into the communal showers. Someone else was up. Subconsciously, she patted the bottle in her pocket seeking reassurance it was there.

Hmmm... Alexis frowned. All the cubicle doors were open. She knew some of the boys had got excited when they first found out that the showers in the dorm were coed. But they'd soon found out that all that meant was longer waiting lines. The room might be communal, but each shower was closed off in its own private cubicle. Each even had a little dry space to change and hang clothes. You could come and go completely dressed, if you wished to. Other than her jeans, Alexis couldn't see the point in that. A towel was enough protection for what little remained of her modesty.

She walked cautiously down the row of cubicles, her bare feet silent on the tile. Only one shower was on, she could tell that by the sound. But she could hear something else too—soft, feminine moans.

Curious, she peered into the occupied cubicle. Both the door and curtain to the shower itself were wide open. Tammy, a tall, flat-chested redhead from the other end of the hall, was standing naked under the falling water, letting it splash against her face. Three fingers were plunging in and out of her scarlet bush, slamming into a pussy wet from more than the shower. Two fingers of her other hand had pressed between her pale creamy buttocks, buried to the knuckle and wriggling in her winking asshole.

Alexis pulled her head back, her eyes going wide. She'd never pictured Tammy as the exhibitionist type, but why else would she have left the door open. It was hard to resist the urge to whistle. But the redhead had picked a quiet time for it. Perhaps she only got off on the risk of being caught...

Shaking her head, Alexis stole into another cubicle, locking the door behind her. Each to her own. Whatever floated Tammy's boat... She hung up her towel and turned on the shower to get warm as tugged her jeans off. She was about to pull back the curtain and step under the hot water when she paused. She really wouldn't have pegged Tammy as the masturbate in public type, especially in such a rough and graphic fashion. And while you never could judge a book by its cover...

Despite the steam from the shower, Alexis felt a little shiver run down her spine. She was probably being paranoid again, but it was possible. She clutched at the little crucifix between her heavy, bare breasts. It wasn't very reassuring—she had no idea if it would even work. She turned back and removed the little bottle from her jeans. She placed it carefully on the bench before heading into the shower.

She didn't pull the curtain fully across as she washed her hair and scrubbed down her body. She felt better being able to see both the door and the little bottle on the bench . She was being silly. In ten years, none of her suspicions had ever been right. But—just in case—she wanted her holy water close to hand.


Alexis only been eight when the incubus had torn her family apart, far too young to understand what was happening. Her father had done her best to shield her. Her mother had too—while she was still her mother, before it was too late. All she'd known at the time was something terrible had happened and that Mommy was gone. Not dead. Just gone.

She'd pieced it together as she grew older. Some of it from her own vague, disturbing memories. Some of it from the strands of gossip and rumor that she no doubt wasn't supposed to overhear. Some came from troubling explorations into the darker corners of the internet. And in the end, her father had confirmed it—confirmed it and made her promise to do nothing, to pretend it never happened.

To the people of the small town she'd grown up in, the story was a lurid scandal. Her mother had had some sort of breakdown. Seemingly overnight, she'd turned from a young, beautiful, respectable, churchgoing housewife into a depraved, shameless whore. They whispered about her many lovers, about the gangbang in the church parking lot, about how she'd walked naked down the high street slathered head to toe in cum. And then one day, she'd simply left, abandoning her cuckolded husband and young daughter. Of course, some stories had to be exaggerations, amplified by hearsay and a desire to sensationalize. Some of them.

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