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Mother Loving

Four Stories in One Compilation

Volume 4

By Diana St. James

Smashwords Edition

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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and characters are used in a fictitious manner and should not be construed as true events. It is intended for adults only and contains sexually explicit content. All sexually active characters are eighteen or older and consenting.

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The Twelve Labors of Manhood: Taboo Love

Family Breeding: Taboo Sex Series

Obeying the Cult: Taboo Mother Love

Mother’s Split Personality: Taboo Sex Series



The Twelve Labors of Manhood

“I thought your eighteenth birthday would never come,” Mom said when I came downstairs for breakfast. She rubbed her hands and smiled.

“Jeez. You’re more excited about it than I am.”

“Well, it’s time for you to take the tests that make you a man,” she said. “Pretty much every mother looks forward to taking part in that process with her son.”

“Um, what?”

Mom smiled and patted the chair next to her.

“I’ll explain over breakfast. I have blueberry pancakes, so eat up. You have a long day ahead of you if you want to get started.”

I sat down and stared at her in puzzlement. No one had ever mentioned taking any kind of tests to become a man, but then again, being home schooled since the sixth grade caused me to miss out on a lot of “street” knowledge that others picked up along the way.

For example, I knew nothing at all about sex. I knew that I was horny all the time, but Mom never let me watch any television shows or movies that were remotely sexual in nature. Without access to the internet, I had to imagine what sex was like and how it was done.

The only female I’ve seen in person who wasn’t bundled up against the cold Alaskan weather is my mother. She tends to keep the heat in the house turned up to eighty degrees, which allows her to prance around in a tee shirt and shorts all year. While this has given me some outlet for my sexual frustrations, it certainly isn’t ideal.

For some reason, Mom never married or dated since divorcing my father ten years ago, despite being very attractive and personable. The fact that she reacted defensively whenever I inquired as to her romantic past led me to believe she had one or two bad experiences with men and swore off dating as a result.

She also preferred to live in a very small town north of Anchorage that has a grand total of fifty people. Why anyone would want to live in such a desolate area on purpose is beyond me. She makes a living as a website designer and thus can work wherever she wants, but chooses to live where the brief summer is followed by a long and brutal winter that routinely dumps several feet of snow on our house and ushers in temperatures of minus twenty degrees or colder. Sometimes we don’t leave our property for weeks on end.

Since turning sixteen, I noticed a change in Mom’s behavior towards me. In light of recent events, the change is starker than I realized at the time, but it was still noticeable. She started looking at me differently and talking to me as if I were her equal rather than her son.

As I alluded to earlier, her dress code changed as well. Sweaters and jeans gave way to shorts and tank tops, even on the coldest of days. A month before my eighteenth birthday, she began sitting next to me on the couch instead of in her recliner, sometimes putting her bare legs on my lap.

It was puzzling to me, but there was no one to talk to about it, so I merely accepted her behavior as a normal part of the evolution of mother-son relationships.

Not that I minded. Mom is a beautiful woman, with long, dark hair, a porcelain face, curvy body, long legs, and smooth, white skin. Any man would be delighted to get her into bed, I’m sure. So although it felt strange for my mother to begin acting like a close friend, her behavior wasn’t off-putting or uncomfortable.

Until my birthday, that is. Mom put a large plate of pancakes in front of me and sat down.

“Basically, every boy who turns eighteen goes through a series of tests to prove that he is a man and ready to go out in the world. Most people call them the Twelve Labors of Manhood.”

“That’s crazy,” I said. “How come I’ve never heard of such a thing?”

“Well, only guys who turn eighteen are told about it. Before that age, they are too young to handle even the thought of doing these tests.”

I was still skeptical, but decided not to question her, since my curiosity of what these tests entailed got the better of me. “So what are these tests?”

Mom cleared her throat and looked at the table. “They’re, uh, sexual in nature.”


“Yes. They are tests to see if you can satisfy a woman sexually. That way you know if you’re ready to get married and start a family.”

“Holy smokes! Do all guys take those tests?”

“No. Ever hear of the phrase ‘mama’s boy?’ This is where that phrase comes from. If a guy refuses to take the tests, it means he has no interest in getting married and prefers to live with his mother for the rest of his life.”

“Hmm. I have heard of that before. I guess that makes sense.”

“You don’t have to, either. I would never force you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with. I just thought it would be a good way to bond with you before you earn your high school diploma next month.”

“Okay, well, it sounds weird but I’ll go along with it.”

“Great!” Mom stood and clapped her hands. “I’ll go upstairs and get ready while you finish your breakfast. Come up to my room when you’re done.”

I watched her go, confused as to why she had to get ready. My curiosity got the better of me, however, so I quickly ate my pancakes and scurried up the stairs.

I received the shock of my life when, upon opening her closed bedroom door, Mom was lying on her bed wearing only a white bra and panties. She smiled and rubbed the covers next to her.

“Sit right here,” she said. “This won’t hurt a bit. You look like you’re in shock or something.”

“You just surprised me, that’s all,” I said, walking hesitantly towards her.

“Remember, you can stop and leave any time, so don’t feel like you’re under any kind of pressure. We can either pick up where we left off another day or not do it at all.”


“So here’s the list of Labors,” Mom said, picking up a sheet of paper from near her pillow. “Are you ready? The first one says, ‘Induce orgasm using fingers only.’ Do you know what that means?”

“Not really.”

“It means that you basically put your fingers in my vagina and move them around until I have an orgasm. Does that sound like something you would be willing to do?”

I looked at her panties for a moment and considered. All those long nights of yearning for sex even though I didn’t know what sex was came back to me. At that moment, I wanted to learn about sex in a bad way. Sure, it was my mother, but if every guy learned it that way, who was I to poop on tradition?

“Sure. That’s fine,” I said, nodding.

“Okay, then,” Mom said with a smile. She lifted her buttocks off the bed and slipped off her panties to reveal a pretty little vagina shaved of all hair. “Just lie down next to me and start whenever you’re ready. I’ll just close my eyes and give you time.”


I put my head near her chest and rested my arm on one of her legs. Suddenly in my mind her body became a sexual toy rather than the motherly body of a relative. With my curiosity and lust at its peak, I extended my pointer finger and moved it towards her quivering pubic mound.

To my surprise, the area just beneath the lips was wet to the point of almost dripping. My entire hand was instantly covered in her juices as I moved my finger into her body.

Mom squirmed for a moment but said nothing. Gaining courage, I began moving my finger in and out rhythmically, watching Mom’s expression for any signs of discomfort or pleasure. Fortunately, nothing but pleasure registered on that pretty face of hers.

After a few minutes of moving my hand and studying her breasts up close through the thin confines of her bra, I backed my arm up enough to insert two fingers. I hooked them and moved around, causing Mom to squirm and arch her back.

Her insides were warm, smooth, and wet, unlike anything I ever experienced. As I fingered her, I wondered what it would be like to feel her insides against the skin of my penis. Little did I know that my questions would be answered before the day was over.

After a few more minutes of plunging my fingers in and out of her, it was apparent that I would be there a while if I didn’t change things up. Although she was sighing and making weird faces, there was no indication that an orgasm was coming in the near future.

So I began experimenting. First I inserted a third finger and reamed her out for a while. Then I began moving them around inside her, looking for someplace that made her squirm even more. Finally I withdrew and began rubbing the upper part of her vagina, just above the opening.

This had the greatest effect. Suddenly Mom’s back arched dramatically and a loud moan issued from her lips. Apparently I was rubbing up against something that made her toes curl.

All I could feel was a small nub just above her vaginal opening, but as I massaged it, juices flowed freely out of her body and onto the bedspread. As I watched in amazement, a sudden burst of liquid squirted onto her legs and Mom nearly screamed in ecstasy. The hand that was closest to me grabbed my arm and squeezed as her body went rigid.

After what seemed like several minutes, she gradually relaxed as my movements slowed to a stop. Then she lay there breathing hard for a while as I stared at her body from inches away.

“Well, Peter, you certainly passed the first Labor,” she gasped with a smile. “That was amazing.”

“Yeah, it was pretty neat,” I said, knowing that the image of her writhing around would be played over and over again in my head.

“I need to rest and recover for a minute. That hasn’t happened to me in many years.”


We lay for a while, Mom with her eyes closed and me ogling her breasts and noting how painful my erection was at that moment.

Finally she stirred and grabbed the sheet of paper once again. “Whew. Okay. This one is a bit more personal. It says, ‘Induce orgasm using mouth only.’ Are you up for that?”

I looked at her dripping vagina and wondered if it tasted as strong as it smelled.

“I guess I’ll try.”

“Don’t worry if you can’t do it,” Mom said, patting my back. “But give it a try, anyway. You might like it.”

She spread her legs wide to give me room to lie between them. The pink flesh was showing through the vaginal lips as I lowered my head to lick her. When my tongue penetrated inside, there was an immediate sour taste that made me want to back away. However, when I looked up past her belly, I noticed that Mom had removed her bra and was now stark naked. Her bare breasts stood up from her chest like majestic mountains, beckoning me to reach up and squeeze them with both hands. I didn’t quite have the gumption to do that, but the sight was enough to keep my head where it was and just deal with the smell and taste.

Remembering what it took to give her an orgasm the last time, I focused my tongue and teeth on the little nub outside her vagina rather than plunging my tongue into the hole after the initial exploration. Again I was rewarded with Mom’s arching back and repeated moans.

She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me into her, making it difficult to breathe. Every so often I fought against her and backed away enough to take a quick breath before getting jammed against her again.

Apparently Mom is an orgasmic woman, making my tests quite easy. Within a few minutes she was writhing around on the bed in front of me and quivering like crazy. When she began screaming I knew that the second Labor was a success and was already looking forward to the third.

“Wow, Peter,” Mom said, shaking her head in wonderment. “If I didn’t know any better, I would think you’ve been doing this for years.”

“Really? That’s cool.” I felt proud of myself in a perverted sort of way.

“Ready for the next one? Maybe we’ll take a break after this. Let’s see. This is an easy one, since there’s no way to fail it unless you don’t want to do it. It’s just a way to get to know the female body. It says, ‘Lick entire female body using a full thirty minutes.’ I guess you are supposed to take that long so you aren’t rushed.”

“Okay, that sounds easy enough,” I said, my mouth already watering at the thought of licking her breasts.

At her suggestion, I started at her feet and worked my way upwards. I realized then that she prepared herself by thoroughly washing every part of her body, since everywhere I licked was clean and fresh.

I spent about ten minutes on her feet alone, discovering with some surprise that I have some kind of foot fetish. Mom squirmed as I licked and sucked each toe repeatedly before putting her whole foot in my mouth. Finally she laughed and told me to start moving towards her legs before I ran out of time.

With my gaze fixed firmly on her chest, I made my slow way to her ankles, shins, knees, and thighs. She spread her legs so I could lick her inner thighs before rolling over and allowing me to lick her buttocks inside and out. She generously lifted herself off the bed and spread her butt cheeks so I could lick the exposed anus for a few minutes, much to my delight. It was one of the sexiest things I could have imagined.

When she rolled back over, I lightly skimmed over her belly before reaching her chest. Smacking my lips hungrily, I opened wide and touched my tongue to the nearest nipple, moving it all around until it stood out like a hard cherry. Then I took the entire breast in my mouth and sucked on it while she squirmed below me.

Much of the remaining time was spent sucking on both breasts until they were red and raw. Mom didn’t complain, though. She only noted that there was five minutes left to lick her neck and face, but I got done with those in less than two minutes. Then I went back to her breasts for a few final sucks as my penis throbbed inside my pants.

“Excellent, Peter,” Mom said with a smile. “These tests aren’t graded, but if they were you’d be getting an A on all of them right now.”

“Thanks. I’m kind of enjoying this.”

“Do you want to take a break?”

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