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A Sweet Deal with the Monster in the Attic

By June Perrik

A Sweet Deal with the Monster in the Attic

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The day had been exhausting! Surrounded by boxes full of belongings yet-to-be sorted, Sophie desperately needed a rest from the grunt work.

Moving without hiring any help had seemed a not so great, but manageable idea. All went downhill as her few friends in town deserted her at the last minute. So much for friends, I suppose. Nonetheless, the very reason for her hasty relocation had been her boyfriend dumping her. To top the cake with a cherry, as soon as his self-righteous discourse had been over and before the news ever had the opportunity to sink in, the door lock clicked open and a bombshell waltzed in.

“—Oh, I thought you had already left by now!”

Sophie would have believed the surprised tone, if not for the twitch on that girl’s left cheek. She was so holding her smirk in.

Do I know you?” Sophie faked back.

Although that smug face was familiar, did it even matter now?

Sophie left that room before the girl ever had a chance to reply back, crammed her bag with as many clothes as possible and found a cheap motel nearby to sleep her sorrows away. By the next day, she had already found herself a new place to rent, a tiny house with a miraculously affordable price. As far as it seemed a turn of fate (maybe some Karma compensation for all the other crap), she was still wary of some gotcha she'd catch only when it became too late to turn back.

Afterward, once she returned to her— no, to that jerk’s home, all her stuff had already been helpfully stored inside carton boxes. There was no one in sight. Good. She peeked inside with a raised eyebrow, but fortunately, there were no ‘traps’ – no dead rats or whatsoever. At least they still had some decency left. But of course, everything had been thrown in carelessly and now was a mess. . . . As was her life.

Back from her reminiscence, Sophie stretched her arms up and slowly. She kneaded her tired shoulders. It had been a lot of weight lifting in a single day for her very couch-potatoed body. She was in desperate need of a massage. Her boy—her ex-boyfriend, Alan, had always been great at it, but he was no longer available.

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