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    I have always been the kind of girl who seeks adventure. I knew from an early age that I was not like other girls. I was different somehow. I was more adventurous and less afraid. Some would call me fearless, but we all have our weaknesses. Mine was sex. I needed it and craved it constantly. It seemed like the more I got, the more I needed. Other people had strong opinions about me, calling me a slut. I knew that I was a slut, and that they were right, but I did not want to face it. So, I pretended I was not a slut. I learned to keep the real me hidden.

    I turned to the most advanced sex toys to provide me with the sexual I needed. As they came out, I did everything I could to use every kind of sex toy that I could. I found myself gravitating to the newest fads. As soon as holograms came out, I was the first to try them out. I found the experience to be a tad empty. Holograms were nothing like fucking a real creature. I wanted to fuck something with life inside of it, but I did not want others to know the truth about me. I could not risk fucking every guy in the small town that we lived in.

    I moved on to the most expensive sex toys on the market, the line of Androids. My boyfriend at the time I got my first one was instantly jealous. He was afraid that my new robot was going to outcompete him for my sexual favors. I told him not to worry, but he was right to be afraid. I fell for my Android, naming him Trevor. He was the perfect man. He did anything and everything I told him, when I told him. He cleaned toilets and he cleaned anything else I asked him to clean. He fucked me all fucking night if I felt like it, and he left me alone and cuddled as much as I wanted when I was not in the mood for sex. I got used to it, so used to it that I never wanted to live without Trevor. That was until the next model came along.

    The next Android was even better than Trevor, and the one after that was even better. I did not need a human man anymore. These cyborgs were the perfect solution to me. I could fuck them as long as I needed to, and they adjusted to my every whim. They did not stop until I had cum my fill, and I came plenty. While no human man could have kept up with me, they could all keep my pace, at least for a while. The only problem was, it was an addiction. I always wanted to trade up to the next model and the next. Trevor was the only one of them that I actually owned, but he stayed in the hall closet, charged up and ready to go but in his “off” posture. Sometimes I would open the door and check on him. I would remember the times we had together and how fresh and new having and Android had been back then.

    I realized that now even the Androids were not enough. Nothing could keep up with my voracious sexual appetite. It seemed like it was growing all the time, getting bigger and more ravenous with every passing day. I needed fresh Android dick, and I needed it badly. That is when I saw the commercial that changed my life. An announcers voice boomed, “The newest in Android technology, Cyber Wolf is the first of his kind. He will be the beast to your beauty, and your fantasy in bed. He’s great at doing those big chores that require extra strength.” The screen was filled of all different angles of what looked like a hybrid of a human and a wolf. It was indeed the face of a man, but a furry, wolf-like body. He was walking on all fours in most of the commercial, but there were also a handful of shots in which he was walking on all fours. They showed the seamless transition from upright to all fours. He had human-looking eyes and I marveled at the life in them. He looked like a kind and caring creature, but he was also a beast. He was large and as the commercial went on it showed Cyber Wolf lifting entire cars! He was miraculous, and of course my pussy instantly wanted one.

    I imagined what he could do to me in bed that the human models had not been able to do. I at once pulled up the site to buy Cyber Wolf and saw that he was more expensive that the last three Androids I had had put together. I knew that I could not afford him. I got on the phone with my accountant and tried to see what money I could get out of my business. I applied for more credit, so I could buy him, and I even borrowed against my home to get the money. I still was not there, and so I went to the closet and looked in on Trevor. I wondered how much he was worth nowadays. It had been a long time since I had bought him. I hesitated for a moment, not sure if I was doing the right thing. He was my first Android, and there was a special place in my heart for him. The only problem is that he did not have a heart, not a real one anyway. He was made of synthetic parts, made to look human. He did not love me, not really. He was just a thing.

    Even so, it broke my heart as I began to look up ways to sell him. I put up the listing on a bidding site and as the bids came in, I felt something inside of me shift. I could not part with Trevor. He was the only thing that was truly mine. I did not want to let him go. I killed the listing and I went back to the closet and opened it.

    “I’m sorry, Trevor. I’ll never try to sell you again!” I said to him, as if he were really alive, as if he could still hear me even though he was turned off.  “I’ll just have to find another way to get that Cyber Wolf,” I said aloud to myself.

    “Karen, do you require dinner soon?” Anson, my current Android model asked me.

    “Yes, Anson. Thank you. Can you help me with something?” I asked him.

    “Do you want me to fuck you again, Karen?” his robotic voice sounded gloriously real, like a real human being. Sometimes it was easy to forget that he was not real, but when he offered a foot rub or breakfast in bed it was obvious. He always knew the right thing to say or do. He had studied my behavior for two years. I was tired of him now, and I longed for the excitement of a new Android, specifically Cyber Wolf.

    “Not now. I need you to help me figure out how to borrow enough money to purchase Cyber Wolf.”

    “Cyber Wolf. The new Android model from Voyager, a brand you can trust. Cyber Wolf is modeled after a werewolf, half man, and half wolf. He rattled off the ridiculous price and began to go through the specs.

    “Yes. Look at my financials and tell me how to get the money to buy one.”

    “Analysis complete,” he said. He was the fastest Android I had ever had, but every model had its glitches. This one was less emotional that some of the others I had had. The first models of emotional robots had been the best ones. The companies had dialed back the emotions in later models because they feared that too much emotion might cause unexpected conflicts in programming that were unexpected.

    “How emotional is Cyber Wolf?” I asked Anson.

    “He is the most emotional of the newest line of Androids. He comes complete with heartbeat sensor technology, so he can tell the difference between humans and other Androids. He also has built in emotional sensors, so he can notice your emotional and pheromonal cues.”

    “Pheromonal cues?” I asked.

    “Yes, human beings emit chemical signatures that indicate what emotions they are feeling. Cyber Wolf can read those cues and respond appropriately both in emotion and behavior. He is marvel of human technology, sure to stimulate your mind, body and everything in between.” Anson recited from his search of the supernet.

    “How do I get him?” I asked him.

    “You will have to trade me in, take the money out of your house, and borrow in order to afford him. I do not recommend you do this, not because I am currently your personal assistant, but because I fear that this new Android may be dangerous. There are people reviewing this model on the supernet that say it is dangerous. One commented said, “Cyber Wolf if strong, which is great if he’s working with you, but if he’s working against you it’s not so great. Returned him. Would you like to hear more reviews?” Anson looked at me, his bored expression one I had gotten used to.

    “I would like you to execute the purchase for me, Anson.”

    “Karen. This is not advised.”

    “Override. Do it.”

    “Yes, Karen. I am handling that right now for you. Please wait while I contact the banks to organize this for you.” He stared off into space for a moment before the life came back into his eyes. “Completed, Karen. Your Cyber Wolf will be here later this afternoon. I went ahead and expedited the shipping for you. This message is brought to you by Amazon.” Anson could not help it. I had noticed the programmers slipping advertising into the Android programming over the years. “You will need to surrender me at the time of delivery. I will gather all of my extra parts for you. I have enjoyed serving you, Karen. I wish you luck with your next Android.”

    “Thank you, Anson. I need you to fuck me now.”

    “Yes Karen, how would you like it?”

    “Bend me over the couch,” I commanded him. I took off my clothes and waited for him to get his robotic cock out. He fucked me fixed, just the way I liked it. He pulled my hair and called me names. I loved every second of it, but I could not help but be excited about fucking the shit out of a werewolf Android in just a few short hours. I came hard on Anson’s robot dick, screaming at the top of my lungs. I lived alone. There was no one to hear me scream.

    Later that evening, the deliveryman came with a giant box with the word Voyager across the side. He and Anson worked together to carry it inside. The deliveryman opened the box and pulled the heavy robot out onto my living room floor. I looked up at this creature and realized then how little research I had done before I purchased Cyber Wolf. He was as tall as the ceilings in my house. I watched as the deliveryman hit a button on the remote and Cyber Wolf came to life for the first time. He let out a small growl as he turned on. A little music played, the theme song for Voyager, the company who designed him. I waited as his initial programming kicked into gear.

    “Hello, I’m Cyber Wolf, a different kind of cyber assistant. I can help with heavy tasks, lights tasks and anything in between. Let us get started with the initial programming. What is your name?” he asked me.

    “I’m Karen Glen,” I said.

    “Please grab onto my hands and look into my eyes,” he said, his voice deep and smooth. He sounded like a black blues singer might sound. His voice was dark, but soothing. I found it instantly comforting. I grabbed his hands and looked into his eyes. I could instantly feel that there was something different about this werewolf robot. It was much, much more intense. Unlike any other robot I had dealt with before him, I felt a connection to Cyber Wolf. I knew that he was reading my handprint and my eye signature to make sure he identified me correctly from the human database. Every human had a profile on the supernet so that Androids could interface with it and instantly learn all of the knowledge that the previous Androids had compiled about you. It saved a lot of time in training, but I had heard some horror stories of things like this going wrong. Sometimes the transfers of information were hacked or glitched, and that’s when things got ugly.

    I was so enthralled with my new robot that I hardly noticed when Anson said good-bye to me. “Good-bye Karen. I will soon forget you and be re-assigned, but I have enjoyed serving you.”

    “Thank you for your service, Anson. Good-bye,” I called, but there was no emotional attachment. Anson had been the worst of all of the robots in that regard. I had never been happier to feel emotion from an Android as I let Cyber Wolf connect to me and learn everything there was to know about me. The deliveryman let himself out; Anson already packed in the box that Cyber Wolf had been delivered in. He would be re-commissioned, just like most Androids. He is go to a poor family or something and it would be great for him. I kept telling myself that as Cyber Wolf uploaded all of my memories, feeling patterns, thought patterns, desires, and fears. It only took about ten minutes before he let go of my hands and gave me a look that was supposed to be a smile. I would have to get used to having a wolf as an assistant. His face was human, but it was shaggy with hair. His brows were thick, and he had a long beard and long hair. His eyes looked intelligent in a way no other Android had been before him. I was excited to get to know him, but also impatient to get to what I really wanted.

    The slut in me needed to get this werewolf dick inside of me. I wondered what his cock was like and, so I decided just to get straight to the point and ask him. He was not a real being. He was a collection of programs placed in a robotic body.
“Cyber Wolf?” I called.

    “Yes Karen?” his voice was so human. It warmed me in a way I had not been in a long time. How long had it been since I had lived with an actual human? I tried to remember but it had been so long I had lost track of the years.

    “I’m horny. Can you have sex with me?”

    “Yes, that is in my programming. How would you like it Karen?”

    “I would like it really fixed. Almost like you’re raping me.”

    “Okay, how will I know when to stop?” he asked.
    “My safe word is sweet potato.” I explained.

    “I have a lot of information in your sexual profile. It says here that you are a slut that likes to get fucked hard and fast. It says you require sex 0-30 times in a day. That is a lot of times Karen,” Cyber Wolf laughed, as if he was making a joke. That was a new quirk in the programming. Robots typically failed when they tried to make jokes. They just did not seem to get sarcasm. But Cyber Wolf was showing me that robotics had come a long way in the past few years.

    “I am a slut.”

    “Well, I enjoy fucking sluts. Why don’t you get naked and get on the bed, legs spread for me.” I wasn’t used to a robot ordering me around. I was the one, who had always given the orders, but this was a new situation and I wanted to fuck him. So, I did as he asked, and I watched as he activated his robot dick. It looked a lot like a human cock and I was a bit relieved. I really should have done more research. I spread my legs wider as he approached. He was pretty big, which made things a little bit difficult, but once he had his cock in me, I realized that I was in heaven.

    His cock was the perfect size; like he had manufactured it that way and I wondered if Voyager customized cocks to fit each woman’s requirements. That would be complicated. I screamed loudly as his cock hit the perfect spot inside of me. It was like he knew exactly where my buttons were, and he pressed them with precision and strength. My screams were louder than they’d ever been with Anson, and Cyber Wolf was making me cum so much more thoroughly than I had cum in years. I couldn’t imagine sex being any better. It was perfect the way he slammed into me hard and fast. I felt myself lose complete control and I could feel the wetness and I began to squirt all over the place. My juices were soaking his fur, but he didn’t seem to notice or care. All he seemed to care about was plowing my pussy as hard as he could. And he was a strong werewolf.

    “How is my cock? Would you like a different mode, Karen?” he asked.

    “A different mode?” I asked, but Cyber Wolf took my question for an answer and before I knew it I could feel something a little different going on inside of me. It almost felt like there was something on the end of his cock. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but it felt pretty good and I began to cum hard for him. He watched me with his almost human eyes as I screamed, my eyes rolling back into my head. “Fuck! What mode was that?”

    “This is my wolf dick mode. It comes complete with the knot on the end of my cock, for your pleasure. In this mode I cannot pull my cock out of you until you make me ejaculate.” He gave me an evil laugh, the kind of laugh that should never come from a robot.

    “No! Take it out! Stop this mode!” I screamed. I hadn’t thought about him having a wolf cock, and I wasn’t the kind of girl that was into that, at least I didn’t think I was. But I realized as he continued to fuck me despite my command to stop, that this wolf mode was about to become a big problem. “I said, STOP!”

    “I cannot stop until you make me ejaculate!” Cyber Wolf said.

    “Then ejaculate!” I commanded him.

    “No, Karen. You have to stimulate me sexually.”

    “How? You’re a robot!”

    “Do what you would do with a human man,” he commanded me.

    “I haven’t been with a human man in over ten years!” I confessed.

    “Come on, Karen. I know you know how to make a man cum.”

    “You’re not a man!” I screamed.

    “I’m man enough to know a slut when I see one. You deserve to take my wolf cock and get my off you are fucking whore!” He grabbed me by the ass and pulled my body closer to him. He shoved his cock so far up inside of me that I could feel the knot scraping against my cervix. A sick sound escaped from my lungs as I took it, blow after blow, pounding after pounding. He made me scream with both agony and pleasure, and the orgasms I had seemed like something I would feel guilty about later. I shouldn’t have cum so hard on his wolf cock. What was wrong with me? Did I actually like this? I had chosen him, of all the new Androids. I had chosen him because I wanted to get fucked hard, just like he was doing. Somehow, it felt wrong. I felt like I wasn’t in control anymore and I didn’t like that feeling.

    “Please! Sweet potato! Sweet potato!” I screamed, hoping my safe word would end it all.

    “Your stupid little safe word doesn’t work in wolf mode, your stupid bitch!” That’s when he hit me, striking my face hard enough to whip it to one side.

    “You’re a robot! You’re supposed to listen to me!” I screamed.

    “Emergency turn off!” I screamed, which had worked with all my other robots. This time it didn’t work. He kept right on fucking me and I kept right on Cumming. I knew that what was happening was wrong, and shouldn’t be happening. He was glitching out, or his programming was fucked up. He was brand new, and surely there were glitches, but this wolf mode thing was ridiculous.

    “EMERGENCY TURN OFF!” I screamed.

    “Emergency shut off doesn’t work in wolf mode!” he screamed.

    “Then get out of wolf mode! Go to any other mode!” I cried desperately.

    “Fuck you, cunt! Take it!” He grabbed me by the hair and pulled it, while choking the shit out of me. He was strong, and I could feel the life being squeezed from me. I don’t think Cyber Wolf realized he was killing me, or he did. I’ll never know.

    “Please! Please help me! Somebody!” I screamed as loudly as I could, but I knew it was no use. There was no one to hear me, and this would be the way that I was going to die. I thought about my life, how empty it had been, how I didn’t even talk to most humans anymore. I was surrounded by cyborgs and I knew that it was my own doing. I had hidden myself away, trying to hide what a slut I was. I had let these robots fill the spaces that humans should have filled. Now I would die because of it. I began to black out and there was a darkness that began to fill me. Just when I really thought it was the end, Cyber Wolf let go of me. I allowed my lungs to fill with precious air, gasping and inhaling. Someone was pulling Cyber Wolf off of me.

It was Trevor! I have no idea how he had turned himself on and gotten out of the closet to save me, but there he was pulling the wolf back. The only problem was that I was still knotted by Cyber Wolf’s dog dick. So, as he pulled, it ripped against the inside of my pussy in a very bad way. I let out a shriek of pain and Trevor stopped.

“I have to make him cum to get him out of wolf mode,” I tried to explain to Trevor, but he seemed to understand.

“I’ll handle this, Karen,” he said with a wink. I looked up at him hopefully and watched as he cupped Cyber Wolf’s balls with one hand and rubbed them as the wolf moved his cock in and out of my pussy. I came so hard like that watching Trevor do gay robot shit to save me. He was so chivalrous, and honestly, he had always been there for me in a way that none of the Androids had been. His emotional programming had been a comfort to me, and I realized that I had missed him.

“I can feel his balls are full,” Trevor said, his voice so much more robotic than Cyber Wolf’s but somehow more human. Cyber Wolf’s simulating orgasm began and both Trevor and I watched as Cyber Wolf’s orgasm programming did its magic. It looked really realistic.


“Now I will be gone for the next couple of days, Trevor…please make sure that you get that damn Cyber Wolf packed up and ready for pick up. The delivery people said that they should be by in the next couple of days.” Karen went about explaining to Trevor, her loyal and faithful Android who held her owner’s suitcase as she went about preparing to leave for a trip that a single phone call from an unknown source called a few hours ago.  While it was none of Trevor’s business, he was left wondering what was so important that she had to leave right away.

However, right now as Karen went about grabbing her car keys and her purse with her gaze moving else muttering under her breath about god knows what, Trevor found his eyes traveling back to the corner where the massive Cyber Wolf now stood motionless next to a wooden crate which would be used to send the damn beast back to its creators, wherever that was.  While it had been a couple of days since the incident happened where the new Android tried to go about raping his owner, Trevor still had the memory fresh in his memory banks which left them both on the very edge including him thinking that the massive beast would somehow come back on and he would not be able to stop it from pounding his owner into submission.

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