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I'll remember it vividly. The first time my boss had his way with his wife.

You're so fucking huge,” My beautiful redhead wife Rachel said. She was admiring my boss's bigger, blacker, thicker cock. I had nothing on him... and I couldn't do anything but watch as my wife crawled over to my boss and started worshipping his cock.

Fuck, that's it,” My boss Robert moaned as my wife sucked at his big balls. I watched as she took them into her mouth one by one, pulling gently then kissing and licking them... drooling all over them. She was worshipping my black boss's cock more intensely than she ever had mine.

Your wife is a fucking slut,” My boss remarked, teasing and humiliating me. The worst part was that my wife loved being submissive and slutty for the right man... and I guess my boss was the right man.

Mmmm... I'm your slut,” My wife purred in response, working up to my bosses shaft and taking the first few inches of his massive cock down your throat.

Fuck, this woman gives good head,” Robert said, casually reaching down and groping my wife's bare tits, while she drooled and slobbered all over his meaty dick.

I watched in stunned silence for a few seconds as my wife totally ignored me and got into the moment... practically making love to the big black cock with her mouth. Robert noticed me watching and gave me a shit-eating grin.

Enough watching. Go get my dinner outfit from my room... now,” My boss said sternly.

I gulped, turning around to leave the room. I had no choice but to be an emasculated cuck.

As I walked down towards my boss's room, the sounds of my wife sucking and slurping echoing faintly in the halls... I wondered: Just how did things get so bad?

It was something I had been looking forward to for months: My company's annual employee appreciation trip. It was something that they did every year—a beach vacation for their employee's and their families.

And this was the first year that I could take Rachel—my wife of 9 months. I was excited for Rachel to meet my coworkers and their families... they had really become some of my closest friends since I started working at NovaSoft.

It was a software company that made solutions for banks to better optimize their accounts. Sounds boring, right? I wouldn't be working there normally... but it pays extremely well, is very stable, and has some serious perks.

“What do you think of my outfits? They aren't too skimpy for a company retreat?” My wife asked me nervously. We were just about to land, and had been over this a bunch of times already... but I guess she was looking for somebody to make her feel better.

“Honey we're going to Bermuda... you're expected to be wearing a bikini. Besides, it's not really a company retreat. Think of it as a paid vacation. There will be one or two days of business talking at most,” I said to her.

“Well, just don't blame me when your bosses start gawking at me,” My wife teased back to me.

I felt a surge of jealousy course through me as she said that. She knew that my bosses were a sore spot. Robert, my supervisor, had been a bit of a dick lately... I had gotten behind on a software update and he wasn't letting me off the hook for it.

“C'mon, that's not nice,” I said to my Rachel.

“I can't help how I look,” She said innocently.

My wife was the definition of a bombshell. Wavy red hair on a tall pale curvy body... D cup tits and a big ass. She was basically my fantasy come true, in so many ways. I always wondered how I ended up with a woman like her... because I wasn't even close to noteworthy looking.

I was pastey and pudgy and short and white. I had brown curly hair, and wasn't particularly good at anything other than coding. I didn't get enough exersize, probably ate more than I should... and I definitely wasn't particularly good in bed.

But I guess my wife saw me as some sort of pillar of emotional support. A partner in crime. Or as I joked, I was the guy who would tolerate other men staring at her. She certainly got her fair share of attention, which never really bugged me. I found it kind of hot to be with the woman that everyone else wanted. We actually explored a bit of swinging, and it usually ended up with the other couple or guys ignoring everything else and just focusing on my wife Rachel.

I admit it was kind of satisfying to watch men fawn over the love of my life. And it was fucking hot to watch her get fucked... there's something satisfying about seeing another man use your wife's pussy. And something enjoyable about the compliments you get afterwards too.

But her joking about Robert... that bugged me.

Maybe because Robert was the epitome of a guy who Rachel would enjoy.

Aggressive and cocky. With about 6” of height on me, and a thick muscular build. He was powerful, in every sense of the word... and typically was an extremely nice guy. But if you fucked up, Robert was known to make your life miserable... and I had definitely fucked up.

I realized I had never thought about what might happen when Robert met my wife... but the idea of them meeting for the first time while she was wearing a tiny little bikini, showing off her big milky pale tits and her big bubble butt... for some reason that sent butterflies in my stomach going.

“Oh lighten up, we're here to have fun! Besides, I think you'll enjoy watching me strut around in a bikini all day... this is going to be a great trip!” My wife said, jolting me from my day dream.

“You're right,” I agreed with her. “This is gonna be a blast... I can't wait to just relax and get away from the cold for a few days.”

“Now making our descent,” The pilot interrupted our conversation with an announcement to buckle our seat belts, put our tray tables up and keep our seats upright. I never got why they were so anal about landings...

The first thing that I noticed when we landed and got off the plane was how warm it seemed. It was humid and super hot, and I could smell a hint of salt in the air—we were definitely close to the beach!

“I guess the company got us a great location for the resort,” I remarked to my wife.

There was a NovaSoft employee bus waiting to take us to the resort. Me and my wife piled on, and soon I noticed other familiar faces from my office, along with a few other people I didn't recognize, who must have been from other locations (the company was huge, with over 3,000 employees worldwide!).

“Phil! Good to see you buddy! And glad to see your wife as well!” My friend Raj and his wife Vicky invited us to sit in the same row as them. They were a great couple who had come over and had dinner at our place a couple of times. I sat beside Raj while the wives started chatting with each other.

“Excited for a few days of relaxation?” Raj asked me, smiling.

“You bet... I fucking need this,” I said, giving an exasperated sigh. “Robert has been riding my ass all week because of that delayed update. I just need to drink and forget about that shit for a few days.”

“Oh shit, Robert is on your ass? I feel like he's the last person you'd want to fuck with,” Raj said, heightening my stress levels even more. He noticed the look on my face and quickly added. “But I'm sure everything is gonna be fine.”

And then, as if on cue, fucking Robert entered the bus.

He always came to these trips alone—it seemed as if he was perpetually unmarried. He'd often joke that he was married to NovaSoft, and didn't have time for any other relationships. His work ethic would certainly speak to that... he rose rapidly in the corporate ranks, and held a very high management position. The fact that I reported directly to him was considered very prestigious for someone at my level of software skill.

“Hey Everyone,” Robert said, smiling to all the employees and shaking hands, working his way down the bus. For some reason I felt myself get nervous as he approached me and Raj...

“So anyways, I tell Vicky that there's no way we're going to spend an extra week out here...” Raj was ranting to me about his wife, I guess he hadn't seen Robert yet. Luckily, Robert hadn't seen me yet either. His eyes were fixated on the people he was meeting... until they went straight to my wife Rachel.

I watched my dark skinned, muscular older boss study my wife intently. He looked her up and down, from her beautiful red wavy hair and blue eyes, down to her big tits, which were modestly hidden under a summer dress.

“I don't believe we've met, I'm Robert Tusk,” My boss said, extending his massive hand to my wife.

“I'm Rachel,” She replied. I watched her go red a little bit as she studied Robert... she was clearly impressed with his build and broad shoulders. “I'm Phil's wife.” She added.

Robert's eyes went wide with surprise and he looked around for me.

“Phil! You never told me you were a good hypnotist... that's the only way you'd get a woman like this to marry you, isn't it?” Robert said loudly.

The bus laughed at his joke, and he gave me a playful punch on the shoulder, which hurt a little bit more than I expected it to.

“Good to see you, Phil,” Robert said to me quietly, a smile on his face. He rested his massive hand on my little shoulder, and squeezed a little bit, pushing me down in my seat. I could feel his raw power, and was beginning to see how he was able to climb the corporate ladder so quickly.

“Good to see you too, Robert,” I said to him uneasily, trying to squirm away a little from his grip. Behind him I could see my wife looking on, a bit of a worried look on her face.

“Let's catch up soon, shall we?” My boss asked me.

“For sure,” I said, trying my best to muster up a courageous smile. In truth, I was fucking terrified of this guy. Not only did he have eyes on my wife, but he also had me in a bit of a compromising work position, since I had fucked up this software update.. which still wasn't out.

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