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Commission #27:

Roommate Revenge #5

Jason J. Honz

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Sitting on Tasha’s bed with her legs spread and erection standing strong, Miranda took a deep, almost shaky breath as she closed her eyes, resting her hands on the thick comforter. She could feel her heart thudding against her chest with increasing excitement for what was to come. She couldn’t count the times she had fantasized about using Tasha like this. How she had dreamed of enacting revenge on the way she had been treated for so long. Or hell, just spending a night with her intimately and getting to use those full lips to her full advance. And now, not only did she have the opportunity to do just that, but Tasha no longer had a choice in the matter. No threat of denial. No threat of rejection and ridicule. Or at least, not any that mattered. Tasha could whine and complain all she wanted, but she knew what was waiting for her if she didn’t comply. And what’s more, Miranda now had the ability to physically force her to without consequence.

Kneeling on the floor in front of Miranda, Tasha’s eyes locked on Miranda’s cock, her mouth dry and her breathing strained with anticipation and lingering humiliation. She watched with a sinking stomach as Miranda’s eyes finally opened, a smug grin on her face as she gave a beckoning gesture with her head.

“Come,” was her command, her knees spread far apart in a slacking manner as she leaned back just slightly. “Blowjob. Now.”

Tasha swallowed hard, immediately trying to fight back her vicious words of protest. She wanted to throw every insult she could muster at Miranda, but she was becoming increasingly scared of what the repercussions would be. What else would she force her to do, or get rid of? Tasha took a quick glance around her room, her heart breaking at its emptiness, belongings replaced with full, black garbage bags. She bit her bottom lip to keep it from trembling as she looked back to the awaiting Miranda with narrowed, near tearing eyes.

“I won’t say it again,” Miranda barked, trying to maintain her thoughts of dominance.

Even know, when Tasha gave her that look, even in their current situation, she could feel her skin beginning to tingle with the underlining feelings of fear. But she was in charge now, and she had to remember to act like it. Soon enough, it would become second nature. Miranda stood her ground, staying perfectly still on the bed until Tasha finally started to crawl forward, her eyes reluctantly falling to the erect and leaking cock in front of her.

Taking the slick length in her hand, Tasha felt her stomach churn as she leaned in and slowly dragged her tongue along the sensitive cock head. Miranda immediately flinched, groaning in pent up anticipation, her breathing already becoming ragged as she watched Tasha take the entire head into her mouth, her face scrunching almost immediately at the taste of precum spreading over her tongue.

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