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Right Tool for the Job! 2

by Anita Blackmann

Copyright 2018 Anita Blackmann

Published by Deadlier Than the Male Publications

All characters in this story are 18 and over.

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Right Tool for the Job! 2

Book 2, Prologue

Book 2, Chapter 1

Book 2, Chapter 2

Book 2, Chapter 3

Book 2, Chapter 4

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I sucked Jerome's dick down, relishing in the combined flavor of our lust. As I slurped, my mouth filled so fast that I had to swallow it all very quickly to make room for more. I gulped that down, too.

After, I moved over to Chester, gulping on his big black dick, straight from my asshole! My clit ached and throbbed at the knowledge of what I was doing. My pussy dripped anew.

I worshiped the both of them until I couldn't find another drop. The guys stood up and helped me to my feet. I hugged Chester because he was the closest. "Thank you for such an amazing day," I said. I then turned to Jerome and hugged him, too. Oh, their bodies and cocks felt so good, pressing into my body, even though they were soft. "Thank you, too, baby," I said.

"Oh, we're not done," said Chester. I turned, surprised.

"Not by a long shot," added Jerome...

Right Tool for the Job! 2

Anita Blackmann

Book 2, Prologue

I had been faithful to my husband for more than 25 years, since the time we started dating. And I had thrown it all away in one afternoon. But it was Bertram who substituted a promised Hawaii trip with piggybacking our anniversary vacation on top of a work trip to Philly. It was Bertram who didn't have the car tuned or even looked at so that it broke down in the middle of nowhere. And it was Bertram who left me alone in that garage with that handsome black mechanic, Chester.

Do I blame my husband for my infidelity? Definitely.



All I know is I was expecting some loving on the trip and I got it! Yay, me!!

But, as it turns out, my day was just getting started...

Chester stirred at the sound of a large vehicle pulling up, outside. "No!" I cried, whimpering as he pulled his thick black cock from my battered rectum. It didn't hurt – I just didn't want him to leave me. Maybe ever.

He grabbed his pants, sans shorts and turned to me as he hopped into them. "My car's still out front, babe," he explained. "Whoever it is will probably just keep pounding until I answer." At that very moment, someone did indeed pound on the outside door. Chester smiled and shrugged. "See?"

As he left, I lay back on the sofa. Looking up at the ceiling, I could feel his cum oozing out of both of my well-satisfied holes. My whole body seemed to vibrate with a level of pleasure I had never known. I began to wonder if I could even go back to Berty, to be honest. "It will never be like this," I mumbled. "Never this good."

I heard the sound of two deep voices converstating. One I knew was Chester but it took me a moment to figure out the other. Just at that moment, my ebony lover popped his head back into the back room. "It's Jerome," he said, trying to keep the door as closed as possible. Such a gentleman.

"Oh?" I said although I had already guessed it. I quickly reached for the first article of clothing I could. It turned out to be my blouse.

"Yeah," he replied. Then his face kind of screwed up. I stopped.

"What is it?" I asked.

Chester hemmed a bit. So unusual for a man like him. "He, uh... I swear I didn't say anything but he saw your car and he saw me shirtless and he kind of put two and two together."

"Oh," I said. I had had my mind full of what to do about Bertram and now, this. It was a lot. But then I realized that I didn't have to worry about my husband for almost a whole other day, even if it was supposed to be our vacation. Chester cocked his head as he saw the smile creep across my face. His jaw dropped when I let go of my bra and kicked back, sitting up on the sofa and slowly parting my legs.

"Invite him in," I said. You could have knocked my new lover over with a feather.

"Are you sure?" he shot back. I caressed my thighs, feeling my juices bubbling and mixing with his.

"It's my anniversary, baby," I said. "It's time to celebrate!"

Book 2, Chapter 1

"It is...?" asked Chester, a devilish light gleaming in his beautiful eyes. I nodded. "Well, happy anniversary!" Then he ducked back out into the garage. "Hey, Jerome," I heard him say. "You're never gonna believe this. It's their anniversary!"

I was a little bothered by his use of the word "their" – bringing my absent husband into the equation – but I paid it no nevermind. Chester's cock was like a drug. It satisfied me completely, each and every time, and that just made me crave it more! I heard the two of them going over it, then Jerome popped into the room.

"Is it really yo...?" he asked, the question dying on his lips as he saw me on the sofa in the little back room Chester had set up to crash in. I think what threw him was I was no longer the mousey, dutiful, middle-aged wife he had met earlier. Thanks to my new lover, I was bold enough to sit there, naked and with my legs spread. I'm sure he could see everything and just how engorged it all was. Dripping, too, but that's a whole other thing, all together.

I looked him up and down and liked what I saw. Even before I met Chester, I liked Jerome. He was such a big guy, all over, so that when I sat so close to him in the tow truck and the bumpy ride put us even closer, it really got my juices flowing. It was more luck than anything that Chester – as sexy as he is – got me first. And at that very moment, Jerome may have been dumbfounded but my eyes zeroed in on that crotch of his and what I saw twitching under his coveralls did not disappoint.

"It sure as hell is," I said, caressing my thighs as I spread my legs even wider. "Now are you going to help me celebrate or what?" It was a very bold move on my part. I never took the initiative.

Jerome suddenly looked concerned, like if he didn't act fast enough, the offer would go away. I smiled because I knew it wouldn't but he quickly and quite comically hurried to get out of his clothes. I suppressed the urge to laugh and I'm sure it looked for all the world like I was liking what I was seeing.

Which I was.

Jerome was a big guy. Not quite as tall as Chester. He was what they would call "thick," though I wouldn't learn that word until much later. He was strong and muscled but he also had some excess baggage. "Oh, Daddy," I said as he got down to his drawers. He looked up at me and smiled. I leaned forward, cradling my breasts. He liked what he saw, licking his lips. "Show mama what you've got for her." Even the way I was talking turned me on. So bold!

Now he grinned. He pulled the waistband outward with one hand and drove his other into his boxers. A moment later, he pulled out the most amazingly thick slab of meat! I laughed with glee and he looked surprised. "That's amazing!" I cried. He smiled and I told him to come over. His shorts were gone in a heartbeat and I watched as his cock swayed to and fro as he approached, sticking out from a small thicket of dark, nappy pubes.

I was on the edge of the sofa when he got to me and I grabbed his thickness straight away. He moaned a little at my touch. He was only half hard but it was already clear that he was thicker than Chester, though maybe just an inch or so shorter. Kind of like they both were, overall. I pumped it with both hands, feeling its veins fill with blood. I felt him get hard in my grasp.

There was a clearish pool of precum forming on the uncut head and I leaned in and scooped it up with my tongue. I giggled with delight as the salt hit my taste buds. I took the cream into my mouth and let it mix with my saliva, then poured it back onto his cock before sucking that sweet dark meat into me.

Oh boy, was I in for a shock! I stretched my jaw as wide as I could, then stretched it some more. It hurt but I was dying to suck on that amazingly thick dick. My pussy went into overdrive, begging for the chance. I knew it would get it, soon enough, but for the moment, this was what I wanted to do. I got a bit more than the head in and that would have to be enough, my tongue worshiping the underside while I bobbed. Like Chester, before him, I pumped the rest of the shaft with my seemingly tiny hands and played with his massive, furry balls.

He pumped another squirt of precum into me, then pretty much just kept leaking it. The flavor was all over my lips and I washed it over his thick crown again before sucking it down.

Suddenly, he pulled me up from under my armpits, his cock falling from my mouth and hands. "You're too fucking fine," he said. "I've been wanting to kiss you since I saw you on the side of the road today." His words stunned me. I had long thought that I was only desirable to one man and barely so, sometimes. Still, I turned my head and tried to stop him with my hand.

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