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(I am a powerful, successful and attractive woman with no idea how I fell into this “arrangement”)

Suzanne St. Louis


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Table of Contents



Chapter one – Background

Chapter two – The Introduction

Chapter three – The First Date

Chapter four – Pool Time

Chapter five – A Couple Of Dates

Chapter six – The Arrangement

Chapter seven – I Am Yours

Chapter eight – J, J and Jo

Chapter nine – More Of The Same

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As always, I must thank my husband Jack for opening my eyes to a new world of sexuality that I had never experienced.

I now demand what I want, and I get it. We do so many things in our love life now and it is all fun. My stories are fueled by our own experiences that include toys, talk, submission, restraints and just about anything else one can imagine that doesn’t break any laws!

Most of my writing is about Jack’s experiences from his perspective and what he has told me. In most cases I have embellished and added things I know he may have done. I even occasionally let him tell his own stories in the first person as well.


I am successful. I am powerful and admired for my work ethic and ground-breaking business ideas. I am responsible for more than 500 employees. I also happen to be an athletic, attractive mid thirties female who has somehow fallen into being a sexual slave on the weekend.

I have no idea how it happened or why, but I knew I needed to tell my story…

Chapter One – Background

As I stated in the prologue I have had great success so far in my life. I completed a Harvard education, including a year at Wharton and I have built a, by any point of view, wildly successful business. My company occupies a great deal of my time and I like it that way. I like working hard as I am responsible for the livelihoods of each of my employees. I feel a tremendous responsibility to them and would have it no other way.

As hard as I work, I always squeeze in time for some sort of workout and my days are all structured to provide that for me. Whether it is running, weight training, yoga or boxing I am always active. I was an athlete throughout university and had some of the best coaches in their respective sports. I played basketball and golf and did both very well if I do say so myself. I was good at those sports because I played to win but also because I was committed to improving myself.

I was always a little light on the personal side of things, at least as it pertains to men, as I chose to focus on other things. Of course, my company takes up a great deal of time and energy now as well but that is what makes me happy. Rather than worry about the 500 plus employees who depend on me I enjoy that responsibility and it drives me to greater heights. Helping make not only our customer’s lives better but also our employees lives better is what truly matters to me.

I will also let you know, hopefully not taken as bragging, that I have been told I am pretty easy on the eyes. I was fortunate enough to get my mother’s good looks combined with my father’s drive, ambition and athleticism. Although my mother was also an athlete growing up. I am close to five feet ten inches tall. I don’t know what my weight is, but I know I can wear anything I want and look good and do anything I want and excel at it. I know I have a great body too, because I work at it. I have always trained hard for sports and have come to love athletic pursuits for the sheer joy of pushing myself and achieving more and more every day.

Thanks to all my activity and training I can wear the tiniest of bikinis or nothing at all and I feel great. My ass is high and firm, my legs are an attractive muscular and my breasts are, as I was told once or twice, perfection. I wear a size 34 B and am perfectly symmetrical.

I tell you all this because I think you need some background. You need to know I am not some shrinking violet or abused woman. I am now 38 years old and no man, or woman, has ever abused me, touched me inappropriately or even said inappropriate things.

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