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Perverts of Oz 4-Pack, Volume 4

by Malaw Hule

Copyright 2017, 2018 Malaw Hule

Published by Deadlier Than the Male Publications

All characters in this collection are 18 and over.

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Table of Contents

Perverts of Oz 13 – Let's See Those Winkies!

Perverts of Oz 14 – F**ing Monkeys Have Dorothy's Back

Perverts of Oz 15 – Oz Sucks Ass! (Literally)

Perverts of Oz 16 – The Gang Gets Theirs

Bonus Material: Dominated by My Dane: Pitching Tents!

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Perverts of Oz 13 – Let's See Those Winkies!

by Malaw Hule

Inspired by the story and characters of Frank L. Baum

When we last traveled the road of yellow bricks:

The Wicked Witch of the West unleashed her Flying Monkeys to destroy Scarecrow, send the Twins far away, capture Toto and Lion, and kill Dorothy! But they found they couldn't kill her, so they gangbanged her, instead, then finally brought her before the futa. It turns out that she couldn't resist her, either, eventually making her squirt. Getting drenched with Dorothy's enchantment-laced squirt proved to be her undoing.

And now...

"You're free!" exclaimed Dorothy, throwing open the doors from the Wicked Witch's chambers, to see six Winkie guards. They were a bit baffled by the news. "The Witch is dead. I, uh..." She wasn't happy that she had done it but she couldn't change the fact, either. "I killed her." One held her as the rest dashed into the room. Seeing the blob on the floor and not seeing the Witch anywhere, they figured it must be true.

"Thank you!" said one, coming to hug her and shake her hand. The others quickly gathered around her, echoing the sentiment of the first. The Winkies had been a proud race before the Witch came and enslaved them and now they were free to rebuild their country. "We must celebrate!"

"I have to find my friends, first," said Dorothy. Toto came out of the room and stood by her side. Her fingers found the back of his ears and she scratched. The one Winkie who had taken the lead asked her where the others were. "Lion is in the cage below." They said they would set him free, immediately. "Scarecrow is scattered on the edge of your country, on the way from the Emerald City. We can rebuild him. I don't know where the Twin Woodsmen are, though. The Flying Monkeys carried them off somewhere."

The Winkie leader nodded as he listened, attentively. When she was done, he assured her that they would do everything in their power to help. "I give you my solemn promise," he said. Dorothy couldn't help but notice how strikingly handsome he was. He extended his hand. "I am Maximus." But of course you are, thought the girl.

He promised her that they would find Scarecrow and then they would all travel to the land of the Flying Monkeys. They were once enemies of the Winkies but the years of indentured servitude had brought them together. "Without the Witch, there is no reason for them to not tell us." It was agreed that they would set out at once. "Spread the word," said Maximus. "This will give our people time to prepare the celebratory feast to our freedom." Cheers rang out. "It will be a fine orgy, indeed!"

Dorothy was stunned at the word, "orgy," but knew it had meanings beyond the sexual kind. Still, she chuckled to herself.

And so it was that Dorothy, Toto, and Lion set out once more, this time on the critical search for their friends. Ten of the bravest Winkies, including Maximus, escorted them through the tortuous countryside. "We will rebuild. You will see the finest road of yellow bricks here, leading our people to the Emerald City," he promised. Dorothy admired his plans for his people's future.

When they were a day or so away from where the Flying Monkeys had attacked, the party was surprised to run into the Twin Woodsmen. Dorothy, Lion, and Toto were simply beside themselves, and the brothers couldn't have been happier, either. After the simians had dropped them off, far beyond the border of the Witch's kingdom, they had immediately set back on the trail. The winged creatures had left them otherwise unharmed. "We don't have our axes, though," Tim lamented.

"No worries," said Dorothy. "The Winkies are providing us with food, shelter, and protection."

"You have but to ask," said Maximus. His men nodded. He motioned toward Dorothy. "Your friend here is a hero and our national treasure. We will gladly give our lives to protect her for she has freed us from bondage." Dorothy could only blush. It wasn't as much that she was humble, though. She just got an image in her mind of the Winkie leader all tied up.

Hell, all of the Winkie soldiers, she had noticed, were incredibly fit and handsome. The sour expressions that greeted her at the door when she first met them had given way to smiles. She couldn't help but feel a sexual attraction to them as they traveled and was beginning to wish that "orgy" was more than just the eating and drinking that she figured it must be.

The next day, they came to the place where they had been attacked. They collected all the straw that they could see but it wasn't much. Also, Scarecrow's clothes and the rest of him were stuck high up in a tree. The trunk was so smooth that no one could climb it. "Let's look around for your axes," suggested Dorothy.

"Yes," agreed Tom. "We can chop that tree down and rescue Scarecrow."

The did find the axes. One was fine but the other had a broken handle. Still, the brothers set about chopping down the massive tree. It took the rest of the day but it did come down and they picked Scarecrow out of the tree and reassembled him. Well, part. There was nowhere near enough filling and not even the "suck my straw" trick worked. Maximus rested his large, strong hand on her shoulder.

"We will fill him with the finest fresh straw," he said. "You'll see, he'll be good as new." Dorothy nodded but she still worried that the magic might finally be gone and her friend would be, too.

There was much rejoicing as they returned to the town below the castle. The Cowardly Lion and Toto were treated to special grooming and the Twin Woodsmen were treated to the mineral baths, attended to by a gaggle of beautiful Winkie women. Needless to say, there was much flirtation but the brothers still had their minds on their friend, Scarecrow, so they let it go. When the four of them returned to Dorothy, she was in a grand hall.

Scarecrow was laid out on a large table, fully stitched and freshly stuffed. Dorothy didn't allow them to take out the old straw because she was convinced of its magic, so they just added the finest quality hay they could find. "I haven't tried to revive him, yet," she said when she saw her friends. "I... I couldn't bear to be alone if it didn't work."

One by one, they hugged her, hoping to give her strength. Finally, she turned to Scarecrow. Maximus was the only stranger in the room. He watched, fascinated, as Dorothy reached into the scarecrow's pants and pulled out some of the straw. It looks almost like a cock, he thought to himself, bemused. His eyes went wide when she took it into her mouth and gave the thing head.

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