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The Father/Daughter Collection: Father of the Bride Parts 1-3, Innocest Parts 1- 6 by Daniella Donati

The first three parts in the erotic short-story series Father of the Bride and the first six parts of Innocest about adult father/daughter love.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or to other works of fiction, is purely coincidental. All sexual acts depicted are between consenting adults aged eighteen and over.

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Father of the Bride Part 1: Before The Wedding....

Josephine Anderson, soon to be Josephine Abbott, was staring at herself in the mirror as two bridesmaids frantically brushed her long brown hair. She was to be married to Jamie, her nervous groom, in under an hour, and her mother Diane was still making the final arrangements for the wedding reception, arguing about the vegetarian option on her Blackberry.

Amongst the chaos, Josephine was trying to stay calm but having to contend with more than a few butterflies in her stomach. She'd been engaged to Jamie for nearly two years and he'd proved himself a loyal and faithful fiancé, and was doing well in his job as a property developer. They got on fine, in fact they never argued at all.

Her family said it was because they were obviously so compatible that there was never any need to argue, but Josephine sometimes wished Jamie would show any kind of passion at all, even losing his temper and getting angry with her. She knew it was wrong of her to think of him in a negative way when all her friends and family adored him.

He was everyone a girl should want: solidly good looking, dependable, good job prospects and no vices to mention, she'd never even seen him drunk.

Deep down, she was dreading the thought of marriage to Jamie, if he was boring at 22, what would he be like at 30, 40? She was only nineteen, and had her whole life before her, but could imagine herself ageing prematurely through misery and

depression, a life of household chores and dull dinner parties slowly smothering her life spirit.

She wished she'd not known Jamie so long, he was the kind of guy she could at least settle for after she'd lived a bit, had her fun. Getting engaged to Jamie at seventeen meant that she hadn't even got to go to university and go wild like most students do. Wherever she turned was dependable Jamie and his bland smile, and her ever interfering mother Diane. As she looked at her own sad eyes in the mirror, she wondered if her father Sean was going to arrive on time, or even at all, in order to give her away.

He and her mother had split up four years, after Diane had come home to find him with her then best friend, and threw him out, later divorcing him. Sean was rather a ladies man by nature, a handsome charmer who never set out to cause harm but was simply weak when it came to resisting feminine charms, especially when he had such a gift for getting women to spread their legs.

Josephine had really missed him since her mother threw him out, even though he'd been a cavalier and unfaithful husband, he'd been a doting father to her growing up and they used to get along brilliantly. She knew he was far from perfect as a person but loved him anyway and when he left there was a hole in her life that Jamie had stepped in to fill.

Since the divorce, Sean had only been to see Josephine now and again, it wasn't that he didn't care about her anymore, it was that he felt ashamed of himself as a husband and father, embarrassed that a lot of his lovers since his divorce had been around Josephine's age now, one more thing for him to feel ashamed about.

He was due to walk her down the aisle and give her away in 45 minutes and as yet there was absolutely no sign of him. Josephine looked anxiously at the clock on the wall and sighed, knowing it was getting less and less likely that he would show up on time and she just wanted to climb out of the bathroom window and run away from this nightmare that she'd somehow ended up in.

Just then her mother came back in the room with a surprise announcement: her father had turned up. Josephine asked everyone to leave politely as she hadn't seen her father for eighteen months and needed to spend some time with him alone to reacquaint herself, to remind herself what he was like to be with. After everyone had left, Josephine sat waiting for him, and a minute later he entered with a slight trepidation, wondering how she might react to his presence. As she heard him come in, she stood up and turned round to face him.

She first noticed how well he looked, and how handsome, he was now forty-six but very few grey hairs, and still in good shape, with a strong tan from his frequent travels and that wide smile that she had missed seeing. " made it then! I didn't think you were going to get here on time...or even turn up at all..." she said tentatively. He smiled broadly and said "What? Miss my daughter's wedding? I know I was never the perfect father to you, but I thought you knew me better than that! I wouldn't have missed this for the world....I'm late because my flight was late...I flew in from Spain..hence the tan...".

"Yes, I can see that Daddy.....and I'm truly grateful that you've travelled all that way for my wedding.....but before you walk me down the aisle...I need to know...why haven't you been in touch at all for the last eighteen months? You just seemed to disappear altogether, I just thought maybe you'd forgotten me altogether...." she said with sadness in her voice.

He sighed and bowed his head forward, choosing his words carefully. "Josie, if you must know, I decided that it would honestly be better if I was out of the picture for'd started dating that Jamie and he'd become the main man in your life.....and truth be told, I could tell he was very serious about you even then, but for some reason I couldn't take to him....I didn't think he was right for you, and rather than cause friction between us, I decided to keep my mouth shut and get out of your hair for a time....I thought you would figure out he wasn't right...but here we are...." he said slowly and deliberately.

Josephine was stunned, she was speechless. Of all the people in her life, the one she saw the least, who she thought didn't care about her, was the only person who seemed to understand her. Eventually, she gathered her thoughts and said "Daddy...I can't believe you are telling me this now! Only half an hour before my wedding....I've been having doubts lately but I couldn't tell anyone, if only you'd been around!".

Her father looked troubled and murmured "Maybe I shouldn't have come after all....maybe this was a bad idea....maybe Jamie's father should walk you down the aisle...". Josephine jumped up from her chair and exclaimed "No, musn't are the only one who truly knows me and what's right for're right! Jamie isn't the right man for me at all....he's boring, safe....predictable...I need a real you!".

Her father was dumbfounded by her words, they had leapt from her mouth out of emotion but she knew she meant them. Every little girl looks up to their father and tries to find a husband like him....but instinctively she suddenly felt hugely attracted to her father, who in every way was the opposite of Jamie: devilishly handsome, charming, daring and exciting to be with.

She walked forward and put her arms tightly round him, saying "Daddy, I'm so glad that you decided to come...and I totally understand what you mean about Jamie, I've been having doubts for months but everyone seems to think he's perfect for me, especially my mother...but you seem to understand me so well....and I think it was really noble of you in a way to not get in the way of me and Jamie, even though I wish you had now....".

"Wait a sec, hun...." he said, abruptly cutting short her gushing, emotional speech. She pulled her head back up from this shoulder and looked at him, asking "What is it?", wondering what was coming next. He looked down and said softly "That wasn't the only reason I were seventeen and had developed into a gorgeous young woman...I couldn't help but notice how you'd blossomed....I've always had a weakness for the flesh you see.....and I didn't want desire getting the better of me with you...".He slowly looked up, expecting to see a horrified expression on her face, but she was looking at him in an intrigued way, a little shock on her face but not disgusted as he always thought she would be.

She finally said "I must have inherited that weakness for the flesh then DaddyI

always find my mind thinking about sex.....Jamie says I'm a nymphomaniac, he just doesn't have the same level of desires that I do.....even today I felt like I had to express myself under all this fairy tale garb....".

She suddenly hitched up her leg on her chair, then peeled up her wedding dress over her knee and up to her thigh, showing off her white stockings and suspenders. Her father couldn't believe his eyes, he had spent the whole flight there debating what to say to her to make amends, and here she was flirting with him outrageously only 25 minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle.

He kept glancing down at her thigh, then looking up at her....she'd also inherited that mischievous grin that he used on ladies to let them know he wanted sex. Was his own daughter using that naughty smile with the same intentions? He told himself to calm down, she was maybe just glad to be able to flirt a little with someone before a life of dull monogamy began for her. But then she said "Daddy, why don't you lock the door...I want to really show you how much I've missed you...but we wouldn't want mummy walking in would we?", with a twinkle in her eye.

He adjusted the collar on his shirt, suddenly feeling very hot, then gathered his composure and turned round to lock the door. There was no doubt about it now, his daughter clearly had a lustful nature like he did, half of him was overwhelmingly aroused, the other half of him knew this was total madness, he was about to seduce his own daughter twenty minutes before her wedding, before he walked her down the aisle.

When he turned round though, he was confronted with a sight that no man could resist. Josephine had perched her leg up again, and was caressing her stocking-clad thigh, looking straight at him, and devilishly licking her lips. He loosened his collar, and made sure the door was properly locked, then walked over to her and their lips met for the first time. Her tongue thrust into his mouth as soon as his lips locked onto hers, and all the repressed sexual desire he'd ever felt for her began to express itself, his hand exploring under her dress, caressing her legs, her hand reaching out to his crotch, rubbing his already hard cock which throbbed against her hand. Their kiss became more and more passionate, their tongues reaching to the back of each other's throats.

Josephine knew what they were doing was terribly wrong but she just couldn't help herself. She had years of boring marriage ahead of her, and this was her last chance to experience immense sexual pleasure outside of wedlock. She'd always fought against the feelings of sexual attraction she'd felt towards her father since she was fifteen, always pushing away the image of him coming into her room and seducing her, when she lay in her bed at night masturbating.

Now she felt totally intoxicated by him, his expensive aftershave filling her senses, the scent of his own skin just as potent, and while they were lost in their heady lust for each other, the love that had lain dormant between them suddenly came to the fore, and the intensity and passion of their kissing was like nothing either of them and ever known before. Josephine was so turned on by the idea of some pre-wedding wickedness, and she couldn't imagine anything naughtier than sex with her own father while in a wedding dress, that supposed symbol of purity.

She didn't know if he would be prepared to go that far, but she knew she could certainly do her best to tempt him. She stopped their ferocious kissing, and whispered in his ear "Daddy, I need you to lick me....go down on me pleaseeeee........".His cock throbbed once again, and he knew there was no way he could say no to that.

She leaned back on the table that had been holding all her make up, and swept off all the bottles and brushes with one aggressive motion of her hand, then lifted herself onto the table and started raising her wedding dress up, showing off her gorgeous, shapely legs that her fiancé never seemed to notice when she showed them off for him.

But her father could fully appreciate her sensuous, feminine figure and he took both her legs in his hands, slipping off her white shoes and letting his hands run over them, taking a foot in his mouth and kissing it, adoring it, then running his kisses down her legs, towards her thighs. She held her legs together tightly and let him ease her white silk panties down, and he caught the first sight of her deliciously pert peach of a pussy.

He began kissing and licking her legs again, as he made his way slowly down to her already sopping wet gash, the place he had so longed to explore but always told himself that it must never happen. He knew that he had to have his cock in there and

soon, it was so inviting, so juicy. As his mouth reached her thighs, she spread her legs as wide as she could, and she brought his head to her awaiting pussy lips, unable to bear the sexual tension any longer.

She closed her eyes, awaiting the touch of his tongue, but he teased a little first, running his tongue along the inners of her thighs, making her start to squeal. Then, when she was about to scream from the anticipation, he took a long lick of her cunt, the salty tang of her juice filling his mouth, and making him eager for more. She held his head in place with both hands and whispered "Do it....lick me Daddy....lick your baby girl on her wedding day....".The words were music to his ears, and he got to work eating her pussy, flicking his tongue against her clit which was so swollen, it looked like a popcorn kernel.

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