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The Transformation of Barbara Ann

By Donna Russet

Copyright 2018 by Donna Russet

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A beautiful wife. A beautiful life. All was wonderful and their average, vanilla marriage was what they both preferred. Yet for some unknown reason it was changing. At first Gary thought that after so many years of marriage to Barbara Ann she was just wanting to add spice to their sex life. He did not mind! He was very happy to now experience what he considered some “spice” to their physical relationship.

For some reason her behavior was far from what they both considered normal. He had to find out why she was now doing things that she had previously considered vile and immoral. Following her, he discovered several places she was now going and things she was doing while she thought he was at work. Could it be she was having an affair? She seemed to be under the influence of some not so distant power! He had to find out! He had to get his wife back!


The steam hung in the bathroom, but the hot water from the shower had long since cooled to lukewarm. Gary's thoughts were elsewhere, as he tightened the grip on his cock, bringing it to its full six-inch length. He had that sense of energy that follows the tiredness from hard work, and the sweat and dirt from mowing the lawn had long since been washed from his body.

The bathing forgotten, it was the hardness of his cock in his hand that captured his complete attention, as he soaped and lathered it, stroking repeatedly. His balls hung loosely as they swayed back and forth, occasionally hitting against his hand.

He was not thinking of anything, but just enjoying the time alone, comfortable with the thoughts of how satisfying sex had been lately with his beautiful wife. He felt the familiar stirrings within and slowed his pace, enjoying the ride along the edge that precedes orgasm. He replaced the bar of soap in the tray and tried using his right hand to stroke himself. Gary was right handed, but for whatever reason, his left hand did that job the best.

It was not long before he was coming down from his sensual high, and, really, he had not planned on Cumming in the shower, anyway. He did not want to have to clean it up or explain any sticky remains to his wife. Barbara Ann. His wife!

Thoughts of her quickly restored his cock to its full erect size. Brunette, blue eyes, 37 years old, maybe 125 lbs. Perfect tits. They hung only a little lower than when they had first married 15 years earlier, and they had grown two inches to 38-C's. Perfect, yes damn perfect.

Looking down, there was one sizeable drop of pre-cum perched on the slit of his cock, and he cleaned it off with the tip of his finger before the shower could wash it away. The drop of pre-cum he savored on his tongue. Why? Because he liked it. As he did this, he caught himself on the edge of cumming, and abruptly stopped the furious stroking of his cock... just in time.

Knowing that dinner would soon be ready, he turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. He had just an instant to recognize that his wife, clothed, was kneeling on the floor at the edge of the tub. Her hands shot out and grabbed his cock, pulling him into her mouth. His wife had never particularly enjoyed giving blowjobs, and as far as he could remember, had not let him cum in her mouth since before they were married. That was likely to change.

She devoured his cock, sucking it so fiercely that he had to hold on to the metal rail and step out of the wet tub to keep his balance. She moved with him, using one hand to pull the skin of his cock toward the base, with the tightest of grips. The head of his cock swelled purple and massive as her mouth again descended on it, her head bobbing furiously as she alternately sucked and licked it. Her eyes never left his as she ravished his cock, the picture of pure submission.

Just as he knew she had to be surprised to find him with a hard cock just after a shower, he was also sure she did not know that he had a load of cum "cocked and locked" before she even touched him. His body tightened as he fought to control his orgasm, but she sensed it, too. Both of her hands reached around and clenched his ass, pulling his balls deep into her mouth.

After less than a minute of what was otherwise the perfect blowjob, he unloaded. Spurt after spurt kept shooting the short distance to the back of her mouth. And still her blue eyes looked up at him, pleading to please in their way.

He could see cum escape her lips, dripping down her chin and onto her blouse as the last of his orgasm subsided. As she pulled her mouth away, she licked her lips before extending her tongue to wipe the cum off the head of his cock. Gary could see the gooey whiteness of his cum on her tongue and teeth as she continued to bathe his cock. She licked her fingers, wiped her chin, and then licked them again.

She stood, and, in a casual manner, as if she was telling him the forecast had a thirty percent chance of rain, she said, "Dinner's ready." Her breath carried the powerful scent of his cum, making his senses reel. She turned and let herself out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Unreal.

What was going on? And who was this stranger that looked like his wife?


When Barbara Ann returned to the kitchen, she decided that battling herself was pointless. She had a need to cum and, therefore, would. Gary would be at least a few minutes, anyway. She moved quickly to their den and sank into their couch. She raised her skirt, and she felt the heat of her body quickly remove the coolness of the leather couch.

She felt... wanton. And she had been. She reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. If Gary came down the steps and saw her, he would find his wife giving him a perfect view of her cunt. She did not really want Gary to find her this way, but the naughtiness of it, and of what she had just done with Gary, gave her all the imaginative fantasy... But it was not fantasy. She had actually done it.

Remembering the sight of his swollen cock, and the velvety feel of his cock in her hand, against her tongue, in her cheeks, and finally filling her mouth to her throat, she gave herself over to her climax, cumming with loud moans. Her desires hoped he would hear her, find her spread and fuck her; her shyness hoped that the orgasm would quickly diminish in time for her to straighten herself up.

She managed to stifle her moans as her orgasm finished its convulsing, and, catching her breath, she climbed off the couch. She went to the kitchen to grab a paper towel to wipe up the wetness she had left behind. So much wetness for so short a time. She returned to the kitchen and was about to use the ladle to scoop out stew that had been cooking in the crock-pot all day, when she realized that she had not really cleaned her hand. She wiped her gooey hand and fingers on the edge of a bowl. That would be Gary's bowl. She could not help but grin.

And now that she was returning to her senses, the wetness of her cunt was giving her chills because of the air-conditioning. She was not wearing any panties, but for the life of her, she could not think why not. She had planned on the blowjob, and Gary would not recover fast enough to give her a good fuck. What had she been thinking? She raised her skirt slightly and raked a couple of fingers across her cunt, scooping her fluids. She wiped her fingers on Gary's bowl. Damn! She was wet. She scooped again, and again, until she was more or less dry.

Most of her juices had gathered in a small pool at the bottom of the bowl but were otherwise stuck on the down-slope of the bowl. She emptied a ladle of stew into it, obscuring what she knew was mixing with his dinner. Screw him if he cannot take a joke, she thought. He will probably never taste it anyway. She placed their bowls and drinks on the table and went to the bathroom to check herself.

Some of Gary's cum had dried on her chin, and she saw that some was on her blouse. She was about to wash up when she felt a sense of wrongness about it. What seemed right was to leave it as it was, tantalizing Gary through dinner and beyond. A grin again spread across her lips, and a wonderful sense of fulfillment washed over her.

Although she felt good physically of late, she had developed a concern that she was not pleasing Gary sexually. She frequently had assorted sinus infections, back and neck pain, and just general aches that seemed to reduce her interest in physical intimacy. But for the last few months, she only had some minor neck or back pains, and even that occurred on rare days. She loved Gary, and with her body feeling good, he had to know that she loved him. To have and to hold, that was the vow.

The love was there. The commitment was there. But something nagged at her, telling her that she needed to prove herself sexually to him, to be the aggressor, the experimenter, the temptress. She wondered where all these ideas for sex had been hiding, because for the past 15 years, love-making just occurred... naturally... in its own time.

It was rare that she fantasized about anything. She did enjoy romance novels, but she never actually fantasized about Gary. Anything other than watching his cock spurt cum onto her breasts. That was still her favorite. Oh yes. She heard Gary descending the stairs, so she quickly rubbed yet more fluids from her cunt, and then hurriedly wiped it off on her napkin, except just a little "bit" on Gary's spoon. She gave him a nice smile as he entered.


Gary was driving to work the following morning, a grin his face, where it had been stuck for weeks, it seemed. The visual images of the perfect blowjob the previous evening and of his cum leaking from Barbara Ann's lips, which were wrapped around his cock... He had to stop thinking about that. It was unsafe to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other rubbing his rock-hard cock through his wool dress slacks. Still, he marveled at it, now certain that, yes, that was only the second "complete" blowjob she had ever given him. Then to have to eat dinner seeing small globs of white cum drying on her black blouse... and those bits on her cheek and chin... It was more than he could take. Still, it did not limit his shock when, after finishing dinner, she had stood up, dropped her skirt, bent over the dinner table, spread her legs and said, "Don't ask why. I just need to be fucked, right here, right now!"

As he stood behind her, removing his shorts, she had reached between her legs, parting her cunt lips, moist, no, very wet, forming the perfect invitation. He could not think of Barbara Ann ever having offered her sex so brazenly. His cock had been kind to both of them, and he was able to watch for what seemed like forever as he slid in and out of his wife's pussy, before shooting whatever jism remained in his balls into her.

Dammit! He felt his balls tighten, and he came in his pants. At the next light, he looked for napkins in the glove compartment and could not find any. And, it was still a thirty-minute commute to the office. He thought that surely there could not be much cum left over after last night, but the wetness in his pants did not reassure him.

What WAS going on? Only a couple of months ago, he was happy to get a nice feel of one of her tits without getting snarled at. Why could not he just jump into this slice of heaven that she was presenting him? Everything felt so right... but something felt so very wrong. It did not make any sense. Anything other than vanilla "making love" had always been left to him to initiate, and always with the possibility that she would not be interested. Why the dramatic change? He had to think.

For the past six weeks or so, her desires had been more frequent and much more imaginative. It had begun with little changes. Sex on the couch. Sex on the floor. A slow grind of his cock with her hand under a restaurant table, a night out without a bra. She had been willing to do these things before, but it was never her idea to do it. But it was more than that; she was getting clever about it.

As he thought back, he had not even noticed that she was not wearing the bra that evening, because it had always been safe to assume that she was, particularly if wearing dresses or anything at all that revealed her feminine form. She was always so shy about revealing her figure, and particularly wearing anything tight on her chest. She had let him know that she was not wearing a bra as she was getting into their van, after dinner, in a crowded parking lot.

For once, he had acted the gentleman and opened the door for her. She had sat, with her feet on the door well, and making a pained face and twisting in some sort of discomfort said, "There is something in my shirt." With the door still open, she raised her blouse, slowly, to expose one of her 38 C's, the nipple hardening quickly. She grasped under her breast raising it, looking down at it, and then pinched her nipple, rolling it briefly between her fingers.

"Oh, that is all it is." She had winked at him, turned forward in her seat, fastened her seat belt, and only then did she lower her blouse back into place.

He was faced with walking around the car with an obviously stiff cock in his pants, capturing the eye of a lady who had just parked her car. This type of exhibition just did not happen with his wife and especially in daylight in an area with people around. His previous requests for quick flashes were always greeted by a deep sigh, followed by a "if I have to" roll of the eyes and the briefest of glimpses of a breast. He loved her breasts. He would not stop asking.

Before they were married, Barbara Ann had a spirit of adventure, or at least, a nympho's desire for a cock within her cunt at every available chance, which was still limited due to a long-distance weekend romance. He could remember sex on the roof of a dorm in college, in a lobby of a locked building that they had sneaked into, on her parent's den floor while her parents were asleep, in a car on the side of a road, on the roof of a downtown hotel, in a motel room when four friends were sleeping, on the beach in the afternoon, or in a golf fairway at night.

It did not surprise him that sex in married life would become less frequent, or that their likes and dislikes would settle into more or less a permanent, less exciting, compromise. But it did surprise him now that, after all these years, she seemed to be getting spontaneity back into their relationship again. Again, why? He arrived at the office, and after a brief detour to the restroom, began thinking on other matters.


It seemed to Barbara Ann that since mid-morning, all she could think about was "5:30." That was when Gary would be home from work. It had been about a week since her last surprise, and although they had made love once during the weekend, her doubts about her sexual inadequacy were rising again. At 4:30, she took a bath. A long, luxurious one. Scented bath oil. A candle on the edge of the tub. "5:30" crossed her mind again. She checked the clock. No, not yet.

She re-read her favorite Romance novel, a wickedly sensuous story in which a young woman is captured by a muscular pirating Viking, who rapes her for weeks following his conquest, and then falls in love with her battling spirit. And she for him. She fingered her clit. She imagined how horrible it would be to be captured and taken like that. The thought of "5:30" awakened her from her dreamy masturbations. It was now 5:10, and the water had cooled. She got out of the tub, toweled herself dry, brushed her hair, and sprayed herself with just a hint of perfume on her neck.

She went downstairs, removed the vacuum cleaner from its closet, plugged it in, and waited by the window to watch for Gary returning home. She was sure this would please him. He entered the house, admittedly thinking about sex. Gary was thinking all had returned to normal, as the weekend's sex had been "ordinary," in their bed, but very loving, very satisfying. He parked the car in the garage, entered the kitchen and heard vacuuming from the Den. He turned the corner and found Barbara Ann vacuuming the den, naked. Only once before had she done housework naked, and that was just topless. The air-conditioner had broken, and it had been hot in the house. The air-conditioner was working now... And yet, here she was... naked as the day she was born.

The noise from the vacuum meant that she probably had not heard either the garage door opener or the kitchen door, and he was able to watch from behind as her breasts gently swung with the sweeping motions that she made. Her back was slightly bent so that the fullness of her breasts jiggled in a way that made his cock instantly hard and uncomfortable in his pants. She leaned over to pick something off the floor, and he could see her wispy cunt hair between her legs, visible clearly against the light coming in from the den window.

He retreated into the kitchen slightly, so that she would not see him. After he quickly shed his clothes, he raced to her from behind. With his left hand, he seized her dangling breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers, finding the nipple already stiff. At the same time, his right hand reached around her waist and found her pussy with his fingers. She was wet. She gave a startled jump, dropped the vacuum cleaner, and leaned forward, placing her hands on the window sill, arching her ass in invitation. She had not even looked to make sure it was him. As he placed his hands on her pelvis, he saw that she had written, somehow, the words "FUCK ME" on her ass in red ink.

He did not wait any longer. He rammed his cock home, his hands still on her pelvis, pulling her against him with each thrust. And even as the pleasure within his cock fought coherent thought, he wondered what had made her so wet. Vacuuming in the nude? No. Being nude in front of the window where others could see? Maybe. Probably not. It would be unlikely that anyone would see her. Her panting turned into moans, becoming short screams, her whole body bucking against him, crying out a desire for passion.

With the smacking sounds of his balls slapping against her ass and a slight reflection in the window of her breasts swinging savagely in time with each thrust, he felt his cock swell to a rare fullness. It was a fullness that he knew she had to feel stretching her cunt lips, because the tightness and the furnace that was her cunt gave him no choice but to shoot his load.

She was not done with him, not by a long shot. She pushed him onto the floor, and somehow his cock remained stiff enough for her to sit atop him and grind her cunt into him. She tantalized him with her breasts, lowering them to his lips and then pulling away just as he was about to capture them with his mouth. She knew her breasts were the tools that could keep him hard as a rock. She finally raised herself on her legs, squatted over him, slamming herself down on his cock repeatedly, which gave him a great view of his cock piercing his lovely wife.

As she began her orgasm, he could feel their fluids run down his cock and between his legs. She finally placed her fingers at her clit and brought herself off to a climax that ended with a throaty "YES! YES! YES!" that sounded like it had waited ages to emerge. He came again, just as her leg strength gave out and she fell across his chest. His cock slipped from between her legs, and after no more than a minute, she rose to turn the vacuum cleaner off, and she went up the stairs. It was the best way possible to come home from work, but he hoped, maybe, they could actually share a kiss later.

In the bathroom, Barbara Ann felt that she was, truly, the best wife in the world. How could any woman please her man more? She had been provocative and surprising, and it was downright fun! It had seemed that she was out of her mind, unable to think, as her body responded to Gary's cock spreading her sensitive areas, pistoning within her as she was "taken" by "her" unseen man. Her body was sated her mind satisfied that "5:30" had been worth the wait.

She was absently staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, when she began to focus on her body. Maybe her right breast hung a little lower than the other, but she was pleased with her smooth luminous skin. She marveled at all the pink flushes in her skin, the redness of her swollen cunt lips. She turned, watching, and... What? How - WHEN - had Gary managed to write THAT there?


He was thankful, yes. But now the suspicions would not go away. He could not admit to himself that she was having an affair, but the seemingly weekly regularity of this sexually aggressive lioness invited all kinds of unsettling thoughts.

A few days later, Barbara Ann went off to run some errands, so he used the time to search around the house for any clues as to what might have ignited her libido. He searched under the bathroom sink, through her closet, her desk, and her bedside table. He booted her computer and checked her e-mails, documents and any other place that might provide a clue. He did not know what he was looking for, and he did not find it. X-rated videotapes, letters from an admirer, appointments on her calendar... there was nothing. He decided to start recording these "events" on his own calendar, hoping they would continue, but fearing a pattern would emerge.

One night, after watching baseball on TV, all was quiet in the house, and he wondered where she was. It was time to go to bed, and they usually went together. He found her already in their bed, eyes closed, legs spread wide, with a huge black vibrator humming noisily as she cycled it in and out of her cunt. A welcome sight, yes, but where did she get the vibrator? She already had a couple of others. Why that one? It was certainly fatter, thicker than his cock, by far. And black. It contrasted nicely against her flushed skin, but why black? What part of town had she been in to buy it?

Despite being disturbed and curious, his cock throbbed at the sight, and he was in need of release. He did not know if she knew he was there or not, but with the TV off downstairs, she probably did. He found his release on her breasts. Hot cum splashed across her tits, and she did not even open an eye. That was one of her favorite turn-ons. Just what was the fantasy she was into so deeply in her mind?

He recorded the date on his calendar. It was curious, but for some reason he could not bring himself to talk to Barbara Ann about their sex life. With her being so aggressive, it seemed like she would bring it up, but she did not. In fact, she seemed to avoid the subject, and had avoided the subject over the past several months, almost as if it had never happened. He brooded with suspicion.

The "events," as he recorded them, he realized were very easy to identify. The next event happened while shopping at the mall. When clothes shopping, he was in the habit of finding a seat, or more often, standing near the women's dressing room in those stores that did not provide seats, a pet peeve. Barbara Ann would step out periodically to see how he liked the outfits she was trying on. At Macy's, on an obviously slow night, after trying on several evening dresses that had not quite worked, she stepped into the dressing room entry area naked, except for her heeled leather shoes.

She had taken a chance that nobody would be around, and he had not paid any attention to where the security cameras were. She struck a pose, reflected on all sides by the mirrors placed there. She stretched out a hand and curled a finger in invitation. He accepted. He could not help but wonder if others did not notice the smell of sex that went with them as they left the store ten minutes later. He later recorded the date on his calendar.


Barbara Ann had been horny for over a day. She had seen the chiropractor the day before, and her back felt great. It had been giving her problems lately, but the adjustments seemed to work. She had really wanted to jump Gary's bones when he returned home the day before, but she had an idea that required more time, and she put it to work. She had written a note to Gary and placed it on his passenger seat late the night before, so that he would find it on his way to work. It said, "When you come home, I will be cumming too. On the deck."

That would give him something to think about. And it had given her something to do. She looked down at her cunt. It was a little sensitive, but it looked remarkably different without the curls of her brunette hair. She replaced the razor on the soap dish and rinsed herself with water. He would like this. She better follow through with some wax to make sure all of the hair was gone.

Once this was done, she abated the stinging with some lotion. She inspected herself in the mirror, covering her face with her hands, embarrassed at the sight of her own clit, sticking out, asking for attention. She gave it a little rub, which sent jolts of pleasure through her. She stopped, feeling it was wrong to pleasure herself, as if it might somehow stop her from giving her all to her husband. Besides, she had some painting to do.


It had been another week since our clothes shopping expedition and the note Gary found in his car said it was time for another "event." A few newspapers were on their neighbor's driveway, so he assumed they were away. Besides, their deck was relatively private when leaves were on the trees. That was good, as he had no doubt that whatever she had planned on the deck would have to include sex and nudity. In fact, he recorded it on the calendar before he arrived home.

There was not much risk involved with the neighbors away, but exhibiting herself in any way on the deck was still completely out of character for her, at least, until recently. He had not gotten much accomplished at work, his thoughts always drifting to what he might find at home. He had called, but there was no answer. The thought of her having an affair kept recurring, and he had decided that he might follow her around the next week. It would be easy enough to appear "out on sales calls." He parked the car in the garage. Although he had suspicions, it did not stop him from being excited about the prospects awaiting him.

He found her, as the note had said, on the back deck, with her hands pumping the black vibrator in and out of her cunt. She was reclining in one of their swivel deck chairs, with an unusual looking and new bikini. He approached her. Ahhh, she was wearing paint. She had used fluorescent body paint that they had purchased years ago at a gag store and never used. She had painted her nipples orange, one breast "cup" blue and the other green. Pink "strings" completed the bikini top. The "bottoms" were also pink, and he realized, happily, that her cunt was shaved to allow for the paint. She had shaved herself once a couple of years earlier, with the comment afterwards that she would never do it again, due to the itching that followed. Well, she had lied.

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