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Chloe’s Summer Job


Hope Red

Book One of the

Rear Awakenings Series

Hope Red Copyright © 2017

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The Job

The Plug

Puppy Dog Tail

The Strapon

The Submitting

The Test

The Job

Chloe slammed the door behind her. All short red dress, legs and eyeliner, she pulled off her heels and marched her way moodily down the hallway. The aim was to make it to her room and get out of the tight fitting dress that was squeezing her in all the sensitive places. She hadn’t got past the kitchen door before her mother, Emily, called her back.

“Chloe? You’re back a bit early aren’t you? I thought you were going to see that band with Hannah.”

“That’s what I thought too, Mom. That was until the doorman checked us at the door. Can you believe he wouldn’t let us in?” Chloe said sulkily. “We showed him our university student cards and explained that we were both eighteen but he said we didn’t look it and that our ‘possibly fake’ ID didn’t even have a date of birth on it.”

“Aw, don’t feel bad sweetie. One day you’ll realise that looking young for your age is a blessing”, consoled Emily.

She stroked Chloe’s cheek and gently brushed her fingers down and under her heart shaped chin until she delicately propped up her daughters face like a prized ornament. “Look at those beautiful blue and green eyes and your soft, creamy skin just like me. You can thank me any time you want for those, Chloe”, laughed Emily.

“Mom!” Chloe droned in mock embarrassment.

“Now get your cute butt up the stairs and have a shower and then I can tell you the great news I have for you.”

Chloe nodded and ran up the stairs; the dress riding up as she moved quickly on the steps, partly revealing her ass cheeks by the time she had got to her room. In one swift but forceful motion she managed to pull the dress over her head and onto the floor. She gave it a little kick towards her wardrobe, forming the intention of picking it up and hanging it sometime later. She hadn’t been wearing a bra that night so, by the time she had made it to the bathroom mirror, all she had on was a thong designed to be so discreet under a tight dress that she was almost naked. She looked herself up and down in the mirror and used the smaller cabinet mirror to help her get an all round view as she rotated slowly left and right.

The routine assessment cheered her up. She did indeed have the most flawless, soft skin of anyone she knew. She had inherited that from her mom along with her light brown hair that cascaded over her delicate shoulders but stopped before her small but gravity defying breasts. At five foot three inches, she didn’t have the height of someone who could pull off looking older than she was but her slim waist helped to show off the shape of her hips and thighs. She spun on the spot so that she could see the line of her back and looked down. She thought back to all the whispered cheeky comments that boys used to make about her ass and what they would have liked to have done with it. She remembered the stares she used to get in the changing rooms from other girls. It is very round and pert, she thought, and gave both cheeks a slap that gave her a tingle in the pit of her tummy.

She turned the shower on to warm up the water and peeled the thong from between her cheeks and dropped it on the floor. She jumped into the shower and washed the makeup and disappointing evening off of her body.

Emily had made herself and Chloe a large mug of Cocoa. It was the first thing Chloe smelled as she walked into the living room before she flopped herself down on the sofa dressed in a light blue soft buttoned shirt and pyjama bottoms. She sipped the slightly too hot cocoa and stared expectantly at her mom.

“I have some great news. You know you’ve been telling me how desperate you are for some extra money to take with you to university? Well, I was telling Jenny how things were a bit tight with us at the moment, how you could really use some extra cash and that you had a couple of months free in the summer holidays”, Emily said excitedly.

Jenny was Chloe’s mom’s best friend. They went to school together and had known each other a long time, re-igniting their friendship a few years ago. Chloe always felt a little strange around Jenny, as though she was being watched or weighed up. It was almost as though Jenny was a cat and Chloe was a little bird bobbing around on the grass in front of it. Anyway, what was Mom saying?

“…Jenny highly recommended you to Eva and the toyshop sounds like a great place to gain some experience and the pay is meant to be really good. Jenny says that the shop has a lot of important clients and has a big online presence, whatever that means.”

A toyshop? Chloe thought. Moving around dolls all day and listening to screaming kids… but she was desperate for some money and she hadn’t managed to find a job so far.

“I would be so proud to have my little girl working, with a uniform and a badge. Oh, and Jenny said that Eva would let you start tomorrow.”

Fine, Chloe thought, at least its some money and I could even put it towards a car.

“Ok Mom. A toy shop does sound a bit dull but if it makes you proud, just find out from Jenny where I need to go and what time and I’ll give it a go”.

“That’s great sweetheart. I’ll text Jenny now and get the details. She said the place is called PP toys”.

“Right, I’d better get myself off to bed then. See you in the morning, Mom”, Chloe said, downing the now cool cocoa and giving Emily a hug and a kiss.

As she worked her way up the stairs she stopped for a moment and froze. There was only one toyshop in town that she knew of and that wasn’t owned by someone called Eva. For a second she wondered what the ‘PP’ in PP toys stood for but thought that she would definitely find out soon enough.

The Plug

It was 7.30 am. Chloe sat naked on the edge of her bed. Her small feet were placed on the seat of her dresser stool. Her now pink toenails dried as she applied the same colour carefully to her fingers.

“What to wear?” she questioned to herself out loud.

Do you go with something professional looking or would something more toyshop appropriate be dungarees and a t-shirt? It took some tries and several complete changes but, finally, Chloe decided upon a pair of grey striped suit trousers and a light pink chenille polo shirt.

“Not bad”, she said very pleased with her effort and gave herself a pink lipstick smile and a little wink in the mirror.

She ran down the stairs and grabbed the packed lunch her mom had left for her on the kitchen table and the directions to get to the toyshop from under a little ceramic peach fridge magnet. Emily had already left for work at the reception of the Hotel.

She put the brown paper package and the note into her old school satchel and went to find her open toed thick black heels under the pile of shoes that she and Emily had stuffed into the cupboard near the front door. She slipped them on and made herself a bit taller by doing so. Her body adjusted to the new position by arching slightly in her back and her bum stuck out a bit more in the form fitting trousers.

She grabbed her keys and left the house, locking up behind her. She walked to the bus stop down the road, enjoying the clopping noise her shoes made as she got the note out her satchel to check which bus she’d need to take.

One change of bus and twenty minutes later, Chloe arrived at the street on the note her mom had left.

This doesn’t look right, she thought. Why would a toyshop set up in an industrial estate? Maybe it’s one of those online shops. Mom did say it had a - what was it? -‘Big online presence’.

She’d never been in the industrial part of town before. She had heard of the area though. People had called it ‘Greenback commercial park’ she remembered as she clicked and clacked over the paving. She passed a couple of small warehouses as she tried to make sense of the numbers that replaced street names inside the estate. A couple of what she could only describe as workers stood outside one of the warehouses smoking, probably on a break. They wore boiler suits of some type and hard hats. Both men had stubble, were quite tall and had small, narrow eyes. She didn’t feel comfortable approaching them but she was feeling lost and she only had another five minutes to make a good impression and arrive on time to her first day of work.

“Excuse me”, Chloe opened to get the men’s attention.

They looked up…and then down and then up again and gave each other a quick glance.

“Can we help you, miss?” the man on the left rasped through smoke.

“I hope so”, Chloe responded thankfully. “I am a bit lost and I have to get to work. It’s my first day at a toyshop round her. Do either of you know where PP Toys might be?”

The look on the men’s face changed immediately. They sniggered to each other and stopped looking at Chloe in the eyes and started to nudge each other with their elbows, looking at her up and down more obviously.

“Zone five. Next left. Building on the end. No sign outside. Has a red door”, the other one croaked slowly.

Confused by their behaviour, Chloe thanked them and walked on to find the sign for zone five. She turned left and walked down a long line of buildings until she came to the last building. It did indeed have a red door. The door was at the front of the building but was up a flight of metal stairs to the right of what was a very large warehouse. On ground level, large metal roller doors were shut and a small barred window on the left were the only features that she could see. It was all very quiet and there seemed to be no signs of life except for a couple of cars in the car park.

She climbed the stairs, making an even louder sound with her shoes on the metal, holding on to the rail to avoid tripping on the wide, open steps. On getting to the top, knowing that she was already a couple of minutes late, she knocked on the door without hesitation… nothing. Nobody came to the door and no noises could be heard inside. Chloe waited another minute and knocked again. She gave it a little more time than before. Still nothing. Maybe she had the wrong place. It certainly didn’t have a toyshop feel to it and nobody seemed to be in. She turned and started to carefully work her way down the first steps when she heard the door squeak open behind her.

She turned and smiled automatically as she met the gaze of the woman at the door. She was stunning. In her thirties, long, dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and lightly tanned skin just a shade darker than Chloe’s. She was taller than Chloe by at least five inches. A line that could have worked equally well with a smile or a frown framed her mouth.

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