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Henry C. Roberts

Elle has the largest breasts of any Boobers girl Willy has ever seen. At 5’3, petite, and maybe 108 pounds soaking wet, her 32H breasts appear mountainous. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wooden cross hanging above her heavens.”

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Willy is in his office in the back of the restaurant. He’s counting and separating tips for the day for the kitchen staff. Kitchen staff shares 20% of the waitresses’ tips.

As Head Fry cook, one of Willy’s tasks is to collect the 20% from the waitresses. Willy has the money separated into five piles. Of course, Willy’s pile is stacked higher, like normal. Since no one knows the total amount, it is easy to take just a little more.

Willy has worked at Boobers restaurant for almost 15 years. He started, at the age of 25, cleaning tables. Now, at 40, Willy has advanced to the second highest position in the restaurant, Head Fry Cook. When he first started, everyone knew the Head Fry Cook took more of the nightly tips. So, Willy figured he is just continuing the tradition. He hears a knock at the door.

“Yes, what do you want!?” Willy barked at the door. He doesn’t like being interrupted during this delicate work.

The door opens and Elle Texas walks into the office.

“Mr. Willy, I almost forgot to bring you my 20% for the night.”



Elle Texas, 18, has been working at Boobers for almost 6 months. She is a student at HSU (Hooter State University). On her first day on the job, Elle was given the title of ‘Bustiest Waitress,’ a title given and known only by the kitchen staff. It was last held by Julia, also a HSU student. Since this branch of Boobers is next to HSU, the university supplies all of the waitresses.

HSU is an all-girls college. At Hooter State University every student is female and well-endowed in the breast category. The University’s goal is to provide a male-free campus for voluptuous girls, so the students can focus on their studies. “NO BOYS ALLOWED” is posted all around campus.

Opening a Boobers near HSU was genius. The smallest bra size of the waitresses is DD. The restaurant is popular and known nationally. Lunch and weekends the place is packed. The girls usually make $1000 in tips nightly, and the restaurant’s policy is each waitress has to share 20% of her tips with the kitchen staff. This policy is to encourage the kitchen to produce top-notch food.

Now, Elle has the largest breasts of any Boobers girl Willy has ever seen. At 5’3, petite, and maybe 108 pounds soaking wet, her 32H breasts appear mountainous. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a wooden cross hanging above her heavens.

When she walks in a room, every guy turns to look. Elle’s little wooden cross, which dangles above her vast cleavage valley, draws every pair of eyes. Some nights, there is a two-hour wait to sit at one of Elle’s tables. Even though Elle attends an all-girl college, she still has a boyfriend. A jock named, Larry Hard, who attends Jock University across town.


…“Mr. Willy I almost forgot to bring you my 20% for the night.”

Willy looks up and sees Elle. He perks up immediately. A smile comes to his face, and he sits up straight. Willy even tries to suck in his beer belly.

“No problem Elle, I trust you,” replies Willy as his eyes focus on the small wooden cross hanging above her immense cleavage. “You’re such a nice girl. How did tits … tips go, tonight?

“I did great. One thousand two hundred forty-five bucks, and only a four-hour shift.”

“Sweet, let’s just say $250.”

“Well, Mr. Willy, I have one question,” Elle says looking down nervously.

“Sure! Dear, anything. Please feel comfortable.”

Umm.. I... I am saving to buy a car. I need twenty thousand. And, I want to have the money before the semester starts.”

Willy smiles, his brain not quite following. His eyes focus mainly on her chest. Elle is wearing her tight white Boobers shirt which clings to her full chest. Boobers’ shirts have a V-neck and the store’s name on the front with a smile. The shirt is so tight it gives a hint of her lace bra. Plus, her shirt is low cut, so it shows an ample amount of cleavage.

He tries to think of a reply, but the sweet smell of her perfume along with her curves cloud his thoughts. Willy decides to just be encouraging, and he says, “With the tips you make, you will have it soon enough.”

Elle looks up. She bites her full bottom lip nervously and smiles lightly. Elle says, “Yes, I will, eventually. However, if I make it before the semester starts, my dad will double it for a new BMW. Then, I can focus on school. So, I was thinking of a deal.”

“Deal? What do you mean? ” Willy crosses his arms over his chest. They rest on his beer belly. His posture shows concern and defensiveness about being scammed.

Still biting her lip, Elle continues as her eyes glance around the room. Shyly, this next part comes out a little awkward. Elle asks, “Willy, if I can keep my 20% each night, I will save faster. What if instead of giving you the money, I give you something, else?”

“Elle, the rules are the rules. Every waitress has to share. I have to mark the books. What else are you going to give?”

“My Breasts”

“Elle, I can’t acc…ept,” Willy started to argue and stops mid-sentence. Then, his mind catches that she says, ‘Breasts’. His jaw drops. He is stunned. Since Elle started working at Boobers, he wanted her breasts. Speechless, he tries to continue but mumble spills out, “awww... umm. Nnn” comes out.

Elle giggles at his reaction to her statement. Of course, she knows men stare at her chest all day, but she still doesn’t understand their powers. She is naive and a bit of an air-head. Hearing Willy’s reply, she decides to explain, more.

“If I let you see my breasts, can I keep my 20%?”

“I... I ummm,” Willy’s brain clicks in, and he says, “Yes. Yes, that works.” After his response, he starts to think how easy it will be to change the numbers from the other waitresses to hide the loss. ‘Shit,’ he thinks, ‘even if I have to cut my share, it’s worth it.’

Elle’s arms press to her chest in excitement. She jumps up and down slightly on her toes in her white sneakers with a happy smile on her face. She hoped he would take her offer, but also, she feared she might get in trouble. She walks over to his desk, and her arms fall down to her side.

“Awesome, thanks. You’re the best, Willy. I was worried you may get upset.”

Willy is shocked. She just thanked him for the opportunity to show him her voluptuous over-developed young breasts. He should be on his knees thanking her and the gods above, but she thanked him. Willy now realizes the blond bombshell is a ditz. He thought it before, but, also thought she might be acting in the restaurant for tips, but now, he knows the truth. He plans to use this knowledge. Willy is not sure how or when, but he is saving this bit of knowledge.

“Now, should I just stand here? Elle asked. She has an innocent blank look on her face as she asks.

“Umm. No! First, lock the door. We don’t want to get caught. Right?”

“Good idea. I didn’t think about being caught. That would be bad.”

Willy watches her lock the door. As she turns back to him, he turns the desk chair to face the side of his desk. “Come stand in front of me,” Willy says struggling not to smile like a perverted teen.

Elle walks over to the side of Willy’s desk. She is smiling softly. Elle bites her lip and wants to get this over, so without asking; she starts to pull her Boobers shirt up over her head. “No touching. Right? ” she asked pausing with the shirt half removed. Her pale flat waist and the underside of her white lace bra is exposed.

Willy's eyes go as wide as a deer caught in headlights. His eyes are open so wide, they are the size of a fifty-cent coin. He cannot believe it. He is watching Elle Texas remove her shirt, and she is standing right in front of him in his office. As she starts to lifts the shirt over her head, he gets the first complete glimpse of her bra. He hears her say, ‘No touching,’ he can only get out, “mmm hmm.” At this point, he would agree to anything. As she continues the removing path with her shirt, Elle stands in front of him with just a white lace bra and her red shorts. The bra covers the bottom half her impressive chest.

Elle’s breasts are pouring out her lingerie. A mountainous cavern of cleavage is visible. Her cleavage alone is more breast than half the waitresses in the restaurant. Her lace bra gives a hint of her areola. The lace bra does a heroic job of lifting Elle’s immense breasts which explain the abundant volume of cleavage.

With her shirt removed, her midriff is completely visible, as compared to the partly exposed stomach her shirt usually exposes. Willy is impressed by Elle’s petite frame and flat silk pale waistline. Her waist starts the lower curve of her frame. The front view of her hides the full juicy plump rear-end behind her.

“Ok, Willy. You’ve seen them.”

Willy’s heart drops in his chest. He almost starts to cry thinking, ‘It’s over?’, but it just began. He stumbles for words, and says, “W... w... what? You still have your bra on?”

“I never said, ‘I would remove my bra’, silly. I barely ever expose my breasts, completely,” Elle’s says as her eyes drift to the side and down which tells she is shy about her breasts. Maybe even a little embarrassed about their tremendous size. She looks down at the ground with a timid smile on her face. “I… um… I have only let a couple guys see my bare breasts. Willy, it’s, you know, personal. I guess.”

Willy tries to search for a reply. He is taken off guard. “I thought we had a deal. I misunderstood. I thought you meant, completely. Man, Elle!!”

“Sorry,” Elle replies with a light giggle and timid tone in her reply.

“I get it. It’s OK. I understand Elle. You are so nice to let me see your breasts in your bra. Wow, they look amazing. You are the prettiest waitress,” Willy says noticing Elle is embarrassed and flattered by his comments. “How about a little change, Elle? Some touching?”

“I don’t know”

“With your bra on, I mean. Touching over your bra. Gentle and Innocent, I promise,” Willy says stern like a salesman closing a deal.

“I don’t know, Willy. We said just looking, but since misunderstanding each other, OK. Just a little.”

Willy moves to the edge of his desk chair. With Elle taking a timid step forward, she is standing directly in front of him. Willy reaches up with both hands. He cups Elle’s breasts. His hands have just caressed heaven. As Willy’s fingers come down fully on her breasts, his fingertips touch her bare cleavage. He almost shoots a load right then. Willy feels his cock become rigid in his pants.

Willy starts the caress. He’s gentle to start. Just touching and groping softly to not alarm her of his obsessive perversion. Willy, after a few minutes, starts to increase his pressure. His fingertips sink into her cleavage. As his thumb slides over the white lace of her bra, he feels her nipple perk.

Elle’s nipple starts to stiffen in response to his touch. Feeling her nipple as his pinky finger slide over her bra, he can’t control himself. Her nipple feels so firm and perky. He starts to drool thinking of licking her firm pink stiff nipple. Her nipple feels to be the size of an eraser on a #2 pencil. His grip becomes harder and harder. His pinky and ring finger catch and pinch her nipple.

“Ow. Willy, not so rough. I don’t let guys,” Elle complained as he manhandles her mounds. “Ow Willy, my nipple! We are done.”

Willy lowers his arms. He realizes he may have ruined any future deals. “Elle, I’m so sorry. You are so beautiful. I just got carried away. I can’t help it. I promise to be nice. Next time?”

“OK, I know,” Elle says seeming to accept his apology with a soft giggle as she blushes. She likes hearing him call her beautiful. Her jerk boyfriend barely gives her any compliment. “It’s just, I don’t usually let guys... you know... touch them like this.”

“Wow, I am surprised your boyfriend doesn’t beg daily. I would. Promise to be good,” Willy says as he is aroused hearing about her innocence. He stands to give her a hug. “How about a hug before you go?” Willy’s arms are open wide.

Elle standing still has her arms open slightly. She feels Willy pull her in close to hug her tight and firm. She also feels something hard. ‘OMG’, she thinks. ‘It’s his thing! He is rock hard!’ She feels it poke her stomach as he holds her.

“Ummm. Willy! You’re poking me.”

Willy holds the hug longer. He feels her enlarged chest pressing into his beer belly. Then, he realizes what she is talking about. His cock is a steel bat. He knew he was excited, but never thought this much. “Man, Elle, I’m… Oh wow, at my age, this doesn’t happen often,” Willy says lying to the ditzy waitress.

Willy releases Elle from his grip. As they separate, she sees his pants have a large bulging tent. Elle is flattered from Willy’s comment, ‘doesn’t happen often.’ She knows she turns guys on, but she isn’t face-to-face with it often, or stomach to dick.

“Ohh,” Elle giggles in response.

“Shit, People can’t see me like this. Man, it will be bad for both of us.”

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