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A Different


Part 1

Henry C. Roberts she adjusts her outfit. Standing in her white high heels, she looks amazing. The transparent blouse is tied just under her vastly ample chest. With her mountainous chest lifted and on display through the top, her HH breasts are a perfection of art on display.”

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Scientists have determined that there are many planets that resemble Earth across the universe. Furthermore, research has determined that there are an infinite number of universes unknown to us. Therefore, one may theorize with some validity that Earth may exist in parallel with our known universe.

This world’s development began similarly to our own. However, about 1950, the alternate Earth’s existence was radically altered. A plague wiped out over 90% of the dominant species, humans. Later, researchers determined that the plague was generated by a combination of factors that included rising levels of toxicity in the environment and climate change.

It took the planet and its inhabitants about 200 years to recover, but life finds a way, and the human species rallied. Each of the seven continents has one or two major societies starting to grow and thrive. In the region once known as the United States of America, three major societies emerged. These societies exist in what was once New York City, Houston, and San Francisco.

In each of these regions, the society recovered to the levels prior to the plague of 1950. There are airports, seaports, and train systems connecting each society. Thru voyages to another continent, the world stays connected.

In each region, the normal aspects of any society emerged and recovered. People lived in the metropolitan neighborhoods and spread into the urban farmlands. Schools were built and rebuilt to teach the children, and people commuted to work. However, there is one major difference.

The plague killed approximately nine every ten males of the human race. Following stabilization over the last two centuries, the current ratio is approximately one male to every dozen females. Therefore, population growth has been slow. Once the Societies started to organize and come together, a global law was passed by the governing council: “Every female of adult age and single must agree to the request for sexual encounters from any male of adult age and single.”

Initially, following passage of this law, these requests were met with eagerness. While the male’s libido stayed about the same after the plague, the female’s libido seemed to increase over the generations. This increased libido mixed with the number of males available to make a request has increased the desire on the part of most females. Men were wanted, and sometimes, the price was at a premium. And as human nature might have it, as time has passed, a few guys might be taking advantage of this law.

A Different World



Joey reads ‘History of Houston’ on the cover of his textbook. Spending three hours studying history is enough for his brain. The Society of Houston has expanded outwards to what was once San Antonio and Austin. However, even though the society is increasing its territory, it’s only considered, the Society of Houston.

Joey lives in a suburb type neighborhood close to what was once Austin. In this section of the Society, the main goal is Network Development. Most people are employed in developing and maintaining the computer networks for the entire society. Joey’s parents are Heads of a major division, so their careers keep them out of the house and traveling around the Society most of the year. This leaves the house quiet except for Joey and Helga, the Nanny.

Having a quiet home is perfect for studying. This is why Susie has studied with Joey throughout High School. A quiet place and Joey’s high intelligence scores are reasons Susie has earned a 3.5 GPA and not a 2.5 GPA at graduation.

Susie Powers closes her History text and packs her bag, and Joey glances toward her. Joey and Susie have been friends their entire life. They grew up on the same street. Since this neighborhood did not have many children, the two became friends early in life.

Joey has always liked how Susie’s glasses seem to fall to the edge of her nose. The black rim glasses make her blue eyes stand out. Susie’s long dark brown hair is in a ponytail. With her long hair off her face, he notices her natural beauty. Her long neck accents her linear cheekbones, and her bright blue eyes pierce his soul.

Joey has noticed Susie more the last couple of years. He looks forward to her perfume making the kitchen smell like roses. However, he has stayed focus on school and his grades. He has to get into Jock University across town. Their engineering degree is top notch, and he has to graduate top of his class if he hopes to Head a Technology Division like his parents.

“You ready for the History final tomorrow?” Joey asks packing his own bag.

“I hope. I plan to review our notes later tonight, but I think I should do well. I only need a C in History,” Susie replies with a soft smile.

“You will do great. I am glad finals week starts with History. They left Science and Math until the end. Gives us more time to study,” Joey adds lifting his bag. As he lifts his bag, two white gold green rings fall out from his side pockets. They drop to the table making a pinging sound. “Shoot.”

“Seriously, I’ll need a ton of help with Math,” Susie replies. Her eyes focus on the two rings. It takes a second then her brain registers. “Are those Marital Rings?”

“Yeah,” says Joey as he picked the rings up and slid them in his jean’s pocket.


“Yeah, I turned 18 about four months ago. With my parents traveling so much, I didn’t celebrate.”*


*On a male’s 18th birthday, he is given a set of Marital Rings. Once he has found a female to accept his marriage proposal, the man and woman will wear a ring. The male’s ring is biologically programmed for each man. When the male wears his ring, it activates the other Marital Ring.

Since Joey chose small green Emerald gems in his rings, when his is activated, the ring will give a soft green glow.

A male receives an additional ring on his 21st, 25th, 30th, and 34th birthday. Polygamy is a way of life due to the man to female ratio of 1:12.*


“Happy late birthday,” giggles Susie as she lifts her bag over her shoulders.


Since Joey is at home, Joey leaves his bag in the corner of the kitchen. He walks over to the fridge and opens the right-side. Looking around, he pulls out two bottles of Coke.

“Thirsty?” Joey asks after he opens the two bottles handing one to Susie.

“Kinda, but I need to get home. Walk with me?” Susie asks looking Joey in the eyes. Her blue eyes flutter as she blinks.


Since hitting their teenage years, Susie has been ignoring Joey in public. The chance to walk down the road with her makes his heart and mind race. After stepping outside, Joey offers to hold Susie’s bag. He sips his Coke as he walks with her bag over his shoulder.

Susie lives five houses down, and the walk does not take long. However, Joey realizes it’s taking longer than usual. Susie seems to be lingering with each step. About halfway through the trip, Susie stops suddenly. She turns to Joey. Since she is about three inches shorter, she looks up at him.

“I tell you something only my parents and sister know?”

“S-Sure,” Joey hesitates. He glances down at the road when he realizes her eyes are focused on his. “You can… ummm, tell me -.”

“Two days ago, I turned 18.”

It takes a few seconds for this information to be absorbed and analyzed in his brain. Once the news of Susie’s age hits his brain, Joey automatically thinks, ‘I can request ANY sexual favor, and by law, Susie has to agree’. Almost as quickly as he thinks about sex with Susie, he thinks about their friendship and doesn’t request anything.

“Happy late birt -,”

“Shh, quiet,” Susie interrupts and cut him off. “No one knows, I wanted to complete High School first.”

“Why are you so worried?” inquires Joey with his eyes squished in a confused expression.

“Seriously! Like, Oh my god, don’t fucking joke,” Susie hisses with her hand on his arm. She looks left and right making sure no one is around. Talking softly, “You know the law.”

“Of course, I do. However, my father told me, ‘The law is not often used’. Also, the theory according to the History books is to prompt promiscuity which will lead to breeding.’

“Yeah, right! Maybe, in the past. Now, most men just want to fuck.”

“Susie, how can you say that? The theory has nothing to do with fucking,” Joey responds then lowered his voice. “It’s about procreation.”

“Whatever! You’re such choir boy. My best friend, Jill, told me her older sister has requests for a blowjob twice a week.”

“Really!” Joey reflects. However, it was more a statement than a question. Joey thought non-procreation acts were only in movies on the internet. He never thought in real life.

Susie rolls her eyes at Joey exclamation of disbelief. When her eyes finally move back to his eyes, she straightens up. The corrected posture pushes out and lifts her chest. As each hand press to her sides and lowers down to her hips, she grips her shirt as her hands lower and the loose shirt tightens to her frame. With the clothing tight around her waist, her hourglass frame is noticeable. More so, her tremendous chest is emphasized.

“Jill’s sister is cute. Most girls are cute, but Joey, my body is really developing. See!” Susie says looking down at herself. With her hands on her hips, she stands with one foot pointed tip-toe and the other foot sideways behind it. “My breasts are an HH cup. When everyone knows I’m 18, one look at me, and most men will feel inspired to request sexual acts to ‘promote procreation’ and ‘help stimulate’ their libidos. I don’t want to be with different men throughout each fucking day.”

“Susie, I cannot ponder that happening. You’re getting carried away.”

“Oh my god, answer one question truthfully. What did you think when I told you?”

Joey is unable to answer. He drops his eyes from her eyes. He looks everywhere but at Susie and says nothing.

“See,” Susie exclaims raising her voice. “I can’t even buy clothes to fit because my proportions are like no one else.” Lifting her shirt, he can see her flat stomach and unbuttoned jeans. Her hips are too wide for any of her jeans to close, but her hips keep them in place.

“It is what it is, Susie. The Society says it’s every citizen’s responsibility to encourage the growth of the Society. Plus, you are going to an all girl college across town, so no guys will be there.”

“True,” Susie agrees again rolling her eyes to show he doesn’t understand her concern. “But, I can’t stay on campus 24-7, duh.”

“Sorry Susie, wish I could help.”

“You can.”


“Well,” Susie says stepping closer to Joey and catching his eyes with her eyes. As her smile widens, she continues, “You could give me your Marital Ring. You told me you’re waiting until after college to pursue a relationship, right?”

“Yeah, but –.”

“But, nothing. I’m not sayin we will get married, but if I had your ring, no other guy could request favors from me. You would help me get through college, too,” begs Susie leaning into him. Her chest presses against his chest as she gives him her best pouting look.

“I don’t know, Susie. That seems illegal and against our Society’s World’s view. I mean, I want to help, and I am cool giving it to you, but…” Joey replies trailing off.

“Please, Joey. You’ll be, like, my hero.”

“Can I think about it tonight? I’m driving you all week to finals, right?”


“Then, we can talk about it in the morning, OK?”

“Ok,” Susie replied leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Thanks, Joey.”

After gazing into each other’s eyes for a second, they continue to Susie’s house. However, their posture changed. Susie has wrapped her arms around Joey's arm leaning her head on his shoulder and holds him as they walk. At her house, she kisses his cheek again.

“The second kiss is for not asking me for anything, yet,” Susie answers after seeing his puzzled look. She walks in her house.


Later that night in his bed, Joey tries to calculate his decision. Truthfully, he is completely fine with giving her his ring for two reasons. One, he plans to focus on college and won’t concern himself with a relationship for years, and two, in reality, the idea of marrying Susie is an old fantasy of his. A fantasy he had way before she started to develop. But, he is afraid they might get caught in their lie.

Joey stands 5’9”, but when Susie wears heels, they see eye to eye, making them about the same height Joey is not into sports. He likes video games and studying. He is a brown hair chubby video game geek.

Lying in bed, he thinks of how they can make their ‘marriage’ seem real. Joey and Susie have been friends their entire life. No one could argue with his decision and her acceptance since they’re now adults. They can even set a date, and work towards setting up their ‘wedding.’

“Shoot,” he says out loud laughing. “We could send out invitations a year into our engagement.”

Finally, his brain moves to one fact not thought about. If Susie accepts his ring, he does not have to request sexual encounters. He has the right to just do them. He can walk up to her and pull her into his arms for a kiss and grab her ass.

“Fuck,” Joey says when he realizes only he could have sex with her. Susie would be all his.

The image of Susie pulling her shirt tight to show her small waist, curvy hips, and ample breasts comes to his mind. Within seconds, his cock rises in his boxers.

Joey slides a hand down under his shorts. He grips his member. His hand starts sliding up and down. He doesn’t last long with thoughts of Susie in his head. As his hand increases its speed, he feels his pleasure build. Before he knows it, he turns to the side and explodes over the sheet. As Joey closes his eyes, he thinks, ‘Poor Helga, she is going to have sticky sheets to clean tomorrow.


Sitting in his old silver Ford Focus sedan, Joey studies his History flashcards. Just the fact he has a car in High School shows his family has wealth. Since the test times vary during finals, Joey has offered to give Susie a ride all week. He hears the door open and doesn’t look over right away.

“Hey Susie, ready for th…,” Joey is unable to speak.

As Susie steps into the car, Joey glimpses of her outfit. As she sits and arranges herself, he notices her short red plaid skirt flutter up revealing red lace panties. His eyes follow down her thick thighs, and his mouth opens with an awed expression.

“JO-EY, we going?” Susie says after ten seconds. She drags out his name with the final ‘ey’ sounding like ‘we’.

“Yeah, your outfit is amaz…,” Joey is unable to speak, again. When his eyes try to travel to her eyes, his eyes are stopped by her breast. More to the point, her white half top is see-thru allowing Joey to completely see her breasts. “…ing.”

“Joey,” Susie hisses quickly and sternly to get his attention. “Please, please stop staring. God, I will get this shit all day.”

“I’m sorry. You are beautiful, but why this outfit? At school?”

“My mother, duh. She tossed all my clothes out and bought me new clothes,” answers Susie crossing her arms to show her aggravation. “She said, ‘You’re eighteen now, young lady. It’s time you dress appropriately.”

“Oh. Damn. Sorry, Susie.”

“You know what this will encourage?” She shifts in the seat, and it makes Joey feel suddenly uncomfortable. “Any chance you made your mind up about your Ring?”

“Yes,” Joey responds reaching into his pocket. With a smile on his face, he looks her in the eyes and hands Susie the engagement ring. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh my god, really!” Susie shouts looking down at the gold green ring in Joey’s hand. “You really, really for sure? Sure?”

“Yes, Susie. I am sure I want you to wear my ring. Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Susie answers reaching for the ring.

As Susie is about to take the ring, Joey pulls it back. He smiles as Susie’s eyes widen in disbelief. Joey says, “Give me your hand. I should put it on your finger.”

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