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Daddy's Cream 8 Pack 2 - Lactation Bundle - Books 9 - 16


Copyright © 2018 by Millie King

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters 18+.

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About This Book:

The 'Daddy's Cream Lactation Bundle' features books 9 to 16 of the series, where teen brats are ferociously milked by their thirsty alpha Daddies in breast-feeding sessions that'll leave you dripping - just like the udders of the beauties in this bundle!

Featuring : 'Suckled By Daddy From His Hospital Bed,' 'Daddy Catches Me Milking Myself,' 'Lactating in Daddy's Mouth,' 'Tit Sucking Secret,' 'Tied Up & Squirting Milk,' 'My Leaking Big Tits,' 'My Magical Milky Tits' & 'My BDSM Milking.'

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“I just suck?” he asked quickly as my big, young tits hung over him.

“Uh-huh,” I said, curling a lock of hair behind my ear and staring down at my target.

I carried on dropping downwards and felt the nerves tremble in my stomach. Suddenly I felt his warm breath draping over my breasts and then I felt the cool wetness of his mouth as it touched my nipple.

I exhaled as Daddy sucked the teat into his mouth and I could feel the stubble of his face against my soft skin. He breathed my tits into his mouth and then brought a hand up to steady them on his face.

Daddy wasn’t shy as soon as he got his lips around them. He was sucking on them like a pro and each time he did a surge of electricity fired through my being. There was something almost indescribably about having him on my breast. It was like we were bonding in a manner I never thought possible. My connection to him felt huge all of a sudden and my love for him grew.

Just then I felt the first surge of milk squeeze through the tight aperture and Daddy’s eyes spread wide in shock.

“Swallow it, Daddy, it’s okay,” I said softly.

I listened to him gulp the first mouthful down and then he continued to suckle, sending more warm jets of my nectar into his waiting mouth. It must have tasted good because he showed no sign of stopping.

“That’s right, Daddy,” I encouraged, closing my eyes to concentrate on the sensation. “Suck my big tits.”

As soon as the words escaped me I wondered if I’d gone too far. It was supposed to be a kind of medical trial, but I found myself enjoying it in a far different manner than I’d anticipated. As Daddy’s strong jaw sucked around my breast I felt my pussy begin to swell as the arousal shot to it.

I truly hadn’t expected to feel anything sexual, but each time Daddy sucked another jet of milk into his mouth I found myself thinking of nothing else.

I started to moan softly, encouraging him to drain me of my ambrosia. When I looked down I saw that Daddy’s eyes were closed and he had this serene look on his face. My tits were still bulging and full, with more than enough inside them to cater to his needs. His lips massaged my teat and more of my milk fired into his mouth.

“That’s right, Daddy,” I said, stroking at his head. Suddenly it lifted and he sat up. I stood up and held him against my bosom, feeling the bond strengthen further.

Suckled By Daddy From His Hospital Bed : Daddy’s Cream 9

I’d been visiting Daddy in the hospital for past few weeks and I was scared to admit that his condition seemed to be getting worse.

Whenever I went to see him he never seemed to be receiving any kind of proper care. The nurses were often nowhere to be seen and I’d be left alone with him for hours at a time.

He could speak but he sure did sound weak, although the nurses told me he was still eating okay. Nobody quite knew what was wrong with him and they suspected it to be a deficiency of some kind.

I’d tried to do my best from home, researching all manner of medical journals and papers in the hope that I might chance upon some experimental treatment or cure. It was whilst I was perusing one of these that I saw an incredible claim from a Norwegian scientist.

He said—and had evidence to support—that the benefits of breast milk when consumed by adults were overwhelming. In the paper he revealed that it wasn’t just something for babies to drink and that people much older could receive a whole host of perks from the nourishing nectar.

Well I figured I didn’t have much to lose, and over the course of the past week I’d been watching videos and reading up on the art of self-induced lactation. By Friday I’d managed to squeeze a few drops from my teat and by Saturday I was ready for the live performance.

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