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The Sibling Connection – 1 to 3

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Table of Contents

Story 1 – The Sibling Connection

Story 2 – The Sibling Connection 2

Story 3 – The Sibling Connection 3

The Sibling Connection

I’m guessing that you’ve all heard the stories concerning identical twins or even triplets when they say that they can feel when something happens to their siblings even when they’re not together. Well, I’m here to tell you that these feelings can be far more bizarre than just simply knowing that something has happened to your sibling.

My name is Joyce, my identical sister’s name is Rachael, and for years we’ve experienced some pretty dramatic things. Like the time when I was knocked down by a car. I was told that at that very moment, Rachael fell over in the school hallway, and she swears to this day that it felt as if something had pushed her over. Needless to say, the car accident wasn’t a serious incident, but it does illustrate my point. We’ve also suffered toothaches at the same time and once the tooth had been removed, the pain had vanished.

Now, this story doesn’t concern the small things that happen to siblings but rather the inexplicable ones that simply can’t be explained away as sympathy pains or subconscious leanings. We’d both turned nineteen, and when the accident happened, we were together. We were sitting on the back porch, watching the heavy rainfall when lightning struck the ground in front of us, the close strike threw us back against the door of the house. Our bodies felt as if thousands of pinpricks were penetrating our skin, but thankfully, it was not a deadly encounter with nature. We vowed that day that we would always stay indoors whenever there was a thunderstorm.

We didn’t know it at the time but that freak accident had changed us in very weird ways. We wouldn’t find out about this change until six months later, when my sister had a date take her to a party. I told her to be careful and if she needed me that she was to call. Anyway, I was lying on my bed and reading a book when my phone rang. An excited Racheal was on the line and she simply had to tell me the news about something she found out that night. It turns out that her boyfriend was a bit of a jerk and that some of the girls warned her about him. She knew some of them so she took their warning seriously. I told her that it was good to find these things out early as opposed to much later when you’ve gotten attached or done things together you wish you hadn’t.

Anyway, it turned out that that wasn’t the only reason she was calling me. Apparently, she was introduced to a young woman around her own age and that this young woman was a futanari. I actually knew what that was as I’d read about it, but I didn’t believe my sister for a second. Then Rachael told me that she didn’t believe it either but that this young woman had proved it to her by showing the evidence in the bathroom. That is what was exciting Rachael so much, and then she went on to tell me it was frigging huge. The futanari told her that if she wanted it, to just let her know. I asked Rachael how she responded, and that’s when Rachael told me she left the young woman without answering her and proceeded to call me. I told her to go for it. I mean, a cock is a cock even if it is on another woman. She agreed and told me that she’d let me know what happened later that night. Little did she know that she wasn’t going to have to let me know anything about what was going to happen.

When I put the phone down again I went straight back to my book and found it starting to get a bit heated. I always enjoyed good sex in a romance story and this one was the best. It must have been thirty minutes later when it happened. I started to feel incredibly horny and somehow, I knew that it wasn’t the book that I was reading. I mean, it was good, don’t get me wrong but I was starting to get soaked down there and no story has ever done that to me. At least, not without me giving it a helping hand, if you know what I mean. Then everything started to get real.

The first thing that happened that both scared and excited me was when my pussy lips parted or so I thought and I swear I could feel something large being inserted into me. I quickly pulled my skirt down and removed my panties to have a look but I couldn’t see anything happening. Yet, I would swear on a stack of bibles that something was penetrating me. I gripped the sheets below me as this overwhelming feeling grew and then suddenly my legs were physically spread open and the penetration moved in deeper.

“Mmm… ahh… oh God, what the fuck is going on. Oh yes, don’t stop… please don’t stop,” I called out.

I could now feel something moving in and out of my pussy faster and something else was gripping my thighs. I looked down between my legs again and still I couldn’t see anything that would explain it. Then it dawned on me what was happening. I was feeling what my sister was feeling and realized that she must have gotten together with that Futanari she was talking about earlier. It was at that point that I couldn’t think of anything rational anymore as the cock that was servicing her pussy was now pounding it and I was about to experience the orgasm she was having.

I had no idea who was fucking my sister but she seemed to have an insatiable need to bury her cock as deep as it would go and I was feeling every last inch of it. I can’t remember ever being so wet before. My thighs were drenched with the juices that were flowing from my pussy and that part was real because I could see the moisture spreading over my inner thighs when I looked down between my legs. I then felt the urge to sit up, which I did and then I felt it pushing in deeper but I couldn’t figure out what Rachael’s position was. That was, until the next thing happened. I suddenly felt a probing at my ass and something spreading my rose-colored hole apart as it entered me. That’s when I realized how Rachael was positioned. She was being picked up and dropped down onto the cock that was servicing her pussy and someone else had entered her from behind. Jesus sis, what kind of party are you at? I thought as I started to climax for the second time.

I decided to ignore the fact that she was being held up and laid back down to enjoy the sensations that were coursing through my body. This was the most thrilling part of the evening for me because I could feel how deep each cock was going and I was experiencing multiple orgasms, which had never happened to me before. It all went on for another twenty minutes and I was feeling positively exhausted from cumming so much. Then the position must have changed again because I suddenly felt the urge to turn around and get onto my knees. However, I fought the urge and just stayed lying on my back. That’s when I felt something being pushed into my throat as my pussy and ass were pounded again. Oh, my God, Rachael you’re a fucking slut, I thought. I knew that she was being taken by three people at once, and I also knew exactly how it felt. I could picture her on top of someone, while another person was behind her and a third was feeding her his cock at the head of the bed. It was the only position that made any sense.

This lasted another ten minutes and then it all stopped abruptly and all I could feel then were tiny aftershocks from all the orgasms I’d just experienced. I lay there looking up at the ceiling and felt like falling asleep but that wasn’t to be because suddenly I could feel my pussy being pounded again only now it was from behind. I also knew that it was the futanari, as she stretched me and moved in a certain way that was very distinguishable. I could feel her gripping Rachael’s thighs at first but five minutes in I started to feel my hair being pulled back sharply as the last orgasm of the night struck. The strangest thing about that was that my hair actually hurt me as if it was truly being pulled.

When I knew it was finally over, I waited for twenty minutes and then phoned Rachael. She answered straight away and the first thing she said was, “You won’t believe what happened to me tonight girl,” and I replied, “Do you want to bet.” I explained everything I felt that night and she was amazed by how much I knew. I explained it in more detail when she got home and she could barely believe it.

“Do you think it would work the other way around? I mean, you having sex and me feeling it?” said Rachael.

“I don’t see why not, but what I don’t understand is why I could feel everything you were feeling, in the first place” I replied.

“Perhaps it’s the intensity of it all. I mean, sex is a very strong emotion and we do tend to feel the strong emotions, don’t we?” said Rachael.

That was true, we tended to feel things that affected us on an emotional level, and sex is a particularly physical thing. Anyway, we all but forgot about it by the time a week had gone by and Rachael had made a date with that futanari again. Little did I know that she had something planned. She came to me a few hours before her date and asked me if I wanted to take her place. At first, I didn’t quite know what she meant but then I remembered that first night with the futanari.

“Would it work? I mean, do you think I could fool her?” I said.

“I don’t see why not, she’s not to know that I have an identical twin sister because I didn’t tell her and we do behave the same,” replied Rachael.

That was true, we had fooled many people in our time, even our parents on a couple of occasions. I had to admit, I was curious as to whether I could pull it off and I was more than a little curious about this futanari, and where she came from. We talked about it for a while and eventually I agreed. Rachael was excited because she wanted to experience what had happened to me and I was curious as to whether she would or not. So, after finding out as much as she knew about this woman I got ready for the planned date.

Christine was the young woman’s name and I’d be meeting her at a well-known bar and grill that was quite near to us. I phoned Rachael just before arriving to let her know that I was going in. Rachael had described Christine to me down to the last detail so it wasn’t hard to recognize her sitting at the bar waiting when I walked in. Rachael had told me she was a looker but for some reason I wasn’t expecting her to be so attractive.

“Hi Christine,” I said as I approached her.

“I told you, please call me Chrissy,” she replied.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot,” I said as I took a seat next to her.

I’d worn one of my best dresses for this. It was a tight red dress, with a low-cut front, that hugged all the right places and Chrissy noticed.

“Wow Rachael, you look hot in that dress,” she said.

I was so glad she used my sister’s name because I’d almost forgotten that I was supposed to be her.

“Thanks Chrissy, are we going to order something here or do you want to go somewhere else?” I replied.

“I think we’ll eat here as I’ve heard the fish and chips are very good,” she said.

I don’t think I truly realized how attractive Chrissy was, until we were sitting in the booth across from each other, but then she caught me staring.

“Is something wrong?” she said.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to stare I was just thinking how beautiful you look tonight,” I replied.

Did I just say that, I thought as I waited for her response? I think she blushed from what I’d just said and I wasn’t expecting that.

“Thank you, Rachael, I think you look stunning as well,” she said.

The funniest thing about that meal, apart from the mutual admiration that was going on, was that we hardly said anything of any substance the whole time we sat there. It wasn’t until we were walking to her apartment that I found out why.

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