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The Lustful Sultan

Jack Falworth

The Lustful Sultan

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All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Chapter 1 Waterfront Whorehouse

Chapter 2 Demoted

Chapter 3 A Pleasant Voyage

Chapter 4 Up the Panjang River

Chapter 5 An Invitation

Chapter 6 The Sultan's Birthday Party

Chapter 7 An Outrageous Proposal

Chapter 8 Two Slave Girls

Chapter 9 The Grand Vizier's Visit

Chapter 10 The Sultan's Rage

Chapter 11 A Devious Plan

Chapter 12 A Maid and Her Mistress

Chapter 13 Attack on the Residency

Chapter 14 A Desperate Mission

Chapter 15 Defense of the Stockade

Chapter 16 Flight of the Enemy

Chapter 17 An Unlikely Story

Chapter 18 Ravished by the Sultan

Chapter 19 A Council of War

Chapter 20 Gunboat Diplomacy

Chapter 21 Peace is Restored

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Waterfront Whorehouse

A soft, cooling breeze was blowing as Captain Edmund Drayton made his way towards his favorite brothel on the waterfront of Penang Island. He had not had a girl for over three days and he was looking forward to spending the evening in the arms of one of Dolly's whores.

Drayton was a soldier with over ten years' active service behind him, having joined the British Army as a young ensign. He had commenced his military career in India, and had distinguished himself for bravery on the Afghan frontier. His regiment had been transferred to the British colony of Malaya just one year earlier, and Drayton had wasted no time in learning the Malay language. He was now able to speak the language fluently, and he was well known in the bars, saloons and whorehouses of Penang.

Dolly Mulligan was a plump Eurasian woman and she rushed forward eagerly, her arms outstretched in a warm welcome when she saw Drayton step through the doorway of her brothel.

"Good evening, Captain, " she exclaimed. "It is good to see you again. Tonight I have a new girl who might appeal to you. She's only eighteen years old and she has a deliciously tight little cunt."

"She sounds like just the thing," replied Edmund. "Please lead me to her."

Drayton followed Dolly into a large room where half a dozen Malay whores were reclining on sofas. As he had already fucked five of the whores on previous visits, he had no trouble in telling which was the new girl. She had an extremely pretty face, and a voluptuous body which was amply displayed by her scanty attire. She looked up at Drayton, her red lips curving in a lovely smile.

"Captain, this is Yasmin," said Dolly. "Yasmin, say hello to Captain Drayton. I want you to give him a good time."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Captain," said Yasmin, holding out her little hand. "Shall we go upstairs now, or would you like to talk with me first?"

"Let's go upstairs," replied Drayton, taking her hand in his and pulling the girl to her feet.

At that moment, two more customers entered the brothel. They were both drunk and Drayton recognized them at once. One was Major Percival Smythe and the other was Mr Algernon Locke, a colonial official.

The Major no sooner saw Yasmin than he strode straight across the room to her, pushing Drayton roughly aside.

"What a lovely creature," exclaimed Smythe. "Captain, please go and find yourself some other girl."

"No," replied Drayton firmly. "I was here before you, Major. I have first claim on Yasmin. If you want her, you'll have to come back some other evening."

"Why, you insolent scoundrel. I outrank you, Captain. I order you to let me have the girl. If you don't, I shall have you courtmartialed for insubordination."

"Major, you can go to hell! As far as tonight's concerned, the girl's mine. If you don't stop annoying me, I'll throw you out of here on your ear."

"What, what!" spluttered the enraged Major, reaching inside the pocket of his scarlet jacket for the small derringer pistol he always carried on his person. "You can't talk to me like that!"

But Drayton was too quick for the inebriated senior officer. He seized the Major's wrist and twisted it, forcing Smythe to drop the pistol. Drayton then hit the Major across the jaw, felling him to the floor.

Turning to Smythe's companion, Drayton said, "Mister Locke, I suggest you escort the Major back to his quarters. He's in no fit condition to find his own way home."

Locke helped Smythe to his feet, saying, "Very well, Captain, I'll do as you say, but I suspect that the Major will make you regret your outrageous lack of respect for a superior officer."

"I'll worry about that tomorrow," laughed Drayton. "Now take the Major and get out of here."

After the Major and his companion had left, Yasmin giggled, "I've never had two men fight over me before. I'm glad that you won, Captain. Would you like to go up to my room now?"

"Indeed I would," replied Drayton as Yasmin took him by the hand, leading him upstairs and along a narrow corridor to the bedroom assigned to her.

Once they were inside the room, Drayton wrapped his arms about Yasmin’s slim body, kissing her on the lips. The Malay girl’s tongue darted out, exploring his mouth, and then withdrew, coaxing his tongue to follow. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, and she closed her moist lips around it, sucking tenderly.

When their lips parted, the young whore fell to her knees in front of Drayton, her fingers unfastening his flies, pulling out his rampant member. She popped her red lips over the swollen glans, taking his shaft deep into her mouth. Her head was soon bobbing back and forth rapidly as his shaft slid in and out of her encircling lips.

"Oh, my goodness!" gasped Drayton, seizing Yasmin’s head in his hands. "If you don’t stop, you’ll make me spend!"

The girl instantly withdrew her mouth and stood up. She proceeded to take off her clothes, after which she threw herself backwards onto the bed, displaying her dusky body to her client's admiring gaze.

Standing over her, Drayton looked down at Yasmin's naked charms, his eyes travelling from her pointed breasts down over her flat belly to her delectable little cleft. He could see the pink folds of her slit gleaming moistly through the dark curls covering her swollen mound.

"Play with your cunt," the Captain ordered. "I want to watch while you frig yourself."

Yasmin obediently spread her thighs wide apart, sliding her hands down over her belly. She parted the lips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand, manipulating her swollen love button with the fingers of the other. Drayton looked on with spellbound fascination, unable to tear his eyes away from the lascivious spectacle.

At last, Yasmin asked teasingly, "Captain, are you going to stand there all night just watching, or are you going to take off your clothes and join me?"

Drayton now ripped off his own garments and climbed onto the bed, his head plunging down between the girl's splayed thighs. His tongue snaked out, delving between the slippery folds of her luscious little slit, licking avidly until he found her fiercely erect clitoris. He sucked the tumescent bud into his mouth, lashing it with his tongue.

Yasmin moaned and sighed, her juices flowing liberally from her cunt. She placed her hands against the back of Drayton’s head, thrusting her hips up against his mouth.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she gasped. "Oh, yes, yes!"

Drayton kept licking and sucking her pussy until the Malay whore was writhing and squirming with delight. He then lifted his face from between her overheated thighs, and she saw that his lips and chin were liberally bedewed with her vaginal juices.

"Fuck me," she murmured, stretching out her arms to her handsome client. "Don’t make me wait a moment longer, just stick your big cock in me and fuck me!"

Drayton eagerly obliged. Kneeling between her widespread thighs, he hooked the Malay girl's slender legs up over his shoulders, pressing the purple helmet of his long cock against the dripping folds of her cunt.

Yasmin stared down between their joined bodies, watching as the entire length of the Englishman's rampant erection vanished inch by inch into her slippery sheath. She gasped with delight as his swollen cockhead collided with her cervix, unable to sink any deeper into her quivering cunt.

"Oh, yes, that’s it!" she cried. "Now, do it to me! Fuck me with your big cock!! Fuck me!!!"

Drayton started to shove his swollen member in and out of her hot, juicy cleft with slow, measured strokes, the inner lining of her clinging sheath being pulled out each time he withdrew his shaft, and pushed back in on the instroke.

Gradually, the Captain increased the pace of his thrusts, gasping and moaning as his excitement mounted. He clasped Yasmin's pert little breasts in his hands, squeezing and rolling the pointed nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He kissed her fiercely on the lips, and the girl responded by sliding her slithery tongue deep into his mouth.

Drayton rammed his cock more and more rapidly into her yielding flesh until he could no longer hold back his pent-up passion. He spurted off profusely inside her belly, and the young whore came only a few seconds later.

The Captain kept ramming his cock into her spasming quim until his orgasm had run its course, and then collapsed on top of the girl, gasping air into his heaving chest.

One fuck was not enough to satisfy Drayton, however. He fucked Yasmin another two times before falling asleep in her arms, and did not awaken until early the next morning when the rays of the sun slanted in through the window of the room.



At almost noon, Captain Edmund Drayton was summoned to the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Penang, Colonel Sir John Cavendish. Drayton was kept waiting for over an hour before the Lieutenant Governor's aide-de-camp informed Drayton that Sir John was ready to see him.

Edmund already had a very good idea of why he had been summoned, and the fierce glare in Sir John's eyes left him in no doubt that he was to be reprimanded.

"Captain Drayton, a complaint has been laid against you by Major Smythe," said the Lieutenant Governor. "He tells me that you physically assaulted him last night. According to the Major, you struck him with your fist and knocked him down. Is that true?"

"Yes, sir, it is. We got into an argument over one of the whores in Dolly Mulligan's brothel on the waterfront. He pulled a gun on me and I had to disarm him."

"Captain, I am not interested in hearing your version of events. The fact is that you struck a superior officer, and you have just admitted your guilt. Major Smythe wants you to be courtmartialed for insubordination, and cashiered from the army. I must say that I am seriously disappointed in you."

"I'm sorry to hear that, sir."

"I should also mention that you have put me in a very difficult situation," continued Sir John. "Normally, I would courtmartial any officer under my command who struck a superior officer, but I am aware of your excellent military record. I know that you are a brave soldier, and that you are highly respected by all those who have served under you. After some consideration, I have therefore decided not to courtmartial you, but at the same time, I cannot be seen to condone your violence against Major Smythe."

"I am pleased to learn that I am not be courtmartialed, sir," replied Drayton. "What punishment do you intend to give me?"

"It saddens me to say that I have no choice but to demote you to the rank of lieutenant. I also think that Penang is not big enough to hold both you and Major Smythe. I therefore intend to post you to the British Residency on the Panjang River. One of the officers there recently died of malaria and you will be his replacement. Do you have any objections to the punishment I propose? Or would you prefer to tender your resignation from the British Army?"

"No, sir, I have no intention of resigning," replied Drayton. "I consider my demotion to be no more than a minor setback in my career, and I am confident that I will soon regain my previous rank of captain."

"Good man," said Sir John, standing up to shake hands with Drayton. "I wish you all the best for the future, Lieutenant. A gunboat will be leaving Penang for the Panjang River in two days' time. I would like you to settle all your affairs in Penang before then, and be on board the boat when it departs."

"Your lenient treatment of the charge against me is much appreciated, sir," said Drayton, saluting Sir John before exiting from the room.


A Pleasant Voyage

The British Government's Residency on the Panjang River had been established at the earnest request of Sultan Achmad, the local potentate. The Sultan's lands were situated on either side of the river, and he had placed himself under British rule in exchange for protection against the bands of marauding pirates who regularly raided villages along the river, as well as demanding toll money from the native craft that plied the winding waterway.

The British Resident was Sir Charles Wembley and he was supported by a strong detachment of British infantry under the command of Major James Osborne. The Residency was located on a large island in the middle of the river, and consisted of a number of buildings. In addition to Sir Charles's official residence, a wooden fort had been constructed on the island, as well as several bungalows.

The Residency was a dozen miles downstream from Sultan Achmad's palace, and Sir Charles frequently visited the Sultan in order to advise him of the wishes of the Great White Queen in London.

If the truth be told, Edmund Drayton was not at all displeased by the fact that he had been posted to the Residency on the Panjang River. He had been bored with the monotony of his daily tasks in the military barracks at Penang, and he looked forward eagerly to active duty in maintaining the rule of law along the river.

* * *

Her Majesty's Ship Stingray departed Penang Island early one morning, and the voyage down the Malacca Strait to the Panjang River on the west coast of Malaya was expected to take several days. The vessel was a corvette under the command of Captain Thomas Murray, and it regularly visited the British stations along the coast in order to deliver mail and provisions.

Edmund Drayton was delighted to discover that he was not the only passenger on board the ship, the other being Miss Olivia Osborne, the daughter of the Commanding Officer of the troops assigned to the Residency on the Panjang River.

Miss Olivia was a very pretty blonde who had just completed her final year of schooling at Saint Monica's Academy for Young Ladies in England. She had not seen her widowed father for three years, and she had come to Malaya to spend a few months with him before commencing a Bachelor of Arts degree at London University.

From their very first chat together on board the boat, Olivia made no secret of the fact that she enjoyed Edmund's company. In fact, her attitude was so friendly that he was sure that the young lady had developed a crush on him.

Edmund spent the first two days of the voyage struggling against a fierce temptation to take advantage of Olivia's apparent innocence. However, he was restrained by the thought that she was probably still a virgin, and eventually he decided that it would be wrong of him to rob her of her virtue.

Having come to this resolve, he deliberately avoided Olivia on the third day of the voyage, spending most of his time exchanging tales with the ship's crew.

Needless to say, the young girl was hurt by Drayton's sudden coolness towards herself, and that night after dinner, Olivia sought Drayton out to find out why he no longer wanted to be friends with her.

She found him leaning on the railing of the rear deck, smoking a cigar and gazing out over the sea. A full moon was riding high in a cloudless sky, and the moonlight formed a silvery sheen on the water, stretching away into the inky darkness.

"Hello, Edmund," she said, standing beside him.

"Hello, Olivia," he replied, glancing uneasily in her direction.

"I would like a word with you."

"What about?"

"What have I done to offend you, Edmund?"

"Nothing at all. Why do you ask?"

"Because you seem to have developed an aversion to my company. Please tell me what's wrong?"

Drayton was uncertain how to reply, and several long seconds passed in silence. At last, he said, "You are a lovely girl, Olivia, and I have to confess I am strongly attracted to you. In fact, I fear that I may be overcome by a wild fit of passion if I continue to spend each day in your company. The reason I have avoided you is because I do not trust myself to be alone with you."

The young girl burst into laughter at Drayton's reply. "So that's the problem, is it? I consider it a compliment that you should feel that way about me, Edmund. In fact, I would not object at all if you were to allow your feelings for me to get the better of you."

Having said this, Olivia looked quickly around to see if there was anyone else on the rear deck. Having confirmed that they were unobserved, she flung her arms about Drayton's neck, pulling his head down to hers.

"Kiss me, Edmund," she cried, and Drayton eagerly obeyed her command.

Their lips fused together in a long, hot kiss, and it was quite evident to Edmund that this was not the first time Olivia had kissed a man. Her tongue darted out, probing deep inside his mouth.

When their lips parted, the young girl said, "Let's continue this conversation below deck." Taking his hand, she led him down the companionway to her cabin.

When the door was closed behind them, she said, "It's awfully hot tonight, isn't it? Why don't we both take off our clothes?"

Edmund offered no objection to this excellent suggestion, and in a few moments they were both naked.

"What do you think of my body?" asked Olivia, spinning around in front of him so that he could admire her nubile charms.

The young girl had firm, round breasts surmounted by swollen nipples that jutted out from their wide aureoles. Her dimpled belly was flat and her pubic mound was covered with a sprinkling of blonde fur. Her hips were wide and her legs long and slender.

Olivia was already in a highly excited state, and she aggressively took the initiative. She pushed Edmund backwards onto her bed, and climbed on top, straddling his hips with her thighs. She reached down between their bodies, taking hold of his throbbing prick and rubbing the engorged knob against her clitoris.

Gently she lowered her hips, impaling herself on his upstanding member. Her slippery sheath enveloped Edmund's formidable length, his cock sliding easily into her pussy without encountering any obstacle.

"It seems that you've done this before!" remarked Edmund with a grin. "You're not a virgin!"

"Of course not, silly," giggled Olivia. "My cherry was popped long ago. The lucky male was the gardener's boy at the school I attended in England."

Edmund sighed happily as the young girl's body began to rise and fall rhythmically, slowly at first and then with gathering momentum. Her hands rested on his chest and her head was thrown back, revealing the long, graceful arc of her throat.

Edmund reached up with his hands, squeezing her breasts firmly as she rode his cock. Her movements became quicker and more feverish, Edmund panting and moaning as his own excitement soared to match hers.

They climaxed almost simultaneously. Olivia gave a long gasp of pleasure as his spunk spurted into her, and then collapsed forward, clinging tightly to his hard, muscular body as a series of orgasms exploded deep within her belly.

Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms for several minutes until they had both recovered from their amorous exertions.

"Let's do it again," suggested Olivia, rolling over onto her back and holding her arms out to Edmund. Her breasts flattened against his chest as he lowered his body gently onto hers.

Edmund's cock had lost none of its former rigidity, and he commenced a second course of pleasure. He fucked her with slow, leisurely strokes, the girl arching her hips up to meet each of his thrusts.

"Oh, yes, that's it!" she moaned. "Ram your big cock deep into me, Edmund. Oh, yes, yes, do it to me!"

She clung to him as he worked his cock back and forth within her hot, velvety cunt. She jerked her hips up and down, urging him to fuck her harder and faster. Her face was flushed and contorted with pleasure. Closing her eyes, she shut out everything but the thrill of fucking.

"Oh, my God, I'm going to spend!" groaned Edmund.

"Yes, yes, yes!" babbled Olivia. "Shoot your spunk deep into my cunt!"

Drayton now lost all control, fucking her so hard that their perspiring bellies slapped loudly together. The girl threw back her head and began to wail in delirious pleasure.

"AH—AH—AARRGGGHHH!" cried Edmund as the spunk exploded from his cock, and Olivia succumbed to her own orgasm just a few seconds later.

At last, they rolled apart, sighing blissfully. As they were now both exhausted from their amorous sport, Edmund thought that it was time for him to depart, so he got up from the bed and slipped into his clothes.

"You can visit me again tomorrow night," offered Olivia, stroking his cheek softly.

"I would be delighted to," replied Edmund, kissing her one last time before slipping out of her cabin and making his way along the narrow corridor to his own.


Up the Panjang River

On the late afternoon of the next day, the Stingray reached the mouth of the Panjang river. The country on either side was thickly wooded, the banks of the river being hidden by a dense growth of mangrove trees.

Thick green vegetation, and a broad flowing muddy river—that was all that could be seen until darkness set in. Not a trace of town or village, not even a fisherman’s hut or a boat. All was vegetation and the flowing river.

The captain of the corvette had decided not to attempt the passage of the river till morning in order to avoid running aground on some mudbank in the darkness. This part of the coast was so sheltered that there was no surf; and when the anchor was let go, the vessel swung round easily, to lie almost without motion on the calm, still waters of the river’s mouth.

Even though no sign of human habitation was visible, those on board the vessel became fully aware as the night wore on that the jungle had plenty of denizens. From time to time the roars of tigers and other beasts of prey could be heard.

The next morning, the anchor of the corvette was raised soon after daybreak, and the vessel began to move slowly ahead through the morning mists which were hanging like silver gauze above the dense belts of trees.

The tide was flowing, and the mangroves were deep in the water. At first, the river was wide, the dense beds of vegetation being half a mile off on either side, but as the corvette steamed forward, the river gradually narrowed until it became a channel that was only a hundred yards in width.

At last, some signs of life began to appear. Occasional crocodiles could be seen lazing in the sun on the muddy banks of the river, while others were floating in the water, their bulging eyes just above the surface as they turned their heads slowly from side to side in search of prey.

At the sight of the crocodiles, the ship's officers fetched some rifles, firing shots at the muddy-hued creatures, but apparently with little effect, for the bullets seemed to bounce off their iron-hard skins.

The corvette continued to make its way up the narrow river, and after several hours of slow and cautious progress, the mangroves on either side gave place to tall and beautiful palms. The vessel was now beyond the reach of the tide, as was proved by the fact that, instead of being sluggish and muddy, the river was now swift-flowing and delightfully clear.

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