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Sex with a T-Rex

Pleasing the King Lizard

Alis Mitsy

This work is copyrighted under the pen name of Alis Mitsy as of 2018.

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All acts and characters are works of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.

The young woman groaned, the tip of the dinosaur’s gigantic cock leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum across her cheek and hair. She had to stand on her tiptoes to reach the T-Rex’s shaft but she did it anyway with bated breath, her heart pounding in her mouth. His cock throbbed, pulsing out another dollop of cum, and she gulped throatily, eyes wide and innocent, although anything that was to do with her innocence had been stripped away the moment his cock dropped from his belly-slit.


The T-Rex stopped a large foot, claws raking furrows through the earth. Sadie’s tattered and torn shirt hung about her chest in ribbons, exposing her breasts beneath even if still cradled in the cup of her plain bra. It was not as if the beast intent on her attention cared anyway what she was wearing. He only cared that he had a willing body pressed up to his cock as he hunkered down, allowing her to get her arms around his shaft and grind her chest up to the fat, sordid length. He only wanted his lust sated, to spill a load from those internally held balls. That was the only desire claiming the brain of the mighty lizard and he would have what he wanted from her.

Maybe then he would eat her anyway, but it didn’t seem likely. The creatures in the park were well-fed in an attempt to suppress the urge to hunt and reduce the likelihood of any accidents. That was well-known. What they didn’t have, however, were suitable mates and methods through which they could relieve themselves.

That was where Sadie came into play and it was oh so very lucky that the T-Rex had come across her. How else would he have found a female with a warm mouth and such eager to please hands to stroke his need?

And Sadie was willing to do just that, all for his pleasure.

But there was still the great lizard’s orgasm to come.


“Guys? Where the hell are you all?”

Sadie huffed, shouting out to no one at all, as she ran across the park, the scattered remains of picnics littering the dinosaur amusement centre. A fast food wrapper caught on a lamppost and flapped there jovially for a moment before whipping along on its way. In the pen near the collection of popular chain fast food outlets, a Triceratops raised its head, chewing a mouthful of the long grasses that the herbivores were so partial to.

She cursed herself, trainers pounding the tarmac as she hurtled towards the main entrance, blonde hair flying back from her neck. If she hadn’t been over at the Raptor enclosure, she wouldn’t have missed that her friends were heading off, though there was a nasty little part of her that thought that they must have messaged her deliberately when they knew she’d be far away. Some friends they were! A stupid prank, no doubt, something that they thought would leave her isolated without them.

Well, it had almost worked. The dinosaur park was closing and she was still off in the middle without any hope of getting out before the main gates closed. She was going to have to do the walk of shame past the staff, probably escorted out by security while they laughed and shook their heads at her.

Okay, so it wasn’t as if she’d be locked in overnight, so it wasn’t all that bad, but it was more than bad enough. Her blue eyes flashed as the entrance loomed into sight, but the giant gates – iconic for the park – had long ago swung shut as the sunset tinged the sky with crimson and orange.


She put her hands on her hips, though there was nothing she could do. The gates were locked, her friends well and truly gone off without her on the other side. The kiosks were empty and the security lodge, oddly, devoid of any sign of human life hardly promised a swift exit from the park. Checking the bag slung a little too casually back over her shoulder, Sadie sighed and puffed out her cheeks. Where the hell was she supposed to go? It made sense for the gates to be closed after a certain time, as the dinosaurs were living exhibits that needed time alone to rest and recover from being on show, but she still didn’t see quite why there couldn’t be a human-only gate via keypad or lock!

She snorted. Maybe they expected the Raptors to be able to open doors like they did in that film. Wouldn’t that be a laugh! None of the beasts were intelligent enough to know more than what their instincts told them and when their feeding times were.

Yes, the staff could have made a door, or the owners of the park, she decided, brushing off her denim shorts with an air of authority that didn’t really become her. How ludicrous that they had not. And, with no one around, what the hell did they expect her to do?

Well, there was no reason why she couldn’t have a quiet wander until the staff picked her up. There was nothing else she could do in the middle of a dinosaur park, after all.

Smirking to herself, it was, at least, a little untoward to go wandering, Sadie hitched her bag up over her shoulder and set off. What hadn’t she seen yet? She’d spent long enough with the Raptors and, truly, the beasts were boring after one got over that they hunted in packs. They spent most of their time sleeping in the shade, the long, hot days getting to them more than the park staff cared to admit. Neither was she all that interested in grazers, but there were some meat eaters that held allure that she hadn’t had the chance to check out as yet.

It was the easy option and she hummed to herself as she near enough skipped her way back down the path, veering off to the aquariums. John was wrong about them being boring, calling them fish and all that. They were animals that should never have existed and shouldn’t that be enough reason to go and look at them, see what they were all about? Her other friends hadn’t thought they were up to much either and so she’d been forced to skip them earlier.

Peering over the viewing platform at a Plesiosaur swimming lazily laps around its exhibit, she snapped a few pictures with her camera. It must have liked the attention, for the beast swam right up to her and extended its long neck above the water, its body going vertical to allow it to perform the motion, which would not have been entirely natural.

“Hello there,” she cooed, leaning over the railings. “Are you looking for some attention too? Nobody been around to feed you yet?”

The Plesiosaur studied her but made no sound. Turning on its side, it waved a flipper and splashed water over the edge of the tank. Though what it revealed was a lot more than merely a flipper as Sadie leapt back from the splash zone.

Its cock waved above the water as it rolled over, slender and tapered to a rounded point. It seemed to spurt as the beast flipped over and stuck its head back up, cock disappearing at least for the moment. Spluttering, Sadie gaped at him, for it was most clearly a him, like a fish, opening and closing her mouth several times.

She’d never seen a dinosaur’s cock before, not during the course of her whole visit to the remote park. What was a beast like that doing with its cock out? She blushed heavily and pulled back from the railings, hastening along on her way. She didn’t need to be looking at something as crude as a water dinosaur’s cock!

Yet it lingered in her mind as she trudged through the park, trying to read the typically obscure map as she hunted for the carnivores who really had her attention. Why had the beast had its cock out? Had it been looking at her or was it after something else? The animals were either male or female in the public enclosures, only allowed in with those of their species of the opposite sex behind the scenes for the purposes of scheduled mating only. At least, that was what the park bulletins said. Perhaps they just didn’t want the kids being able to see the creatures ‘getting it on’, though that hadn’t gone so well, evidently, with there being males on public display.

Her mind wandered – too far. If she hadn’t been so deep in her own thoughts, walking beneath the palm fronds, perhaps she would have seen the T-Rex step out into plain sight. She was used to the ground shaking when the larger dinosaurs moved around after her time in the park so she did not immediately look up, but she had to when the beast of nightmares and kiddie toys let out a growl that curled through to the core of her being.

Sadie’s heart stopped as she skidded to a halt, blood pounding in her ears. There wasn’t an enclosure around the beast. There wasn’t any kind of fence at all. A dull roar ground over her senses, the grey-skinned ‘saur seeming to stare her down with sickly, yellow eyes. Ropes of saliva hung from its jaws as it took one, ominous step towards her, head lowered as if to stare right into the depths of her being, seeing the fear fluttering up to the surface.

There had always been a distinct line between predator and prey. Evolution didn’t change that.

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