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Naughty Daughter Joins the Club

Mind Controlled Mothers Club 3

A Story of The Institute of Apotheosis Research


Reed James

Copyright © 2018 by Reed James

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Naughty Excerpt from “Naughty Daughter Joins the Club”

From the kitchen, my busty mother entered. Her curly, black hair spilled about that beautiful face that, since the divorce, attracted so many skeezy guys to date her and fuck her. No longer. My mother would get all the cock she could handle from me. From my friends. Her dark-red nipples were hard. She pulled off the yellow cleaning gloves.

“Honey, you're home early.” She had a rich purr to her voice. “Mmm, and did you bring a friend?” Her eyes widened. “Is she your girlfriend?”

“I don't know what she is other than perverted,” I said as my mom sauntered to us. God, she had such big tits. I loved how they swayed.

“So perverted, Mrs. Archer. I'm Cherry, and I'm joining the Mother Fucking Club. My mom's coming here to be made into a whore.”

“That's lovely, dear,” my mom said, a big smile on her face. “She's so cute, honey.”

“Mom,” I groaned, a sudden warmth burning across my cheeks.

“So, do you want me to eat her pussy, honey?” Mom asked. “I can make your girlfriend cum so hard.”

“Girlfriend?” Mrs. Haley asked as the blonde came down stairs, her round breasts bouncing before her. “Who has a girlfriend...? Oh, hello, Henry. Ooh, is she your girlfriend? She's so cute.”

“She is,” Mrs. Woodham said. “We're trying to figure out who should lick her pussy first.”

Cherry just had such a huge grin on her face.

“Maybe I will,” I said, getting annoyed at their “mom” behavior. I glanced at Cherry. “Strip naked.”

I barely felt a tingle across my thoughts. She was more than ready to just rip off her clothing, as she proved back in class. Was I even truly giving commands to a girl who was so willing to be mind controlled?

I don't know if it mattered as Cherry popped off her bra, unveiling her firm, eighteen-year-old titties. They were round, the same size as Mrs. Haley, but they just had such a supple perkiness the older MILF lacked. Cherry's nipples were hard, a dark-brown. They thrust from small areolas, little dots adorning her breasts.

Her hands went to her jeans, her tits jiggling as she unzipped them. Such a huge smile crossed her lips as she wiggled out of her jeans, shoving them down her lithe legs. A pair of black, frilly panties clad her rear. She gave me a naughty wink before she hooked her panties with her thumbs and shoved them down.

I groaned at the sight of her shaved pudenda. The farther down she shoved her panties, the closer and closer she came to unveiling her pussy. And then the top of her tight slit appeared. I groaned at the plump vulva creased by that little crevasse, her juices glistening on her flesh. She bent over, her tits swaying as she wiggled her panties down past her knees before she stepped out of them.

“Tada!” she announced, popping into a pose, one arm thrown over her head, like something a showgirl might take at the end of an act.

“Ooh, dear, you're just so pretty,” my mom said.

“Henry, she's so charming,” Mrs. Woodham said.

“If you're not going to eat that cute pussy, can I?” Mrs. Haley asked, the blonde MILF licking her lips.

“You can always lick mine,” Mrs. Woodham said.

“We haven't finished cleaning the house,” Mrs. Haley said, a whine to her voice. “We can't eat each other's pussies, but Henry didn't say anything about hers.”

“Oh, right,” groaned Mrs. Woodham. She shifted then started dusting again.

“Cleaning is on hold since I'm here,” I commanded. “Feel free to eat each other out.”

“While you eat me out?” Cherry asked.

I'd never eaten a pussy. I stared at Cherry, at her tight slit. “I don't know. How many guys have fucked you?”

“None,” she answered. “I'm a virgin. Got a cherry and everything. It's not just my nickname.” She gave me a wink.

“What, really?” I looked her up and down. “Because... you're so hot.”

“I'm Asian,” she said, waving her hand. “Most of the guys go for the blonde cheerleaders over me, even if I do have these cute tits.” She squeezed them together.

“You should eat her pussy, honey,” Mom moaned while the other two MILFs were already on the floor, eating each other cunts with such abandon. Just a pair of sluts enjoying themselves. “She's so cute. You can make her cum.”

To find out what happens next, read on!

Naughty Daughter Joins the Club

Ulrich Geller, a young man barely in his twenties, worked fast in the shipping department of the Institute of Apotheosis. Orders had to be process, but all he could think about was the coming 10 AM break. The other men working in shipping moved fast, too. He'd never seen packages readied so fast. They were sending out the various electronic components the Institute produced to pay the bills and support the creation of the Halos.

At 10 AM, the shipping department would enjoy another round of their burgeoning Mother Fucking Club, following in the example of the newest god, Henry Archer. The young men of the shipping department were all enamored with his teachings, gangbanging first Ulrich's mother last night and then other mothers who also worked for the Institute.

While they were waiting for their turn to fuck a mother during their break, they could watch the God as he expanded his own Mother Fucking Club. He was recruiting at his college today, and Ulrich ached to see more mothers discovering the joys of becoming sluts for their sons and other young men.

He glanced at his watch. Not much longer now.

~ ** ~

I was shocked by Cherry Kang's statement. A girl wanted to turn her mother into a slut? She wasn't responding to any of my commands. I only ordered the boys to add their mothers to the Mother Fucking Club. They already queued up to fuck our teacher, Mrs. Rojas. One pumped away at the Hispanic MILF's cunt, fucking my friend's mother hard as she lay bent over her desk in her classroom.

Cherry sauntered up to me. The Korean girl had such a naughty smile on her round face, her delicate nose almost quivering. Her lush lips pursed together as she stopped before me, a coquettish wantonness wiggling through her body making my dick so hard. Cherry always had a quality about her that I'd noticed. When I jerked off and wasn't thinking of my mom or another MILF, Cherry was one of the girls my age who graced my fantasies.

“You can make my mom your slut, too,” Cherry said. “You can fuck her all you want.”

“Jesus,” I said, still not sure what to make of this hot girl wanting to see her mother fucked.

“I just want to see her dripping in cum,” she continued. “I masturbate to it all the time. You can even fuck me. Just use me.”

She grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up her body, exposing the pale-olive skin of her stomach, flat, her hips curved. She drew it up farther and farther until she popped it over her bra, black and lacy, constraining her round breasts. She ripped it over her head, her black hair spilling about her round face.

I gathered my shock and blurted out, “What are you doing?”

“Well, you have mind control powers,” she answered. “And that stuff just makes me so wet. I've always wanted to experience. I'll do anything to experience it.” Then a wicked smile crossed her lips as she reached behind her. “Besides, you're just going to make me fuck you, aren't you?” A feverish light appeared in her eyes. “You're going to make my mom lick your cum out of my pussy, right?”

“Yes,” I groaned, realizing I would. It sounded so hot.

“Then let's do it,” she said, her bra coming loose. She was moments from revealing her tits to me. “I'm so wet.”

“No,” I ordered, an idea erupting in my mind. “No, your mother needs to watch.”

She grinned at me.

~ ** ~

10 AM arrived.

Ulrich groaned as he sealed up a cardboard box then set down his tape gun on the work bench. His coworkers, men mostly in their early twenties like him, were flowing to the break room. His mother, the head of the shipping department, was already unbuttoning her blouse on her way to join them. She had an eager stride to her steps. Last night, she learned that a mommy should be a slut, fucking her son and all her employees.

The TV played in the break room, showing the spycam feed that followed the new God. They could tune it to watch any of the Gods. Different people of the Institute had their favorites, focusing on the teachings of certain Gods over others, glossing over any... inconsistencies.

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