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5 Filthy Incest Stories

By Tamera Cox

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Daughters Sexy New Underwear

Do Me Hard Daddy

The Good Daughter

Playing With Daddy

My Fathers Cock

Daughters Sexy New underwear

My name is Amanda and this is how I began my summer vacation.

The alarm went off at 7am sharp as it always did every morning, but I had been awake for a good hour before hand. I was too excited to sleep since it was the first day of my summer vacation, and finally at the age of 18 I was going to get to stay home by myself, well almost by myself.

You see, once I told my Mom and Dad that I didn’t want to make the yearly summer trip to the beach with them, and strangely they had agreed to let me stay home, my younger brother of two years, Alex, insisted that he too did not want to go either. That almost brought the whole plan of me having some alone time without my folks to a screaming halt, since my mother was on the verge of calling the whole trip off.

Well, after much debating between myself, and my parents, mainly between my mother and myself . I managed to assure her that I could look after Alex for the two weeks they would be gone, and she grudgingly consented to allow us both to stay home. Besides, I actually like my younger brother. We get along pretty well together save for the few times we accidentally barge in on each other in the bathroom we have to share, and we don’t invade each other’s privacy in our bedrooms. Hell he‘s actually pretty smart, and even funny, so it wouldn’t be bad to have him around. At the very least, with him being here would give me someone that I would want to talk to.

Anyway, I got out of bed and gathered up the rather tight fitting pair of black shorts, and equally tight fitting black tee-shirt with the word ‘Princess’ scrolled in hot pink glittering letters across the front I was going to wear that morning. I stopped to look myself over in the tall mirror that was mounted to the back of my bedroom door for a moment, and ran my fingers through my jet black long hair. I looked at how my D-cup breasts strained against the short night shirt I wore, I could see the outline of my nipples, and down to my thin waist, and wide flaring hips, and the thin cream colored thong panties I wore. I guess you could say I had plenty of ass, a ghetto booty. My mother’s contribution to my genetic makeup. She was built the same way I was. Thin in the waist but all boobs, ass, and thick thighs.

I slipped out of my bedroom and headed to the bathroom. I was in luck, Alex had not yet woke up, which meant I would have the bathroom to myself for a while. That was a good thing, I wanted to take the extra time to shave myself, all of myself if you follow me, and Alex being such a heavy sleeper would give me plenty of time to take care of that.

I stripped out of my night clothes and tossed them in the hamper. I took a moment to look over my naked body, yeah it was time to do a little personal maintenance, as I felt the soft stubble of pubic hair between my thighs. That simple little touch sent a sweet little shiver down my spine.

As I got in the shower, I let the hot water wash over me for a few minutes, taking away the stiffness from the nights sleep, then I got down to business.

I washed myself from head to toe, the soapy suds sparking little waves of pleasure in me as I caressed sensitive areas of my body. Then shaved my pits and legs of course, then I shaved all that pesky light stubble from around my cunt . I don’t know why I still did that. Its not like I have a boyfriend , girlfriend, or even an occasional fuck buddy for me to even make the effort for. I guess I still do it because I like the naughty sexy little feeling I get from feeling that smooth skin around my pussy. Not to mention the thrill I get when I play with myself, and feeling that smooth sensitive skin under my finger tips.

Truth be told I had not had sex in almost a year now. Oh, I have had my fair share of sex. Hell, I started fucking guys when I was very young, I developed early, so there were plenty of guys that wanted to ram their cocks in me, not that I‘m complaining. I have always had a fascination about sex, always trying to have that great sexual experience. I was very safe about it. I always used condoms, and when I turned 14 my mom agreed to let me go on the pill. I think she knew I was sexual active, but she never openly asked me if I was or not. Good for her, otherwise I might have been sent to a convent if I had told her how much sex I had been having.

I learned a lot about sexual pleasure during those tender years. I even learned that I don‘t mind a good ass fucking, or even the occasional double penetration. Later I started to fuck other girls, thinking that maybe I would find that really hot sex with another female. I enjoyed the taste, and softness of girls, the way they were tender, and knew exactly where and how to touch kiss, or lick me. As nice and all as that was, I never felt that mind blowing orgasm you read about, no matter who I was fucking or getting fucked by. I wanted that toe curling screaming to God in cunt gushing bliss of an orgasm. As close as I’ve ever came to it is when I would three finger my pussy, hitting my G-spot, but it was not quite the same.

After a time I got bored with it all, thinking that I had done it all, experienced it all, and stopped having sex completely. I even stopped dating, much to the groans of disappointment of a lot of guys, and a few girls when I took myself off the market sort to speak. The only problem now is even when I finger fuck myself its not enough, I want even more, but can never get myself to the point of feeling truly satisfied, and now I find myself almost in a constant state of arousal.

Why couldn’t I find that one guy that I can truly feel that mind blowing bliss, and completeness with, or even a girl I could feel that with for fucks sake? I guess he or she doesn’t exist. Oh well no sense in crying over spilt milk I guess.

I turned off the water to the shower then, got out and dried off. I knew if I took too much longer that Alex would be waking up, and the first place he was going to be heading was the bathroom to take his morning piss. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to start the two weeks of parent free vacation off with an argument about privacy with my younger brother.

So after a quick inspection in the mirror to make sure I had everything nice and silky smooth, I got dressed. The clothes I had put on didn’t leave much to the imagination. I liked that. My freshly shaved pussy was now hidden by a tight thin layer of black fabric. I could feel my clit starting to swell a little, and I liked the naughty little sensation I got with each step I took. It was almost like teasing myself every time I moved, or walked.

I brushed out my hair and pulled it back into a long still damp pony tail, and a few minutes later I was down in the Kitchen getting myself a cup of coffee, an acquired taste I developed when I had to cram for final exams. Anyway, my mom was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping her coffee, and instantly I could see the disapproval she had for my choice of clothes. “Don’t you think you should put on some more clothes?” She asked me arching an eye brow, giving me a slightly critical look.

“Come on Mom, I’m at home and not going to go out while you and Dad are gone, so who’s going to see me?” I asked with slight irritation. Mom never liked my choice of clothes, she always felt that I should dress to hide my shape, not dress to show it off.

“Well, I still think you might want to put a little more on.” She said to me not quite giving up on trying to reform my fashion tastes.

I was about to say something more when Alex came walking into the kitchen, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants. Actually, Alex came shuffling in and he looked for all the world like he was still asleep, or the walking dead, take your pick.

“Morning sweetie.” My mom greeted him, to which my brother only grumbled in response. Alex was never a morning person, but lately he had grown more moody and secretive. I know I said I got along with my younger brother, but I really do love him, as a sister should. I was a little concerned about what it was that was bothering him, and it seemed that something was missing between us. We used to talk, and laugh, now we barely spoke to each other save for simple small talk at the breakfast, and dinner table. I guess you could say that I missed my younger brother. Then I thought, who knows, maybe I can find out what’s bothering him.

Mom didn’t seem all that concerned about it however, she just smiled and stood up to refresh her coffee. “Ok you have mine and your father’s cell phone numbers. You have the number to the hotel we’re staying at. If there is any trouble you call 911.” She said for the hundredth time. You know how parents can be, always repeating the obvious.

“Yes Mom, they are on the pad on the front of the fridge, and I have them stored in my phone just in case.” I replied rolling my eyes towards the ceiling, but that seemed to reassure her, so I didn’t make too much of a fuss about it.

Then a few moments later my dad came in, a silly little grin on his face. “You know we should get going Alice, if we want to get ahead of the traffic.” He said excitedly. It wasn’t that he wanted to get ahead of the traffic, it was because he had just gotten a new GPS for the car. He had spent the better part of the afternoon before getting it ready so he could use it on the trip. God, sometimes my dad was more of a kid than Alex and I were.

“Yes dear, you’re right.” Mom said rolling her eyes and laughing a little at Dad’s almost childish antics.

Ten minutes later, my mom and dad was heading to front door to get the last couple of bags they were taking with them. To say that they said “good bye”, and “have fun”, would be dead wrong. In fact our dad had to go over the rules twice more before they even got out the front door. Alex and I had heard them so often over the past couple weeks that we could recite them by heart, and once I even caught Alex mouthing the exact same words that was coming out of our dad’s mouth. I did my best not to giggle at that.

Then finally they were gone. I even watched them drive down the street disappearing from sight just to make sure they were really leaving. I let out an explosive breath when I was positive they were gone. Alex however just turned and headed for the den to watch TV. I decided to follow him, and as he took a seat on the big sectional sofa I sat on the other end and watched as he channel surfed.

“So what are you going to do today?” I asked trying to make some conversation with him. Which , by the way, was hard as hell to get out of him lately.

“I don’t know, watch some TV I guess.” He answered abstractly, not even bothering to look at me. “What are you going to do?” He asked after a moment or two, to be at least polite, as he continued to flip through channels.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at the time. “Well I was thinking of going for a swim later, before it got too hot outside.” I said then grinned a little wickedly. “Besides, I got a new bikini, that Mom would have a total shit over if she saw it, and I have been dying to put on.” I added with a hint of mischief in my voice.

Just then Alex stopped flipping through channels and looked at me. I could see something strange in his eyes, I just couldn’t tell what it was. Normally I could read my younger brother’s moods like an open book, but with this change in him I couldn’t tell what was going through his mind. “Mind if I come along, when you do go for a swim, I mean?” He asked finally.

For a second I didn’t know what to say. There was something in his voice that was almost pleading. I nodded my head and smiled. “Sure we haven’t had much time to spend together lately, and I hate swimming alone.” I replied smiling at him.

He gave me a small smile back, and we both settled back to watch TV together, at least for a couple more hours.

When I knew it was hot enough outside, but not too hot, I stood up, told Alex I was going to get ready, and I would meet him out in the back yard by the pool. He gave me that disconnected nod he had developed lately, but didn’t say anything. I sighed, shook my head, and shrugged my shoulders at that before heading up to my room to change.

It didn’t take me long to get out of my shorts and t-shirt, there was hardly anything too them. I shivered once as the AC cooled air hit my bare skin. My self enforced celibacy had made my skin super sensitive, and even the slightest caress of cooled air send a shiver down my spine.

I got out the new deep red bikini and put it on. There was barely enough fabric to the top and bottom to cover all my goodies. In fact, the top only covered about three inches around my nipples, and thanks to that cool air‘s kiss on bare breasts, my nipples was already as hard as rocks. The bottom of the bikini might as well have been a thong as it cut so close to the crack of my ass leaving plenty of cheeks visible to anyone who took the time to look. Not to mention the fact that the red material was so thin that the outline of my clit and pussy could be easily seen.

I gave myself one last look in the mirror on my bedroom door, and like always got that nice little tickle between my thighs at how I looked when I thought I looked sexy or hot. Satisfied with how much was showing, or how little was covered, I got a clean fresh towel from the bathroom, slinging it over my shoulder, and headed for the stairs.

I suppose I should have given my choice of swim suits more thought, because as soon as I got back down to the den Alex’s eyes almost popped out of his head, as he looked at me from head to toe, and lingering on the places where a younger brother should not be looking on his older sister.

Oddly though, I saw how he looked at me, and as his older sister I know I should have said something about how he stared at my tits, and the crotch of my bottoms. Shit, I even turned around and wiggled my ample ass a little just to show off how much of it was seeable. I even gave my right ass cheek a sound smack so he could see how it jiggled.

“Well how do I look?” I asked turning back to face him after he got a good long look at every last inch of exposed skin. I still did not realize that even though Alex was my brother he was still a guy, and my close to nakedness was probably more then he could take.

“Wow Mandy! Um, you look good.” He managed to choke out trying not to sound too excited, but his eyes was still glued on me at how much tits and ass I was not only bearing for him to see, but damn near openly flaunting in his face.

I grinned at him at that point. “Only good? Shit, I was going for fucking hot.” I said tilting my head a touch. I think it was then that I finally saw what it was that was in my younger brother’s eyes, or I at least caught a glimpse of what might have changed him. He was older now, and if he was anything like me he was likely to be perpetually horny.

I thought about that for a moment, the bikini I wore was probably turning him on, big sister or no big sister wearing it. I even had to admit that wearing it, and seeing the look in his eyes, you know, that look of if I had been any other girl, and not his sister, he would have fucked the living shit out of me right then and there look. To be honest, I was getting a little turned on myself. Ok, I take that back, I was getting a lot turned on, even if it was from my younger brother lustfully eyeing me up and down, like I was the hottest piece of pussy around.

“Well I’m going out to swim, you coming or what?” I asked shoving my realization, about my brother‘s burning eyes, and the swelling of my now pulsating clit out of my mind. I know it could not go anywhere, but for now it was just a fun little game knowing I could still tempt and tease, even my own flesh and blood.

Alex nodded, “Yeah I’ll be out in a minute, need to get changed first.” He said giving a lame assed answer I thought, but I didn’t comment. I just turned and opened the large sliding glass door, and instantly felt the growing heat of the day hit me in the face, thick and heavy with humidity.

I tossed my towel over the back of one of the lawn chairs and slipped into the cool water, diving under when it was deep enough, and surfacing on the far side. It felt great, and the cool water was helping to curve the swelling ache of my bald mound between my things. I don’t know why I teased my brother like I did, then again looking back on it maybe I did know, but I had not seen the reason for it at the time.

Anyway, as I floated in the water I thought about his reaction to seeing me damn near naked, and no matter how I tried to push it out of my mind it was the first time in a year that I had allowed myself to notice such a look for anyone, guy or girl. The difference was that it was from Alex, my own brother, and even more so I liked the look he gave me far more than any other I used to get from past boyfriends, and girlfriends for that matter.

Maybe it was the fact that he was my brother that made me like that look in his eyes so much. Maybe it was because of that deep loving bond we had being siblings, that made me read more into his look then in others. Lets face it, I put a hell of a lot more stock in what my brother thought of me than in what anyone else thought of me, including our parents. The rest of the world could go fuck itself for all I cared, but I could not stand myself if I had let Alex down.

I was faced with a moral dilemma by this point. On one hand I had the fact that I was Alex‘s older sister, but on the other hand I had that wild rush of excitement from having my younger brother looking at me like a sexy attractive girl, and not a family member. I was definitely feeling something stirring inside of me. My body was telling me that much, but no matter how I turned it over and around in my head, trying to look at the problem from every possible angle, I could not see the solution. The pros, and cons to it were evenly balanced.

That was a more than a bit frustrating to me. I could normally figure out what to do, and how to solve almost anything that bothered me, but this was something totally out of my depth. With any other problem I had faced I had Alex to talk them over with, but this problem was very different and I could not talk about it with my brother, since he was at the core of it all.

Ten minutes later I was still trying to work it out in my head, when the sliding glass door opened and Alex came out with two cold cans of soda in his hands, a towel draped across the back of his neck and wearing a pair of baggy swim shorts. “Thought you might be getting thirsty.” he said holding up one of the cans.

See, this was what was so different about him. Even when I had teased him with my almost nudity he was still thoughtful enough to bring me something cold to drink, then again he was always like that. Always sensitive to my thoughts, or my wants, he valued my opinion when he had a problem, and he listened to me when I had problems of my own, never passing judgment on me, no matter how bad I might have looked in the situation. It was one of many things that I loved him for.

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