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The Answer.

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Author: Moe Lester

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Chapter 1

The three of them are lying on the carpet just inside the glass doors leading to the pool outside. Cold drops of rain from the sudden shower makes concentric circles on the surface of the water. Paige Newton sighs softly. The nineteen-year-old redhead has a thin, pale body, long red hair, and pert breasts. She’s tired of watching the designs the drops of rain make, and rolls in the high, plush nap of the carpeting onto her back. Paige reaches lazily to the side and scratches the top of Loki’s sleek head. The big American Bulldog lifts its muzzle from between its paws, licks her hand affectionately, pants a moment, then stretches full-length over the floor, lying half in the room, half on the porch.

Paige gazes at the reclining form of her boyfriend Devin, and sees his eyes closed, although he isn’t asleep. The twenty-year-old football jock is muscular, tall, with trim brown hair. The redhead reaches slowly, as if to give him a playful tickle, then changes her mind, a mischievous smile coming to her full lips. She stretches lithely, reaching high over her head making the firm lines of her young body became taut. Her supple spine arched from the floor until her round ass cheeks are nearly free of it.

She did it limberly, like a sensuous cat. Her tipped tits thrust upward from her chest and draw the material of the bikini top tightly across the ends, so her nipples show clearly. Devin still doesn’t open his eyes. Paige gives a soft little moan of pleasure, spread her thighs slightly, and tips her pelvis up. Her bikini-covers pussy rocks gently and invitingly, and her hips make rotating circles around an imaginary shaft fucking her cunt.

Devin still doesn’t look. Paige sighs again, yet she doesn’t glance at Katie. The young woman doesn’t have to glance at Katie to know she’s watching keenly. Katie is Paige’s best friend, an eighteen-year-old blonde with long legs and big breasts.

Katie’s eyes are always on Paige.

Paige smiles secretively, closes her eyes, and makes a purring sound. She puts her hands on her stomach, feeling the silkiness of the naked skin. In a moment, a hand travels up her body with a cupping motion, reaching for her tit. The other hand slides down her flat tummy toward the top of her bikini bottoms, her fingers outstretched and reaching.

Katie watches.

She watches hungrily.

Every silky movement Paige makes, Katie watches.

Katie hears the little intake of breath between Paige’s sweet lips as her fingers snake inside the bikini bottoms, and Katie feels her mouth go dry. Something secretive and warm squirms through Katie’s body. Her eyes trace Paige’s supple curves, the beauty of her red hair, the creamy texture of her skin. She can watch Paige for hours at a time. While Katie watches the lift, thrust of the pert-tipped tits, and imagines the sensual thrill of fingertips twining about red pubic curls, tingles go through her. They spike her nipples inside Katie’s bikini and make her pussy damp. Her mind let her know one more time how much she shouldn’t be feeling this way about Paige.

Nevertheless, she can’t help what she feels, can she? Is there something terribly wrong with me for loving the graceful, curving softness of another girl’s body, Katie wonders? Katie gasps softly. She squeezes her eyes shut and sees red whorls and dots in the darkness before they blur into other images. Katie holds her breath. Sounds of the lazy afternoon fade and stop, then come slowly back again.

Katie opens her eyes and breathes as quietly as she can so Paige won’t ask why she’s been holding her breath. She glances at Devin. The fool is still laying there with his eyes closed, missing all the subtle, sensuous movements Paige makes. He doesn’t deserve to be her boyfriend, Katie thought. Devin doesn’t appreciate her beauty. Like all males, he thinks only of satisfying his hard, thrusting cock inside a soft pussy. The teen tears her eyes from Devin, she can’t stand the thought that his penis had actually violated Paige’s sweet, silky cunt, had spat, foamed, and bubbled sperm into the satiny depths of Paige’s belly.

Yet, he had.

Paige had said so, sighing and twisting about as if his cock was in her at that moment. The admission had been like a knife through Katie’s heart. She watches Paige still. The red-haired nymph is again stretching and twisting lazily in her pink bikini, unaware of the feelings jolting through her friend. Katie runs her gaze admiringly over the flowing swell of Paige’s hips. They are a full heart shape beneath the naked, pinched waist. The sides are bare. The small triangle of the pink bikini bottom molds so tightly around her crotch her puffy pussy lips show a cameltoe.

The fingertips are just above them, rolling slowly and erotically at the top of the sweet cleft. Paige’s pussy lips are bloated and full, moistly open. They’re open enough, and Katie can see the sensual little crevice of Paige’s gap between and a thin line of moisture leaking from her sweet pussy.

Katie stares at the open crotch and the pressuring fingertips and feels her throat constrict with the sudden swelling of sensation inside her body. Her face reddens slightly, and her pulse throbs. The teen girl feels her pussy lips bloat and puffs inside her panties, and she can’t stop watching the play of smooth muscles and taut skin or the way Paige is heating up.

For what, Katie wonders with a sneer, to let Devin’s hard penis fuck her.

Paige moans softly and twists her lithe body again, rolling from one rounded, bare hip to the other in sinuous waves. Her ass clenches and mounds, stretching the material and then capturing it in a soft vise of ass cheeks so the whole curving line of her deep crack shows. The redhead’s trim thighs scissor and spread, and Katie watches the sensuous opening. She wants to reach out and run her fingertips along the satiny skin and to feel the firm flesh.

There’s desperation in the blonde’s desire to do this. The only thing stopping Katie is Devin’s presence. Not knowing what Paige would think or say if Katie did reach out and stroke the slit of her pussy torments Katie. The hell of feeling this unrequited love for her friend is unbearable for the blonde teen. Katie knows what she feels and what she wants to do. However, the teen hesitates afraid to find out how Paige might react to learn her best friend is a lesbian.

Loki sneezes suddenly. There’s a great wet-sounding snort and a flurry of flapping lips and skin. Then the dog gazes around at them with an expression of something near shock, as if wondering what had happened. Loki thumps his tail on the floor and stretches across to lick at Paige’s face.

Devin opens his eyes at the sound. He gazes at Paige, sees the tips of her fingers are bumping the material of her bikini bottom as she softly, and passionately strokes her clit. The jock props his head up quickly, licks his lips, and is now all attention. The pouch of Devin’s white trunks bulges as his penis stiffens. He lifts his eyes from the thrust of Paige’s tits and the kneading fingertips and glances at Katie. There’s a trace of hostility in the jock’s expression, an unspoken appeal for Katie to leave so he can fuck Paige.

A quick coldness goes through Katie, and she stares back at him. She doesn’t like Devin because he’s male, and Katie hates men. Devin doesn’t like Katie either, although he often stares at her tits and tight, round ass enough when Paige isn’t looking. The blonde glances at the fearful outline of his stiffening cock, it’s showing more plainly now. She imagines the dick, loose and thrusting, driving into Paige’s succulent, sweet pussy, and a shiver goes down her spine.

Katie gives him an icy stare; she isn’t going to give up this time. She’s going to fight for Paige and gazes at the jock with an expression that tells him to leave. They stare at each other for a long moment. Devin’s penis continues to swell.

Paige feels the antagonism between them and watches the standoff. Her fingers stop moving over her clit, but she doesn’t pull her hand from her bikini bottoms. The redhead beauty sees the bulge in Devin’s trunks too. She moans softly and lets a slow smile come to her lips. Her fingertips move a few more times, and then she pulls her hand out and stretches languidly, making her tits thrust against the tight bikini top. It’s as if the redhead teen is teasing both her friends.

“Mmmmmm, I feel so lazy and good,” Paige said softly. “Aw… C’mere, Loki. Give me a big kiss.”

She reaches for the American Bulldog. The dog scoots along the floor on its belly and laps at her hand. Loki sniffs her fingertips and licks them. Then the Bulldog stands suddenly and hovers over the redhead.

“Shit, Paige,” Devin said, staring at the dog.

Katie watches too.

The dog’s cock sheath is quivering. Then it suddenly opens, and the bright scarlet tip of Loki’s penis slides out. The canine cock shaft is thick and slippery. It seems to grow bigger by the moment. Loki licks at Paige’s fingertips and begins sniffing at her body. The animal lifts a forepaw and rakes at her stomach with it, making a whimpering sound. Katie stares at the scarlet penis beneath the dog’s belly. She’s known Paige for five years; she’s known Loki that long too. However, the blonde teen can’t remember ever seeing the American Bulldog with a boner before.

Not like this one.

Not stiff and thrusting with bestial fury and lust.

Not when the dogs’ standing over Paige’s supine body as if ready to snap her bikini bottoms in its teeth and rip them from the redheads’ hips and fuck her stupid.

Shit, Paige,” Devin said again with more feeling. “What the hell are you doing to that dog?”

Paige smiles again, roughing Loki’s neck playfully. She glances at Devin’s crotch. “The same thing I’m doing to you, Babe,” she said with a laugh.

The sexy redhead runs her hand up the jocks leg, stopping just short of his cock-bulging trunks.

“Yeah, but I’m a man,” Devin said, letting out a quick gasp of lust.

He stares at her hand wide-eyed. The jocks penis jerks to full erection. The tip of it threatened to peep over the edge of the material.

“Loki’s a man, too,” Paige teases. “Mmmmmm… C’mere, Loki, and let’s see who’s more of a man out of you two.” She runs her other hand beneath the dog’s thick-furred chest to its belly and cups the sheath boldly, squeezing fingers around the dog’s cock. “Omigod,” she moans. “He’s so hard … it’s like iron.” Paige blinks with surprise. She sits up, her hand still cupping the dog’s sheath and licks her lips, and the redheads face becomes even more flushed with lust. “Devin, feel it,” she moans.

“Are you crazy?” he said screwing his face into a sneer. “You want me to feel a dog’s dick?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Paige asks with bright eyes. “I feel yours, don’t I?” She laughs suddenly, slides her hand up Devon’s leg the rest of the way, and cups his crotch. “Oh, you naughty boy, you’re as hard as Loki.” The redhead chuckles lightly, almost mocking. Her eyes narrow slightly, and her soft lips go slack. “Mmmmm, Devin, are you ever hard.”

“Hey…” he whispers, torn between embarrassment and daring, giving Katie a quick glance and then ignoring her. “If you keep that up you’re asking for it.”

Paige keeps it up. Her fingers fondle and squeeze gently. She cups Devin’s balls inside the trunks, and she feels the outline of his stiff shaft stroking it through the material. Devin sucks in his breath and holds it. He starts making a movement to push Paige’s hand away and close his thighs, then changes his mind. He gives Katie another look with a raised eyebrow, trying to will the blonde to leave so he can take Paige.

His legs part shoving his crotch at Paige’s hand, figuring, what the hell, if she wants to have sex in front of Katie, it’s all right with him. Might be somewhat exciting and maybe Katie’s pussy would start to itch enough to want the jocks dick too, and having a three-way orgy would be a blast. Devin grins at Katie and reaches for Paige’s tits. He squeezes one, palming it, and the tip of his cock stretches beyond the rim of his trunks swelling and pulsating.

Katie stares at the jocks cockhead, purplish and pink, and she sucks in her breath. She doesn’t know what to think. She felt embarrassed and thrilled at the same time. It’s the first human penis in the flesh Katie’s seen, discounting online porn. It’s the long, dreaded enemy, the materialization of her lesbian feminist hate. Yet Devin’s cock doesn’t appear that threatening. She gazes from the velvety pink/purple end of Devin’s cockhead to the scarlet, shiny, pointed spear thrusting from Loki’s belly and gasps again. The blonde teen watches Paige’s fingertips reach for the big-eyed end of Devin’s cock and fondle it.

The redhead sees Devin’s cock move, swell, and jerk. She had let go of Loki’s cock now. The American Bulldog sits and gazes at her body with its head tilted slightly, panting, the canine cock jerking and thrusting from the dog’s sheath.

Katie moans softly. She’s lying on her stomach on the floor feeling tingles go through her body. The blonde’s tits swell and press against the floor. Her pussy lips bloated even more inside her bikini bottoms, and she thrusts her pelvis against the floor and feels her clit pressured sensitively.

Paige stretches toward Devin, her lips part slightly. They meet his. She kisses him passionately, her mouth open, her tongue sliding between the jocks lips, and the redhead gives out a soft moan. Paige pushes her tits into his hands and scoots closer to Devin.

Katie runs her eyes over the curving swells of the sweet body and moves against the floor again, fucking it; she’s watched Paige and Devin necking before. However, she’s never watched Paige fondle his penis and balls. Katie’s never seen the redhead’s spine arch, so her tits press into Devin’s hands this way before. The blonde teen’s emotions jangle. She wants to cry and doesn’t want to see Devin’s hand running over the tight, round, swollen butt as Paige curls her hips against him. Katie doesn’t want to see Paige’s dainty fingers reach inside the white trunks to capture the stiff, throbbing length of his cock and caress it.

The blonde closes her eyes; she doesn’t want to see any of it. Katie wants to be doing it; she wants her hand on Paige’s ass-cheek, kneading it. She wants her fingers caressing the firm mound of Paige’s tits. Katie wants Paige’s hand to be inside her swimsuit, not Devin.

“Oh, God...” Katie groans huskily, her hips pushing against the floor repeatedly, ass cheeks clenching tightly, and her pussy growing warm, wet, and loose inside.

“Katie, what’s the matter?” Paige suddenly asks. Her voice is fuzzy and concerned at the same time. “Are you all right?”

Katie opens her eyes and gazes at them slack-jawed. The bikini top cupping Paige’s firm tits sags away from the mounds, the string in the back hanging loose and untied. Devin’s hand is beneath one cup, and his palms filled with tit flesh.

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