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Piracy And Trafficking.

Part 1: Caribbean Nightmares

Published by Blondiecath

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 Blondiecath

All characters are 18+

Annie got auctioned 

A story of being sold.

M+f, nc, slavery

Suddenly the blinds were pulled from my eyes and I was met by a sudden brightness. I had just been led out onto a bright lit stage from a side door. In front of me was the brightness of strong spotlights and around me were other girls. Their arms were cuffed behind them in the same manner as mine. We were all gagged. And there were also a couple of guys around, guarding us and pushing us into the right positions. Mean looking guys.

One of them wore a suit and he went straight to a microphone at the opposite side of the stage. Then he started talking, not to us but to the audience I now started to see a little more clearly. There were people behind the spotlights. Looking at us. 

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this auction. We have a couple of healthy young females for sale tonight and interestingly enough they are quite different from each other. That’s our niche as you know, offering all kind of nice girls.”

He nodded to one of those mean looking guys who then grabbed a black girl by the arm. She was wearing a red dress and heels. Her hair was straight and long, with some colourful pearls in it. 

I wondered if they had given her that dress to wear for the auction. Before being dragged here I had gotten new clothes, denim shorts and a tight top. It looked kind of slutty and wasn’t really anything I would normally wear. But I sure didn´t wanna be naked either.

“Look at this fine black woman! Her name is Sandra, 27 years old. Straight from the Deep South. Not a cotton pitcher though, he he, but I’m damn sure she’ll make a good slave.”

The audience laughed at his bad “joke”, and Sandra had a look of anger on her face. 

“This is actually an educated darkie. An apprentice from a law firm so you can ask her everything you need to know about law and order, he he. Yes that’s right! Sweet Sandra here was going to be a lawyer. But that was before she was delivered here off cause. Now it’s her new master, or should I say massa, who will decide her new position.”

I wondered how they had managed to catch her. Was it some drug in her drink? Maybe a quick grab from a van when she was out jogging at night? Maybe someone she knew set her up for this? 

For me everything was still kind of dizzy. I had been on spring break in Cancun, partying all night. I got too far from my friends when we were leaving the clubs for our hotel and suddenly someone put something over my face and everything went black. 

Then I woke up in a bare room surrounded by angry men. Without much explanation I was forced to shower and get into these new clothes. A woman made my hair and makeup with professional determination. And when all was done I was blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed. And brought up here in a hurry.

I wondered what had happened to my friends. Were they searching for me? Had they called the Mexican police? Or had anyone of them also got kidnapped this night?

Sandra was very angry and tried to wriggle free as the guy holding her started to open the zipper on the back of her dress. With her hands cuffed it was no use, and soon enough her big breasts were shown to the customers. To make sure they really saw them the auctioneer took one in his hand, like he was weighting it. 

“Just look at these huge breasts. 40 Ds, completely natural. Made for taking care of babies but also to give the so called Spanish love...”

The bidding was obviously done with computers so I couldn’t see the amounts Sandra would be worth. I had no idea what sums were considered reasonable in this situation.

After inspecting her breasts Sandra was turned around so that her backside would be shown off as well. The hem of her dress lifted so that her big ass could be seen. The man holding her even slapped her ass playfully as she jumped in surprise. 

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