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Cain is filled with complete horror. He didn't even try to stop her. He could feel any influence he had on her was gone out the window. She does run the show, but he was always able to, at the very least, suggest something to her. It was what made him different from the other ones. He didn't have a better way anymore. Nothing he could say would change her current course. It was all about making her belly bigger, and if eating people made it grow the fastest, there wasn't anything he could to beat that.

He felt foolish. He always assumed there would be enough food in the world to keep her going like this. It was a painful oversight. He miscalculated how much energy the mass amount of servants drained from her. Add in the other many factors, and it was easy to see why it would never be enough. It made him horribly depressed. He fell to his knees. He looked at the men scurrying about. They were setting up their rocket and artillery weapons. He was a bigger fool than they were.

Cassie is still his wife. He was supposed to know her better than anyone. Her horrible childhood was what made her like this. The power just brought it out of her. His understanding of this didn't make him feel better. Of course, he knew that. It's what made him stay one step ahead of her. To say the least, she had grown out of his control. He did his best. There was no way he could imagine the power would require a greater energy source. That coming in form of his fellow man.

He was pulled from his introspection by another tremble. He looked back to see her gigantic belly rising up. He couldn't move, but he had to do something. -Run.- he thought to all of the Belly Division. It was the best he could do. Her belly servants had at least earned that. A head start. It was the kick in the ass they needed. They reacted to his single word by stampeding away from Cassie. He didn't know if she would eat her loyal servants. He was thinking ahead for the last time. He assumed this was the beginning of the end.

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