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Prologue ~ Sunday Night

Vanessa had me by the neck. Her long, elegant fingers dug into my skin and her sharp nails threatened to break it. My bare feet clapped on the hard wood floor as we entered a long, dark hallway.

I stood still there for a moment, taking in the fear quickly grasping my body. Her fingers pinched my neck and urged me forward.

She herded me past several thick, oak doors, all locked shut by giant, iron latches. In the middle of the shadow-filled hallway, she stopped me. My naked body shivered in the unknown corridor.

"This one is yours," she smirked, sliding an ornate key into the giant locking mechanism.

A loud click echoed down the corridor and sent shivers through my body. She creaked open the door and dim light spilled inside.

It looked like a prison cell. There was no furniture, no bed; just chains, a blanket and a bunch of metal working on the floor and walls. I assumed these all had a purpose, but I couldn't bear to imagine them now.

"Welcome to detention, student," she giggled. Her tone changed quickly as she gave me a shove. "Go on, get inside."

I fell to my knees on the dark, stained wood of my room's floor and knew I was going to break down. I knew I couldn't do this and was just waiting for the misery and loneliness and frustration to set in. I just didn't know which would be worse.

My heart ached for Chloe. Would she be in even more trouble than me?

"What's going to happen to Chloe?" I whimpered, too afraid to look up at Vanessa.

"That's none of your business. She's not your little pet anymore. She might be getting expelled. Or she might become someone else's little fuck slave. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

"Maybe I'll suggest to the faculty board that she be kept at the school and be my personal ass slave. And when I get bored of her dirty tongue licking my perfect, pink asshole, I'll make her clean my toilet and keep a pair of dirty panties locked in her mouth 24/7.

"Turn around," she demanded. "Present yourself to me."

Quickly shuffling 180 degrees, I stayed on my knees and folded my arms behind my back.

"Or," she continued. "Perhaps, if you are very nice to me, I'll try to make sure she's punished as little as possible."

I didn't dare look up at her. I kept my eyes fixated on her beautiful, pointed high heels. The dark material covering her elegant feet was infinitely mysterious to me and made me feel even more under her control.

She must have noticed, or wanted my attention, because she began to push her heeled foot against my cage.

The tip of her shoe tapped against the front of my metal chastity cage and I almost cried. Instantly, the feeling of weeks of denial flooded into my groin.

Desperate aching pushed through my shaft and into my swollen testicles. I groaned helplessly as the sexual tension overpowered me.

"Very pent-up, aren't we?" she teased, pleasure in her voice. "I wonder what you'd do right now to have me touch your unlocked, little penis, hmm?"

She rubbed her perfect, feminine shoe against my shaft-covering for a few moments. Each little vibration caused the aching need to worsen inside my crotch. I wanted to weep and beg her to release me.

"We'll find out," she cackled. "But not right now. Maybe sometime a bit later on."

Her foot squeezed my genitals against my body for a moment longer, and then retreated beneath her.

"I hope you have a good night," she said, pausing eerily. "Aren't you going to let me kiss you goodnight?"

I got up on my arches and nodded, wetting my lips in anticipation.

"Open," she demanded, coldly.

My stomach sank as I realized she wasn't going to actually kiss me. I followed her instructions and parted my lips wide.

She leaned forward, revealing her gorgeous cleavage as she pursed her lips and spit into my mouth.

"Swallow," she ordered, patiently.

Her warm saliva slid over my tongue and down my throat humiliatingly.

"Such a good boy," she taunted through a smirk.

She surveyed my cell one last time as she leaned for the doorway.

"Oh, if you haven't noticed, there is no bathroom in here. As part of your punishment, your bathroom visits will be strictly controlled. If you have to go to the bathroom during the night, well, you will hold it. You will hold it until you’re taken to the bathroom in the morning.

"Of course, you can piss on the floor of your room like a misbehaving, poorly trained dog, but that will not go unpunished. As you know, we are all about discipline here, aren't we?"

Vanessa ran her hands briefly up her hips and over her breasts. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sensations she gave herself.

"You obviously can’t control yourself sexually," she mused, squeezing her tits firmly through her lace bra. The sight of her stiff nipples made my cock ache. "Holding your bladder until morning will give you a chance to prove you can control yourself in at least some small way.”

She chuckled as she stepped out of my cold, dark prison. She slammed the iron bar down over the latch, sending a thud into my chest.

Alone, humiliated and horny, I fell onto my bare bum.

The walls were thick, heavy wood; full of iron and metal pipes, rings and slats. I grabbed my thin, white blanket and curled up against it.

As I trembled in silence, hoping my body would let me sleep tonight, I yearned for Chloe. I would have given anything to be next to her. I needed, more than anything, to smell her hair, feel her warm skin and taste her soft lips.

I could tell already that I wasn't going to get any rest tonight.

Day One

I drifted in and out of consciousness as the hours or minutes ticked by. Keeping track of time was impossible here. Every once in a while, I'd hear the sound of a door creaking open and closed in the distance, or the commanding sound of rigid heels clacking down a corridor.

I couldn't help but fiddle with my cage. My tender, horny shaft was so desperate for affection that I tried anything I could to satisfy it. I shook my cage in my hand. I drooled on it and shoved my finger as hard as I could into one of the openings on the side, just to make any sort of pleasurable contact, but it all failed.

Eventually, I became painfully aware that my urges were worsening, and so was the discomfort in my bladder. I wasn't prepared to pee on my own floor though, not yet. I knew Vanessa would love any excuse to punish me... severely.

My cock throbbed as I became more and more aroused by the terrible prospect of being used by Vanessa sexually. I couldn't get her awful, angelic features out of my mind. The taste of her cunt, the smell of her pink asshole; all came flooding back to the forefront of my mind, and it caused gallons of blood to rush to my cock. Agony.


The sound of heels clacked in the distance. I lifted my weary face and body from my blanket and hoped my release was imminent. Silently, I waited, listening as hard as I could.

Then, the ringing of keys on a heavy metal ring sang out.

My door clanked open. The sudden burst of light blinded me briefly.

"Hello, student," greeted my instructor. Her voice sounded so tender compared to Vanessa's. All of a sudden, my emotions overwhelmed me and I wanted to cry in her arms.

"Hello, miss," I squeaked, suddenly paralyzed by my body's painful demands. "It's good to see you, miss. I'm sorry."

"Shh, hush now," she calmed, sternly. "I know you're sorry, but that doesn't change what you did. You are in detention now and will be treated so, accordingly. You will not be released until you've served your time here and not misbehaved any further. Understand?"

"Yes, miss," I nodded, lowering my eyes in defeat. The cramping in my stomach became even more uncomfortable. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself from peeing much longer.

"I have a few things I want to discuss with you," she began, inspecting the trim of her dark, red fingernails. "Are you hungry? Thirsty?"

"I... I have to go to the bathroom, miss," I whined, unable to hide my desperation.

"Can you hold it?" she asked, firmly.

"I- I don't know, miss. I've been trying."

"Hmm," she sighed, impatiently. "Very well, student, come on."

She stepped outside the door to my prison and grabbed a thick strap of leather; a leash. Then, she revealed a heavy, metal collar, which she quickly affixed to my weary neck.

"Sorry about the collar, student," Teacher explained, making sure it fit snugly around my throat. "Collars like this are quite cruel and unforgiving, especially on a submissive going through immense denial. However, they are mandatory in detention, and you will be keeping it on for most of your stay here. Try and get used to it, as hard as that may be."


I followed my instructor down the empty corridor. I couldn't help but admire her gorgeous figure, hidden inside the tight, grey pencil skirt. Memories of the time she let me briefly inside her washed over me and I gasped uncontrollably. I almost lost control of my bladder as I stumbled behind her strong, nylon legs.

Being led around on a leash never becomes less humiliating, or emasculating. I think they know that.

Despite the sharp pain inside my belly, the yanking on my collar caused my testicles to swell steadily. I'd been forced to go without sexual release for too long and my body was rebelling against me.

At the end of the hallway were two heavy looking doors. Teacher fiddled with her ring of iron keys and slid one into the door on the left.

She slid it open to reveal a creepy looking bathroom. It more resembled an outhouse or something you'd find in an old castle.

"Hurry up, student," Teacher urged, unlocking the leash from my collar.

I jumped inside, trying to ignore the dark, dungeon-esque quality of the toilet I sat down on.

Teacher slid the door closed leaving just a sliver of light inside with me. Immediately I released the pressure on my bladder and let it drain out.

For a moment, I was in heaven, until, the second I finished peeing, I realized the desire to get hard and cum was even more nagging than ever.

"Alright," my instructor beckoned, sliding the door back open. "It's time for you to get cleaned up."

She unlocked the metal door on the right to reveal a small concrete room with a drain on the floor. Above, an industrial-looking faucet pointed down at me.

"Get in, student," she demanded, somewhat indifferent. "There's your soap, on the shelf there. You have three minutes. It is your responsibility to clean yourself very thoroughly. If you are not properly cleaned after your shower each morning, you will be gagged, plugged and punished.

"You will then be taught the importance of keeping a body clean. But, I won't go into that right now. You've got enough to worry about. Just, believe be when I say, you want to be quick and thorough when you shower here, understood?"

"Yes, miss," I stammered, stepping onto the cold, damp concrete. "Thank you."

She secured the steel door shut and spoke through the grated window. "These showers only use cold water, student. Nice, hot showers are a privilege, which misbehaving students in detention are not afforded. I'm sorry."

The shower activated and a harsh stream of ice-cold water stung my skin. I screamed and tried to catch my breath as I remembered I had just a few short minutes to cleanse my body perfectly.

I grabbed the soap and got scrubbing.


After the shower, a vent opened in the wall and blasted me with warm, dry air. Teacher then promptly returned me to my cell, still shivering. Though, the whole experience seemed to have my genitals even more aroused for some reason.

I could feel the heat coming off my instructor's warm body and I imagined being smothered underneath her, perhaps in her bed, face buried in her perfect breasts.

"On your knees, student," Teacher pointed. "Over there."

In the middle of my cell, were two bars I hadn't really noticed before. Both bars were about a foot or so off the ground; one straight up in the air, the other horizontal.

"Get your knees behind that cross bar and lean forward over it," she instructed.

I did what I was told and felt strictly guided by the metal bars. Teacher then clasped my heavy, rigid collar to the tall, vertical bar. Now, I was locked in a doggy-style position and held in place by the two bars.

"This is how we like to keep students in detention when we work with them. It is a very useful, versatile position. You can be punished in this position. You can be humiliated and spanked in this position. However, you can also be taught while bound like this. And even, well, unlocked and pleasured in this position.

"But, for now, I'm just going to explain a few things to you as I inspect your level of cleanliness."

I watched Teacher's elegant heels clack around to my side. I missed seeing her already. I couldn't turn my head too far to either side due to the metal clasp and the collar. I could tell they were designed to restrict my movement and limit my comfort.

"I know you aren't happy about being here. Being punished is never easy, or enjoyable, but our detention system can be difficult for even the best students to endure.

"I don't want you to be too hard on yourself and I don't think you should give up; which, many students in your position have."

Teacher pushed my toes apart with the edge of her shoe.

"Remember why you first came here to our prestigious program. Because you know it's what's best for you. It still is. You can have the life you always wanted when you leave here. You can. You just have to keep going, keep learning and keep behaving.

"Becoming certified is about training your mind to be able to ignore the impulses of your male body. That is an extremely difficult task."

She knelt down behind me, squeezed and spread the cheeks of my ass. I felt a new level of embarrassment as this incredibly classy, beautiful woman inspected the cleanliness of my behind. My testicles ached and yearned to be emptied. I almost drooled at the thought.

"Being certified from our school will allow you to get a real job at a real office. You'll be able to get paid the highest a male is allowed to earn. Not to mention, the type of woman that would be interested in you will be more successful and beautiful than anyone you've ever been able to date."

Her hand rested itself on my head and she stroked my hair briefly. Her fingers lingered and I felt her love, ever so lightly.

"Looks like you know how to wash yourself. Good boy. Just make sure you are as thorough every morning. It won't be me checking you next time..."

She straightened her skirt and adjusted her nylons before stepping outside my door.

"I'm going to leave you in this position, student. Just for a little while. You will be visited by the medical staff for an inspection in the next hour or so. Be good and don't give up. I believe in your ability to get through this. I would tell you if I didn't."

The door creaked as it swung on its heavy bearings, leaving me in the darkness, bound in my helpless position, collared and caged.

I tried not to break down, but I felt the tears welling up behind my eyes and a lump growing in my throat. I wished more than anything that Teacher would come back inside and unlock me. I wish she'd say this was all a misunderstanding and that Chloe and I could spend the rest of the week together, doing anything we wanted.

As my thoughts jumped to Chloe, tears escaped me. I worried so much about how they were treating her. I was scared to death thinking about it.


It might only have been an hour, but it felt far longer than that when I heard a woman's heels clomp on the hardwood floor outside my cell door. For a moment, they paced back and forth, then, I saw their shadowy silhouette the floor in front of me.

My nurse entered the room with a hesitant smile.

"Hello, student," she said, warmly.

Her legs were covered in perfect white stockings as usual and a tight, white skirt complemented her waist. My heart skipped a beat when her kind eyes met mine.

"Hello, miss," I grunted, partially choked by the heavy collar anchoring my neck to the pipe on the floor.

"I'm going to give you a brief inspection," she stated, plainly, putting down a small bag of instruments and removing a clipboard from it.

I watched her toes dance ever so slightly through the open section in the front of her heels. Under the white, translucent nylon, they seemed ethereal. My mouth watered as I imagined sucking on them and pleasing my loving nurse. I wanted to make her happy so that she would save me from this frustrating, lonely, horny nightmare.

"I was saddened to hear you were placed in the detention wing. It's not easy in here. The stay can be long and difficult. I'm afraid, I won't be able to comfort you much."

She studied me as she marked down some observations on her chart.

"Have you been able to sleep in here yet, student?"

"Not really, miss," I said, straining my sore body into a more comfortable position. My swollen genitals felt like an iron weight dangling between my legs. And endless geyser of pressure disturbed my entire crotch.

"I see," she noted, nibbling her thick red lip. She slid her pen down a short checklist. "What would you say is the main reason for this? The cold? The lack of a proper mattress or bedding? Physical discomfort? Denied sexual urges?"

"Probably, a mix of all of them, miss," I confessed.

"Alright, let me take a look at your cage," she explained, putting her clipboard down. "I need you to try and be hard for this, as usual. But, with you in this position... let me see."

After a moment, she lifted her skirt slightly and reached her manicured fingers up underneath. She wiggled her knees and hips until she'd removed her cream-colored panties from her crotch.

She knelt down next to me so she could get a good view of my painfully denied penis. She then folded her panties neatly and pressed them up against my nose and mouth.

Her feminine scent immediately took over my senses. My cock felt hot as blood tried in vain to squeeze inside it. The tingling in my shaft pushed backwards into my testicles and groin, spreading a horny ache throughout.

"Good boy, just breathe in my undies and I'll make sure everything is alright down there."

Her fingers gripped and turned my heavy, agonizing cage as I helplessly took in her naughty aroma. Each breath I took, her sweet perfume deepened my lust for a woman. I wanted to fulfill a woman with my cock. Any woman!

The lace material smelled so good I wanted to lick it and fuck it. I'd never been so horny or desperate in my whole life. I couldn't stand any more of this teasing or denial any longer. I knew my control and grip on my sanity and behavior was slipping.

She stood up and moved behind me, taking her panties from my face.

"Well, I'm a little concerned student," she began, audibly worried. "The head and shaft of your penis are strained, but not medically in jeopardy. However, your prostate seems to be overly swollen. I'm going to massage your prostate externally and see if there needs to be something done or not."

I heard her slip on some latex gloves and soon, her fingers were pressing firmly against my taint. I'd never been touched like this before and it felt uncomfortable at first.

"Try to relax, dear. You have far too much tension in this area. It's not unusual for someone who's been denied for this duration, but I need to make sure you're okay."

Her fingers slid up and down the thick strip of skin between my anus and testicles, massaging the tight, puffy gland underneath.

I started to feel a hot, tingling sensation building from inside. My knees began to shake and I moaned as her fingers worked my prostate deeper.

"Does this area feel tender, student?" she asked, continuing the motion and pressure with her strong fingers.

"Yes, miss," I croaked, both enjoying and recoiling from the touch. "It's really sensitive, but in a weirdly good way. Please, don't stop."

"I'm just seeing how your prostate reacts to a little rubbing. I want to see it reduce in swelling, just a little. That shows it's still healthy."

Her fingers worked me a little more forcefully and I gasped and trembled weakly. The sensation made me want to get hard and fuck so badly.

"Hmm, yes, it seems to be relaxing a little now. That's good."

She stood up again and removed her gloves. Picking up her pen, she made notes on her clipboard.

Suddenly, I felt the nagging pressure of horny desperation return to my cock. I almost wept as the cruel torments of my own, imprisoned body caused me to suffer once more.

"I think you're fine, for now, student. But I've made a note to have you checked out again. If it gets too much worse, I think we'll have to milk you, via anal prostate stimulation.

"Some students who receive such treatment seem to fully enjoy the process, however that is a minority. To most, the sensation of semen oozing out of a still-caged penis are found to be both infuriatingly frustrating and uncomfortable.

"Plus the fact that your anus will be getting filled by a foreign object, which most males despise... understandably so.

"I'm sorry, but I can't stay any longer. I'm expected back at the nursing wing soon."

She bent over and let me watch her pink opening disappear as she slid her delectable panties back onto her pelvis. Then, she unlocked my collar from the bar so that I was finally free to roam my small, dank cell.

Writhing in heat, and drooling from my nurse's sensuality, I tried to catch my breath before she left.

"Remember," she said, watching me from above. "As humiliating as it is to be denied and treated like this, it's actually impressive, student. It's not emasculating to go so long without ejaculation. It's actually somewhat manlier. It's so strong and brave that you are doing this."

She picked up her bag and clipboard and unlocked the cell door.

"Please, miss," I begged, stopping her at the last second. "Chloe. Do you know anything about what's happened to her? Is she alright?"

My nurse hesitated for a second, unsure how to respond, or if she even should. She checked outside in the hallway before stepping back inside and closing the door.

"I haven't seen her in the nurse's station. I'm not sure."

"Is she here? In detention?" I asked, panicked.

"I don't know, student. And if I did, I'm not supposed to share information on other students with you, especially not ones who've recently misbehaved."

My eyes fell to the floor. I was ready to give up. The pain of both missing Chloe and worrying for her, hurt far too much.

"I'll see if I can, umm," my nurse started, anxious. "I'll see if I can learn anything. No promises."

"Thank you," I cried out. "Thank you, miss. So much. I need her to be okay."

She smiled at me, sympathetically, then quickly left. After the door shut, the loneliness and silence took over.

I missed everything about Chloe. I missed the feel of her skin, her warmth, and the smell of her body.

Hours passed by as I lay on the floor of my prison. The sound of Chloe's cute, angelic voice filled my head. My heart beat furiously in my chest as my tightly caged penis strained inside its prison.

I wondered how long they were going to make me suffer in this cold, lonely place. How much longer could I last being denied like this?

Day Two

I was awoken by a sharp pain in my side. Vanessa used her high-heeled feet forcefully to urge me off the floor and down the hall.

After going to the bathroom and scrubbing myself in the freezing cold shower, I was taken back to my room.

"Over there, student," Vanessa pointed, to the far wall of my cell. "On your knees."

Naked, chilled and incredibly pent-up inside my heavy, punishing chastity, I knelt down on a rubber pad in front of the stone wall.

Vanessa took her time walking over next to me, where she unfastened a small, curved metal door, which slid open at my waist.

"Lean forward," she urged, "your little privates go through this hole."

Butterflies exploded in my stomach as I pushed my chastity cage through the small circular opening in the wall.

When they were all the way in, and my stomach was pressed against the wall, Vanessa slide the metal plate back in place and locked it there.

Panicked, I pulled my hips back, but the cage was firmly secured in the hole; it wasn't even budging.

I looked up at Vanessa, who smirked subtly as she watched me struggle.

"You're going to love this," she giggled, sarcastically. "I told you not to misbehave. But from the moment I met you, I knew you'd be a little troublemaker."

As Vanessa spoke, she started to rub her breasts on the outside of her white blouse.

"I could tell how attractive you found me. You weren't able to hide it at all. And that first day, you had to smell and lick my toes, remember that? Mmm, you were so horny for me right away.

"I could feel you trembling as you worshipped my feet. You'd never touched a woman as gorgeous as me, had you? Let alone, sucked on her perfect toes..."

Vanessa groaned as she checked her watch. Frustrated, she unlatched a second metal plate in front of my face and slid it open.

"Come on," she urged, grabbing the back of my head. "Put your face through here."

I leaned forward into the little window and realized I was seeing into another room. None of the lights were on yet, but it seemed like a lounge of some sort.

Suddenly, Vanessa slid the plate back, locking my neck in place. Now, I was stuck, in this terribly awkward position, my head and genitals presented to this other room, with no way of freeing myself.

Vanessa didn't say anything before she left; she just shoved the pointy edge of her shoe against my ass until it stung painfully.


I was left like that for a while, until I saw someone open the door in this mysterious room. A woman. She was dressed like an instructor.

The middle-aged woman flicked on the lights and started making some coffee. She didn't notice me yet, or at least, pretended not to.

Why was I here? What was I supposed to be doing here?

She sat down at a nearby table and sipped her coffee as she went through some papers with a pen.

Her legs were bare below her skirt, but her skin was smooth and seemingly flawless. She had dark, red, open-toed heels on, and my cock swelled inside its cage as I watched her.

I was too scared to speak, or say anything, but the anxiety of being in her presence was starting to overwhelm me.

The woman ran her fingers down her leg, almost as if she was trying to relieve a little stress. Her luxurious, black hair fell over her shoulder, and as she brushed it back in place, she spotted me.

"Hello there," she greeted, casually.

She waited for my response.

"Umm," I croaked, uneasily. "Hello, miss."

"You must have been a bad boy if you're in detention, hmm?" Her red lips pursed adorably as she finished speaking.

"Yes, miss," I grunted, bowing my head.

"That's alright. I'm sure you've learned your lesson. Hopefully you don't have to be punished too long. Welcome to the faculty lounge. Most of us instructors don't have a lot of downtime during the day, but when we do, this is where we like to relax."

She paused and looked at me curiously. "You wouldn't mind helping me relax, would you?"

"Of course not, miss," I offered.

As she stood up and moved a chair up next to me, I tried to adjust my own position, but being locked in the wall by my neck and genitals made it extremely hard.

The instructor sat down in front of me and leaned back. Her large breasts pushed up against her bra and seemed ready to escape every time she took a deep breath.

She smiled, mischievously at me, then her eyes dropped below, to my chastity device. Her eyebrow jumped as she studied it.

"How long has it been since you've been allowed to orgasm, student?"

I could have pretended not to know, but the days felt like years in this place and I knew exactly how long I'd been kept chaste.

"Nine days, miss," I confessed.

"Oh, that's not that bad," she said, removing one of her sexy, red shoes. Her toenails were painted the same dark red to match. "By the look of you, and your tight, swollen testicles, I would have guessed a little longer."

She lifted her bare foot to my face and wiggled her toes.

"Smell my foot, student," she ordered, gently.

I took a soft, controlled breath in through my nose, taking in her scent. Its strong, sexy aroma sent my hormones into overdrive.

Blood painfully tried to push its way into my cock and was frustratingly unable to do so.

Her other foot, still in its heel, tapped and rubbed against my cage.

"I know it's hard here at this school. Nine days in here is like a month in the outside world. After all, in your normal life, you aren't restrained in a wall, forced to worship powerful women's bodies, are you?"
"No, miss," I gasped, getting erotically high from the pheromones wafting off her warm toes.

"I imagine having to serve women in this way, every day would really make it hard not to constantly be thinking about sexual intercourse and release, hmm? How does my foot smell?"

"Wonderful, miss," I whined, wishing her other foot could unlock my cage and slide against my rigid shaft.

"Open," she requested, tapping her big toe against my chin.

My jaw relaxed and I presented my mouth to her. Happily, she danced her toes over my lips and giggled.

"Oh, I love this feeling. Having your feet pampered like this, just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. The foot is such a sensitive place, isn't it?"

She slid her other shoe off and began rubbing her bare foot against my metal device.

"But, once you put them in certain places..." she trailed off as the toes at my mouth curled over my lip briefly.

Her soft foot tasted of fine leather from her shoe and was more sweet than salty. My mouth watered as her toes wiggled inside, treating my tongue to their full flavor.

"Mmm, inside a mouth, when toes are being sucked it becomes much more... sexual," the woman moaned. She gently fucked my mouth with her foot as she ran her fingers through her hair and closed her eyes.

I did my best to make my mouth as inviting and pleasing as possible. I tried to lap appreciatively at each of her toes and in between them, then sucking on each one slowly and deeply.

My own saliva, covering her toes tasted like the inside of her shoes, but I didn't care. I was too horny and too bent on pleasing her to care.

Her other foot caused my cock to ache and beg for an erection, but, as always, it was only given strict, cruel denial.

"Is it hard to be teased like this? Or do you like having the affection given to you? I'm sure, if you preferred, your instructor could have you kept in solitary confinement for the entirety of your detention."

Suddenly, the door to the lounge swung open and another instructor entered. She had light brown hair and a slight tan.

"Oh, we have a little guest today, do we, Mistress H?" the new instructor asked.

"Indeed," Mistress H replied, pushing her foot deeper into my mouth. "How has your morning been?"

"Mmm," the new instructor sighed. "What is it about those tight, young, obedient female students, hmm? I was working with one early this morning, giving her the morning tease routine and this sexy, little thing was just dripping for me."

A female student! Was it Chloe?

I wanted to ask so badly, but knew it was too risky. I couldn't just blurt out questions to these women, when I didn't know how they might react. They could both potentially be worse than Vanessa and there was no way for me to know. I had to just keep behaving as obediently as I possibly could and hope I made it through without getting in more trouble.

"This young woman, I hadn't even had her belt off for more than a few minutes before her cunt was just gushing and begging to be touched. I couldn't even use the little vibrator on her because I think she would have cum all over it in seconds."

She casually made herself a coffee as she talked. I helplessly tried not to gag on Mistress H's delicious foot, which was slowly working its way deeper into the back of my throat.

"I told her I couldn't tease her, because she was too worked up. So, I just let her sit there, bound and dripping. I'm not sure what it is about students like that, with those naughty, desperate pussies; it just makes me randy."

She stood next to Mistress H and sipped her coffee.

"Hmm, I should be going, unfortunately," Mistress H sighed, removing her foot from my lips. "Just as this one was getting me a little worked up."

She gave me a gentle smile and a wink. She rubbed my cage with her foot one last time before throwing her shoes back on.

"Alright," the new instructor said, putting her coffee down. "Enjoy your afternoon."

Mistress H left and again I became filled with nervous energy, unsure who I was trapped in this room with.

The new instructor looked down at her waist and touched herself gently. "I'm not sure if I should change or not," she wondered aloud.

She reached her hand up her skirt and ran it along her crotch gracefully. Everything this woman did was sensual. Her fingertips glistened ever so slightly as she inspected them in the light.

Sitting down, she removed her heels and slid her caramel colored pantyhose off her waist and legs. She held them in her hand as she stood up, put her feet back into her angular, onyx heels and adjusted her skirt.

The new instructor clacked her way over to me and presented me her warm nylons.

"What do you think, naughty boy, hmm? Do you think these are too wet to continue wearing?"

She pressed the crotch of the nylon against my lips and nose and immediately I could feel their warmth. As I breathed them in, I could feel that they were damp and full of the woman's scent.

"I think so, miss," I groaned, aching with desire, and already exhausted.

"Hmm," she mused, keeping the used pantyhose tight against my face. "Are you an expert on women's clothing then?"

"No, miss."

"Then why do you think you know what you're telling me, hmm?" She seemed seriously frustrated that I gave her an answer to her first question.

I didn't know what to say and began to tremble nervously, worried what might happen.

She giggled and seemed to relax.

"I think you need to think before you speak a little more, hmm? I can help you with that. Open up."

Without hesitation, she forced her damp, naughty nylons into my mouth so that I had no choice but to taste her wetness on the sexy material.

Then, out of her purse, she grabbed a pair of panties and folded them tightly around my head and over my mouth, securely keeping the pantyhose in my mouth like a gag.

"Those better stay in your mouth until someone removes them, yes?"

I nodded, my eyes watering from the horny agony overwhelming me.

"Maybe when they're taken out, you will have something more substantial to say," she teased, picking up her purse and checking her makeup. "I'm sorry those pantyhose are so wet, but that poor, horny girl just made me soaked for some reason."

She re-applied her lipstick and smacked her thin, dark lips together.

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