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The Billionaire's Massage

by Jewel Geffen

Copyright 2018 - Jewel Geffen

All rights reserved.

Calvin Trudy drumming his fingers on the smooth coca-bola hardwood tabletop. He glanced at the papers in front of him and slid them to one side, affecting a yawn of deep disinterest and looking pointedly at his Rolex timepiece.

Across the table from him, Mr. Nakamura broke out in a cold sweat. "So, ah, you see, sir, if you will, ah, consider the projections on page thirty-two, I think you'll find..."

Calvin tossed the papers back across the table. Nakamura fumbled to grab them as they rained down about him like over-sized confetti. He growled, "What I'll find on page thirty-two is the same thing I'll find on every other goddamn page of this piece of shit proposal of yours: garbage."

"Ah, Mr. Trudy, I think-"

"I'm not interested in what you think, Nakamura. I'm interested in the bottom line. And your bottom line is pathetic."

Nakamura frowned, mustering up a little smidgen of blustering courage, in his buttoned-down Japanese fashion. His neat little black mustache seemed to bristle on his upper lip. He pushed his glasses up and straightened the papers in his hands. "Now listen here, Mr. Trudy, you may be our primary investor, but Nakamura Corp is still my company and-"

Calvin leaned back in the chair and laced his fingers together. "Let me stop you there, Nakamura. I think you'll find, if you study page one eighty-two of your contract, section 6, subsection, ah..." he glanced at his tablet, more for effect than anything else; he knew the numbers by heart. "Subsection C. You'll find that there exists a termination clause which can be put into effect should your projected profit fall below my expectations."

Mr. Nakamura sat back, blinking rapidly, his face going quite pale. "You... you can't be serious."

"Check the document, Nakamura. Here, I have a digital copy on hand." He had the file already open on his tablet and slid it across the polished surface of the table. He sat and waited while Mr. Nakamura searched desperately through the fine-print legalese.

God, he loved this. Wealth and power, those were to two things that drove Calvin Trudy. The only two things. He had broken a hundred companies like Nakamura's, bought them up and squeezed them dry. It was down to a science with him now, once he had control of the business it was easy enough to break it down and sell it off piece by piece at a tidy profit. You would think that eventually people would know better than to get into bed with Trudy Inc., but they always thought they were smarter than he was. He just had to offer them enough money and they'd give in. Nobody could resist money, it was the universal language and everybody had a breaking point. They all thought they could get one over on him, thought that they were smarter than Calvin Trudy.

As Mr. Nakamura was about to find out, nobody was smarter than Calvin Trudy, and nobody got one over on him.

Mr. Nakamura set the tablet down, eyes wide, almost spluttering with rage as he rose a few inches out of his seat. "This... this is preposterous! That clause is intended only to come into effect upon my death or retirement!"

Calvin yawned again. God, they were all so predictable. "Well, it might read that way to you, Nakamura, but I think if you talk with your lawyers you'll find that it is more broadly applicable than you think."

Mr. Nakamura glared at him, then slumped back down in his chair, muttering resentfully in Japanese.

Calvin wagged his finger. "Ah ah, Nakamura. English, if you please."

Mr. Nakamura took a long slow and steadying breath. Then he nodded. "Of course, Mr. Trudy. My apologies."

Calvin smiled. This was what he loved about doing business in Japan: even in defeat they were so very polite. Once in the US he'd found himself literally on the run from a Texas business man who pulled a revolver on him when informed that his company was about to be liquidated. He'd had the man jailed on assault charges and had taken special pleasure in dismantling his life's work.

Even with Mr. Nakamura, as quiet and fawning as he was, Calvin couldn't resist twisting the knife just a little bit. He smiled. "My people will work out the details. I'll give you until the end of the week to put your affairs in order."

"My... affairs...?"

"I'm afraid that Nakamura Corp will no longer be needing your services, Mr. Nakamura. We're going to take it in a different direction moving forward from here."

He narrowed his eyes grimly. "You mean destroy it and take all the money for yourself."

Calvin's smile widened. "Nakamura, you've made a terrible mistake: never sign a contract unless you understand it completely. If you don't, I guarantee you will get fucked."

Mr. Nakamura took another long breath. "Thank you for the advice... Mr. Trudy. I will remember that."

* * *

Of course Mr. Nakamura made a final play to wrest control of the company back, but the contracts were airtight. They should be, given what Calvin's lawyers were paid to draft them. In the end the Japanese businessman had no choice but to comply. He was furious about it, but he kept his temper at a low simmer, all dark looks and clenched teeth through the mask of politeness.

For Calvin, this was just another day. Mr. Nakamura was just another in a long line of people who thought that they would be able to go toe-to-toe with Trudy Inc. Like all the others, he had failed.

"Tell me something, Nakamura," he said, signing his name with a flourish on the papers which official turned control of the company over to himself.

"What is that, Mr. Trudy?" Mr. Nakamura asked softly. Once the ink was on the paper the anger had drained out of him, replaced with a deep and fathomless sorrow. He was a man defeated, utterly beaten.

"What is it you do for fun around here? My jet's not departing until tomorrow morning, and I find myself with time on my hands. Thought you were going to be a tougher nut to crack and figured I'd give myself more time. So now I'm stuck here with nothing to do."

Mr. Nakamura shrugged despondently. "Osaka is a large and beautiful city, Mr. Trudy, I am sure there are many ways which you might find to entertain yourself."

Calvin frowned. "Oh, I'm not looking for the usual tourist spots, Nakamura. That's boring. I want to see the real thing."

The other man started to shrug a little, then it seemed that a thought had occurred to him. He leaned forward, hands folded in front of him. "The... real thing, you say?"

"That's right." Calvin had never been much of a world traveler, but that was only because he simply never had the time. Business was his life, and it consumed the great bulk of his hours. He always wished that he'd be able to get out more, and now found himself with a rare moment of opportunity. He didn't intend to waste it.

"Do you know of... Madam Tsuji?"

Calvin sighed indulgently. "Can't say that I do."

"She owns a massage parlor in the uptown district. Very exclusive, only the most wealthy and powerful are her patrons."

"Massage? Hm... I'm interested."

"You must ask for the full treatment. They will not want to give it to you, but if you insist they will comply."

"The full treatment?" Calvin cocked one eyebrow.

Mr. Nakamura nodded. "That's right. But you must insist."

"Alright, I'm game. What's so special about this place that I can't find anywhere else? I've been to plenty of massage parlors before."

Mr. Nakamura smiled broadly. "Trust me, Mr. Trudy. Madam Tsuji's is like no other place you have experienced. There is the place where earth and heaven meet, and men lose themselves."

Calvin rolled his eyes. More of that eastern bullshit. Did they all learn to talk by reading fortune cookies? Whatever, it might be worth checking out. If it was half as good as Mr. Nakamura promised than it wouldn't be a waste of time. Better than following some stupid guidebook around town. He finished his dealings at Nakamura Corp and went back to his hotel to freshen up. He had a little lunch in the hotel restaurant then headed out into the city, the address Mr. Nakamura had given him imputed into his smart phone direction finding app.

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