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Lesbian Space Prison


Hope Red

Book three of the
Lesbian Space Pirates series

Hope Red Copyright © 2017

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Harvesting Before Breakfast

The Governess

The Ritual


The Escape


Lana, Mei and Li were marched off the transport shuttle by four burly System Control guards, their plasma rifles held up at the three petite pirate girls clad in latex booty shorts. Lieutenant Cage brought up the rear. She had come along for the ride to see the girls get handed over to the prison authorities, basking in the glory at having captured them, almost single-handedly. She smiled at the view of their small frames walking on the large docking bay. Their hands were cuffed so that their arms folded over behind their backs, heavy blocks of titanium holding their wrists together. She looked down a little further to their three curvy, round butts swaying in the latex that barely concealed them.

I almost feel sorry for these depraved little lesbians. They have no idea how much their butts are going to go through, she thought, remembering all the things people had said about this notorious prison for young women and about the sadistic cult that ran it.

It was their own fault and they deserve to be punished like the pirate scum they are, she decided, rationalising the situation but she wondered if maybe the people that ran this private prison weren’t guilty of far worse crimes than the girls that entered here.

The landing party was met by two of the prison station’s staff.

Lana looked them over, trying to get an idea of what she was up against. She had seen jail guards before. She had been locked up and punished by them a few times when she’d been caught stealing back on Eros Station. These two looked nothing like station security.

They were taller than Lana and the other two by about six inches and were powerful and sinewy with tanned skin and long dark hair. They both wore black latex chaps that clung to their muscular legs and had a fan shaped flap that covered their crotch. Tight, spike covered pleather corsets pressed into their torsos, contrasting the complex designs of their arm tattoos. She noticed that they both wore officer caps and that in the centre of each cap was a heart shape with a line through it and two Ps either side. It wasn’t a symbol Lana could ever remember seeing before.

They both surveyed the girls and the System Patrol guards with cold blue angular eyes in an almost synth-like way.

“What do you have for us?” one of them asked, stepping forward.

Lieutenant Cage moved to the front of the group and smiled at the woman. It wasn’t returned, as she handed her a digipad.

“These three are known pirates and have been charged and found guilty of grand theft and kidnap. Their details are on the pad.”

The woman took the pad and passed it to her colleague. She walked around the crowd, making the System Patrol men move and shift to allow her to weave her body with her exposed round ass through the girls like a predator smelling her prey. She grasped out at one of Li’s butt cheeks, making the girl jump and then squeezed it in her hand as though she was testing it. She stalked around to Lana and tapped her ass with her palm, watching as the cheeks sprang perkily.

“Yes, these will do nicely. We will take them. Leave us now”, the woman said abruptly.

Cage’s face fell and she was about to say something about who was actually the authority in the Solar System when she saw her weak-willed guards turn as if ordered and march back to their shuttle.

Fine, she thought stalking off. My moment of glory has been cut short but at least I’ll be able to imagine all the nasty things these criminals will have to endure over their fifteen-year sentence on the prison station.

The prison guard took her lightwhip out and activated it, brandishing it menacingly as she spoke through purple permapainted lips.

“Move it, fresh meat. You are about to get processed.”

All the rooms of the station appeared to be made out of a dark grey metal. The walls and floors looked cold and bare as the girls were pushed down a long, wide corridor and into a large room. Lana looked up sullenly at the strange white equipment and machines that loomed over them all. Her brown, rectangular eyes darted around the room trying to take in everything. There were ten large devices with white rings on them and various robotic arms and tools surrounding them. Two women in white latex dresses pressed controls on a nearby console and three of the devices started to power up.

“Each of you get up and stand in one of the processors”, the guard said.

Lana hesitated but was met with a painful crack of the lightwhip across her exposed thighs. The pain seared through her as she dashed over to the rings to join her crewmembers.

The women at the consoles pressed buttons on the screens and a set of robotic arms started to set about cutting away every item of clothing the three girls wore until they stood completely naked and exposed in the machines. Another robot arm came down behind them and sprung the lock of their cuffs, just as four more arms came down and clamped graphene wrist and ankle cuffs onto their bodies, fusing them in place permanently so that no lock or latch was required. Blue lights immediately lit up on the cuffs and Lana’s arms and legs were made to spread-eagle inside the large white ring. She glanced to her right and saw Mei and Li were also stretched out with their arms and legs splayed out tightly.

The guard laughed cruelly as she saw the three petite, youthful bodies stretch out in front of her, their perky breasts and permawaxed crotches displayed to everyone in the room.

Two arms came across from either side holding two graphene C-shaped parts that joined together around the girl’s necks tightly forming a collar. Lana felt little needles prick into her skin as it closed around her tightly and nanobots were sprayed onto the joints to set about joining the two halves together.

Lana loved to be dominated and be used and humiliated and, even though this bondage and restraint was making her really wet, she felt nervous and fearful at being a certified criminal that was about to be made to serve out a sentence and take the punishments decided for her by the Solar System authorities.

A metallic dildo-like probe came down in front of Lana, just as another whirred into place behind her.

She couldn’t help it. The defiant streak that ran through the core of who she was burst out.

“Hey Lady, don’t you think it’s a bit rude not to introduce yourself to a girl before you start sticking things in her holes?”

Mei couldn’t help herself and snorted out a little snigger.

The woman looked amused as she spoke.

“Well you are a cocky little bitch, aren’t you? I will have to do something about that.”

She removed the fan shaped flap that rested over the front of her crotch.

“Ah, that’s better. I prefer to let it all hang out. Now those outsiders have gone, I can get back to normal.”

Normal was a synthetic cybernetic penis that hung heavily out in front of her with the balls set behind it. It was tanned and flashed with the blue veins that these sensory enhancements usually had. Lana’s lover, Captain Blue-eye, and some of the crew had one back on the Bloodrose. It was only something the very rich could afford and allowed women to feel everything a real penis would and much more, as sensory pleasure was sent back to their connected vaginas. This one was almost as big as Agnes’ fat black cock that had reamed her ass into a gape only a few days ago.

“My name, prisoner, is Yetta. You will address me as Warden Yetta or just Warden. I will be in charge of your dirty little ass from now on.”

Yetta put a hand over her cock and rubbed it idly as she spoke.

“Those aren’t probes that are going to go inside your pussy and asshole. They are something far better and far more useful. They are going to squirt you with a coating that will cover the inside of your fuck tunnels. The one in your pussy will protect it and increase its sensitivity while the one in your ass will form a permanent lubricant layer that will never need to be replaced. From now on, anything going in your anus, of which there will be many things I promise you, will never need to be prepared before shoving it right on up you. Your friends here will get the same improvements so that you can all enjoy the benefits for many years to come”, she said, ending with an evil chuckle.

Lana felt cold metal penetrate her two orifices simultaneously, the smooth shafts pushing deep inside her, making her groan. Then she felt it, a cool tingling sensation as a liquid was released into her tunnels and was then worked into the walls up and down, all the way along. The liquid warmed and then set like the slippery permanent gloss that had been painted onto her lips by Syn a few days ago.

Yet another permanent body modification to Lana’s young body and, like the others, this one would work to her advantage. Of that she was sure. She was almost disappointed when the metal shafts were pulled out with a soft squelch escaping from both sides but something else was about to be done to Lana’s body so they were moved out of the way.

“Now you will receive your prisoner tags. This is how you will be addressed and so that we can tell you apart when we are fucking you”, Yetta announced.

An arm came down just above her butt at the small of her back, where her cute back dimples were and began pressing a needle into her skin. She felt the same sensation she had when she had been tattooed with Blue-eye’s lover tag and her victory tag for Eros on her left forearm and started to feel her pussy moisten as the pricking motion made shivers run up her spine like mini-orgasms.

I fucking love this, she thought to herself. I am such a twisted little painslut. Bring it on, Yetta, and show me what this place has got in store for making me atone for my crimes. She allowed herself a little smirk, which didn’t go unnoticed by the warden.

Once they had been ‘tagged’ with their identification like a prisoner tramp stamp and a temporary protective coating had been sprayed on their lower backs, the ring was powered down by the controllers and they were returned control of their shackled arms and legs.

Naked, apart from the cuffs and the collar, the only other items on them being their belly studs and Li and Mei’s nose rings and chin studs underneath their permapainted pouting blue lips, the three girls were marched along corridors in their bare feet until they came to a corridor with two floors of barred cells. They stood and waited as Yetta’s face was scanned by a sensor above the door to an empty cell on the end of the ground floor.

Lana’s ass felt strange with the permalube inside it. It felt somehow dirty, wet and sticky and she was more aware of every inch of the inside of her anus and rectum than she had ever been before. She had an overwhelming sensation to fill it and dig out the stickiness somehow, as it tickled her insides. She could see Mei and Li also squirming as their hands waved around their butts, considering sticking a finger or two inside to ease the sensation.

Yetta turned and smiled knowingly at them as the cell door swung open.

“This is your new home, prisoners. Get used to it, you’ll be seeing a lot of it from now on and I think it might just be time for your welcome gift”, she said sliding her palm up and down over her exposed synth penis, making it swell and begin to grow stiffer.

Yetta and the other guard shoved the three girls into the cell and Yetta pressed a small control pad on her belt, next to her lightwhip handle. Instantaneously Lana, Mei and Li fell to the floor as their cuffs lit up and locked themselves to the hard metal floor so that the three were forced into a frog-like doggy position.

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