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Please … No!

The Complete Series

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Taken By My Daughter

Please … No! # 1


Since my wife is never in the mood, I took the liberty of ordering some aphrodisiacs online. Think I’ll test them on my sexy 18-year-old daughter to start with, just to make sure they work…

I ordered some aphrodisiacs online. And since my wife was out of town when they came in the mail, I decided to test them on my 18-year-old daughter Sandra. What the hell, right? Might as well see if they work. She looks a lot like her mother—blond hair, blue eyes, huge tits, and a big bubble ass that puts J. Lo to shame.

And the slut makes my dick hard All. The. Time.

I took the lowest dose—which was nothing more than a dusting—and sprinkled it in her sweet iced tea, which she drank with her dinner. Then, while she was washing dishes, I set up the webcam in her bedroom, hoping I’d score some hot videos of my sexy daughter masturbating. I honestly never expected what did happen.

I followed my normal routine that evening—taking my shower, making sure the house was locked up, and checking on Sandra before hitting the sack.

“Good night, munchkin.”

She was sitting in bed scrolling through her phone, wearing nothing more than a sexy little tank top and bikini underwear when I poked my head in her room. Those curves of hers gave me an instant hard-on.

When she looked my way, her face was flushed, and she was twirling her long ponytail. “You going to bed already? I thought we might stay up and watch a movie or something. You know, take advantage of the fact that Mom isn’t here.”

Hmm, weird. She’d never acted like she wanted to take advantage of her mother’s absence. Maybe … could it be…?

“I’d love to, baby doll, but I have to be at work first thing in the morning. Maybe tomorrow night?”

And, I don’t want to keep you from fucking yourself good and hard with that dildo of yours…

She bit her lip and looked me up and down. “Yeah, sure, that sounds good. Night.”

I winked at her and pulled her door closed. Maybe the aphrodisiac had kicked into full gear, and she’d be fucking that pussy all night long.

I could only dream of being so lucky, right?

When I went to bed, my cock was rock hard with nasty thoughts of my sexy daughter rubbing her wet pussy and riding her dildo, those hips of hers bouncing. My cock started leaking at the mental images.

Fuck it. I might as well take the day off tomorrow and stay home to watch the footage from her hidden camera. I could indulge in an all-day jerk-a-thon. Based on the fact that Sandra appeared to be in heat when I told her goodnight, I’d say that I just might have enough footage to last me a long time. I didn’t know how I’d hide it from her mother, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I fell asleep with a big fucking smile on my face. I wanted to rub one out myself, but I decided to save up.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the sheets pushed down to my feet. Both my ankles and wrists were bound by straps to the corner of the bed, preventing me from being able to move very much at all.

My cock, which was just as hard as it had been when I fell asleep, was deeply submerged in something wet, tight, and oh-so-fucking wonderful.

A mouth. Definitely a mouth.

But … the only person here was my daughter.

There was no way she would do something like that, though, would she?

I could see movement between my legs—a shadow of a figure, her head bobbing up and down.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

Honestly, I was afraid to directly accuse Sandra. I mean, what if her mother had come home early and wanted a little middle of the night action?

Who the hell was I kidding? Her mother never wanted sex. Hence the whole reason I bought the aphrodisiacs to start with.

The second my daughter popped her lips off my dick and angled her head up at me, I could see the ponytail sprouting off the top of her head, and I could smell her perfume.

“I had an itch, daddy. And you’re the only one here to scratch it.”

Down she went, taking my dick into her mouth once again. I released a groan when my head rubbed against her tonsils. I could feel her breath on my small patch of pubic hair, and man was she working the base of my shaft with her fingers good.

Saliva drooled from her lips, oozing down to my balls, and I found myself fighting the urge to thrust my hips. God, she was good.

But I had to stop her. It was the right thing to do.

“Baby, you gotta let me go. This is wrong.”

She giggled.

“If it’s wrong, why are you hard as a rock?” she asked, still working her fist up and down my slick cock. Adding insult to injury, she flicked her tongue along the frenulum, forcing my cock to twitch and leak pre-cum.

“You started sucking me in my sleep. I had no control over it. Any man would get hard at that. Now untie me.”

“Sorry, daddy. But my pussy is on fire, and the only thing that will extinguish it is your cock.”

“What about your boyfriend?”

“He’s out with his friends,” she sighed.

Sandra put her lips on the head of my throbbing shaft and sucked softly, using her tongue to lick and suck and swirl. I moaned uncontrollably, knowing I was doomed.

But if her mother found out about this, I’d be thrown in jail so fast, especially since she was acting this way because I had drugged her.

“Sandra, I’m your father for fuck’s sake. And I did not raise you to think that incest is okay. Not to mention, you’re basically raping me right now.”

“Raping you? Haha, daddy …” she said, laughing as she fondled my balls, forcing my dick to throb and bounce again.

I don’t know why I couldn’t just enjoy this. I was getting the best blow job of my life. I should let her finish me off. I was pretty sure she wasn’t stupid enough to tell anyone about this. If she did, she would only implicate herself.

“You’re gonna honestly lie there and tell me this doesn’t feel good?” She took me to the back of her throat again, and I felt my balls draw up tight.

I groaned again, making fists with my hands because I wanted to tug her hair and spank her ass. I could only imagine how much pre-cum was oozing from my slit just then.

“I never said it didn’t feel good.”

“Well, wait till I give you some eye candy to go with it.” I felt her shift off the bed, and moments later, she turned on a lamp across the room. I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the light, but by the time they had, my daughter was back on the bed, crawling along the sheets between my legs.

Fuck me sideways, she was gorgeous. Her tits were large, beautiful mounds of perfection with pretty red nipples on top. Nipples I wanted to touch. Nipples I wanted to lick.

Sandra pulled the ponytail out of her hair, allowing her long blond strands to fall down the front of her chest. Her pussy was shaved completely hairless, and her hips … oh god, her hips were like an hourglass, utterly grabbable and spankable.

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