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5 Pack Stories of Gay in Prison

David Foster


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#1: The Reception Committee

#2: Take it like a Man

#3: I’m Daddy’s New Cell Bitch

#4: Abused by the Wing Boss

#5: Ass Raped

#1: The Reception Committee.

Eddie talks too much so everyone is happy when he pisses off the big guy in the yard. To avoid a hard kicking he takes up his cellmate's offer of protection even though he's not too fond of the method of repayment that goes along with it.


I never expected to end up here, but I suppose most people never really expected to end up in prison. There were plenty of other things I could have been doing right now but instead, I was sitting in a dirty, grey cell picking at my fingernails.

The jury had gotten it all backwards anyway, and besides, I was barely eighteen, could I just have gone to juvenile detention? Why did they think that I deserved the maximum penalty, or whatever it was. It had just been a little swipe of something from the local store. Okay. So it had been a car off the lot but who was looking? They had plenty of those things and no one could afford'em in this economy anyway. I was just doing myself a favor and getting myself a new ride. It wasn't like they could trace it anyway. It didn't even have a license plate yet!

I guess they didn't really get the joke, though, and now I was stuck in here for the next couple years until they either got tired of me or I got off for good behavior, but knowing me, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

I hadn't really gotten lucky in here either.

I suppose I should have considered how annoying I was before I let someone throw me in jail. I may have talked tough, but when it came to guys five times my size, most of it was just talk. Sure, I could take the skinny computer hacker a couple cells over, but he never spoke to anyone and I was sure he was coming up with a thousand escape plans already.

I didn't have any escape plans which may have been what depressed me most and was possibly what made me pop off at the big guy during lunch time.

I hadn't really meant to do it, but he'd gotten in my way and I was in a bad mood. I'd already been in this godforsaken place for three days, and so far in those three days, I'd managed not to get into any trouble, but I guess it was inevitable. I'd never been very good at keeping to myself and if there was anywhere that I was going to get in a fight for no reason, it was prison.

So he'd gotten in my way and I'd said something, I didn't remember what exactly now, but it might have been about his beard or his pudgy stomach or something, maybe even a crack about his mother before he'd gone off and popped me one right in the jaw.

I'd never had a broken jaw before but I'm pretty sure this is what it would feel like.

Maybe that hadn't been my best moment ever. Then again, what did I have to lose? No one cared that I was in jail. My parents hadn't even bothered to show up at the hearing, and my sister was off getting high with her no-good boyfriend. I was all alone and that was how I was used to it. I was alone in prison too, and it wasn't as though I was supposed to know how these things worked. All I knew about prison I knew through TV or my friends who'd been to juvy before.

Either way, I was hardly prepared, and I guessed that I would learn if nothing else. What I'd learned so far was not to insult the big guys at lunch. They had a good right hook and the guards didn't give a single fuck about me. They had just stood there and looked the opposite direction.

So now I had a black eye and a decent bruise along my cheek. It hurt when I moved my mouth at all, so I'd been forced into a silence for the past few days. I was sure everyone appreciated it.

At home, everyone always told me to shut up, but I was always stubborn and did whatever I wanted. I guess that was how I'd ended up in here.

I didn't really know how I was going to survive the next couple years, though, not unless I did some serious bulking up and got big enough to punch that guy back. I had to make my bite as strong as my bark, but that wasn't going to happen. I wasn't an idiot despite what most people thought. I knew when to back down, and I kind of had to at this point.

That guy I'd insulted was pretty pissed off and he seemed to have a lot more friends in jail than I did, which wasn't surprising. I'd always been a loner. That didn't really help me out here, though.

Here, I needed to form some sort of alliance, like we were on that stupid TV show, Survivor, and in order to get to the end, you had to team up with people you hated and then stab them in the back later. That part wouldn't come for a while, though, so I figured I could form some sort of an alliance now to save my skin before I became a punching bag for this guy.

I didn't know who to ask, though, or even how you go about doing that kind of shit. How do you ask someone to team up with you to beat someone else? I mean, people did it all the time in prisons, that was how people got murdered, but I didn't really want to kill anyone. That would keep me in here forever, and I didn't think I could stand forever in this place, in this place where the guards didn't give a shit about you and you were forced to do slave labor when you weren't wasting away in your cell.

Yeah, I wasn't going to last forever in here. I wasn't going to last a year in here if I didn't find some way to protect myself.

Lying down on my bed, I huffed at the bunk above mine.

My cellmate was up there, a big tough guy named Ronnie. I didn't really know what he was in for but I hadn't bothered to ask either. Most people were in here for something small like theft or battery or whatever else. I think they kept the murderers in a higher security place. I hoped he wasn't in here for murder anyway, or else I'd have to make a request to change cells. Not that anyone would listen to me.

I hadn't talked to Ronnie much since I'd been thrown in with him. He had only given me a look, as though sizing me up and down and then had seemed to decide that I wasn't worth his time. That was fine with me. We didn't have to be friends. We didn't have to talk at all. We just had to coexist until all this was over.

When I'd gotten punched in the face, Ronnie had been standing nearby. He'd only watched it go down, like most everybody else. No one had stepped in to help, and I guess I deserved that. Insulting the guy's mom had been a stupid move on my part, but I'd never claimed to be a genius either.

Ronnie was a big, burly guy with tattoos all over his arms, probably all prison tattoos. I wondered how long he'd been in here, if he had any hopes of ever getting out, or if everything was such a routine that he didn't even care anymore.

My eye hurt as I lifted a hand to it, smoothing my fingers over the part of the skin that I knew was a dark purple. That bruise was going to be there for a while.

"Shit," I muttered to myself, staring up at the bottom of the other bunk.

"Problem, kid?" Ronnie asked suddenly, and I jerked up, hitting my head on the bunk. He swung down, landing before me, towering over me as I sat there.

"No," I said quickly. If I'd learned one thing from all of this, it was to keep my mouth shut. That big dude had it in for me now, so I figured I might as well try not to piss off everyone else here as well.

"You got some mouth on you," he said, his eyes grazing over the bruise on my face. The swelling had gone down finally but it still hurt like hell.

I didn't reply, frowning slightly. I didn't need anyone to tell me that. I knew I was a little shit. Everyone had told me that my entire life, and this, I guess, had been inevitable at some point. Everyone in my life had assumed that I would end up here, so I might as well have done it sooner rather than later.

"You're gonna get a lot more than a fist to the face if you're not careful," he went on, and I rolled his eyes.

"I don't care," I said, but we both knew that was a lie.

Ronnie walked over to the tiny sink in the corner, turning on the faucet and dragging some water through his greasy hair.

"You made an enemy your third day here," he pointed out. "I wouldn't say you're on the right track to getting out early." He turned to me. "That's what you want, right? To get sprung early? That's what everybody wants in here."

I didn't reply still, keeping a close eye on him as he came back over to me. He flicked the water off the ends of his fingers.

"I can help you with that."

Now that made me suspicious. Why would be want to help me and what could he do? He was just some guy, admittedly a very big guy, much bigger than me, but even so. What use could he be? How could he help me get out early?

"How?" I asked cautiously. I didn't see how he would be able to help me at all or why he would want to.

"I'll make you a deal," he said, and I immediately didn't like the sound of that. Prison deals were not something I really wanted to get involved. Those kinds of deals involved murder and plotting and all sorts of other stuff that I just wasn't prepared to deal with.

"I don't think so," I replied, lying back down on my bed and hoping he would let it alone, but I should have known better as he leaned in over me and smiled, revealing crooked, yellow teeth.

"Not so fast, kid, you haven't even heard the terms."

I arched an eyebrow, wishing he would stop smiling at me like that. I would do whatever he wanted if he would stop doing that to me.

"What kind of deal?" I asked instead, unwillingly.

"I'll give you protection," he said seriously. "I'll keep that guy away from you and keep you out of trouble."

Frowning, I sat up slowly and he took a step back.

"You would do that?"

"For a price," he replied and he smirked again. It made me uneasy, but it was almost too good of a deal to turn down.

"What price?" I didn't have anything that he wanted, I was sure. I didn't even have any cigarettes.

He looked me up and down, arching an interested eyebrow. "I'll protect you and you'll let me fuck you."

My eyes widened in disgust. I wasn't gay. I'd never even looked at a dude in any other way than friendship. That was disgusting, but in a way, I should have known it was going to happen. This was a prison where the only women were the occasional ugly guard who brought in the visitors. There was no one else, and a bunch of guys together, it was bound to happen at some point. I had just sort of hoped that I might have been able to avoid it for three years. Maybe I could just rub one out on my own when no one was looking. Of course, that wasn't how it worked, though, and this seemed to be my only chance for actually not getting beaten to a pulp every time I went out in the yard.

Swallowing then, I nodded slowly. It was my only choice. It wasn't a choice I'd ever wanted to make but it had come down to it. Maybe I should have thought this through before I'd decided to steal that car. It was too late now, though, and I had to face the music.

"I'll let you know when you're needed," Ronnie said, hopping back up on top of his bunk and I sat frozen on mine. How had this become my reality?

In the yard, it was always cold and we never had anything warm to cover up with, so we mostly stood around shivering and bumming smokes from the guys who happened to have them. I didn't really smoke, but I figured there was no point in not doing it now. If I was going to pick up bad habits in prison, it might as well be smoking.

I sucked in the smoke slowly, glancing around, catching sight of the big guy across the yard. He was talking to some people, some of his group that always seemed to be around him, probably guys he had scared into hanging out with him.

I knew it was going to be bad as they started making their way over towards me. I glanced up, but the guards were off in other corners, and they wouldn't have done anything even if they had been close. Instead, I was all alone, and I kept a hold of my cigarette. Maybe I could use it as a weapon of some sort.

For all my purported badassness, I hadn't been in very many fights in my life. I was usually the one who tossed scathing insults someone's way and then scampered off to enjoy my own cleverness. No one had ever been quick enough to jump me.

This time, though, there was nowhere to run and I was probably about to receive the beat-down of my life.

The guy was close enough that I could see the color of his eyes and I cursed to myself, still looking around as though help was going to appear from the ground. No one was around me, though, which wasn't really surprising considering I preferred to be alone.

"Hey, asshole," the guy called, clearly ready to beat me to within an inch of his life. "You want to finish what we started?"

I wanted to say now, and I could feel my knees starting to shake.

Right then, though, Ronnie stepped in front of me, his mass almost twice the size of mine.

"You got a problem, Digger?" he asked, staring down the guy and his pack.

"What are you doing, protecting this rat?" the guy sneered, but Ronnie didn't back down and my heart was beating a million miles a minute.

"Walk away or I'll beat your ass," Ronnie said coolly, and though I didn't really know Ronnie, the other guys seemed to know what he was capable of as the pack immediately scattered. The other guy didn't, though, glaring at him.

"You can protect your little puppy but he won't always be with you," he said before he loped off.

I let out a breath as Ronnie turned to me. "Shit," I said quietly. "That guy wants to kill me."

"You did insult his mother," Ronnie said inconsequentially. "And now you owe me."

My stomach twisted and I didn't know what to say, but Ronnie glanced around for the guards before seizing my upper arm and dragging me off around the corner. There was a little nook here, one that I hadn't noticed before, and Ronnie shoved me into it.

"Get on your knees," he said quickly, glancing over his shoulder.

"Right here?" I asked, feeling like I was going to be sick. I couldn't do this to another guy. This was disgusting.

"Quick, before it's time to go in," he ordered me, clearly not caring that we were outside in plain view of any of the other prisoners, but maybe this shit happened all the time. Maybe Ronnie did this all the time and everyone was too afraid of him to say anything.

I got down on my knees despite the way my stomach was twisting and turning. I'd never done this before and I didn't expect or want to be any good at it. Instead, I made a face as he pulled his cock out and waited for me to do something.

I closed my eyes, forcing myself to do something that he might enjoy. I had no idea what I was doing, not really. I'd only been with girls and I basically knew how they did it, but I'd never had to. I made sure to cover my teeth, leaning in and moving quickly. I wanted this over with as quickly as possible.

Ronnie never made any noise, pushing his hips into my mouth as I slid in, trying not to taste the saltiness against my tongue. I'd have to wash my mouth out with soap later just to get the taste out of my memory, although a part of me knew this was only the beginning.

We didn't have much time before it would be time to go back to the cells, before the guards would come looking for us, and I wanted this over with now anyway.

Ronnie's hand pushed my head down, forcing me in faster, pushing his hips up against my throat and I choked.

I didn't know how girls did this, how girls stood it. It was awful, being forced to suck him off as we stood in the nook, barely concealed. I just wanted it to be over before I lost all my dignity, if I even had any left after this.

I could feel him getting hard in my mouth, his cock against my tongue, and I tried not to grimace but it was hard when he kept pushing in. He wasn't too hard, at least, but it wasn't my ideal way of getting off.

I let him, though, let him push into my mouth as I sucked him off. He seemed to be getting off on it anyway, and I coughed as he pushed in too hard, hurting the back of my throat.

He came without warning, and I jerked back as his release spilled into my mouth. Spitting it away on the ground, I wiped off my mouth with the back of my hand and leaned back, shifting against the gravel digging into my knees.

I felt dirty and used, but it was my only choice. Or else I would be a flattened pancake out in the yard by now. Instead, I just had no dignity. I wasn't sure if it was a better choice.

Ronnie tucked himself back in his pants, pulling them up easily, glancing around to make sure none of the guards had seen. I was more worried about other prisoners seeing and starting to call me somebody's bitch. I wasn't anybody's bitch, but I guess after this, maybe I was. I felt awful, like some kind of whore.

"Get up," Ronnie said a second later, stepping back into the yard.

I pulled myself up, dusting the gravel off my knees and looking around, but there was no one around. The bell was ringing to go in and Ronnie looked at ease, as though he hadn't just had some guy sucking him off. I guess maybe it had been good for him. It hadn't been good for me, but hey, I got protection and he got off. An even trade on some level, I supposed.

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