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Warning: This book contains adult subject matter which some people may find offensive. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

As I slowly tip-toe toward my hunky daddy, who’s slouched on the sofa watching the big football game, a naughty smile pulls across my plump, baby-pink lips. I start to softly sing, “Happy birthday to you…”

Turning his head in my direction, he almost chokes on his beer.

I giggle. “Like it?”

Speechless, his jaw hangs open as I stand above him. I’m dressed in nothing but a pair of matching white bra and panties, and I have my sexiest high-heels on. My strawberry-blonde hair cascades down my back and chest, and I’m wearing my most expensive perfume.

Placing his birthday cake carefully down on the coffee table beside him, I grin to myself. I’m fairly certain it’s not the cake that has him lost for words.

Hooking my hands to my curvy hips, I raise a brow. “Well?”

He swallows. “Very nice.”

I nod to the candle on the cake. “Go on then, make a wish.”

He stalls.

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