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Daddy Takes Me on the Beach

Part of the “Horny House” Series

By Adrian Amos

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

I swelter from the mean glare of the sun. If it were any other situation, I'd wilt, but you can't get a tan without going up against the sun at its worst and telling it to kiss your ass.

Yeah, I might be Asian, but I can still get a slight bronze on my skin, and believe you me, I look a whole lot sexier when I'm glowing. I might only go up a shade or two, but I absolutely love what the darkness does to my mentality. I feel like a stone cold tiger when I'm strutting around campus.

It's why I asked my Daddy to take me to the beach. A poor college girl like me doesn't have a car, and my friends are all either taking summer classes, on vacation, or general knobheads who aren't interested in taking a girl out to get her bronze on. My Daddy's a last option but sorely needed.

I know he can use it too. My mom married a white guy—making me half-white, half-Asian—and he's paler than most. He's a good looking, blond, slim guy, but a darker shade on him would do wonders for his complexion. I have nothing negative to say about it because I'm just like my mom: white guys are way more common around here then any other group, so you kind of become attracted to them most of all. I guess it's just availability is all.

But complexion? Dragging him out here, it's almost like I'm the one doing him a favor!

My dad opens the trunk to his truck, pulling out our towels and his beer cooler. While he unloads, I throw my sandals on to go with my shorts and t-shirt. I know, counterintuitive, I'm trying to get a tan right? So why am I going out dressed up? I don't want people gawking until I'm set up to tan, because I went very skimpy today. I have on my pink, polka dotted g-string bikini, which lets my ass hang out, the string cutting between my cheeks. I want a complete tan, so I had to forgo modesty to achieve my superficial dreams.

Why it's polka dotted, I don't know. There's only enough fabric on the small cups and panties to fit half a dozen dots.

Daddy closes up the trunk and we head over to the sand. Getting closer and closer to the water, my shoulders sag as it all comes into view.

Ugh, why are there so many goddamn people here?! There's gotta be a couple hundred people along this stretch, tightly packing the shore front as there horrible progeny dart between all the towels and umbrellas. Seriously, I have to jump backwards in order to avoid getting run over by a couple 10 year old boys.

It's not much better when I set up camp. I lie down to test the layout, only for a kid to go flying by and kick sand all over me.

“Daddy!” I whine, snatching his attention away from setting up his own part of the beach. “This is not going to work at all.”

“What?” he asks, entirely confused. “Why?”

I roll my eyes. It should be pretty obvious. “It's way too... busy here.”

He looks around as if noticing it for the first time. “Babygirl, you're just going to be laying here.”

Yeah, in my g-string. My face flushes as I think about my bare ass exposed to the hundreds of eyes around here, especially all the young boys that are constantly running about. They're going to stare. What if they touch me or just... bother me?

Of course, I can't tell him any of that. It's too weird to think about. “We need to go someplace more secluded.”

“Hey, it's your vacation time. We'll do what you want.” He tilts his head, his cut jaw jutting to the side as he thinks. “Just down the road there's a small inlet. Hard to see from the road, so it's usually pretty empty. I used to go there when I was a kid.”

I chuckle. “When you were a kid? That must have been a long time ago.”

He mock frowns. “Hey.”

“You sure the last ice age didn't swallow it up?”

I jump to my feet, gathering my stuff quickly in my arms. Daddy's prodding fingers swipe in. I tuck my hips in and away, his fingers skimming across my bare midriff. I stumble to the side as I avoid his efforts to tickle me. I laugh, scampering away as he gives light chase. He surrenders promptly, having to return to gather his own things.

I jog all the way to the car, breathing deeply as I try to regain my composure from laughing while running. Daddy follows behind, smirking as he challenges me from afar. “I'm gonna get you next time!”

“No fair!” I shout back, “Not in the car. I can't escape.”

He just smiles as we pack up to head over to his special spot. We arrive at a wooded path just five minutes from the beach, parking a little ways away and walking to the edge of the woods.

“Through there?” I ask. “Are you sure?”

He nods. “Yes, it's not very far in.”

He leads the way and I follow, having quite a bit of difficult crossing the brush in my flip flops. But it takes only a minute of walking to exit the other side, where we're met by a large rock face. Daddy waves me to continue following, and he turns into a hidden corner between two large stones. When I approach the corner, I feel my heart give out a little.

“Holy shit.” Through the crevice between the rocks, I can see the beach, glorious in its pristine beauty. The sand is bright, free from all the normal garbage you'd see along the beach, and from the small crack, I can tell there isn't anyone around for a distance.

I chastise him. “Why didn't you take me here first?”

He shrugs. “I actually didn't really remember it was here. I haven't been here in a long time. I forgot about this too”—he gestures downward—“there's a little bit of climbing here. You think you can handle it?”

Through the crevice, the rocks lead downward a ways, giving us a good fifteen feet of climbing. Not difficult in the least, just stepping along the stones until you reach the sand, but difficult enough to deter the average family from making their way down here.

I scoff. “For that beach, I'd rappel down a mountain.”

Daddy holds his hand out and guides me slowly down the steps. It looks easier to descend than it actually is, what with my flip flops having little to no traction, but Daddy keeps me secure as his hand clasped in mine holds me steady.

A sigh of relief as we hit the bottom, and I race out ahead of him to set up my towel.

“You're not going to start tanning right away, are you?”

I look at him like it's the stupidest question ever. “Uh, yeah, that's why I came here.”

“How about we go test out that water first?”

I look over at the sparkling beach, the water a welcoming respite from the sun. I pinch my lips together, contemplating my choices. I got time, I guess. “Ok,” I nod.

Daddy sets his stuff up next to mine and takes his shirt off. Pale, right? But it's not enough to detract from his frame. My dad has a very muscular yet lean frame, built from his consistent regimen of working out before heading into the office. He takes care of himself in order to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day long.

As awkward as it felt to imagine lying on that other beach with all those kids running around my skimpily dressed body, for some reason, I feel a pang of something inside me at the thought of doing it here... alone with my father. I wouldn't be bare in front of anyone else, as the beach is deserted for a long way down, but the thought of being bare in front of Daddy with nothing else for him to focus on but me? He might have at least been distracted before, but he sure as hell is going to notice every inch of me here. Self-conscious doesn't even describe it!

He looks at me, looking left and right, as if looking around for something. “Uh, what are we waiting for? Are you coming?”

I'm here. I climbed down some goddamn rocks to get here. I can't let my own paranoia stop me from having a good time.

That doesn't mean I can't turn away when I undress. I take my shirt off, and unbuttoning my jean shorts, I bend over and slide them down, kicking them to the side.

When I turn around, I see my Daddy's eyes flick away quickly. It's impossible not to notice where they were looking just before they decided to run away. Oh my God! I was trying to avoid looking at him, but I instead just gave Daddy a full view of everything behind me! This couldn't be anymore embarrassing.

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