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Gay Erotika


Part One

Written by Lucas Loveless

Chapter One 

The Fight

"Randy, get your ass on the sideline right now!" Coach Carter yelled. He was a stud of a man with a black goatee and broad shoulders. He could carry a whole house on. 

Randy took off his football helmet and cursed. He stomped off the football field. Coach Carter grabbed him and got stern. 

"If you try and start a fight like that one more time you're off the team, understand? I don't care how they do things in California. This is how we do it here in Texas. These guys are your teammates, so learn to work with them and not fight!" 

Randy scowled. "Yes sir,” he muttered. 

"Now go sit on the bench.” 

Randy sat on the bench on the sidelines. He hated it in his new hometown of Bum, Texas. It was out in the country, and he didn't have any friends yet. He was a freshman in college, 18 and full of testosterone. He had just moved here to Texas, and what no one knew was that he was starting to realize just how much he was attracted to other guys. 

I hate it here, he thought. These guys suck. They're nothing like my old teammates from Cali. 

The Texas boys down here were rough and rugged. They had bulging muscles and cocky attitudes and twangy accents that Randy hated. He hated them because of how hot they were. 

While he sat on the bench after starting a fight with his teammates, he started checking the other guys out. Firm butts in tight football uniforms, bulges, muscles, Randy liked it all. He put his hand in between his legs to try and stop his cock from growing inside his jockstrap. But he couldn't help it. Randy was 18 and horny all the time. His hairy dick had a mind of its own and he couldn't control how horny he was. 

One of the other players approached him. This guy was 19 with dark hair and chiseled features. His name was Gregory. "Hey, man. Look, we don't want you to feel any different than the rest of us." He extended his hand. "Are we cool?" 

Randy glared at Gregory. This was the guy he had started the fight with. "You don't even know how to catch a ball, dude. I don't wanna he your friend." Randy stood and walked away. 

Gregory was full of raging testosterone, too. He wasn't about to let Randy get away like that. "Hey! Get back here!" Gregory tackled Randy to the ground. 

The two hot, young football players wrestled on the grass getting sweaty and panting and yelling at one another. 

Coach Carter grabbed Gregory and threw him off. "You two idiots stop it right now! Both of you, to the showers. You're done with practice." 

"This is all your fault, Randy,” Gregory said. He shoved Randy in the shoulder as they walked off the field. 

The two young players made it to the locker room and threw their equipment in their lockers. They started to undress. They took off their pads and got down to nothing but their pants and what was underneath. Randy caught a glance at Gregory’s bulge and it was big and manly. 

Man, Randy thought, I wonder what that smells like. 

Gregory caught him looking. He smirked at Randy. "You checking out my dick man?" 

"No!" Randy started to blush, and his own hairy dick started to swell inside his jockstrap. He couldn't hide it and he started growing a bulge against his football uniform. "Leave it alone.” 

Gregory grabbed Randy and teased him. "You were totally checking out my cock.” Gregory was bigger than Randy and stronger, so it was easy for him to pin Randy up against the locker and show the new guy just who was in charge on this football team. 

"Let me go!" 

"Do you want to see it?" Gregory asked with a sly grin. He groped his package, making Randy look down at it. He pulled down the pants of his uniform and exposed his jock strap. "I'm getting hard. Do you want to see?" 

"No! I don't care!" But Randy was getting raging hard in his jock strap to see Gregory’s cock. 

Gregory pulled aside his jock and his dick whipped out. He was hard and thick and hairy. 

Randy stared at Gregory’s cock. His eyes widened and he started to drool. "Dude, get your dick away from me!" 

"You like it, don't you?" Gregory pressed his sweaty cock against Randy and made him feel it. "I can see the way you're not fighting back, Randy. I can see the way you're getting hot. Is that your problem? Is that why you're trying to start so many fights? You like dicks and you're embarrassed about it?" 

Randy scowled at him. He was so mad he wanted to punch Gregory in the face. 

Gregory smiled. He leaned closer to Randy. "Look, man. Let me tell you something about this team. We're a lot more open minded than you think. I'm fact? We're actually pretty dirty when you get right down to it." 

Randy gulped. "What do you mean?" 

Gregory grabbed Randy on his bulge and squeezed. "It means that there's a few of us on the team who like dicks, too.”

Randy felt a twitch in his cock. He even felt a tingle in his ass. As Gregory stroked his bulge, he started feeling hornier than he ever had. He looked down at Gregory’s large, thick cock and saw that it was fully engorged and curved upward. 

"Go ahead,” Gregory said with a smile. "Grab my dick. I'm feeling pretty horny, too.” 

Randy put his trembling hand on Gregory’s shaft and began to stroke him. Gregory’s cock was warm and thick and soft. It was so thick he could hardly wrap his hand around it. He stroked him to the head. 

Gregory growled and groped Randy’s chest and arms. He grabbed Randy butt and squeezed hard. "Oh yeah, you're going to be a great part of the team. My balls are full, new boy, and I need to come.” 

Randy breathed fast and heavy. His cock became to full to keep inside his jock. It slipped out of the side and poked upward. Gregory grabbed a hold of the bare cock and stroked it. Randy moaned in delight. 

"Get down on your knees and let me show you how to be a part of the team,” Gregory ordered. 

Randy got down on his knees like he was told. He knew what was coming. He knew what Gregory wanted. He opened his mouth immediately and waited. 

Gregory smiled. "That's right, man. You're ready for this aren't you?" He pat Randy on the side of his face. Then, he slapped his thick cock on Randy’s lips. 

Randy whimpered. He wanted that cock in his mouth so bad that he had to touch himself to satisfy the aching feeling. 

Gregory gave him a little taste of it. He slid the head of his hot cock into Randy’s mouth and let him get a feel for how thick it was. 

Randy instantly wrapped his lips around the head of Gregory’s cock. He wanted more of it. When Gregory tried to pull away, he leaned forward so he could keep his lips on the cock. He began to lick under the head and taste the shaft. 

Gregory groaned. "Oh man, you must really need some dick. That's why you've been so angry all the time.” 

Randy caught his breath. "Shut up, man, and just let me suck you!" 

Gregory put his hand on the locker and leaned over Randy. "You got it!" He let Randy have his full cock. 

Randy clobbered on his fellow players dick with ravenous energy. He loved the salty taste. He loved the way it stretched his jaw. He loved the feeling of Gregory’s hot cock sliding in and out of his mouth and coating his tongue in sticky precome. He jerked his own cock and could feel a tightness growing in between his legs. 

"Oh yeah, you're good!" Gregory thrust into Randy’s mouth. He pulled down his uniform to expose his firm buttocks. As Randy sucked his cock, he began to toy with his own hole. "Yeah, keep going! Just like thay!" 

Randy massaged his swollen taint. His balls tightened. His cock began to pulse. He needed to come so bad it hurt. His fingertip creeped in between his legs until he felt his hairy little asshole. He pressed against it and it made him whimper loud. 

"Yeah!" Gregory roared. He pulled out of Randy lips and stroked his raging cock until come exploded out of it. He shot hot jets of white come all over Randy’s lips, and it dripped down over Randy’s chest and stomach. 

Randy couldn't hold back. He moaned and trembled. He played with himself until he shot strings of come onto the locker room floor. 

Gregory smiled down at him. He pat his face again. "Atta boy, Randy. See? You're going to do great on this football team.” 

Just then, Coach Carter came around the corner of the lockers and caught the two players with their dicks out and dripping come. He put his hands on his hips and scowled. "What are you two doing? You're supposed to be thinking about what you did, not sucking each other's dicks!"

Randy stood up fast with come still hanging off his mouth. "Coach, I'm so sorry!" 

Gregory faced the coach. His cock was still out, hard and proud and dripping spit and come. He smiled at the coach and shrugged. "Sorry, Coach. We were just bonding as players.” 

Carter shook his head, but he grinned. "Good. I'm glad you two could settle your differences." 

Randy looked puzzled. "You mean, you're not mad?" 

Coach Carter put his hand on Randy’s shoulders. "No I'm not mad. Randy, you're going to learn that on this team we do everything together. Everything..." He winked at the young player. "Alright, you boys hit the showers. We got a big game coming up.” 

Gregory nodded. He put his arm around Randy. "You got it, Coach.” 

Carter slapped each of them on their tight butts and sent them on their way to the showers. 

Chapter Two 

The Physical 

Peter waited in an exam room at the local doctor's office. The 21-year-old was there for his physical checkup to make sure that he was okay to play in the first game of the season. He was broad and built and one of the biggest guys on the Bum University Football Team. 

Coach Carter sat in a chair near him and read an old magazine. 

"Thanks for coming with me to this,” Peter said. 

Carter smiled at his player. "No problem, Peter. I'm sure this won't take long.” 

After another minute, the doctor walked in. He was a handsome man with gray hair and a shaved face. He shook Peter’s hand. "Hey there, sorry about the wait. I'm Dr. Smith. You must be Peter.” 

"Yes sir,” Peter answered. 

The doctor smiled as he looked Peter up and down. "Man, Coach Carter was right, you sure are a strong looking young man.” 

"Thank you sir.” 

"Alright, well hop up on the table. What seems to be the problem?" 

Peter sat on the edge of the exam table. "Nothing too serious, doctor. I just have this tenderness in my, well, in my groin." He touched himself in between his legs near his cock and balls. Since he was wearing gym shorts, it was easy to feel the shape of his cock. "Right here.” 

"I see,” Dr. Smith said. He put one hand on Peter’s leg. "Do you mind if I feel the spot?" 

Peter looked at Coach Carter nervously. "Uh, yeah, sure.” He was nervous because he knew that he would get horny if the doctor touched him. 

Dr. Smith put his hands in between Peter’s legs and rubbed him. "Right here?" 

Peter started to squirm. "A little lower.” 

"Do you mean under your testicles, Peter?" Dr. Smith pat Peter on the leg. "Well why don't you take off your clothes and let me have a closer look?" 

Peter got off the table. "Alright, doctor, if you say so.” He took off his shirt, revealing his bulging and defined physique. He was about to take off his shorts. He looked at the coach. "Coach, I'm kinda getting horny. Is that okay?" 

Coach Carter and Dr. Smith laughed. Dr. Smith rubbed Peter’s shoulder. "Peter, there's nothing to be embarrassed about here. I've done physicals for all the players here in Bum. Trust me, they all get horny. Hell, I remember giving Coach Carter his physical when he was playing. Remember how horny you got, coach?" 

Carter nodded. "I could never keep still when the doc put his finger in my hole.” 

Peter laughed. "Well hopefully that won't happen. I've never taken anything in my ass and I never will.” 

Dr. Smith narrowed his eyes. "Let’s just get a closer look, first, Peter.” 

Peter nodded. He dropped his shorts to the floor. His cock was getting hard. It was thick and hairy. His balls felt full. 

Dr. Smith gently cradled Peter’s large balls and massaged them. "Man, you football players have the biggest sacks.” 

Coach Carter smiled and nodded. "They sure do." 

Dr. Smith groped Peter’s cock and rubbed his nuts. "I bet you shoot a lot of come with this don't you?" 

Peter started to breathe fast and shallow. "Yes sir." 

"Get back on the table and we'll see if we can figure out the source of your tenderness." 

Peter sat on the edge of the table. He lay back. Dr. Smith felt underneath Peter’s balls and put his fingers against his warm, swollen taint. "There seems to be some pressure right here.” 

Peter licked his lips. "Yes, doctor.” His cock was swelling so fast it stood up tall and proud and thick. 

Coach Carter laughed. "Looks like you're enjoying your exam, Peter.” He stood by the exam table and put his hand on Peter’s leg. 

"I'll say.” Dr. Smith pressed harder against Peter’s taint. "I think I know what the problem might be here, Peter.” 

"What's that doctor?" 

Dr. Smith walked to the cabinet and retrieved a bottle of lube. "You need to have your butt serviced.” 

Peter cocked his head in confusion. "My butt serviced? What does that mean?" 

Coach Carter pat Peter on his leg. "It means you're going to get some fingers up your asshole, Peter.” 

Peter shook his head. "No, I told you guys, I don't take it in my ass!" 

Dr. Smith pulled up a chair to the end of the exam table. "Peter don't worry. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your butt and prostate massaged. Have you ever fucked another man in his ass?" 

Peter nodded. "Yeah, I've fucked a few of my teammates all the time.” 

Coach Carter nodded. "Yes sir, he's really drilled a few of my star players with this giant dick.” 

"Did they like it?" the doctor asked. 

Peter nodded, and he grinned. "Yes sir. They all seemed to really enjoy having my dick in their ass.” 

Dr. Smith smiled. "Well, you have a man's body, too, Peter. Your ass has all the same parts. I bet if you were to give it a try, you might even enjoy having something in your butt, too.” 

Peter licked his lips. He was thinking about the idea of taking something inside his virgin hole. But it still made him nervous. "I don't know...” 

"Peter,” Carter said. He gently rubbed his player's thigh. "Don't worry. If you don't like it, the doctor will stop.” 

Peter nodded. "Okay.” 

Dr. Smith put some lube onto his middle finger. "Okay, Peter, I need you to raise your legs up onto the end of the table. Go ahead. Scoot back just like that.” 

Peter positioned himself to lay back on the table. He brought his muscular legs up and put them on the edge of the table. 

Dr. Smith pulled down his gym shorts over his shoes, leaving Peter wearing nothing but his shoes underneath his waist. The young muscular player was hard and horny, and his hairy little virgin hole was exposed to the doctor. 

Dr. Smith began massaging Peter’s taint again. "Don't worry, Peter, I'm going to make this as painless as possible.” 

Peter nodded. "Thank you sir.” He felt the doctor’s warm finger getting closer and closer to his ass, and it made him excited. He started breathing faster. He gripped the edge of the exam table. His cock began to twitch and drip. 

Dr. Smith slowly and gently slid his wet finger inside Peter’s hole. It was tight and warm. The doctor’s cock became rigid as he wanted to take this players virginity. 

"Wow,” Peter said. "That actually doesn't feel too bad.” 

Dr. Smith and Coach Carter laughed with him. "See? What did we tell you, Peter?" Carter asked. "Every man enjoys a little something up his hole.” 

Peter shut his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Dr. Smith slid his finger deeper inside his butt. He curled it and hit a spot that made Peter shiver and squirm. "Holy hell,” Peter groaned. "What is that?" 

Dr. Smith smiled. "That's your prostate, Peter. Stimulating this little gland right here is one of the best sensations any man can ever have.” 

Peter nodded. "I'll say. That feels really fucking good.” Then he sat his head up and looked at the coach. "Coach, sorry for swearing.” 

Coach Carter laughed and rubbed the player's chest. "It's alright, Peter. Just wait. Whenever you get hornier with the doctor playing with your ass, you're going to be saying things you never thought you would.” 

Peter lay his head back down. His little virgin hole wrapped around the doctor's finger tight. He began to pulse around it. He grabbed his own hard cock and started stroking himself. "Is it okay if I stroke myself?" 

Dr. Smith nodded. "Of course, Peter. Now, try to relax. I'm going to put two fingers into your butt.” The doctor slid another finger inside the player's ass and stretched it. 

Peter flinched. "Oh, man, that feels like a lot.” 

Coach Carter massaged Peter’s chest. "It's okay, Peter. Just relax.” 

Peter took in some deep breaths. He gripped his cock tight. After a few moments, the sensation of having two lubed up fingers in his ass felt amazing. He started squirming again and stroking himself. "Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's amazing.” 

Dr. Smith serviced the virgin in his ass for another two minutes. 

Peter looked at the Coach. He saw that Carter had a huge bulge in his pants. Feeling horny, he put his hand on the bulge and squeezed. "Man, Coach. It looks like I'm not the only one getting turned on.” 

Coach grinned. "No you're not, Peter. I have to say... Looking at your hot little hole makes me hard as a rock.” 

Peter licked his lips and stared at the coach with lust in his young eyes. "Take it out,” he said. "Take out your cock, Coach.” 

Dr. Smith nodded. "Go ahead, Carter. Whip it out.” 

Coach Carter undid his belt and pants. He locked eyes with the two others, and he could see their cock hungry desire. He lowered his pants to his knees and his thick, manly and hairy cock sprung forth. 

Dr. Smith smiled and sighed. "Damn, that's a beautiful cock.” 

"I'll say.” Peter put his hand on the coach's shaft and began to stroke him. It was warm and thick and veiny. "Coach you have a really hot dick.” 

Coach Carter spit into his palm, and then he wrapped his fingers around Peter’s aching shaft and began to stroke him. "Right back at you, Peter.” 

Dr. Smith pulled his two fingers out of Peter's ass and pat him on the butt. "Alright, Peter, I think it's about time you bent over the table for me. You're ready to handle something a little bigger. 

Excited and eager, Peter hopped off the table. His cock bounced and his little hole puckered. He turned and he bent over the exam table and stuck out his rear. 

Coach Carter stroked his cock and watched. "I think you're really going to like this, Peter.” 

"I hope so, Coach.” Peter found himself staring at his coach's hot dick. He was drooling for it. But he didn't exactly know how to ask to suck on it. He had never sucked another man's cock. So he was a little nervous, but he wanted it bad. 

Dr. Smith returned to the table with a small black dildo. 

Peter saw it and gulped. "That's going in my butt?" 

Dr. Smith lubed up the dildo. "It looks bigger than it is, Peter. Don't worry. Now bend over and let me have your hole.” 

Peter put his head down and kept his ass out. He felt the doctor put the head of the toy against his quivering butt. Dr. Smith teased his rim by pressing against it and circling it. Soon, Peter was so horny that he wanted his ass stuffed with the toy. He didn't care if it would hurt. 

Coach Carter rubbed Peter’s back and shoulders. "Damn, you have a hot ass, Peter. I'm jealous of the doctor.” 

Peter looked up. The coach's thick cock was right at eye level. He stared at it, and the coach finally saw just how bad Peter wanted it. Right before they could do anything about it, Dr. Smith slid the wet dildo inside Peter’s ass. 

Peter threw his head down and his butthole clenched around the dildo. "Oh man, it feels too big.” 

Coach Carter rubbed the young man's back. "It's okay, Peter. It's okay. Just relax and let your butt get used to it.” 

It took Peter two minutes and some deep breaths, but then he suddenly loved it. His butthole relaxed and took the dildo. He loved the way Dr. Smith slid it in and out of his little hole, stretching and filling it. 

"Oh, man,” Peter groaned, "that feels really good.”  he started pushing himself back on the toy to get it deeper in his ass. 

"There you go,” Carter groaned. "Take that dildo up your ass, man.” His cock was dripping and raging hard. He stared at Peter’s lips, and he wanted them. 

Dr. Smith saw the look on Coach Carter's face. He knew that the coach wanted Peter. He nodded. "Give it to him, Coach.” 

Peter looked up, his eyes glazed in lust. "Yeah, Coach. Let me have your cock, please.” 

Carter pulled Peter’s head back by his hair. Peter opened his mouth and moaned. Carter slipped his cock in between Peter’s lips and began to slide it in and out of his mouth. 

Peter groaned. He loved having a mouthful of the coach's cock and having his butt stuffed with the doctor’s toy. Harder, he wanted it harder and deeper on both ends. He wanted nothing more than dick. He grabbed his cock and stroked. He whined loud. He began to shoot precome. 

"There we go,” Dr. Smith said. "Let yourself come, Peter.” 

Peter shut his eyes. He wrapped his lips tight around the coach's shaft. He felt everything throb. Then, his cock shot a huge load of stringy come all over the floor. It dripped from his cock. He felt his asshole pulse and throb around the doctor’s toy. He felt the orgasm from a spot deep inside him that he never felt before. He opened his eyes. He caught his breath. 

Dr. Smith slowly pulled the toy out of his ass. 

Coach Carter stroked his hard cock until he came into Peter’s mouth. There was a lot of it. Carter's balls were full and tight and he shot what seemed like a pint of come. 

Peter licked and swallowed every drop and moaned. "Damn, Coach, that tastes so good.” 

Coach Carter smiled and pat Peter on the shoulders. "You did great, Peter.” 

Peter stood up with a big smile on his face. His cock was still hard and dripping come. "My whole body feels great.” He turned and put his arm Dr. Smith's shoulders. "I think I might have to come back for another exam!" 

Chapter Three 

The Brothers 

Jay was a cheerleader for Bum University. He was new to town, and he was single. On a hot Texas day, he finished practice with the rest of the cheer team near the field. He was shirtless and in a pair of tight shorts as he leaned against the side of the bleachers and stared at the football players as they practiced. 

One of Jay’s new friends approached. Her name was Jenny and she was the head of the cheerleading team. "Are you ready for Friday's game?" 

Jay nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I guess I'm a little nervous.” 

Jenny smiled. "Don't worry. You'll be great. You were nailing all the drills today for sure!" She saw him staring at the football players. "Although now I bet you wish you were nailing something else.” 

Jay laughed. "They don't make guys like that back in Florida. These guys are huge. No wonder this is one of the best football teams in Texas.”

"Well, for a small town, anyway." Jenny saw someone approaching at the end of the football field. "Oh no." 

"What is it?" Jay turned and saw a convertible car full of frat boys approaching. They were shirtless and rowdy and drinking from cheap beer cans. "Who are they?" 

"Our rivals from Trinidad, Texas. The Alpha Coyote Frat. They're the worst kind of guys. Annoying. Loud. Drink all the time and talk so much trash. They're awful." 

Jay looked back at the practice field and saw a handful of the football players approaching the side of the field to fight with these dumb frat guys. 

The frat boys parked and jumped out of the convertible. They hollered and yelled and threw their beer cans on the parking lot. "Hey look! A bunch of faggots trying to play football!" 

Jay clenched his fist and became furious. "What did they just say?" 

Jenny sighed. "I told you they were awful.” 

Jay was ready to fight with the rest of the Bum football players that approached the frat boys. He left the bleachers and joined them. 

Randy and Gregory led the way to the side of the field. They were flexing. They were filled with anger and ready to fight. Behind them were two strapping young men with broad shoulders. Each of them had dark wavy hair, and they looked similar. 

Gregory spoke up first. "You idiots better get out of here fast before we let out new guy after you. He's from California and has some serious anger management problems.” 

The frat boys laughed. 

Jay approached and was ready for a fight. But Jenny held him back. "Just stay out of this,” she whispered. "No offense, Jay, but you're kind of small and these guys would trample you.” 

Jay set his sights on the frat boys, but for a moment he caught the glances of the two strapping guys who looked alike. They looked at him, stared, and then whispered to each other. 

What's the deal with that, Jay wondered. But he didn't have time to figure it out. 

"Looks like you've got the cheer squad to help you out,” the frat boys taunted. "Didn't think you boys would let a queer fight for you.” 

"Hey!" Jay jumped toward. There was no holding back. He had too much fight in him. He threw the first punch, right into the stupid frat boy's mouth. 

They broke out into a fight. Jenny even got in on the action, jumping on one of the frat boys backs and tackling him. Hands threw, punches landed, and in the end each side pulled away from the other. 

Jay felt dizzy. It had all happened so fast. He realized he was being helped to stand to his feet with one of the strapping men on each side. "Are you okay?" the one on his left asked. "That was pretty ballsy, man,” the other said. Their voices were deep and commanding like they had testicles the size of watermelons.  

Jay blushed a little. "Yeah, I'm fine.” 

The frat boys jumped back in their car. They were beaten. "We'll kick your ass at Friday's game!" They drove away like cowards. 

Randy and Gregory smiled. Jenny came to Jay’s side and put her arm around  him. "That was pretty brave, Jay.” 

"Yeah it was.” Randy and Gregory pat him on the back. "Good looking out, man.” They left to return to practice. 

The other two guys hung around. "Jay, that's your name?" 

Jay nodded. He suddenly felt a little nervous being around such strong and muscular guys. 

"I'm Ricky, and this is my brother Roland." Ricky was a little taller, even though they were both built like trees, and Roland had a beauty mark just after his lip. "That was a really cool thing you did back there." 

The brothers smiled at him, and Jay felt like buckling to his knees. 

"Uh, yeah, no problem,” he said, trying to stay cool. But inside Jay was screaming for joy. 

The two brothers smiled at him, and it was flirty. They both had dimples. They both had gorgeous eyes. They were both sweaty and hot from practice. 

"There's a party tonight over at the coach's house,” Roland said. "You wanna join us?" 

Jay looked at Jenny. She seemed just as excited. "Yeah, that sounds like a good time,” he said, still trying to hide the fact he was about ready to drop his shorts and let these guys pound him. 

They smiled and nodded. "Cool, see you there, Jay.” 

Jenny punched Jay in the shoulder. "You little slut! I can't believe you caught those guys attention." 

Jay bit his lip. "Oh my gosh, I've never even talked to guys that hot.” 

"Well you should prepare yourself tonight then Jay. Because not only do those guys have huge muscles..." Jenny lowered her voice. "Rumor has it that they also have giant dicks.” 

Jay gulped. He watched the stud brothers get back to practice. Big dicks? 

That night, Jay went to Coach Carter's house for the football party. It was a good time. There were a lot of people there and some guys from town. The players were having a rowdy good time, drinking beer and arm wrestling and doing other testosterone fueled party activities. 

Jay kept to himself for a while. He was drinking a beer in the coach's living room and watching a poker game when a familiar voice spoke to him. 

"I was wondering when I would finally run into you,” Ricky said. 

Jay almost fainted. He immediately checked Ricky out. 

In fit jeans, and a tight muscle shirt that seemed ready to burst because of all those huge muscles, Ricky looked hot as hell. 

How does he not have all the girls clawing him right now, Jay wondered. 

"Hey,” Jay said. 

Ricky flashed him a flirtatious smile. "What are you doing here all alone? As handsome as you look tonight, you should totally be getting laid by someone.” 

Jay almost spit out his beer. He laughed and wiped his mouth. "Uh, thanks.” 

"I'm kidding, you should do whatever you want.” Ricky rubbed Jay’s shoulder, and then he leaned closer. "Or whoever you want.” 

Jay felt his stomach begin to flutter. It felt too hot for the nice shirt he was wearing. Suddenly his boxer briefs felt a little too tight with the added growth that Ricky was causing. 

"Are you okay?" Ricky asked. "You seem a little nervous.” 

"Yeah, I'm okay. I guess I'm just not used to big parties like this. My ex used to love coming to these, and he used to tell me how boring I was for not wanting to go.” 

Ricky sighed. "Your ex sounds like a real jerk.” 

"Yeah, that's why he's my ex now.” 

Another familiar face showed up out of the crowd and smiled flirtatiously at Jay. It was Roland. He was wearing tight jeans and a muscle shirt like his brother. And like his brother the shirt looked like it was about to burst off his body because of his muscles. His hair was wavy and dark and he held a cold beer. 

"Look who I found.,,” Rocky said. "Jay has been hiding from us.” 

Roland looked at Jay, up and down, checking the cheerleader out, and from the look on his face, Jay knew that Roland liked what he saw. 

"Is that so, Jay? You're hiding from us?" 

Jay decided to be playful. "Maybe I was,” he said as he took a cool drink. 

Ricky laughed and put his arm around Jay. It felt heavy on his shoulders because of the weight of muscle. "You can't hide from us, Jay. When the Torso brothers see something we like, we go after it.” 

The Torso brothers, Jay wondered. Even their names are fucking sexy. 

"So, you guys like me?" Jay asked. 

Roland leaned in a little closer. "Well we're not sure if we like you yet, but we definitely agree that we both want to fuck you.” 

Jay spit out his beer this time as he was taking a drink. He was shocked at how forward they were. 

The Brothers laughed. 

"Relax, Jay, we're just messing with you.”  Roland rubbed Jay’s shoulder. "This is a party after all. We're supposed to have some fun.” 

"Right, sure.” Jay caught the brother shooting each other some looks as if they were both thinking the same thing. Maybe they could see through Jay, and they could tell just how badly he really did want to fuck both of them. 

"Can I ask you guys something?" Jay asked. 

"Anything,” Roland answered. 

"Are you guys, you know..." 

Ricky smiled. "Are we gay?" 

Roland spoke up. "Do we like dick?" 

Jay laughed. "Uh, yeah, I guess. Are you?" 

They looked at one another. 

Ricky answered. "Well, I'm bi. But Roland here is exclusively into guys.” 

Roland nodded. "I'm all about dicks and man butts.” 

Jay laughed. "Alright, cool.” 

"And you?" Ricky asked. 

Jay almost blushed. "Yeah, I like guys.”

"That's great.” Roland winked at Jay. "Because I really wasn't kidding with what I said earlier. I really do want to fuck you.” 

Jay’s jaw dropped and he gasped, but he also loved the tease. His cheeks turned red. His dick was definitely beginning to swell. That's when his phone dinged with a new message. He sighed when he saw the sender. 

"Who's that from?" Ricky asked. 

"My ex.” 

"Your ex?" Roland asked. 

Ricky nodded. "Apparently the guy is a total jerk.” 

"That sucks, Jay. You can do better anyway.” 

Jay groaned. "Look at this.” He showed them his phone. On the screen was a photo of his ex-boyfriend with another guy and they were kissing. "He does this just to show me he doesn't care about me. I tried to get him to stop. I should block his number.” 

Ricky put his arm back around Jay by his waist and drew him close. "Or you could do something better and get revenge.” 


Ricky and Roland grinned at one another. They were up to no good from what Jay could tell. Roland put his arm around Jay’s other side. 

"Jay,” Roland said, "Take a picture of the three of us and send it back to him.” 

Jay smiled. "You guys are good."  He held the camera up for a selfie while the two brothers put their arms around him and flashed their middle fingers. 

Jay snapped the photo, but when they looked at it the brothers didn't think it was good enough. 

"We can do better,” Ricky said. "We need to do something that will really piss him off.” 

"Like what?" Jay asked. 

Roland shrugged. "We could make out with you.” 

Jay’s heart almost stopped. "You, you want to make out with me?" 

The brothers nodded. "Yeah. It will really show your ex that you've moved on." Ricky pointed to the coach's staircase. "There's a guest room upstairs. Let's sneak up thwre for a few minutes and get some really good, juicy photos.” 

Roland nodded. "What do you think Jay?" 

Jay felt nervous and excited all at once. He definitely had a full erection now that pressed against his jeans. "Uh, yeah, let's do it!" 

Ricky and Roland led Jay to the guest bedroom upstairs and left the party. It was quiet up here. They shut the bedroom door shut, and they were alone. 

Jay had his phone out, and he was shaking he was so nervous. 

Roland saw how nervous Jay was and put his hands on his shoulders. "Jay are you okay? You don't have to do this if you don't want to.” 

Jay shook his head. "No, I want to do this. I want to show my ex just how much he's missing out on.” 

Ricky and Roland smiled. "That's the spirit." 

"So, what do we do?" Jay felt so nervous he could barely move. He stood still in the middle of the room, waiting for one of the alpha male brothers to take control. 

Ricky stepped forward. He took Jay’s phone from him. "We can start like this.” He handed the phone to Roland. "Make sure you get a great picture, bro.” 

Ricky pulled Jay to him. And then he kissed the cheerleader. His lips were firm on Jay’s. Strong and wet. He groaned, and he moved his lips around and kissed Jay so good the cheerleader’s head was spinning. 

Jay whimpered a little. His cock swelled hard. His whole body shivered in pleasure. 

"That's nice,” Roland whispered. He held the phone up and prepared to take a photo. 

Ricky made Jay part his lips, and then he slipped his tongue into his mouth and massaged Jay’s tongue in a smooth and controlled motion. He put his hand on Jay’s chest, and then he groped lower to Jay’s stomach. He felt Jay just above his jeans, and then he dipped his hands in between Jay’s legs and squeezed the cheerleader’s achingly hard prick. 

"Now that's really nice,” Roland said. He started recording some video. 

Ricky groaned and kissed Jay harder. Jay was no match for how good this felt. He gave in instantly and let Roland have his way with him. They made out, getting hotter and harder. Jay didn't know what to do with his hands, but Roland did. He grabbed Jay’s hand and put it in between his legs so that Jay could feel how hard he was. 

"Holy hell,” Jay whispered. "Your dick is so big, Ricky.” 

Ricky kissed Jay hard and groaned. "It's all yours right now, Jay.” 

They started making out even harder. They could hardly catch their breath. Jay felt too hot to stay in his clothes. His cock was pulsing and his asshole was puckering. Ricky grabbed a hold of Jay’s firm butt and squeezed. He growled as he squeezed it with both hands. He pushed Jay up against his body and pressed his huge erection against the fit little cheerleader. 

"Fuck yeah,” Roland whispered. He held the camera with one hand and groped his cock with the other. His dick grew to a massive erection inside his jeans and he wasn't about to keep it contained. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He yanked them down until his thick, long cock sprang out. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and stroked himself. 

Jay saw Roland’s cock, and his eyes widened. "Damn.” 

"Do you like that?" Ricky whispered. He groped Jay’s cock and butt. "Do you like his big, thick cock?" 

Jay nodded. He bit his lip and squirmed while getting manhandled by Ricky. 

"Would you like two of them?" Ricky unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. 

Jay looked down. His jaw dropped as he witnessed Ricky pull down his jeans and retrieve his cock. It was just as beautiful and big and thick as Roland. 

Ricky took Jay’s hand and guided it to his cock. 

Jay grabbed a hold of it, and it barely fit into his hand. He got a feel for it, running his hand along the shaft and to the head. Ricky cock was warm and thick and pulsing. 

Ricky grabbed Jay and kissed him hard. Then he took a hold of Jay, holding him by his cheeks, and looked him in the eyes with a gaze full of aggressive lust. "I want you to suck on it now.” 

Jay nodded. His heart pounding, he dropped down to his knees before Ricky. He took a hold of the players cock, and then he slid it into his wet and wanting mouth. 

Ricky groaned. "Fuck, that's a sweet mouth, man.” 

Jay bobbed his head down Ricky’s shaft. He loved the warm and thick feeling upon his tongue and in between his lips. He took his time and licked and kissed on Ricky’s cock. He sucked on the head. He swirled his tongue around it. He spit on it. He stroked it. He brought Ricky to a pulsing and aching hardness. He made Ricky drip delicious precome that coated his tongue. 

Ricky grabbed the back of Jay’s head. "Damn, that's so fucking good, Jay!" 

Jay whimpered with a mouthful of dick. He hadn't had a cock this good in so long he couldn't remember when. He sucked it like it was a drug and he was getting a hit. He began to grope himself. He unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. He retrieved his aching prick and jerked it. He was precoming like crazy, oozing and dripping over his hand. He gobbled and slobbered on Ricky’s cock like a mad man. He couldn't stop. He couldn't get enough of it. 

Roland walked forward. He still held the camera phone and got a good shot of Jay swallowing as much of Ricky cock as he could. He stroked his cock and presented it to the hungry cheerleader. 

"Let me have some of that,” Roland groaned. 

Jay was eager to oblige. He kept Ricky’s cock in one hand and put Roland’s cock in his mouth. He drenched it in spit. He bobbed on it with so much energy that Roland’s balls began to tighten within a minute. 

"Holy fuck,” Roland groaned. 

Ricky nodded. "He's fucking great isn't he?" 

"Fuck yes he is.” Roland held the phone and captured a shot of Jay sucking his thick cock. 

Jay had the two dicks pulsing and throbbing. It wasn't more than another few minutes until both of the players wanted to come onto the pretty cheerleader. 

"Fuck, Jay, you're about to earn two big fucking loads of come,” Ricky said. 

Jay caught his breath. Their precome and his spit dangled from his pretty lips. "That's exactly what I want guys!" 

"Then keep sucking. You're about to make both of us shoot.” Roland cupped his testicles and massaged them. They were full and tight and he felt ready to burst. 

Jay sucked on Roland’s dick hard and fast. He made a slurping sound as he sucked and stroked. 

"Yes,” Roland groaned. "Yeah, just like that. Jay, you're gonna make me come!" Roland grabbed a hold of his cock. "Open your mouth, Jay. I want to come in your mouth.” 

Jay stayed on his knees and opened his mouth for the big dick. He moaned and stroked himself. He craved come like he had never craved it before. He craved it so bad he could feel the desire in his ass. 

Roland jerked and shook. His cock exploded into orgasm. White hot string of come shot out and drowned Jay. It landed on his mouth, on his lips, and even dripped down his pretty shirt. He was covered in come by the time Roland was done with him. 

Roland took a deep breath. He was sweating and aching. His cock kept pulsing. 

Jay gently put the head of Roland’s cock back into his mouth and sucked on it slowly. It was sensitive, so he made Roland twitch. He sucked and licked the juices off and then he kissed the head. He licked his lips. 

Ricky grabbed Jay’s head and turned him to his cock. "My turn, cheerleader.” 

"Yes sir!" Jay waited on his knees, eager for more hot come. 

Ricky stroked his cock and squeezed it hard. 

Jay cradled Ricky big balls and massaged them. He could feel them draw into the players body. Ricky was so close he was grunting and thrusting. His balls were hot and hairy and ready to burst. 

"Yes,” Ricky moaned. 

"Yes,” Jay whined. "Please give it to me. Come on me!" 

Ricky jerked himself into an intense orgasm. His come shot over Jay’s head and landed on the bed. The next shot hit Jay in his eye. The next two shots soaked Jay’s pretty face and dripped down his cheeks and off his chin. The last shots landed in Jay’s mouth. 

"Holy shit,” Roland said. "Bro, I don't think you've ever come like that.” 

Ricky caught his breath and wore a big smile. "I've never had such good cock sucking before.” 

Jay stayed on his knees and treated Ricky’s cock to the same gentle sucking and kissing that he gave to Roland. He stroked both of their big dicks. The players moaned. Roland rubbed Jay’s shoulders. Ricky ran his fingers through the back of Jay’s hair. Jay could've stayed there all night in between two huge dicks and sucked and serviced them. He was in love with these guys' cocks. 

Roland grinned at his brother. "What do you think Ricky? Should we give this cheerleader a turn to come?" 

Ricky nodded. "Hell yeah. I call his ass." 

Roland grinned. "Works for me!" 

They made Jay stand up. Roland took a hold of Jay’s swollen cock and stroked him. 

Jay started panting. His balls felt tight. His muscles felt hot like his skin. He grabbed at the players bodies as they surrounded him. They kissed him. Roland made out with Jay while Ricky pulled down Jay’s jeans from behind. He kissed and licked the back of Jay’s neck. He got on his knees behind Jay and took a moment to admire the cheerleader’s hot and tight butt. 

"You better get resdy,” Roland warned Jay. "Ricky has the strongest tongue of any guy I know.” 

Ricky smiled and squeezed both of Jay’s butt cheeks. "This has got to be the hottest and prettiest butt I have ever seen on anyone!" He spanked Jay rough. 

Jay jolted. A tingle shot straight to his cock where Roland was stroking him. 

Roland got onto his knees before Jay. He looked up into his eyes, and he opened his mouth. He slid Jay’s aching prick into his warm, wet mouth and began to suck on him. 

"Oh God,” Jay moaned. 

Ricky made the cheerleader bend forward enough to spread his butt cheeks apart. He groaned as he got a good look at Jay’s tight little hole. "Fuck,” he whispered. "I'm going to have to fuck this hole soon.” 

"With your big dick?" Jay asked. "I don't think I could handle it!" 

Ricky laughed. He spanked Jay gently. "Don't worry. We'll start with this.” He spread the cheerleader’s firm cheeks and plunged his strong and hungry tongue deep into his hot ass. 

Jay immediately started to squirm with his jeans around his ankles. He had one hot stud on his cock and the other stud doing circles on his horny asshole with his tongue. He braced himself on Roland’s shoulders. He started to pulse and ache. His asshole puckered. His balls tightened. 

"Damn, this is a hot hole!" Ricky spit and licked on Jay’s little butt. He growled like an animal as he devoured it. He squeezed his cheeks so hard he left handprints. 

"Oh fuck,” Jay whimpered. He arched his back and he started to sweat. He could hardly breathe. "You guys are going to make me come!" 

"Yeah, come on!" Roland groaned. "Let me taste it.” 

Ricky spanked Jay. "Yeah, I wanna feel this hole wink when you shoot.” He dove back into Jay’s ass and probed it as deep as his hungry tongue would stretch. 

Jay trembled. He couldn't hold back any longer. "Fuck!" He shook and exploded into a hot orgasm. His balls emptied and he shot hot loads of juice into Roland’s mouth. Roland groaned and held his mouth still so Jay could give him every drop of come he could. Ricky stuck his tongue into Jay’s ass and moaned while the little hole squeezed and puckered around it. 

Jay shook and trembled. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever felt. When it was over he nearly collapsed. 

The studs held him up, and they stood up with him. All their dicks were out and swollen with the high of orgasm. Roland brought Jay’s mouth to his and made out with him. He made sure to spit some of Jay’s salty juices into Jay’s mouth. "Don't swallow it,” he said. "I want my brother to taste it.” 

Jay turned to Ricky. Ricky cradled Jay’s face and kissed him. He stuck his tongue into Jay’s mouth and tasted his come. He groaned. "Mmmmm, that's fucking good.” 

The three of them finished and dressed. They helped Jay clean the come off of his shirt. They went downstairs, dazed and happy with goofy smiles on their faces. 

Jay looked at the video he had on his phone now. "This is going to drive my ex insane,” he said as he hit "send." 

Roland gave Jay a pat on his butt. "It was hot as hell, man. I'll go get us some beers.” 

Ricky and Jay stood at the bottom of the stairs at the coach's house. They looked around the room at the players and the party. Randy and Gregory seemed to be getting along better than usual. They even seemed to be flirting. Peter was drinking a beer and playing beer pong. All the players seemed to be having a great time. And they looked ready to win football. 

"This is going to be a great season,” Ricky said. 

Jay smiled. "Sure is.” 

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