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Bailey Medlan

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Ximena gazed down upon her sleeping stepfather. He looked much older than his sixty years, with his gray hair and sallow skin. She touched his wrinkled cheek without thinking.

The gesture startled him awake. “Huh? What? Ximena what are you doing here?”

She thought quick to mask her creepy vigil. “I wanted to know whether you’ve seen my car keys.”

“Why?” he asked then checked the clock on his bedside. “Its 2 a.m.”

“I was hoping the drive might help me sleep.”

He rubbed his eyes. “Is this about your mother? I swear to God that demon can’t haunt. She’s in hell where she belongs. Look, why don’t you stay here tonight. You can use my snoring as a lullaby.”

“Okay.” Ximena entered the bed once Remi moved aside. She hadn’t shared someone’s bed since her boyfriend dumped her last year. The warmth was nice.

Remi pulled her into a big strong hug, their cheeks against each other. “I keep forgetting how much you’ve grown. It seems only yesterday I put you on the kindergarten school bus. Now you’re my almost my age.”

“I’m just twenty, Remi.”

“⅓ my age. Where did the time go? Soon you’ll be off getting married-”

“Kinda hard to get married when you got no one to marry you,” she said.

“There are a million men out there who’d kill to date you.” Remi kissed her on the forehead. “You’re a twice the person your mother ever could be.”

“Do you miss her?”

“No. You?”


“Well, she was your Ma. An absolute terrible Ma but still your Ma. Its alright to let yourself grieve her loss.”

Ximena threw her leg over Remi’s thigh so they were crotch to crotch. Tingles raced through the place his clothed cock touched her. “Remi, I love you.”

“Hun w-” Remi’s protestation was stopped by Ximena’s lips on his.

It felt like a thousand years passed before Remi broke away. His chest heaved against hers while his liver spotted hands trembled on her back.

“Why me? I’m an old nasty coot who failed middle school.”

“So what? You saved and raised me right. I don’t care if all you do is fuck me. I love you so much that I want your babies.”

“People will think I forced you.”

Ximena caressed his pajama clad bum. “Our relationship is our business. Nobody else's.” She kissed Remi’s closed lips again.

To her delight they parted, his tongue tangling with her own. She welcomed the feel of his hands on her ass. His erection tented his pants.

“Wait.” Remi separated from her. “Turn around.”

His request confused her though she acquiesced to it. Remi slipped one hand beneath her pajama top whilst he drew the bottoms to her mid-thighs. He snapped her underwear’s elastic waistband yet left it on. She moaned at his fingers teased her left nipple. He stroked it gently then yanked it hard upward. The sensations the pain spiked pleasure sent electricity throughout her body.

Remi nipped her shoulders as pushed his hot rod between her thighs. She tried to remove her panties but he stopped her. “You’ll get yours later.” Remi did pull the fabric to expose her pussy lips.

The first touch of his lengthy cock to her sopping pussy ignited intense desire. Ximena opened her hole wider, her body desperate to taste his every inch. Remi grabbed her breasts in a vice-like. His cock’s bulbous head mashed her poor clit at an unbearable speed. She fought to stave her orgasm at bay despie how her thummeled flesh cried for release.

“Love. . . you. . .” he groaned. Remi pumped his jizz right onto her parted cunt.

Warm lustful breath on her skin. The hot gooeyness. His hands massaging her nipples. Ximena succumbed to the ecstasy of her sensual overload. She bucked and cried her throat dry until her climax was nothing except a dull warmth beneath her clit.

“Sorry. I’ve always been curious about trying that.”

Ximena reached behind her to stroke his flaccid cock. “You gonna give me mine? Right?”

“Yeah.” He flicked on the night table lamp and looked at her. “Are you on your birth control?”

For a second she was tempted to lie but there was no way he wouldn’t learn the truth. “No.”

Remi rolled her onto her back then spread her legs wide. Her cum-stained panties joined her pajama bottoms around her ankles. “I’m too old to be a dad again.” The man’s hands rolled down his stepdaughter’s beer bottle brown thighs to curl her top up to expose her breast. Ximena gasped as he kissed both her nipples.

The tiny nubs disappeared inside his suckling mouth, Remi’s tongue rough on the tender flesh. She arched her body so her skin met his. “Give it to me already.”

“My little friend needs some assistance getting awake.” Remi dragged closer to him by her legs. His flaccid penis laid limp on her shamed mound in a clear invitation.

His stepdaughter milked him as she rubbed her waiting pussy against his balls. The cock was a smooth shaft whose glans were flared. She thumbed its slit once her way towards its base. Ximena watched Remi closes his magnificent blue eyes while he leaned into her touch. Anticipation made her heart race at such a pace she feared it might explode.

The return of the cock’s hardness brought a joyful moan from them both. Remi hovered above her entrance, uncertainty clouded his sharp features. “Are you sure about this?”

Ximena used her hands to hold her legs over her head. “Plow me.”

Remi slid deep within her slowly. She bit her lip as she cunt fought to accommodate his girth. It had been such a long time since she had taken anything bigger than a tampon. He trailed kisses down her forehead onto her lips and caressed her thighs. Ximena wrapped her legs around his waist.

She lurched upward when he began to thrust. The slow steady strokes soon became vicious merciless hammer blows. Her attacked flesh barely had second to process the pleasure before another strike hit. Ximena’s pussy had never been so violated or ruined. The lines between pleasure and pain blurred until they were the same. She floated on her first orgasm while Remi rested his entire weight upon her legs.

Both Remi’s eyes were closed whilst he rammed her quivering pussy. His balls slapped against her ass like a spanking. Sweat coursed through his many wrinkles to land on the woman he fucked below. The old man’s final thrust drove him to the depths of stepdaughter where he pulsed his seed. Her young pussy wring him to his very last drop. Its muscles doubled its squeeze after his every spurt.

He collapsed on the empty space beside her. Ximena fingered her cum drenched whole with an absentminded enjoyment. Her hole eagerly taking absorbed the creamy liquid she kneeded deeper inside it. Remi grabbed her other hand.

“I love you,” he said.

She kissed his knuckles. “ I love you too.”


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