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A Gay ABDL Adventure

Otto Van Raunchenhausen

Cover photo: By Ckink (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Gay ABDL Adventure

Terry dragged himself through the door to the "Daycare Center". He was still not sure he wanted to do this -- actually he was sure he did not want to do this -- but he would do whatever it took to rescue his relationship with Paul. Terry had never had a real long-term relationship, and he wasn't about to lose it now.

It wasn't a real Daycare Center, though it certainly looked like one. If Terry had not known better, he would have assumed it was a normal daycare at first. It would have looked like a slightly odd daycare, and he probably would not have been able to put his finger on what made it odd right away. It had cribs and high chairs and boxes of diapers, pacifiers and toys strewn about on the ground, just like any daycare.

The only thing that made it unusual was that all of the baby-stuff was made for adults. It was all much too large for a baby, or even a big child. Terry clutched Paul's arm, following him inside.

They had rented out the Daycare Center for a few hours, so they could act out Paul's fantasy, which he had been trying to talk Terry into doing since Paul confessed it more than a year after they started dating. Terry still thought it seemed weird, but this was something they were going to do to rekindle the romance in their marriage. If that meant enduring some diaperplay, Terry was willing to do that. He was too old to be alone, he thought, he would be thirty-five soon, which was approaching ancient in gay years.

"Here we are," Paul said. "I'm so excited. All this stuff is so sexy. It's exactly what I hoped it would be like." His voice was thin and reedy, not as confident as he normally was.

Terry had to admit that the equipment in the daycare did send a shiver of sexual anticipation up his spine. Terry had never thought he could be turned on by a pile of diapers or a plastic container full of pacifiers. But as he walked in on Paul's arms, a part of him was instantly ready to go.

"I love you," Paul said. He kissed Terry on the lips, slowly, chastely -- telling him that he understood Terry was doing this for Paul, and that Paul appreciated it.

Terry kissed him back, this time on the lips and with enough passion to communicate what he really felt: I love you enough I'll enjoy doing anything with you. Before he got here, Terry was just going through the motions; he would pretend to enjoy it to please Paul. But now that he was here, Terry was beginning to wonder if he'd have a good time for real.

"Well, how do we start?" Terry said. But Paul was already starting, kissing him and caressing his body. Terry kissed Paul back as his heart started pounding. He had agreed to do this months ago, but it took this long to schedule an opportunity to actually go through with it. After thinking about it for so long, Terry was nervous to actually do it -- they had had so much tension over this issue that Terry felt like he might make a mistake that would lead Paul to abandon him forever. Terry simply couldn't handle being single again.

Like slipping into an old glove, once they started to make out, Terry was relaxed. Aside from the odd location in a giant's daycare, Terry felt like he was back in their bedroom at home.

As Paul undid Terry's pants and shirt, Terry saw him grab a diaper from a pile on one of the tables in the center of the Daycare Center. Terry sighed at the thought of wearing it, but another part of him was suddenly overcome with sexual excitement. He chalked that up to the situation and the power of suggestion, since he had always though AB/DL was a silly kink. It was one step above being a furry.

In no time, Terry was naked. He was vulnerable, feeling especially exposed since he was in a big open space and Paul remained fully clothed. Paul presented him with the diaper.

He thought he would be reluctant to put it on. What kind of a grown man wanted to wear a diaper? But when Terry saw it in Paul's firm grip, he wanted to wear it more than anything.

He put it on and slowly lifted it up his legs. When his cock and balls were safely tucked away in the clean cotton fabric, Terry felt a surge of sexual energy. He actually wanted to go through with this all of a sudden, and his dick jerked to attention within its diaper prison.

"How's daddy's little baby?" Paul asked. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Yes, daddy," Terry said with a smile.

Paul breathed a sigh of relief, as though he had been worried that Terry wouldn't be into this and wouldn't be able to play along. But it was obvious from the way he spoke that Terry was buying into the fantasy. Paul's chest puffed out as his face turned ruddy with sexual energy.

"Why don't you be a good little boy and play with those blocks while I get things ready?"

Terry nodded and smiled. "Yes, daddy, I will. I'm a good little boy."

He sast on the plastic mat, which was made up of little plastic bits shaped like jigsaw pieces, each one differently colored. He sat on a red bit because that was his favorite color, and he picked up a bucket full of blocks.

A part of him did feel silly, but Terry buried that part. He liked the oversized blocks making him really feel like a child, and he could almost bring back memories from so long ago he never thought he would remember them. As he played with the blocks, he recalled doing the same back in kindergarten -- there was no specific memory to remember, just the blocks, and the black woman in blue overalls who had given them to him. That was why Terry remembered the incident, he suddenly recalled, he had never seen overalls before, and he asked the lady what they were.

Then he peed. It was a shock to Terry, who hadn't even thought he needed to urinate. But something about the child-like environment brought with it a child-like bladder, and Terry started peeing before he even realized he needed to go.

Warmth spread over his crotch. Terry wanted to cry. Had he ruined the atmosphere already? He knew Daddy Paul was not interested in pee. He had to hold back a tear as adulthood came flooding back to him -- Paul would surely dump him if he thought Terry wasn't taking this seriously.

"Well, little boy, what have we here?"

"I'm sorry, daddy," Terry said. His voice broke, and he blushed. "I peed."

"I see that, Terry. That's very bad. You shouldn't be peeing yourself. You're too old to be doing things like that."

"Yes, daddy. I know. I'm sorry."

"Well, take that diaper off, and I'll clean you up," Paul said. He clucked his tongue and sat down with a container of babywipes in hand.

Terry hesitated, then dropped his diaper. He felt naked and vulnerable again, but when Daddy Paul's hands touched his body, Terry calmed down again. He felt safe and secure, even if he was in trouble with daddy for peeing.

The cold moisture of a towelette hit Terry's cock. It was fresh and clean and lemony, and it stung just a bit where it touched Terry's skin. He sharply inhaled.

The sexiest thing about the wetnap, Terry thought, was how Paul wiped him off in an unsexy manner. He cleaned Terry's cock with all the precision and certainty of a nurse who was already thinking about his next patient. In seconds, Paul had deftly wiped off Terry's shaft and tip, cleaned his balls and even wiped the sweaty area under his balls.

Then he sat down on a big-boy chair in the center of the room. He leaned back and motioned for Terry to lean over his lap.

"Come on, little boy. You know what to do now. You've been very naughty, making a mess in your diaper," he said. "So I'm going to have to punish you."

Terry blushed as he bent over Paul's lap. He was prone, feeling like he was in position to get fucked even though he knew that wasn't coming just yet. His hands gripped the carpet as he arranged his ass so it was right on Paul's lap.

There was a loud crack, and a burst of pain ran up Terry's back. He squealed, and Paul smacked him again.

"Say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry, Daddy!"

"Good, good," Paul said. He smacked him one more time and chuckled. "That one was just for good luck."

"Thank you for disciplining me, Daddy," Terry said. He blushed again. "I needed that. Sometimes I need a big boy to teach me a lesson."

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