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Plugged Lingerie Sissy Locked

in Chastity at the Photo Shoot

Kelly Maitland

© 2018 Kelly Maitland


Content Warning

This book contains scenes of male homosexuality. As a porn actress once said to get two guys to move closer together so she could suck both their dicks, ‘Don’t worry, you can’t catch gay.’ If you’re confident in your sexual identity then this book isn’t going to challenge your sexuality.

You are a sissy boy who likes to dress up in girl’s clothes for sexual gratification. This is what excites you. To dress in frilly girly things and to be treated like a girl. It’s what gets your dick the hardest. You also have an artistic bent that you like to express while wearing heels and make-up. You like to photograph yourself at your most feminine and glamorous. Wearing lingerie is sexy, but to make the sensations and the glamour last longer you like to document it with pictures. After the photo shoot you get to extend the pleasure by spending hours perfecting the pictures using editing software on your computer. Once the editing is complete you post the pictures online for guys to jerk off to. You love that guys are wanking and spilling their juices over pictures of you in stockings, dresses and high heels. The thought of all those hot and not so hot guys stroking their erections over you is a major turn on. They fantasise about being with you. All that jizz spilt and shot over your hot feminine body. You wish you could see them defile your images with their frantic wanking, but instead you have to settle for knowing they’re out there at all hours of the day wanking over you. The only tangible proof of their existence is the viewing numbers on your pictures, along with a few text comments they have left. Some of the better pictures have racked up viewing numbers in the high hundreds of thousands.

You give the pictures away for free. It’s your art and your hobby. It’s the thing that keeps you sane in this messed up world. Wearing stockings and latex or office appropriate clothing for women gives you so much pleasure; and that pleasure doubles by recording it. Then getting to spend hours looking at yourself in these clothes as you edit the images. Then having other people see the pictures. Then having them be aroused enough to spank their cocks to you. To see your online hits go up and up. To read the comments they leave on your webpages. It’s what you live for. It’s your own private world where you can be the dirty little sissy cocksucker you really are. Charging money for access to your world would be great but impractical. Realistically few people would pay good money for the pictures. Your viewership would shrink drastically and men would no longer be wanking over you. A horrific thought. So free they have to be. Your pictures would just be pirated and disseminated online for free anyway. Much better to give people no reason to look elsewhere for the pictures. This way you can capture your audience in one place to get the biggest numbers. Maybe one day you could give up creative control and be paid to model for others, but that was a racket you didn’t quite know how to get into.

Perhaps the most perverse thing about these pictures you take is that you masturbate over them yourself. It’s an act of unbelievable narcissism. You stroke your cock and spill your own seed while gazing at pictures of your own crossdressing. It’s the clothes more than your body that you concentrate on when you’re wanking over your own pictures. You’ve splattered so much cum over yourself. Luckily for you it’s not completely unfounded vanity. You’re not alone in rating your hotness. In the comments sections under the pictures many users have praised your beauty. Quantifiably you’re pretty. You have managed to pass as a woman as long as you don’t speak, you wear something around your neck and you keep your dick tucked away out of sight. Many people online and in real life at the fetish clubs have openly admired you and called you things like gorgeous and beautiful. There’s no reason to doubt all of them. In your own critical but self-aware egotistical eyes you rate what you see as being borderline gorgeous. With computer manipulation the bits you don’t like can be removed or reduced so even those aspects you don’t like can be minimised. Sure, you can always be thinner, have a smaller waist, a less bovine butt, be taller, leggier and have a better shaped nose, but within the limitations of the real world you’re not a hundred miles away from some sort of perfection. The imperfections only help to give your looks some character. Bland perfection would lack that character.

The imperfection of having a dick instead of a vagina is not an issue. You don’t necessarily want to be a woman. If given the choice you would pick female over male but it doesn’t tear at your soul. You’re okay with being a man. There are a lot of things you like about being a boy. Your interests in female clothing and your sexual attraction to men is not enough to make you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body. The desire to be female is merely a fetish that goes no further than the sexual realm. It’s just a fetish that gives you great sexual gratification to be the girl instead of the boy in situations of sex. Outside of dressing up you don’t rate the female experience as being that much greater than the male side. You are very happy with your penis. Breasts, a small waist and a vagina would be better than a dick but not so much greater that extensive surgery and lifestyle commitments are worth enduring. Your real interest lies in the clothes rather than in your body so it’s fine that you don’t have breasts and a vagina. You’re a transvestite, not a transsexual. As long as you can dress up, play with hair and make-up and fuck dudes then you’re happy enough with your male identity. Your female alter ego only needs to come out on metaphorical weekends while the male side gets the weekdays. Being a cute sissy wasn’t exactly the position in life you wanted but it gave you too much pleasure to quit.

You show your face on camera. Obscuring your face wouldn’t be sexy. Your face and dick, while wearing stockings and suspenders and high heels and dresses, are all over the internet. They have been downloaded and posted elsewhere online beyond your control so even if you wanted to take them down you couldn’t. This is okay because it’s not you. It’s Bianca, your female side. With wigs and make-up you look substantially different to your male side. It doesn’t seem likely someone you know in the straight real world would stumble across your pictures and recognise you. It’s too big a leap for them to put two and two together. It’s plausible but highly unlikely. As an openly gay man, but a closet sissy, it would not be too devastating if they learned you were a crossdresser. For them it would be pretty much two sides of the same coin. The fact you’re a porn performer would be the more embarrassing part, not the crossdressing. If your face is seen or not in the pictures would make little difference to the fact you’ve been photographed sucking dick and taking it in the ass. You often perform sexual acts in the pictures after you’ve finished posing in your outfits. Unfortunately you broke up with your boyfriend so it’s been a few photo sessions since you’ve been able to suck a dick on camera.

Although you give the pictures away for free you do sell behind the scenes video tape of the photo shoots. You cut them down into ten or so minute videos. You don’t sell many and they are usually uploaded to other porn sites a few weeks after posting them. Video doesn’t excite you the way photography does. It’s less malleable to later forensic editing. It’s too documentary-like. Video documents the reality whereas still photography gives you a chance to document the fantasy. The footage is just something you film on the far side of the room on a locked-off tripod for the sake of it. Your real passion is for the art of still photography. Masturbating for a still camera excites you far more than stroking your cock for a video camera.

This is who you are. You are Arnold to friends, family and co-workers. To a select few, and a legion of online strangers, you are Bianca Cocksucker-Love. The double-barrel name was a bit of a mouthful but it guaranteed you’d be easy to find in search engines with no confusion with any other Biancas. This is your fetish – being a sexy heterosexual woman in lingerie.

With your ex-boyfriend no longer around you have been paying photographers to take your most recent pictures. You make them sign a work-for-hire contract. This agreement relinquishes their rights to the photographs in return for a flat fee. Depending on the level of amateurism or professionalism you pay them between £1 and £200. You also supply the memory cards the pictures are saved onto so you can keep the original raw data to later shift through and edit. The photographers don’t get to take any of the pictures home with them. So far no one has refused your prices and terms. They object much more to not getting to keep the picture files than to the prices. You explain to them that edited highlights will be released anyway and they can download them in high quality. So in the end they get copies with all the ‘tedious’ editing done for them. You suspect they steal copies anyway when you’re not looking by duplicating the memory cards when they preview the data on their laptops. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if your paranoia is accurate as there isn’t a lot they can do with the raw data that you yourself aren’t already doing in the public realm anyway. So you let it go.

Your latest hire is a photographer called Adrian. He was recommended by a recent short-term lover you spent an enjoyable evening with. You studied his work under various names online over several unconnected websites. On the phone the two of you discussed what you wanted to achieve artistically from the session. You explained what you were happy with in your previous photographs and what you felt could be improved upon. He sounded keen. His portfolio of mainstream advertising and underground fetish images led you to offer him the full £200. He accepted the offer. You arranged to meet at a pre-booked hotel room for a photo session.

You arrive in the morning at the hotel before Adrian. You are dressed as a man in simple blue jeans and a black Led Zeppelin T-shirt. You want to be as bland as possible so you’ll blend anonymously into the background. The less attention you can attract the better for what you’re about to do. It would be awfully embarrassing if the hotel was to become aware of your activities. What you are planning to do in one of their rooms is frowned upon by many and enjoyed by only a few. The sissy gear and the sex toys are in two suitcases. One on wheels for your clothes and the other with only a carry handle for devices. You call Adrian’s mobile. He tells you that he is on schedule to arrive in forty-five minutes.

You go up to the room. It wasn’t the cheapest room as you got a suite with a bit of extra living space. You know from experience how much space lights and other bits of equipment eat up. You’ve used this hotel before so you have a good idea of what to expect in terms of décor and space. The suite has a combined large bedroom and living room and a separate bathroom. You place your two suitcases on the bed and open the one with the clothes in it. From it you take out a sheet of fabric and drape it over the television. You clear as much space out of the central living area as possible. You move a glass topped coffee table and a red leather couch from the middle of the room and place them together hard against a white wall. You intend to pose and masturbate in lingerie on this sofa and on the bed. The bathroom would not be used as a location. You prefer to shoot in hotels instead of dedicated photo studios. Something about studios was unsexy and sterile. By shooting pornographic pictures in a hotel room you were perverting the space and corrupting it with sin. That was sexier than posing for pictures in a place where you are supposed to be posing for pictures. You like it when there is something illicit and against the rules going on. It turns you on to be bad. You have taken many pictures at the various fetish clubs. Those are the most comfortable and hospitable places but their all-for-it attitude of acceptance can’t match the furtive secrecy of shooting in an otherwise respectable hotel room.

You stand over the bed and open the suitcase with the toys and devices in it. You take out the work-for-hire paperwork and a pen and place them on the coffee table. From the purse in your suitcase you remove ten £20 notes and place them on the coffee table under the pen. From the same suitcase you take out a padded camera bag. From the bag you remove a small camcorder. This is the camera you will use to videotape behind the scenes footage of the session. You attach a battery to the back of the camcorder and insert a memory card into it. You don’t bother taking out the remote control as the camcorder will be switched on and forgotten. It will be left to its own devices to record from a fixed position as you pose and masturbate your little six inch sissy cock for the benefit of the still camera. You return the camcorder bag to the suitcase and take out the short tripod. You screw the underside of the camcorder onto the head of the tripod. At the opposite wall to the sofa you extend the legs of the tripod and point the camera towards the couch. You switch it on and zoom in slightly to frame the general area you will be performing in on the sofa. The video material is just bonus footage. For some people it might be the main event, and the hits on the free pirate porn sites are in healthy numbers, but you just can’t bring yourself to care about video as much as you care about the stills. The video camera will be zoomed in enough that the back of the photographer’s neck and shoulders will be visible only from time to time. If his face does appear in shot you will pixelate him if requested. As you will ‘operate’ the camcorder it will be your footage that the photographer will have no claim over. This, along with the promise to pixelate his face, is covered in the amended work-for-hire paperwork you printed off from an online legal site. You switch off the camcorder and return to the bed.

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