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Susan’s Black Debauchery

5. Drunk Gang Fucked White Girl

Published by Paul Wit at Smashwords

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Need some entertainment…

After the cuckolding game, Susan wanted to stand on her own feet in Paris. She no longer wanted to only follow Abasi’s dream or to fuck who he wanted her to fuck. Of course she was addicted to Black cocks, it was impossible for her to get back to lovely fuck with White men. She nevertheless needed to try her own experience, to meet other men, to try other Black cocks, maybe bigger ones.

Susan knew there was a nightclub mainly frequented by African men and White Frenchie girls in the north of Paris. The name of the nightclub was “Noir & Blanche” (Black & White), a name that easily make you understand what the nightclub was about.

She had no one to come with but decided to go alone. A sexy and hot White girl would not leave this kind of nightclub without one or several men at her side. She also could meet some White bitches there. Making some friends would be fun to enjoy a little bit more Paris nights.

When it was the day, she dressed as bitchy as she could. A very black skin-tight dress to contrast with her pale skin, pink lipstick, very straightened hair, pussy and legs entirely shaven and a sexy makeup. She couldn’t remember all the looks of men she had in the suburbs and in the streets, they couldn’t miss her or simply look away, she was hot as hell!

Once arrived, the bouncers checked her out, smiling. They were used to see a lot of hot pale bitches but Susan was hotter than most of them. They had a boner just checking her tight ass. Both Black, they would have loved to screw her properly after some whisky glasses.

She entered the nightclub, a very crude light was illuminating the place, highlighting the contrast between Black and White skin. For sure she was not the only nasty bitch in the place, there were so many White girls dancing and twerking on loud trap music with Black men just behind their ass. The atmosphere was hot and the alcohol was flowing like water. The good news is that it was free for women, and Susan was about to drink to excess.

And some drinks to end…

She went to the bar, the music was now another heavy beat from Atlanta and some Black men were already groping sexy Whiteys on the dancefloor.

“Vodka-red bull please”, she asked to the barman, a handsome Arab man.

He poured the vodka in a nice pink glass and served it to her with a smile. She turned over to watch the dancefloor, sipping her vodka. There were a lot of very charming Black men here, it was hard to make a choice. She already noticed some nasty looks on, what pleased her.

Still drinking her glass, a tall Black man wearing a skin-tight white shirt sit next to her, ordering a bourbon.

“Hi beauty, first time I see you here. I’m Yao.”

“You’re a regular?”

“Yes, come here each Friday.”

“I am Susan, first time for me.”

“You’re not French, an accent.”

“American, I’m here to take a break”.

“US girl, wow, what do you think of Paris?”

“It’s great, would have not expected to see so many handsome Black men.”

“It’s important to us to be the best. Here you have the finest!”

“Interesting, you want to dance?”

Yao didn’t answer, taking Susan hand and bringing her to the dancefloor.

“You’re American, you know to twerk!”

Susan began twerking in front of him, moving her firm ass close to his pants. Yao first looked and then began to dance behind her, faking he was slapping her ass and fucking her. They got some attention and people were looking at them.

The DJ put a hardcore beat to make the girls hot and the men nasty and it worked. They had made a circle around Susan and Yao and were dancing the same way, ass against pants. Yao couldn’t suppress his urge to put his hands on her buns. Susan liked it, lifted up and started to do a lap dance. She was waving very close to him between his arms, her thin waist contrasting with her round breasts and curvy ass. He had her straightened red hair moving like a cascade just under his eyes, her pale skin shining in the ambient dim light.

“You are very hot White girl.”

She kept dancing like a stripper until the music ends. Yao felt that his cock was hard as a stick in his pants.

“Come have a drink horny girl, want to know you.”

“Always up for a glass.”

That girl is hot as hell thought Yao. He was used to sexy White bitches but a lot of them were playing or faking. Few were those who were really ready to get fucked by one or several Black men. That one was different, she seems experienced, not being a faint-hearted fake bitch.

At the counter, he ordered the same glasses as a bit earlier. She was a little bit sweaty after her dance and it made her sexier, her dress stuck to her skin.

“So, Susan, you seem to know what you are doing.”

“You thought I was virgin maybe?”

“Oh no, not at all. Or a very nasty virgin,” he answered laughing.

“I like Black men and I need big cocks. I’m not here only to dance,” she answered with an arrogant bitchy look.

“Wow, wow, what a Whitey we have here!” he said looking at his friends.

She finished her glass and ordered a new one with more vodka and less red bull. The friends of Yao were now with them, five handsome and muscular Black men.

“Susan, we are what you need if you want some big African cocks tonight.”

“All of you… you think you have what it takes to satisfy me?”

“Ohhh. Oh yes sweetie, don’t have any doubt on our stamina.”

“Good news, I first need more drinks and to dance.”

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