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Rainbow Socks

Transformed by a Pair of Socks

Alis Mitsy

This work is copyrighted under the pen name of Alis Mitsy as of 2018.

This story may be published under other pen names belonging to the author.

All acts and characters are works of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.

Elizabeth giggled, her hazel eyes sparkling as she plopped onto her bed, the pair of socks clasped in her hands like a prize. The rainbow toe socks would have been an innocuous purchase at any other time but, well, Geoff had let slip that he rather liked the look of them on a lady and it wouldn’t have made any sense at all to let such an opportunity slip through her fingers! If she could better tease him, she would, and she’d certainly have a lot of fun doing so!

With a smile that showed a flash of teeth, she ripped them out of the packaging and tossed the waste paper straight into the small, woven bin, easily disposing of it. She couldn’t abide rubbish in her immaculate bedroom, although she wasn’t quite sure why she’d felt the need to go all the way to her bedroom in order to try them on; it would have been easy enough to perch on the arm of the chair or similar to slip them on in the living room.

She flipped her long, brown hair, falling down to her shoulders in a shimmering waterfall of lustrous strands, back and wriggled out of her current pair of socks, just a pair of pink cotton ones that she would not have chosen if it had not been near to laundry day. Wrinkling her nose at them, Elizabeth balled them up and landed them, just as neatly, into her washing basket, which was admittedly a little bit too full for her comfort. That would be her next job.

After she’d tried on the socks, of course. That came first.

Of course, long socks would be a pain to try on with skinny jeans showing off the defined, feminine shape of her legs. They too landed in the laundry, swiftly followed by her blouse, the buttons hastily tugged free to reveal her simple bra and panties, a comfortable style for going out and about, shopping and the usual day to day things of her weekends. Elizabeth groaned and stretched out her arms over her head, working out the kinks as her muscles stretched, needing the release after the stiffness that radiated through her from standing so straight and rigid on hard concrete floors for a few hours. Shopping could be painful sometimes, which was why it was not usually her favourite pastime – except when she had something particularly juicy to pick up.

Taking a moment to further study the socks that could have been so innocent and yet held so much promise, Elizabeth gave a little shiver of anticipation. They were an exceptionally long pair that would come all the way up her thighs, a striking rainbow pattern that would have caught comments whether she was merely without shoes, wearing them with a skirt or showing them off in the luxury of her bedroom to that special somebody. Grinning like a fool – just how often did she actually treat herself again? – she slowly slipped her feet into both of them, taking a moment to squirm her toes into the socks. Although she had not worn toe socks before, she managed to get them in like fingers into gloves and unrolled them over the arch of her foot and over her heel, the soft cotton sliding up and up and up.

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